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Russia Last Man Standing Style Brawling

Russia’s MMA Style Brawling

WTF ApexGuardian

“Team Fighting Championship” coming from, none other than, Russia features 5 v 5 bar style brawling and seems both amazingly stupid, and amazing!

Mom Gives Birth to 13th Son.

Mom Gives Birth to 13th Son

News ShoMeLove

13 sons and counting?

Safaree on Nicki And Lil kim Beef

Safaree speaks on Nicki And Lil Kim Beef

Celeb ShoMeLove

Nicki Minaj’s Ex fiancé Safaree is asked why he thinks female artists refuse to get along, to which he answers “no matter what there’s always gonna be that competitive nature, […]

Jem and the Holograms (2015)

Jem and the Holograms Official Movie Trailer

Movie ShoMeLove


Stallone discusses Pacquiao acting career

Sly discussing Expendables role for Pacquiao

Comedy ShoMeLove

Expendables is the action hero’s last Ooh Rah…  

Bethenny's Divorce Drama

Bethenny’s Divorce Drama

Celeb ShoMeLove

Poor Bethenny Frankel, she was ordered to pay her ex-husband’s legal fees.

Tyga's fight for custody

Tyga — Baby Mama Blac Chyna To Fight for Full Custody

Entertainment ShoMeLove

Baby Mama Drama!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown – “She Needs My Dick”

Celeb Kid Chronic

TMZ caught up with Chris Brown and he shared a little bit of his delightful personality with their camera man.


Turtle Gets Wheels For Legs After Attack

Videos Lois Lane

This 90 year old Tortoise was given a second chance after a rat attacked it and chewed of it’s legs. Luckily his owner glued wheels from a model air craft […]


Kylie Jenner Admits To Lip Fillers

Entertainment Lois Lane

So Kylie Jenner finally admitted to filling her lips.. like we didn’t know. The jig was up a lot ass time ago!

Walking Dead Star Freaks the Fuck Out

Walking Dead Star Freaks the Fuck Out on the NYC Subway

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Wow, this dude is straight terrifying. Its like someone let a rabid gorilla loose on the subway!


Amy Schumer Pranks Kanye and Kim On The Red Carpet

Entertainment Lois Lane

Amy Schumer decided to prank Kanye and Kim on the red carpet on their way to 100 Gala in New York City. Kim lauged but Kanye didn’t think it was funny. […]


First Female Quintuplets in U.S. born to Houston Couple

News Lois Lane

Texas Couple give birth to girl quintuplets! There has not been a set of all female quintuplets since 1969 and are the first set of girl quintuplets believed born in the […]


ESPN Reported Suspended After Being Caught On Camera Losing Her Temper To Parking Attendant

News Lois Lane

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was suspended after being caught on camera foul-mouthing a parking attendant after her car was towned while she had lunch.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Choked Up and Tossed Out of Coachella

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Oh man, the security guard who strangled Justin Bieber is my new hero. Think about how good that had to feel, to strangle a child star and then toss him […]


8-Year-Old Amputee Steals The Dance Show

Videos Lois Lane

Alissa Seizmore may have lost her leg when a truck hit her, but she never stopped dreaming. Watch this amazing video of her!

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