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TMZ has the video footage to get Lord Scott Disick in Kardashian Trouble Zone!

Scott Disick Parties in Vegas, Kourtney Home Alone

Entertainment ShoMeLove

Scott Disick Parties in Vegas without Kourtney, and TMZ has the video footage to get Lord Disick in trouble.

Uk Lord John Sewell has been party with Lord Disick and has lost his Lordship.

UK Lord John Sewell “Is In Love With The CoCo”…

Daily Criminal ShoMeLove

UK Lord John Sewell in charge of upholding standards, steps down after he is caught behaving badly in hotel with hookers.

One backpage escort fought back and then learns he may have been serial killer.

Serial Killer Killed as Backpage Escort Fights For Her Life

Death ShoMeLove

Dexter is real! A serial killer was on the loose killing escorts and then dismembering their bodies. One backpage escort fought back and then learns he may have been serial […]


Baby Is Dropped At Wedding For Flower Bouquet

WTF Kurt Schleicher

A woman at a wedding dropped the baby she was holding in attempt to catch the flower bouquet that was thrown by the Bride.


When Throwing Your Girlfriend Off A Boat Goes Wrong

Fail Kurt Schleicher

Throw in a a lot of alcohol and your girlfriend and anything sounds good.This group of party animals decided to throw a girl off the top of a boat.I don’t […]

Home destroyed by angry ex!

Reasons Not To Move Into a Home With a Woman Until Marriage

Fights ShoMeLove

This angry ex violated, tearing up her man’s home for cheating!

A look back at some outrageous moments from 2014 NFL season with the NFL Total Access crew.

NFL “Did I Do That” Recap Moments of 2014 Season

Sports ShoMeLove

A walking shark and the NFL Total Access crew take a look back at the biggest “Did I Do That” moments committed by NFL players both on and off the […]

50 Cent On The Nightly Show

50 Cent Still Not Letting Ja Rule Off The Hook

Interviews ShoMeLove

50 Cent On The Nightly Show “Who’s A Bigger Trainwreck? Diddy Or Ja Rule”

Meek Mill does not fancy Drake Comparison

Meek Mill Didn’t Just Start Having Issues With Drake’s Lyrics

Celeb ShoMeLove

Meek Mill tweeted that Drake’s music is not authentic. Drake had a verse in the “Only” track that probably didn’t sit to write with Meek Mill. I wonder who wrote […]

El Chapo and the Sinaloa Cartel.

“El Chapo” Cut From The Same Cloth as Pablo Escobar

Terrorism ShoMeLove

The breakdown on El Chapo and the Sinaloa Cartel.

Safaree AKA "SB" aka "ShakeABooty" Twerking In A Dance Competition with the fire of Beyonce.

The Real Reason Nicki Minaj Is Dating Meek Mill Instead of Safaree

Entertainment ShoMeLove

Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Boyfriend Safaree AKA “SB” aka “ShakeABooty” Twerking In A Dance Competition with the fire of Beyonce. Can’t have two Diva’s in a media relationship, insert the rude boi!

50 Cent Loses Lawsuit Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

Rick Ross Ethers 50 Cent in The Courtroom & New Diss Track

Celeb ShoMeLove

Did 50 cent file for bankruptcy so he didn’t have to pay the mother of Rick Ross child for porno sex tape? Rick Ross didn’t wait long before he took […]

FBI Investigate Sandra Bland Murder

Sandra Bland Just Another Casualty of Police Brutality

Police Brutality ShoMeLove

It is a well known fact by anyone who has ever made an officer of the law irate prior to actually being completely detained, once they have you in cuffs, […]

Golfer Kills Seagull

Golfer Remorseful After Seagull Meets Untimely Demise

That's Gotta Hurt ShoMeLove

Golfer kills seagull with awful drive from the green.

American Ultra Official Trailer

“American Ultra” Pot Smoking Undercover Hippie With Jason Bourne Combat Skills

Movie ShoMeLove

American Ultra Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart Comedy HD

Women being Gang Raped in Detroit

Women Raped by Group of Men In Detroit as Companion is Forced To Watch

News ShoMeLove

Several women raped have Detroit Police looking for a group of men in who gang rape women and force their boyfriends to watch.

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