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Steve Aoki's Stage Dive Fail - Print Killer

Steve Aoki’s Stage Dive Fail

Fail Kid Chronic

Come on, Steve. You’re better than this…

skateboard fail

The Best Fails of the Week!

Compilation Kid Chronic

Crash, wrecks, accidents, and tons more!


American Horror Story: Freak Show New Season Starts Wed Oct. 8th on FX

Entertainment Lois Lane

It’s time again! American Horror Story: Freak Show will start it’s fourth season this Wednesday, October 8th.

Mountain Bike Giant Front Flip Fail - Print Killer

Mountain Bike Giant Front Flip Fail

Fail Kid Chronic

That’s gotta hurt!

man in bubble rescued by coast guard

Man in Bubble Tries to Run From Miami to Bermuda, Promptly Has to Be Rescued by the Coast Guard

Marine Kid Chronic

This guy made a homemade bubble and tried to run it across the Atlantic Ocean!

drunk girl fails

Drunk Girl Fails!

Fail Kid Chronic

These chicks are wasted!

skateboard crash

Insanely Fast Skateboard Crash

Fail Kid Chronic

This guy has to be going at least 50 MPH on a long board when he crashes face first into the asphalt.

exercise ball fails

Excersice Ball Epic Fails!

Fail Kid Chronic

Exercise balls are so rarely used for actual exercise. Lol.

The Best Fails of the Week! - Print Killer

The Best Fails of the Week!

Fail Kid Chronic

The best fails of September 2014.


Phil Spector’s Latest Mugshot

News Lois Lane

Wow! Prison has not been kind to the one-time flamboyant music legend. The most recent photo of Spector shows a bald, sad-looking 73-year-old.

Auto Lenders Can Now Remotely Repo your Car

Hope You Didn’t Need Your Head for Anything…

Fail Kid Chronic

Skateboard Fail!

Hello Doorknob My Old Friend... - Print KillerHello Doorknob My Old Friend... - Print Killer

Hello Doorknob My Old Friend…

Fail Kid Chronic

Wow, that had to hurt so bad in the morning!

Drag Racing FAIL - Print Killer

Drag Racing FAIL

Automotive Kid Chronic

And that’s why you should always wear a seat belt.

Skateboard Rail Slide Fail

Skateboard Rail Slide Fail!

Fail Kid Chronic

Hope this guy didn’t plan on having children!


Khloe Kardashian Dumps Loser French Montana

Entertainment Lois Lane

Thank god the more awesomer Kardashian got her priorities straight and dumped that loser rapper French Montana. Girl, we all know you can do better!


Baltimore Ravens Terminate Ray Rice’s Contract After Seeing Video Of Him Punching His Wife

Sports Lois Lane

The Baltimore Ravens have terminated Ray Rice’s contract after a video of him punching his wife Janay Palmer in a hotel elevator was leaked by TMZ.


Chick-fil-A Founder Dies at 93

News Lois Lane

S. Truett Cathy, the founder of the famous Chick-fil-A chain, died surrounded by his family. Cathy became a billionaire with his famous chicken restaurant chain.

Biggest wipeouts - Red Bull Cape Fear

Biggest Wipeouts – Red Bull Cape Fear

Fail Kid Chronic

Sometimes you catch the wave, sometimes the wave catches you!

womens motocross

Women’s Motocross is Freaking Hilarious

Fail Kid Chronic

Somethings women are good at, motocross just happens not to be one of them!

Labor Day Weekend

Squirrel Fail

Animals Kid Chronic


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