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There is Always One of These Guys At the Concert…

Fail Kid Chronic

I’ve never taken so much drugs that I put on a woman’s bathing suit and danced with strangers. It really makes you wonder, just how much drugs exactly did it take for this guy to put a woman’s onesie and start cutting the rug? I’m […]


Red Bull Flugtag Ottawa – Best Crashes

Fail Kid Chronic

The best crashes of Redbull Flugtag Ottawa 2013.


South Beach “Party Princess” Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

News Lois Lane

Karlie Tomica the twenty-year old bartender at South Beach’s Nikki Beach nightclub has been sentenced to four years in jail for hitting Stefano Riccioletti with her car and leaving the scene of the accident. Riccioletti was a chef at the Shore Club, he was walking […]

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Cowboy Goes Head To Head With Bull

Animals The Brooklyn Bomber

Literally. – Watch More Funny VideosCowboy Viciously Knocked Out by Bull


Jewelery Store Robbers Crash Get Away Car

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Hollywood Florida – Three men have been arrested in Hollywood after robbing Renee’s Golden Touch jewelry. The two robbers ran out of the store after the crime, and jumped in a get away car, where a driver was waiting for them. The driver sped off […]


Sweet Jumpin Semi Truck

Automotive Kid Chronic

Good thing no one else was on that stretch of highway at the time. – Watch More Funny VideosEver Seen A Flying Semi Truck?


Super Scooter Jump FAIL!

Automotive Kid Chronic

Here is a guy who should have held on a little tighter…


Driving FAIL

Automotive Kid Chronic

I have no idea what this guy is saying but he doesn’t sound happy! #WomenDrivers – Watch More Funny VideosNever Has Anyone Failed So Badly, So Quickly



Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Yeah prolly shouldn’t have kicked that door…


FAIL – Wake Board High Five

Fail Kid Chronic

Damn there lucky they didn’t hit this guy with prop.

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What Goes Up Must Come Down

Fail The Brooklyn Bomber

This kid must have been absent that day in physics class.


Kanye Puts Photog in a Headlock

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Kanye West never misses an opportunity to be a douche. If he doesn’t want to be famous, than he should just give back all the fucking money!


Woman Falls to Her Death on Six Flags Texas Giant Roller Coaster

Fail Kid Chronic

The harness gave way, the coaster turned, and she was gone.


OMG Was That a Bad Idea!

Funny Kid Chronic

How many bones did this guy break you think? What’s The Opposite Of Climbing A Wall Like A Boss? – Watch More Funny Videos  


Running With the Bulls 2013 – Three Men Gored

Fail Kid Chronic

If you ever run with the bulls, run fast and get upfront for god’s sake…

Best DUI Stop Ever

News Lois Lane

This guy is hilarious and the cop’s reaction is priceless!  


Store Owner Knocks Out Robber With a Baseball Bat

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

These guys sure picked the wrong store to rob!


Cop Falls Off His Motorcycle

Fail Kid Chronic



Does this look like the face of a man who hid in a septic tank and watched women through the toilet ?

Daily Criminal Lois Lane

Kenneth Enlow, 52 was found hiding in a septic tank under a toilet in a public bathroom in Oklahoma. He was arrested on Sunday on peeping Tom charges. According to KOTV, a woman reported to deputies that her 7-year-old daughter saw 52-year-old Kenneth Enlow looking […]


Fireworks FAILs

Videos Kid Chronic

This 4th of July try and be smarter than these idiots, and you may just get through it with all your fingers intact.


Another Fool Tries to Jump a Car

Automotive Kid Chronic

Why on Earth do people think that they can jump moving vehicles??? This Is Exactly How You Don’t Jump a Car – Watch More Funny Videos


Para Sail Accident in Florida

Fail Kid Chronic

Para sail line detaches from the boat and two teenagers smack against the penthouse of a beach high rise.


Old Lady Gets Run Over By a Bus

Automotive Kid Chronic

Don’t worry she lived.


Couple Falls Out of the Window While Having Sex

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

A couple in Central China had to move their love making session near the window because it was to hot in their apartment. The only problem was the window was poorly constructed and broke. The couple fell clenching each other naked, all the way to […]


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