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Imposter Army Ranger Exposed

Fail The Brooklyn Bomber

Looks like next time you should know your stuff before you go out being an imposter, because you might piss a real one off.

Cookie Dough Oreo

What the Hell is a Cookie Dough Oreo?

Health Kid Chronic

Come on, cookie dough. You don’t need the Oreo. You have your own thing going!

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Sniper Bus Stop Prank

Pranks The Brooklyn Bomber

This guy had people running all over the place from his precision sniper shots.

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Mafia Murder Prank

Prank The Brooklyn Bomber

The expression on this guy’s face is priceless. Pure, unadulterated terror.

Jordan Steelman

Wannabe Kid Chronic, Jordan Steelman, Arrested When Neighbor Blocks His Getaway Car

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Some of you may have noticed this wannabe white-boy rapper, Jordan Steelman, online pretending he is in some way Kid Chronic, even though I have been using the name literally since he was in diapers and am the true owner and creator of the memorable […]

katy perry fail

Katy Perry Big Pimpin FAIL

Entertianment Kid Chronic

Katty Perry is flute faker?

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 2.08.54 PM

Guy Pretends To Be Macklemore, Fools Fans!

lol The Brooklyn Bomber

This guy though he give being Macklemore a shot, looks like it paid off.

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Worst Twerk Fail Ever A Hoax?!

Entertainment The Brooklyn Bomber

Damn you Jimmy Kimmel!


Scotia Police Busted Framing Local Business Man

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Police informant caught red handed placing drugs in a New York store.


Facebook Partner Webroot is a Fraud

News Kid Chronic

 Webroot, a new security partner from Facebook, hit SFLChronicle’s Facebook page with a security warning today. Needles to say, this was a surprise to us, since we have a full in-house security staff. After calling them on the phone and waiting thirty minutes for someone […]

Does This Look Like The Face of a Man Who Stole A Fish To Win A Fishing Tournament?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Matthew Clark, 29, posed for photos of his winning “catch” and claimed the prize in the Bailiwick Bass Club Open Competition before being exposed by another competitor who recognized the fish from the local aquarium! [Grind TV]

YUUUP! David Hester Sues Storage Wars

TV Kid Chronic

Guess what, Chronic Nation? Just like the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and happy relationships, Storage Wars is fake as well! At least that’s what the show’s big star, David Hester, is saying in a new lawsuit he just leveled against the show. In the […]

Worst News Crew Ever Reports Movie Plane Crash as Real News

News Kid Chronic

News team goes on air before checking their facts. Bet they won’t make that mistake twice! No Time for Facts, This is News Video – Watch More Funny Videos


Faking Amish

TV Patricia Jay

TLC’s hit reality show Breaking Amish was a huge success, but ever since the last episode aired, fans have been outraged to find that Breaking Amish has been faking Amish.

south florida.com

If You’re Old and Boring, SouthFlorida.com is the Coolest Blog Ever…

Tech Kid Chronic

The Sun Sentinel’s web team really is pathetic. Not only do they run a pay site in 2012, but they have also now launched a new carbon copy of their already failing pay site SunSentinel.com.  Imagine this – we at the Chronicle have a higher […]

Giant Wrestler Does Back Flip Off The Top Rope

Videos Kid Chronic

Now here is something you don’t see everyday…

Is This the Worst Wedding Proposal Ever?

Videos Kid Chronic

Russian guy fakes that he dies in an accident before proposing to his GF. Check out her response.


The Sexiest Pair of Knees You’ll Ever See

Chronic Laughter Patricia Jay

Why you should avoid online dating!


Facebook Admits To 83 Million Fake Accounts and More

Tech Kid Chronic

Facebook admitted publicly this week that 8.7% of its 955 million active accounts are duplicates or fakes, with another 2.4% of its accounts being listed as mis-classified like businesses running personal pages, or people running other pages aside from their primary page. Then a few […]


Turns Out Skechers “Shape Ups” Don’t Really Work. Big Surprise There…

News Kid Chronic

Wait, so you mean the magic shoes Kim Kardashian sold me are fake? Yup. It’s a sad state of affairs when the US Government has to step in to defend the public from imaginary, fat-burning miracle shoes. Yet that’s what just happend, after the government pulled Skechers […]


South Florida Promoters Get Punked

Events Patricia Jay

Frank Ocean NOT coming to Fort Lauderdale! 

Lady Gaga Sucks

Lady Gaga’s Magic DJ And Her Live Performance On VH1

Music Kid Chronic
100 bills yall

Did You Know North Korea Makes Several Hundred Million In Fake US Currency A Year?

News Kid Chronic

North Koreans counterfeit several hundred million dollars a year in United States hundred-dollar bills. And they are just one of the many illegal organizations counterfeiting large US currency. [C]onsider for a moment what it would mean to get rid of high-denomination banknotes. Who would be […]

Buzz Aldrin Punches A Non-Believer Squarely In The Nose

Fights Kid Chronic

Not too shabby for a 72-year-old!


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