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Jeb Bush Announces He Intends to “Actively Explore” Running For President

Politics Flipzide

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced his intentions on running for President of The United States of America. In a note on Facebook today, he said: “As a result of these conversations and thoughtful consideration of the kind of strong leadership I think America needs, […]


Metal Artist Pete Koza is Making Big Waves in South Florida!

Art Josh Leidolf

   “Pete Koza’s Metal Art” is well recognized in the art community with his metal 3d realism and custom fabrication. He is revolutionizing the process and technique of 3d texture in sheet metal for the purpose of abstract, artistic design. His local acknowledgement has been […]


10 Questions with Famous and Humble Artist Jason Skeldon

Art Josh Leidolf

    10 Questions with Famous Artist Jason Skeldon Jason Skeldon was born 3/31/1983 in Las Vegas, NV, travelling to Ohio, Georgia and Florida until he graduated from high school. His father was in the Air Force, his mom was a hairstylist, and his older brother […]


‘King of Instagram’ Freed After Being Arrested In LAX

Entertainment Lois Lane

Millionaire poker player and so-called “King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian was released after being arrested in Los Angeles on weapons charges. He most recently was kicked out of a Miami nightclub for kicking a girl who was “blocking his view” at the club.


NASA Launches Orion On Its First Test Flight

News Lois Lane

NASA’s spacecraft The Orion lifted off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral for its first test flight. NASA hopes to eventually get astronauts to asteroids and Mars.


Synthetic Drugs Linked To Teen Deaths Spark Investigation

News Lois Lane

Two teens Christian Bjerk and Elijah Stai both died in the same week, both took a synthetic drug made in China and sold over the internet in which they called 2C-I-NBOMe, and 2C-C-NBOMe.

Florida State vs. Florida Highlights - Print Killer

Florida State vs. Florida Highlights

Florida Kid Chronic

The Florida State Seminoles spear the Gators at Doak.

Game Preview: FSU vs. Boston College

Game Preview: FSU vs. Boston College

Florida State Kid Chronic

It’s Senior Day and game day at FSU tomorrow…just days after the deadly shooting.

Angry GF Runs Her BF Over With The Car #SFL - Print Killer

Angry GF Runs Her BF Over With The Car #SFL

Videos Kid Chronic

OMG this bitch is cray! WTF?! Poor bastard. I feel so sorry for him. I’m going to let him off the hook for shooting this video with his phone vertically like a douche.


Library Books Save Life of FSU Student

Florida State Flipzide

Jason Derfuss was a first-hand witness to the horrific shootings that took place at Florida State University last night. Not only was he a witness, but also a very fortunate survivor of the incident. Mr. Derfuss had just checked out books from the campus library […]

inside the florida state college shooting

Video From Inside the Florida State Shooting

Florida State Kid Chronic

Scary video released from inside the Strozier Library during the Florida State attack.

Florida State Seminoles

Florida State Seminoles Rally Past Canes for 26th Straight Win

Florida State Kid Chronic

Sorry, Hurricanes. Better luck next year!


Arkansas Governor Pardons Son On Drug Charges

News Lois Lane

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe plans to pardon his son for a felony drug charge from more than a decade ago.

DG Quarterback

DG Quarterback Has Best Run in FSU Intramural Sports History

College Kid Chronic

Delta Gamma is more than just a bunch of hot girls who like to party, apparently they can also play football!

Florida State vs. Virginia on Print Killer

Florida State Plays Virginia Tomorrow

Florida State Kid Chronic

Game preview.

washington dc legalizes marijuana

Weed is Now Legal in the Nation’s Capital!

News Kid Chronic

Unlike stupid and lazy Floridians, people in the nation’s capital know the importance of voting. So much so that they skipped right over medicinal marijuana and went right ahead and made it completely legal to smoke pot Washington D.C. That’s right, folks. You can now […]


90-Year-Old Florida Man Charged With Feeding the Homeless in Ft. Lauderdale

News Lois Lane

Jail him and throw away the key! How dare an old man feed the homeless! This has to be the dumbest law ever in effect. I get we have a homeless problem, but arresting a man because he is helping out other human beings who […]

Governor race, florida

It’s a Dead Heat in the Florida Governor’s Race

News Kid Chronic

Charlie Crist and Rick Scott may be headed for a recount. The pair are locked in a dead heat on polling day.

Medical Marijuana florida

Stoners, Please Rise Off Your Couches For One Day and Go Fucking Vote!!!

Politics Kid Chronic

The most recent polls had medical marijuana at 59% approval. That’s sounds great until you realize you need a 60% vote to add an amendment to the state constitution. So, what I’m telling you, my fellow pot enthusiasts, is that we are in danger of […]

Medical Marijuana

Anonymous Weighs in on Medical Marijuana

Florida Kid Chronic

Anonymous comes out pro-medical marijuana.

GET WISE: Medical Marijuana Vote in Florida

GET WISE: Medical Marijuana Vote in Florida

Florida Kid Chronic

The simple answer on medical marijuana in Florida is yes.


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