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Spectacular Ship Collision

Fail Darth Turch

The ship known as the “Grand Rodosi” crushes the unsuspecting “Apollo S” like a can, check it out!

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pope loves free pizza

Pope Scores Free Pizza During Pope Mobile Cruise

Religion Kid Chronic

Pope Perk Number 47 – Free Pizza.

How to Become Gluten Intolerant

How to Become Gluten Intolerant

Funny Kid Chronic

You may not know this but Gluten killed Gandhi…

Raw by Rae

Looking for Healthy Treats? Go to Raw by Rae!

Food Kid Chronic

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the snack food you find in at your local grocery store. Than try Raw by Rae! They will deliver delicious, real, raw, […]


John Sylvan – “K-Cup’s Are Like Cigarettes for Coffee”

Food Kid Chronic

What a douchbag, K-Cup inventor John Sylvan talks all kind of shit about K-Cups. Of yeah buddy, if you think they are so bad for the environment, then return the […]

Record breakers

World’s Tallest Dog Meet The Record Breakers Guinness World Records

Life Darth Turch

World’s Tallest Dog Meet The Record Breakers Guinness World Records for more clips come to www.printkiller.com

passing snacks ina fighter jet

Check Out These Pilots Passing Snacks in a Fighter Jet

Gifs Kid Chronic

As if fighter Pilots weren’t cool enough before this GIf…

Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope

Movie Darth Turch

Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope for a fan this is EPIC! I personally can not wait to see this fan film! For updates on this Film check in on […]

florida mall shooting in melbourne

Two Dead, and One Injured After Florida Mall Shooting

Florida Kid Chronic

The shooter opened fire in the food court killing two shoppers and injuring one other.


Bill Maher Calls Monsanto the Most Evil Company in the World

Company Kid Chronic

In a recent interview, Bill Maher had this to say about Agrochemical company Monsanto. Monsanto is – from my point of view – the most evil company in the world, […]

Hersey Wood Shoots a Hot Dog! - Print Killer

Hersey Wood Shoots a Hot Dog!

WTF Kid Chronic

WTF!? I didn’t even know this was a thing? This guy is off-the-fucking-wall crazy. Is he on meth? This is my must-watch video of the day!

smithfield foods

DISTURBING: Smithfield Factory Farms Exposed

Health Kid Chronic

How is it possible this is still legal and happening in America? We are literally letting the corporations spray pig piss on us.

publix real time bill maher

Eva Longoria Calls Out Publix on Real Time with Bill Maher

TV Kid Chronic

Publix got a rare piece of bad press this week for not supporting the Fair Foods Program. I bet after this aired on HBO they changed their tune.

$1,000 Omelet Looks Freaking Disgusting - Print Killer

$1,000 Omelet Looks Freaking Disgusting

Food Kid Chronic

You couldn’t pay me to eat this, but I wouldn’t mind hitting it with a gold club!

how to butcher a pig

GET WISE: How to Butcher a Pig

Get Wise Kid Chronic

I want to eat those ribs with some BBQ sauce!!!

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