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illusion of choice

GET WISE: The Illusion Of Choice

Get Wise Kid Chronic

In the country of runaway capitalism, the illusion of choice is the corporate giants’ favorite fallacy to promote. For instance, did you know almost everything you eat comes from only 10 companies?

Gotta Love The New Scion iQ Commercial

Automotive Patricia Jay


ONLY IN JAPAN: Powdered Fast Food

Product Kid Chronic

Japan is the perfect example of a whole country of book-smart people with no common sense. Who cares if the technology exists to make powdered fast food hamburgers at home? I’m not gonna do it. That looked like a ton of work. Fast food is […]

Dos Caminos, Fort Lauderdale

Who Has The Best Mexican Food In South Florida? Dos Caminos

Restaurant Kid Chronic

Dos Cominos hands down, this place is the jamskies! As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are ushered down a long hallway lined with booths full of people dining and drinking margaritas. The atmosphere is dark and dimly lit, with heavy, dark wood accents, […]


A Sneak Peak Into TATU’s Chef Tasting

Restaurant Kid Chronic

To make your reservations for TATU’s Chef Tasting on March 21st, please email or call Jennifer at jennifer@tatuasianrestaurant.com or 954-232-0282. Thank you in advance and look forward to seeing you all at TATU!  [Facebook Event Page]

Little Girl Left At Chuck E. Cheese After Birthday Party

News Kid Chronic

How the hell did they forget the girl on her own birthday, WTF!?!?


Reef Relief: Craziest Fund Raiser Idea

H2O Patricia Jay

Do you like Cheetos? Would you pay $8,000 for one if it were shaped like a Sea Horse and proceeds went to the organization Reef Relief? If interested, check out the ebay page here. Bidding is only up to $26 but you can buy it now […]


Dinosaur With Mustache Say, “T-Mex Home Of Real Taco Tuesday!”

Restaurant Kid Chronic

Don’t miss two-for-one Tacos and Margarita’s tonight at T-Mex on 2nd St. GRRRRRRRRRR!

Tatu Chef's Tasting, Seminole hard rock hotel and casino

Coming To A Casino Near You, TATU’s Chef Tasting!!!

Restaurant Kid Chronic

Sponsored by Bacardi flavors and located at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, this will be one of the best meals you have ever eaten. #CarniverousPerfection! [FacebookEventPage]

TATU at the seminole hard rock hotel and casino

TATU’s Chef Tasting Wednesday, March 21!!!

Restaurant Kid Chronic

This month’s Chef’s Tasting at TATU is a four-course dinner paired with four hand- crafted Bacardi cocktails. The food and theme for the evening have all been crafted by TATU’s executive chef Mark Rivera. So, it’s most definitely going to be nothing short of exceptional. This is surely a night […]

ice cream ball

Someone Get Kid Chronic This Light-Up Ice Cream Maker Ball!

Product Patricia Jay

Here’s the scoop! With the unique Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker, you can make ice cream anywhere! You don’t need electricity! Just add ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other end – then have a ball as […]

Kitchen 305 stone Crab Mania!

Stone Crab Mania @ Kitchen 305!

Restaurant Kid Chronic


man flowers

Someone Get Kid Chronic These Man Flowers!

Pics Kid Chronic

One word — yum!

Three Olives

TATU’s Chef’s Tasting Is Tonight @ 8pm!!!

Events Kid Chronic

TATU’s Chef’s Tasting, sponsored by Three Olives Vodka, is tonight: Wednesday, February 22nd @ 8pm. Email jennifer@tatuasianrestaurant.com or call 954-232-0282 to reserve a spot. It’s only $39 per person for five courses and five drinks. Awww yeaaaa!!!

Plastic Food

Feed Your Cells When You Feed Yourselves #SqueezeYourBut(t)!

Health Andrea Hammer

Plastic Food “D Cell” Food: Decelerates Your Health & Your Life! Grown FROM a Plant, Not Manufactured IN a Plant!   Hello Again, SYB Fans!   Today’s edition is about Food!  Or, should I say, what we think is food. When you go to the […]

Last Meal

Famous Serial Killers’ Last Meals

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

What do two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, and an olive have in common? They are all on the last-meal menu for some of America’s most infamous serial killers. Yum!

aero shot, caffine

Huff Your Caffeine And Party All Night

Product Kid Chronic

Aeroshot the new caffeine injection system introduced by a Harvard professor has no calories or additives. The little yellow plastic container sells for $2.99, and provides a 100 milligram shot of caffeine powder directly into the users mouth. The caffeine dose is equal to about […]

Kid Chronic's Party Tray

Happy Super Bowl !

Sports Patricia Jay

I think I finally have enough food to feed The Kid !

tea shirts

Someone Get The First Lady This Box Of Tea Shirts!

Product Kid Chronic

Did you know the entire British Empire was founded on Tea? True story…      sideNOTE: This brings new meaning to the phrase “t-shirt time!!!”


McDonald's Stops Using Pink Goo In Its Hamburgers

Restaurant Kid Chronic

The pink goo in this picture is not used to mold Barbie dolls or insulate your house. Nope, that neon pink goo is one of the main ingredients in McDonald’s hamburgers! Don’t worry, ill wait a second, while you puke in your mouth a little […]

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