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burger at Georges alibi

Georgie’s Alibi in Wilton Manors

Restaurant Kid Chronic

Georgie’s Alibi opened on April 3, 1997 and the party hasn’t stopped since! At our popular east coast location in Wilton Manors, visitors and locals come to enjoy the sun, the water and the drinking and dining at one of the most popular gay establishments […]

Juice Blendz

Juice Blendz

Restaurant Kid Chronic

Take four parts customer service, three parts nutrition, two parts taste and a dash of moxie then blend until smooth. JUICEBLENDZ and its unique ‘blendz’ are redefining the smoothie and nutrition industry. No longer are consumers captivated by tropical themes or the promise of nirvana […]


Guacamole’s On Fort Lauderdale Beach Is For Taco Lovers

Restaurant Shooter

  Chronic Nation loves a good taco and we jump up and down for Carne Asada Tacos. This week Guacamole’s on Fort Lauderdale Beach is having a Taco bonanza with 3 dollar Carne Asada Tacos all week. Guacamole’s is the best Mexican food on the beach,so how can you […]


A Unique Sub Shop, The Pink Submarine

Restaurant Big J

A unique sub shop located in the heart of Wilton Manors, The Pink Submarine established by Dawn & Tanner offers diners with a variety of options. Made with Boar’s Head meats, fresh cut vegetables and bread delivered daily you are sure to find something you […]



Restaurant Big J

THE BEST SEAT OUTSIDE THE STADIUM! Sampler Platter Are you at home with your cupboards and fridge slung open, worried about what to eat for dinner? Well, worry no more! Champps is right around the corner and is waiting for you. This is the restaurant […]

Rare Las Olas

Kitchen Fire And Sh*tty Marketing Plague Rare Steakhouse On Las Olas

Restaurant Kid Chronic

Good moooooorning Chronic Nation! Today the Kid is not very happy and let me tell you why, A few months back I was approached by Rare Steakhouse on Las Olas to do a review for them because business wasn’t what they hoped it would be […]

photo 4

(GUACAMOLE’S):Who Doesn’t Enjoy the Taste of AUTHENTIC Mexican Food??

Restaurant keemtheintern

Coming from two big cities (Chicago and DC) allowed for me to experience a lot of different styles of Mexican cuisine. I have to say that since I’ve been down here, I’ve eaten THE best Mexican food. Gaucamole’s is without doubt, the most authentic-tasting mexican […]

Bacon roses

Someone Get Mr. Kosher These Bacon Flowers!

Product Kid Chronic

Nothing says baby I want to give you a heart attack like a dozen bacon roses. Awww Yeaaaa pigs just became romantic!

Serial Killer Caught On Tape [warning graphic]

Videos Kid Chronic

Miami serial killer caught on tape after snatching this child from a local day care. [Warning Graphic Content] Not for the faint of heart. The suspect is now in Miami Dade Police custody…Just Kidding its a baby cake yummy! Slicing A Realistic-Looking Baby Cake – […]

Mojo Fort Lauderdale

Mojo, Fresh And Healthy Cuisine At Its Finest

Restaurant Kid Chronic

Mojo has exploded on to the South Florida food scene, gobbling up restaurant goers from the competition left and right. Once you step inside the restaurant, it’s easy to see why. At first glance, Mojo blows you away with their clean and fresh motif. Decorated in […]

Down Goes the King … Burger King, that is.

Videos keemtheintern

If you haven’t witnessed yet: This girl must’ve gotten a cold box of fries. Foooooooood Fight !!!


The “Whoa Sh*t That Doesn’t Even Look Good” Burger

Pics Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

It’s so big, it doesn’t even look good. To the adventurous gastronome what a two-foot-long wang must be to the ravenous slut: you know it’s going to tear your insides apart, but you just can’t resist. ma

Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

The NEW Roast-Beef-P*ssy Burger, Available At…

Pics Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

Nowhere! But man, stumbling through the wasteland of the Internet, this image from Reuters played on the dirtiest, grossest, most unappetizing part of my demented mind. It’s those shrivelled, flesh-like slabs of ham (or whatever the f*ck it is) that are responsible for the roast […]

AP Photo/Larry Crowe

One More Irresistable Food Photo…

Pics Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

The SMOKED SAUSAGE REUBEN! Let the sausage jokes fly, sh*t-for-brains; I’ve been known to down my fair share of the long, slightly bent, meaty, spicy hot missiles. So delicious! And now to be included as the main ingredient in one of my favorite sandwich recipes […]

AP Photo/Shannon Dininny

THIS Is What It Takes To Slice Apples These Days…

Pics Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

THIS! Look at these poor bastards in haz-mat suits! They’re only apples, for f*ck’s sake. If it’s that serious, maybe I don’t want to be eating these healthy treats? Just a thought… ma

AP Photo

Jimmy Hoffa Esq.’s Stoner Snack of the Evening # 1

Pics Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

PUMPKIN PIE! Who has ever been up at 3am, out of their minds, and craved a little sweet slice of pumpkin-y heaven? I know I have! And cheers to the AP for having this delicious photo on hand to inspire such midnight revelry for forbidden […]


Jimmy Hoffa, Esq. is VERY VERY HUNGRY

Pics Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

And what did I stumble upon? This damned picture of some of the most luscious looking pizza pie I’ve come across in a hot minute! Just wanted to share with you:  


Chefs Corner With Haiku Brad… Barbecue Beef Brisket

Get Wise The Chef
from the Fickr of Mullenkedheim


Pics Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

Well, stumbling around the internet certainly produces many fruits. It also produces weiners – as anyone who’s ever tried to use Chatroulette knows. This weiner was described on food2.com as the world’s “former” largest frankfurter. Either way, I found this picture amusing.

AP Photo

Something Appetizing to Start the Day

Pics Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

I was stumbling around online, when I came across this picture that absolutely made my morning. Hope you can all have a warm glass of something like this…maybe add a little rum or vodka? Hair of the dog! Either way, sh*t looks damned good and […]

Anthony Bourdain, AP Photo

Anthony Bourdain Takes A Hardcore Direction

Entertainment Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

Since most of the people in this country are stupid and stuck to shows like “Jersey Shore”, I’ll just assume that no one saw Anthony Bourdain’s new “No Reservations.” For those who do not know, Bourdain is an ex-chef who now goes around the world […]

No, that's not the breast milk ice cream. But it was just too perfect a picture to pass up...(AP Photo)

New Breastmilk Ice Cream

News Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

For just $23 and a pilgrimage to London, you too can try the world’s very first (publicly available) breast milk-flavored ice cream. “If it’s good enough for our children, it’s good enough for the rest of us,” said Matt O’Connor of Icecreamists, the company selling […]

Hersha Howard

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Will Beat You With A Sign For A Thin Mint?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Hersha Howard likes her some Girl Scout Cookies. So much in fact, that when she came home from work, and found out her roommate Jasmine Wanke had done something with her Thin Mints. She exploded, beating her roommate viciously even after she said she had […]

AP Photo

No More Finger Lickin’ Chicken

News Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

Newser reported this morning that food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken will be dropping it’s famous add slogan, “It’s finger lickin’ good!” after 50 years of use. Obviously this is in the move towards healthier food and lifestyles that is sweeping the nation. An executive representing […]


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