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Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope

Movie Darth Turch

Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope for a fan this is EPIC! I personally can not wait to see this fan film! For updates on this Film check in on www.printkiller.com DBZ has always been one of my all-time favorites my brothers and I probably […]

Epic Car Crash Compilation

Epic Car Crash Compilation

Fail Darth Turch

Epic Car Crash Compilation you won’t want to miss this one! Check it out these guys really %$@& UP royally! For more epic clips check out www.printkiller.com

Shooting at cars: Teen caught on camera firing at SUV in broad daylight in South Carolina

News Darth Turch

Shooting at cars: Teen caught on camera firing at SUV in broad daylight in South Carolina People do more and more outlandish things every day with different motives fueling their insanity. However I dont understand the reason someone would open fire at random civilian driving […]

Epic Fight Compilation!

Awesome STREET FIGHTS Compilation 2015 [HD]

Fail Darth Turch

Awesome STREET FIGHTS Compilation 2015 [HD] truly a great compilation of brawls! Check it out!

Factory Makes All The NFL Footballs

This Factory Makes All The NFL Footballs

Sports Kid Chronic

Where do the footballs Tom Brady deflates come from? This factory!

Porn Star Tries to Convince Braxton Miller

Porn Star Mia Khalifa Tries to Convince Braxton Miller to Come to FSU

Florida State Kid Chronic

Seems pretty convincing to me!

oregon ducks

Oregon Ducks Chant “No Means No” While Doing the Tomahawk Chop – Even Though Their School is Embroiled in its Own Sexual Assault Scandal

Fail Kid Chronic

Is the NCAA going to do something about this? The coaching staff at Oregon let this go on in front of the media after today’s game. I guess they didn’t get the memo there were no charges filed in the case against Winston. They must […]

FSU Turns the Ball Over Five Times

FSU Turns the Ball Over Five Times, Hands the Game to Oregon

Florida State Kid Chronic

Oregon is headed to play the winner of Alabama and Ohio State in the championship game.

Johnny Manziel's Party

Johnny Manziel’s Party Led To Josh Gordon’s Suspension

Sports Kid Chronic

Johnny Football causing trouble? No, I don’t believe it!

johnny manziel

Johnny Manziel Flies in Cute Pajama Pants!

Sports Kid Chronic

Awww! Look at Johnny Manziel at the airport. How cute! I mean nothing says pro football like a starting QB in cute little pajama pants… Johnny Football? How about Johnny Pajamas!

college football playoff bracket

College Football Playoff Bracket and Schedule

Sports Kid Chronic

Here is the 2014 college playoff bracket and schedule if you need it, everyone!  


Police Upset By St. Louis Rams Players’ Gestures At The Game

Sports Lois Lane

A group representing officers, are upset at the players for the St. Louis Rams after they raised their hands in support of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson. The group wants the St. Louis Rams and the NFL to apologize.

Florida State vs. Florida Highlights - Print Killer

Florida State vs. Florida Highlights

Florida Kid Chronic

The Florida State Seminoles spear the Gators at Doak.


Katy Perry To Perform At Super Bowl Halftime Show

Entertainment Lois Lane

The rumors are true. Katy Perry is set to perform in the Super Bowl halftime show. Last month, New York Post’s Page Six and Billboard reported that Perry was preparing to shine at Super Bowl XLIX, set for February 1 in Glendale, Arizona.

Game Preview: FSU vs. Boston College

Game Preview: FSU vs. Boston College

Florida State Kid Chronic

It’s Senior Day and game day at FSU tomorrow…just days after the deadly shooting.


Police Kill Gunman Who Opened Fire at Florida State University

News Lois Lane

Campus police officers shot a gunman who opened fire at the Florida State University library. The gunman injured three people. Two of the shooting victims were taken to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. One was in critical condition; the other was stable.

DG Quarterback

DG Quarterback Has Best Run in FSU Intramural Sports History

College Kid Chronic

Delta Gamma is more than just a bunch of hot girls who like to party, apparently they can also play football!

Florida State vs. Virginia on Print Killer

Florida State Plays Virginia Tomorrow

Florida State Kid Chronic

Game preview.


Dolphins Set 2015 Date to Play Jets in London

Sports Flipzide

The Miami Dolphins will travel across the pond next year to take on the New York Jets on October 4, 2015 in an AFC East Divisional clash in London, England’s Wimbley Stadium. The Miami Dolphins will be recognized as the “Home Team” video platformvideo managementvideo […]



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