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broward county news blooper

Broward County News Blooper

Funny Kid Chronic

WTF Florida never ceases to amaze me…

tennis tantrum

The Top 5 Tennis Tantrums of All Time

Sports Kid Chronic

Nobody throws a great tantrum, like a pro tennis player!


Amy Schumer Pranks Kanye and Kim On The Red Carpet

Entertainment Lois Lane

Amy Schumer decided to prank Kanye and Kim on the red carpet on their way to 100 Gala in New York City. Kim lauged but Kanye didn’t think it was funny. […]

I Freaking Love The Greenery

I Freaking Love The Greenery Dude…

Funny Kid Chronic

The funniest 420 stoner of the day!

Ronda Rousey

Pete Holmes Interviews Ronda Rousey

Interviews Kid Chronic

This is the funniest interview with Rhonda Rousey I have ever seen.

Relationships Suck

Why Relationships Suck

Dating Kid Chronic

Because a woman will never miss an opportunity to let you down! Check out this poor bastard doing something nice for his girlfriend only to have here shit all over […]


First Female Quintuplets in U.S. born to Houston Couple

News Lois Lane

Texas Couple give birth to girl quintuplets! There has not been a set of all female quintuplets since 1969 and are the first set of girl quintuplets believed born in the […]


ESPN Reported Suspended After Being Caught On Camera Losing Her Temper To Parking Attendant

News Lois Lane

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was suspended after being caught on camera foul-mouthing a parking attendant after her car was towned while she had lunch.

women arent funny

Why Aren’t There More Funny Women?

TV Kid Chronic

That’s a good damn question, how come girls for the most part aren’t funny?

Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z Seen Riding Around In A Pickup Truck Bed

Celeb Kid Chronic

Random as fuck…

break the internet

We Break The Internet – Break Clip Comp

Compilation Kid Chronic

Internet video clip comp, compliments of the boys at Break!

Redneck Party Time

Redneck Party Time

Videos Kid Chronic

Mud puddle party!


Borat Explores Some American Hobbies

Funny Kid Chronic

OMG this guy is redic…

easter fails

Easter Fails

Fail Kid Chronic

Easter smeaster don’t fall on your keister!

Spectacular Ship Collision

Fail Darth Turch

The ship known as the “Grand Rodosi” crushes the unsuspecting “Apollo S” like a can, check it out!

water bottle kick

Water Bottle Kick is Pretty Impressive

Videos Kid Chronic

Damn, I gotta learn me some karate so that I’m more lethal in the streets!

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