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The Best Fails of the Month

The Best Fails of the Month

Fail Kid Chronic

The Best Fails of August 2014!

Impression of Every Drunk Chick Ever

This Guy Nails an Impression of Every Drunk Chick Ever

Stand Up Kid Chronic

This is every Spanish girl from Miami!

Labor Day Weekend

Squirrel Fail

Animals Kid Chronic


Lost and Found Fails - Print Killer

Lost and Found Fails

Fail Kid Chronic

In every one of these fails someone loses something!

Jon Stewart - ISIS Age - Print Killer

Jon Stewart – ISIS Age

TV Kid Chronic

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

ALS Ice bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Redneck Style

Videos Kid Chronic

T-Bird does the Ice Bucket Challenge, with a redneck twist!

John Oliver

John Oliver Destroys Piñatas in this Web Exclusive

Funny Kid Chronic

Apparently John Oliver hates pinatas…

Samuel l jackson

Every Samuel L. Jackson “Motherf*cker” Ever!

Movie Kid Chronic

This just made my Monday! Enjoy, motherf*ckers!


Are We Getting Close to The Hoverboard Now or What?

Videos Kid Chronic

Check out this video of a hover contraption some dad made. Then explain to me why scientists can’t make me a hover board yet!

Fail Comp of the Week! - Print Killer

Fail Comp of the Week!

Fail Kid Chronic

The best fail videos of the week!!!

tonight show

Amy Sedaris Teaches Jimmy Fallon CPR

TV Kid Chronic

On the Tonight Show!

caturday gif

The Best Gifs on the Web Today!!!

Gifs Kid Chronic

A gallery of animated Gifs just for youuuuuu!

water sports fails

Summer 2014 Water Sports Fails

Fail Kid Chronic

It wouldn’t be summer without water sports fails!

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Then Sheen calls out John Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Chuck Lorre! The Machine never lets anything go, I love it!


Baby Giraffe Makes Her Debut in Houston

Videos Lois Lane

Meet baby Kamili, born on Aug. 3rd at the Houston Zoo. I want one!

Fail video compilation of the month!

The Best Fails of August 2014

Fail Kid Chronic

Fail video compilation of the month!

Fire Challenge

Guy Tries to Do Fire Challenge, Promptly Burns Himself to a Crisp!

Fail Kid Chronic

Get back in da water!!!

ex girlfriends

Ex Girlfriends Be Like…

Videos Kid Chronic

What you got bitch? Brains, talent, class, sobriety…

President Clinton Happy Birthday

Kevin Spacey Wishes President Clinton Happy Birthday!

Politics Kid Chronic

Happy 68th Birthday President Clinton!!!


Typical Cross Fit Guys…

Funny Kid Chronic

I see these guys at the gym every week… #CrossFit

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