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The Best Vines of September 2014

The Best Vines of September 2014

Compilation Kid Chronic

Vine Comp!

Member of Parliament in the Trash

Ukrainian Protesters Threw a Member of Parliament in the Trash

Politics Kid Chronic

Let’s get this going in America!


“Orange Is The New Black” Writer Divorces Husband, Starts Dating Cast Member

Entertainment Lois Lane

The writer of Netflix’s hit show “Orange is the New Black,” Lauren Morelli, has divorced her husband of two years and has started dating one of the cast members of the show, Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey on the show.


Khloe Kardashian Dumps Loser French Montana

Entertainment Lois Lane

Thank god the more awesomer Kardashian got her priorities straight and dumped that loser rapper French Montana. Girl, we all know you can do better!

Vine Comp

Vine Comp!

Compilation Kid Chronic

Compilation of the best recent Vines.


Weird Things All Couples Fight About

Videos Lois Lane

This had me cracking up! You know you can relate to at least one of these. Enjoy!


“How I Met Your Mother” Star Neil Patrick Harris Weds His Longtime Fiance

Entertainment Lois Lane

Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime fiance, David Burtka, wed in Italy in a private family ceremony.


Joan Rivers Emmy-Winning Comedian Dead At 81

Entertainment Lois Lane

Joan Rivers has passed away. Last week it was reported that the emmy-winning comedian was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York on Aug. 28, after she stopped breathing while undergoing throat surgery.

jon Stewart

The Daily Show – Masters of Sexism

TV Kid Chronic

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive

john oliver

John Oliver Responds to Fan Mail

Comment Of The Day Kid Chronic

John Oliver goes over his YouTube channel’s comments.

John Oliver and Cookie Monster

John Oliver and Cookie Monster

TV Kid Chronic

Cookie Monster suggests some upcoming news stories for John Oliver to cover.

wearable computers

This is What They Thought Wearable Computers Would Be Like in 1992

WTF Kid Chronic

This is freaking hilarious!

modern art sucks

GET WISE: Why Does Modern Art Suck?

Get Wise Kid Chronic

I always wondered why art sucks nowadays. Now I know why: we ruined it.

The Best Fails of the Month

The Best Fails of the Month

Fail Kid Chronic

The Best Fails of August 2014!

Impression of Every Drunk Chick Ever

This Guy Nails an Impression of Every Drunk Chick Ever

Stand Up Kid Chronic

This is every Spanish girl from Miami!

Labor Day Weekend

Squirrel Fail

Animals Kid Chronic


Lost and Found Fails - Print Killer

Lost and Found Fails

Fail Kid Chronic

In every one of these fails someone loses something!

Jon Stewart - ISIS Age - Print Killer

Jon Stewart – ISIS Age

TV Kid Chronic

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

ALS Ice bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Redneck Style

Videos Kid Chronic

T-Bird does the Ice Bucket Challenge, with a redneck twist!

John Oliver

John Oliver Destroys Piñatas in this Web Exclusive

Funny Kid Chronic

Apparently John Oliver hates pinatas…

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