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People That Need To Pipe The Fuck Down Part 2 - Print Killer

People That Need To Pipe The Fuck Down Part 2

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

A new video from Jenna Marbles!

fat girl tinder date

Social Experiment – Fat Girl Tinder Date

Pranks Kid Chronic

OMG my worst nightmare come true!

exercise ball fails

Excersice Ball Epic Fails!

Fail Kid Chronic

Exercise balls are so rarely used for actual exercise. Lol.


Phil Spector’s Latest Mugshot

News Lois Lane

Wow! Prison has not been kind to the one-time flamboyant music legend. The most recent photo of Spector shows a bald, sad-looking 73-year-old.


Woman Who Got Punched By California Highway Patrol To Receive 1.5 Million

News Lois Lane

Marlene Pinnock, a homeless woman was captured being beaten by officer Daniel Andrew. Pinnock said she was walking when Andrew tackled her and punched her repeatedly in the face.

jon stewart

Jon Stewart – Burn Noticed

TV Kid Chronic

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

Hello Doorknob My Old Friend... - Print KillerHello Doorknob My Old Friend... - Print Killer

Hello Doorknob My Old Friend…

Fail Kid Chronic

Wow, that had to hurt so bad in the morning!


How I Picture Everyone Who Does P90X

Health Kid Chronic

P90X is the modern day aerobics. Let’s be honest!

john oliver

John Oliver Exposes The Miss America Pageant

TV Kid Chronic

Miss America claims to provide college scholarships. The truth, however, is slightly different…


Top 50 Jameis Winston Memes

Sports Kid Chronic

The Top 50 Jameis Winston Memes #FSU

stephan colbert hannity

Stephen Colbert – Sean Hannity’s Defense of Adrian Peterson

TV Kid Chronic

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive


Sharon Osbourne Goes Off On U2

Entertainment Lois Lane

Sharon Osbourne is in the news ranting against the band U2 after they made a deal with Itunes to release a free album.  “The Talk” co-host explained on the show how this set a bad precedent that “music is disposable…there is a whole new breed […]

shit women do meme

101 of The Best Relationship and Dating Memes Ever

Meme Kid Chronic

The Funniest Dating and Relationship Memes on the World Wide Web Today!!!


Best Friends Dog and Dolphin Swim Together Everyday!

Videos Lois Lane

These two animals are the best of friends, they swim together every day until the boats go out and the dolphin follows. So amazing!

The Best Vines of September 2014

The Best Vines of September 2014

Compilation Kid Chronic

Vine Comp!

Member of Parliament in the Trash

Ukrainian Protesters Threw a Member of Parliament in the Trash

Politics Kid Chronic

Let’s get this going in America!


“Orange Is The New Black” Writer Divorces Husband, Starts Dating Cast Member

Entertainment Lois Lane

The writer of Netflix’s hit show “Orange is the New Black,” Lauren Morelli, has divorced her husband of two years and has started dating one of the cast members of the show, Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey on the show.


Khloe Kardashian Dumps Loser French Montana

Entertainment Lois Lane

Thank god the more awesomer Kardashian got her priorities straight and dumped that loser rapper French Montana. Girl, we all know you can do better!

Vine Comp

Vine Comp!

Compilation Kid Chronic

Compilation of the best recent Vines.


Weird Things All Couples Fight About

Videos Lois Lane

This had me cracking up! You know you can relate to at least one of these. Enjoy!

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