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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Being Sued By Their Ex-Nanny

Entertainment Lois Lane

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s ex-nanny Simonette DaCosta, is suing the former couple because they fired her for showing too much affection to the kids.  The nanny also alledges that she was not paid for over 100 hours of overtime. Tisk Tisk!


Time Lapse Video Shows 2015 Blizzard In New York

Videos Lois Lane

A time lapse video shows the accumulation of snow and frost in New York’s Times Square over five hours


Moms Go Undercover To Catch Their Sons Harrasing Women

Videos Lois Lane

Undercover cameras catch several men whistling and harrasing women. What they don’t know is that the women they are harrasing are their own mothers.

Funniest Banned Commercials

The World’s Funniest Banned Commercials

TV Kid Chronic

Commercials so funny that some of them were kicked off TV!

pranks gone wrong

Here is Why you Never Try to Prank Your Dad

Fail Kid Chronic

Young buck can’t overtake that old man strength!

WWE Finishers

Public WWE Finishers

Videos Kid Chronic

These guys are my new hero!


Internet, You Ain’t So Bad – Video Clip Compilation

Compilation Kid Chronic

The internet ain’t so bad, it’s just got a bad rap cause it’s been in a couple bad relationships…

dildo factory

Another Tough Day At The Office…

Videos Kid Chronic

Spend the day working in the dildo factory!

pauly d

Pauly D on Adult Swim

Interviews Kid Chronic

Pauly D’s career must have taken a turn for the worse, if he is getting smacked in the face with hot dogs on the Eric Andre Show.

Real Time with Bill Maher: Republican Book Club (HBO)

The Republican Book Club

TV Kid Chronic

From tonight’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.

Beer Pong Robot

Jimmy Fallon Faces Off Against Joshua Topolsky’s Beer Pong Robot

TV Kid Chronic

This robot drains beer pong shots!


Miley Cyrus Posts More Naked Pictures On Instagram

Entertainment Lois Lane

Miley Cyrus does it again posting more naked pics of her boyish body, I almost thought I was looking at Justin Beber.

douchiest ways to wake someone up

The Douchiest Ways to Wake Someone Up Ever

Compilation Kid Chronic

OMG I will kill someone if they try and wake me up like this!

Coke in the Truck Prank

Coke in the Truck Prank

Pranks Kid Chronic

This has to be the best prank you can pull on police officers without going to jail. Only don’t try this is your African American because they will probably shoot you.

Brutus Buckeye and the Oregon Duck Bull Ride

Brutus Buckeye and the Oregon Duck Bull Ride To Decide The National Championship

Sports Kid Chronic

Who will win? Watch and see!

fail comp

Fail Comp!

Fail Kid Chronic

Compilation of the latest greatest fails!

Female Suspect

The Female Suspect Was Actually in Turkey at the Time of the Attack

News Kid Chronic

So as it turns out, the female suspect did not escape the kosher deli, she was never in there to begin with.

Compilation of Epicness

Compilation of Epicness

Wins Kid Chronic

A little slice of awesome for your Friday!


Cakeface – Steve Aoki

EDM Kid Chronic

Official Music Video/Cakeface Compilation.

Limbo Time Prank! - Print Killer

Limbo Time Prank!

Pranks Kid Chronic

Shit people on the street are willing to do always surprises me.

maragrita machine

GET WISE: How to Turn a Garbage Disposal Into a Margarita Machine

Get Wise Kid Chronic

This guy is a redneck treasure!


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