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The Game Makes Threat

The Game Creates Hostile Work Environment

News ShoMeLove

The crew of The Game’s new TV show go on strike.

Chucky on Red Carpet

Chucky Brings Tears on Red Carpet

Celeb ShoMeLove

Red Carpet Host breaks down in tears after seeing realistic Killer Chucky on Red Carpet.


PIXELS Movie Trailer (2015)

Movie ShoMeLove

Video Games are taking over the world!!!

Minions "Despicable Me" Trailer

Minions Prequel Trailer (Despicable Me) 2015

Movie ShoMeLove

The Prequel to Minions (Despicable Me) in theaters July 10, 2015


VideoBombs that Rock!

News ShoMeLove

News Videobombs from around the world.

Whispering Dog

Whispering Dog

Pets ShoMeLove

Talking dog know’s how to whisper.

Cell Phones Taking Over Peoples Lives

Cell Phones Taking Over Our Lives

Comedy ApexGuardian

Oh how true…

NBA Bloopers

NBA Bloopers: The Starters

Entertainment ShoMeLove

Ooops, my bad!  

Chris Brown

Chris Brown – “She Needs My Dick”

Celeb Kid Chronic

TMZ caught up with Chris Brown and he shared a little bit of his delightful personality with their camera man.

Aerosol Can and Fireplace causes explosion

Aerosol Can and Fire! What Could Go Wrong?

Funny ApexGuardian

Doesn’t the can say that’s how you’re supposed to dispose of it?


Kylie Jenner Admits To Lip Fillers

Entertainment Lois Lane

So Kylie Jenner finally admitted to filling her lips.. like we didn’t know. The jig was up a lot ass time ago!

Kid Falls Asleep at the Wheel Driving Big Wheel

Kid Passes Out At The Wheel

Funny ApexGuardian

If only they had slipped a beer in his hand.

Florida GPS Road Name Funny Directions

Florida Roads Have More Problems Than Just Traffic

Florida ApexGuardian

Seriously though, Who Gave Florida Roads Four Names Each?

Medieval Combat World Championships

Medieval Combat World Championships – Poland Vs USA

Videos Kid Chronic

I didn’t even know this was a thing, this is awesome. Here comes the pain!

Saudi's shooting at each other for fun

Saudi’s Have An Odd Take On “Fun”

WTF ApexGuardian

Those Saudi’s sure know a good time, seems getting shot at is more fun then I’ve been lead to believe.

Pranks in the Hood

Best Pranks in the Hood

Pranks Kid Chronic

When pranks in the hood go wrong, someone gets punched in the face!

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