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Dash Cam Fails!

Dash Cam Fails!

Compilation Kid Chronic

Another great fail compilation! You’re welcome, world!!!

kim kardasians fat ass

Guess That Booty?

Celeb Kid Chronic

Whose giant caboose is this? Answer inside!

iraq and wmds

Stephen Colbert – Abandoned WMDs in Iraq

TV Kid Chronic

The Colbert Report Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Colbert Report on Facebook

Make Men Better Dancers

Scientists Did a Study to Make Men Better Dancers

Dancing Kid Chronic

All men must watch this video immediately. Thank me later, fellas!

Steve Aoki's Stage Dive Fail - Print Killer

Steve Aoki’s Stage Dive Fail

Fail Kid Chronic

Come on, Steve. You’re better than this…

The Best Videos of the Week! - Print Killer

The Best Videos of the Week!

Compilation Kid Chronic

Some people failed this past week. Others won. Both are in this highlight reel!

Chainsaw Massacre Prank - Print Killer

Chainsaw Massacre Prank

Pranks Kid Chronic

The best prank of the Halloween season so far!

vine comp

The Best Vines of 2014!!!

Compilation Kid Chronic

The best Vine compilation of the year so far.

Red Bull Soapbox Racing in Bulgaria - Print Killer

Red Bull Soapbox Racing in Bulgaria

Events Kid Chronic

Nice addition with the jumps this year, Redbull!


Does This Look Like the Face of a Teen Who Was Caught Masturbating to a Stuffed Horse in a Walmart?

News Lois Lane

Sean Johnson decided it was a good idea to take a stuffed animal from the children’s section of a Walmart, take it to the bedding section, masturbate with the horse, and then put it back covered with semen. Johnson was promptly arrested in the parking […]

say no to gay divorce

Say No To Gay Divorce!

TV Kid Chronic

This public service announcement is brought to you from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Vevo CERTIFIED SuperFanFest Presented By Honda Stage - Arrivals

Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea’s Beef Explained by Perez Hilton

Entertainment Lois Lane

There has been serious beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea. Here is Perez Hilton to explain to you what has been going on and why Snoop Dogg is a jerk!


Jumbo Squids Attack Submarine

Videos Lois Lane

Greenpeace submarines were attacked by jumbo squids on an expedition in the Bering Sea.


Zuckerberg drops $100 Million for Land in Hawaii

News Lois Lane

Mark Zuckerberg dropped more than $100 million to purchase 700-acre in Kauai’s North Shore where he plans to build a sanctuary for his family.  


Oscar Pistorius Verdict

News Lois Lane

Oscar Pistorius will not see any jail time. The “Blade Runner”, who was found guilty of culpable homicide, will spend three years on house arrest.


Weird Lies All Couples Tell Each Other

Videos Lois Lane

What weird lies do you tell your significant other?


Amanda Bynes on Psychiatric Hold Again

Entertainment Lois Lane

Amanda Bynes is back in the hospital on a 51/50 Psychiatric hold. The actress had exhibited some bizarre behavior during the past several days.

criminal hides on store self

Crazy Criminal Hides on Store Shelf for Over Two Hours

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

This guy and his accomplice, would have most likely gotten away with a major robbery, if it wasn’t for the store motion sensors.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Star Jan Hooks Has Passed Away at 57

News Lois Lane

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Jan Hooks passed away at the age of 57.


Kanagaroos Fight in the Street

Videos Lois Lane

Watch this awesome video of Kangaroos fighting in the street!

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