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The wildfire is being subdued to stop the ravaging continue through California, putting homes at risk, and forcing evacuations.

Wildfire Breakout Threatens Thousands of Californians

Nature ShoMeLove

Resident of California are scared as wildfires raced across Northern California overnight, charring at least 9,000 acres and forcing thousands of residents from their homes. Some 8,600 acres have burned […]

President Obama intends to implement the US Clean Power Plan despite rejection from congress, and how it compares to EU and international plans to cut carbon emissions.

President Obama Speaks Today About The US Clean Power Plan

Politics ShoMeLove

Cut Co2 levels 32% by 2030, compared with 2012 levels. America is currently in second place amongst country’s total emissions burned from fossil fuels. Tom Burke, chairman of Third Generation […]

Motocross veteran Robbie Maddison felt he was in the wrong place at the wrong time while riding his modified dirt bike on huge waves in Tahiti.

Robbie Maddison “Motocross Star” Surfs Big Waves on His Bike

Motorcycles ShoMeLove

Robbie Maddison is a daring “Motocross Star” who has completed death defying stunts for James Bond himself, surfs big waves on his bike for a DC shoe commercial. Motocross veteran […]

Peyton Manning throws passes to kids at training camp.

Peyton Manning Loves The Kids

Football ShoMeLove

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning got some young Broncos fans involved in the team’s practice by pulling them from the crowd and throwing them some passes. The kids had a […]

Gang arrested for selling dying puppies to potential pet owners.

Gang Jailed For Selling Dying Puppies

Daily Criminal ShoMeLove

A gang estimated to have made thousands of pounds by selling sick and dying puppies has been jailed. Three men and three women were each jailed for between ten and […]

Adrian Peterson strikes fear in All Pro NFL defenders the same as NFL greats Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell and jim Brown.

Adrian Peterson Returns to The NFL in 2015 Season

Sports ShoMeLove

Adrian Peterson will have his fill of ESPN highlights this NFL season. The last time Adrian Peterson made a comeback it showed this man is not human. But question the […]

Cancer can be caused from radiation in your cellphone.

Cancer May Be Caused by Cellphone Radiation According To New Study

Health ShoMeLove

Researcher Igor Yakymenko has discovered a correlation between the disease Cancer, and mobile phone usage after conducting a meta-study, which looked at how radiofrequency from devices can damage one’s DNA. […]

www.viptvmodelsearch.eventbrite.com promocode: model2015. — with Joe VipTelevision Rubbo.

VIP TV Host: 2015 Miss Universe Diner at The Rusty Pelican

Killer Babes ShoMeLove

2015 Miss Universe diner at the Rusty Pelican was a major success. Don’t miss your opportunity to support a great cause and join VIP TV once again at at the […]

JDoctor Jen Welter hired as linebacker coach for Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals Hire Trailblazer Doctor Jen Welter as First Female NFL Coach

Sports ShoMeLove

The Arizona Cardinals have hired Doctor Jen Welter, former Texas Revolution running-back who is believed to be the first woman to hold a coaching position in the NFL.

Austrian Town Provides Muslim Utopia

Muslims Believe Austrian Town Mirrors Quran’s Description of Paradise

Travel ShoMeLove

“Lake surrounded by snow capped mountains”. Tens of thousands of vacationers from the Gulf States are flocking to the town of “Zell am See”, after the town started marketing itself […]


Bullet Is Stuck In Clothes Inside The Skin After Man Is Shot

That's Gotta Hurt ShoMeLove

Man gets shot and bullet is stuck in the clothes inside the skin. (NSFW)

Yanet Garcia To Sexy For T.V.

Yanet Garcia The Sexiest Mexican Weather Woman!

Killer Babes ShoMeLove

Mexican weather woman, Yanet Garcia has non Spanish speakers all the way from Australia tuning in faithfully for her daily forecast.

North Korean Defector Hyeonseo Lee On Her Escape

North Korean Defector Hyeonseo Lee Explains How She Escaped

News ShoMeLove

Hyeonseo goes in to detail how she avoided North Korean Authorities when she was caught by Chinese Police and interrogated by 30 officers.

Solar Panel Homes The New Energy

Solar Power Your New Home

Tech ShoMeLove

Swipe’s Gemma Morris and Will Sargent look at the green energy industry and visit a house that powers itself using only solar power.

Supreme Court Rules On Same Sex Marriage

Supreme Court Adds Same Sex Marriage Into Constitution

News ShoMeLove

The Supreme Court on Friday delivered a historic victory for gay rights, ruling 5 to 4 that the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where […]

Best Vines June 2015

Best Vines Compilation June 2015 Edition

Things That Kick Ass ShoMeLove

“Annie Dont Fall”! As I record you falling to what looks like your death. The best vines happen to always involve someone getting extremely wasted or extraordinarily sexiness of course.

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