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Bullet Is Stuck In Clothes Inside The Skin After Man Is Shot

That's Gotta Hurt ShoMeLove

Man gets shot and bullet is stuck in the clothes inside the skin. (NSFW)

Yanet Garcia To Sexy For T.V.

Yanet Garcia The Sexiest Mexican Weather Woman!

Killer Babes ShoMeLove

Mexican weather woman, Yanet Garcia has non Spanish speakers all the way from Australia tuning in faithfully for her daily forecast.

North Korean Defector Hyeonseo Lee On Her Escape

North Korean Defector Hyeonseo Lee Explains How She Escaped

News ShoMeLove

Hyeonseo goes in to detail how she avoided North Korean Authorities when she was caught by Chinese Police and interrogated by 30 officers.

Solar Panel Homes The New Energy

Solar Power Your New Home

Tech ShoMeLove

Swipe’s Gemma Morris and Will Sargent look at the green energy industry and visit a house that powers itself using only solar power.

Supreme Court Rules On Same Sex Marriage

Supreme Court Adds Same Sex Marriage Into Constitution

News ShoMeLove

The Supreme Court on Friday delivered a historic victory for gay rights, ruling 5 to 4 that the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where […]

Best Vines June 2015

Best Vines Compilation June 2015 Edition

Things That Kick Ass ShoMeLove

“Annie Dont Fall”! As I record you falling to what looks like your death. The best vines happen to always involve someone getting extremely wasted or extraordinarily sexiness of course.

The November Project

Who Needs A Gym Membership When You Have The November Project

Health ShoMeLove

Staying fit without the gym hassle with the November project. “Use your city as your playground”!

Hillary Clinton Presidential Bid

Hillary Clinton Has The Stage Presence Of Mr. Clinton “No Ceilings”

Politics ShoMeLove

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launches her official campaign rally in New York City, where she was on the Senate for 8 years.

Rick Ross Arrested For The Love Of Marijuana

Freedom Fighter Rick Ross The Biggest Boss Arrested

Celeb ShoMeLove

It’s not by coincidence that the south is still fighting for our cannabis rights. Rick Ross was arrested in Fayette County, Georgia, after a police officer “identified marijuana in his […]

Worm Living In Eye Lid

Worm Tries To Complete Triangle Of Death On Peruvian Boy

Health ShoMeLove

After a month of a three inch worm living in a young boys lower eye lid, surgery was imminent. The location of the worm from the lower lid, which was […]

Hialry Clinton Speaks Freely

Hilary Clinton Names, Names on Crusade Against Voting Rights!

Politics ShoMeLove

Hilary Clinton’s voting rights plan and her direct attack on GOP candidates who ran a crusade against voting rights.

Innovation In Food

5 Food Innovations We Desperately Need

Food ShoMeLove


Breastfeeding + Modeling =Controversy?

Breastfeeding + Modeling = Controversy

Fashion ShoMeLove

Elle Australia Magazine causes debate over a model breastfeeding on the cover.


78-Year-Old Still Kills it on the Trapeze

Life Kid Chronic

I hope I’m this cool in my 70s!


How The Major Drug Companies Are Ripping You Off

Health Kid Chronic

This pill costs $14 dollars to make, but the drug companies charge $1,400. The problem is the drug companies hold patents on all these drugs, so there is no real […]

Bad breath

GET WISE: What Causes Bad Breath?

Get Wise Kid Chronic

There is bacteria living in the moisture rich environment of your mouth, and its stinking up the joint!

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