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93 Years Young

Health modernmarilyn

93-Year old Marion Legere of Schenectady, NY makes no excuses to hit the gym and no, shes not just Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons. Legere loves to excercise and clearly kills it in spin class SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. Most active people in […]


Doctor Lets Patient Knock Himself Out

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

That’s pretty cool if I ever need to have surgery, I hope they let me knock myself out!

obama liar

Obama Had to Lie to Us!!!

News Nat Trayger

I am truly shocked about how many people are surprised that Obama lied to them about keeping their insurance plans and their doctors. The plans had to change due to the very law that was passed by congress and signed by Obama. How could anyone […]


Why There Is No Excuse Not To Lose Weight: Fitness Trainer Packs On 70 Pounds, Loses 70 To Show His Clients

Health Lois Lane

Trainer Drew Manning needed to find a better way to motivate his clients to lose weight, so he decided to take drastic measures to better identify with their struggles.


Flip Flop Your Way to Better Health!

Product Kid Chronic

 Starting at $49.99, women’s ‘Groundals®’ now available in three colors with comfortable flip-flop design; men’s shoes, additional women’s colors, styles expected later this year Key West, Fla. – September 12, 2013 – After four years of research and development, the team behind Get Grounded Footwear™ […]


GET WISE: Learn How to Give CPR in 1 Minute

Health Kid Chronic

Not only is this video cool, it could save your buddy’s life. So watch it!


Man Knowingly Infects 300 Women With HIV

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

David Lee Mangum is facing 15 years for knowingly infecting women with HIV.


America Loves Pot!

Drugs Kid Chronic

A new study says that pot smoking in the USA is more popular than ever! The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found Nearly 24 million Americans, about 9.2% of the population, uses illicit drugs. Illicit drugs include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, inhalants and […]

los olas health food fair

Las Olas Health Food Expo

Events Kid Chronic

TO BENEFIT LIVE LIKE BELLA™ FOUNDATION There will be a lot of people “saying mmmmmmm when something tastes good” at the first-ever Fort Lauderdale Health Food Expo later this month, especially now that the Expo has partnered with the Live Like Bella™ Foundation for Childhood […]


The Occupy Wall St. Movement Described Using Two Monkeys

Animals Kid Chronic

Even monkeys don’t like getting screwed out of their fair share.


Rush Hour in China is Insane

Videos Kid Chronic

Talk about the rat race!


How Does Living an Extra 4,000 Years Sound to You

Health Kid Chronic

I’ll tell you what, you can sign me up for a robot suit right now! Dying sounds so freaking boring…


Viral Video Sensation Prancercise is Based Out of Fort Lauderdale

Funny Kid Chronic

Yes that means if you are like the Kid and live in South Florida you can actually go and Prancercise with this woman, obv this is what I must  do now…


Propecia Will Save Your Hair… But You Won’t Be Able to Get a Boner or Drink Alcohol

Health Kid Chronic

Damn! Now ain’t that a bitch! Science has finally found away for men not to go bald, but it has the worst side affects I have ever heard of in my life! Propecia also known as Finasteride was the the focus of recent research carried […]


E-Cigs Under the Microscope in Europe

Health Kid Chronic

E-cigs are taking a hit from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in Europe this week. The agency has gone public saying the E-cigs do not meet the health guidelines needed for them to recommend them to consumers, and even worse some of […]


Join the Best Fitness Center in Fort Lauderdale – The Gym!

Business Kid Chronic

Looking for an awesome gym in Fort Lauderdale? Well look no further! The Gym in Fort Lauderdale has three levels of fitness heaven, including a smoothie bar, aerobics rooms, weight rooms, and most importantly a full roof top gym! The rooftop gym not only allows […]

Australian Man Is Brought Back After Being Dead For 40 Minutes

Health Lois Lane

Last June, Colin Fiedler, 39 suffered a heart attack, when paramedics asked him which hospital he wanted to go to he said Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. This last minute decision saved his life. Alfred Hospital was the only hospital to have a CPR machine. The […]


Angelina Jolie Reveals That She Had a Double Mastectomy

Entertainment Lois Lane

The New York Times recently revealed that Angelina Jolie had undergone a double mastectomy after testing positive for the gene that predisposes her to breast and ovarian cancer. According to Jolie her mother fought cancer for a decade and died at the young age of […]


Boston Bombing Victims Still in Hospital

Health Kid Chronic

Three friends all lost their right legs.



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