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Here is One Foolproof Way to Quit Smoking

Videos Kid Chronic

Don’t let smoking ruin your life. Get the Nic-O-Dick today!!!


Science Proves “Tommy Lee Theory”: Woman Like Tall, Skinny Guys with a Big D…

Health Kid Chronic

Well, I could have told you that! I have been reaping those rewards my whole life. Glad to see science finally back it up, though. I call this the Tommy Lee theory… The study comes courtesy of the Australian National University. Researchers at the school […]


Ideal Age Gap for Couples: 4 Years, 4 Months

Health Kid Chronic

Looks like it’s senior boys and freshman girls folks!


Salt in Processed Meats May Cause Early Death

Health Kid Chronic

The Journal BMC Medicine reported on a study this week that linked processed meats to early death. In the study, researchers followed people from 10 European countries for 12 years. The research concluded that diets high in processed meats were linked to people with cardiovascular […]


Beginners Training Program For a Triathlon

Health David Krbec

 So, you are planning to participate in a triathlon and want to prepare yourself for it. Your self-assessment shows that though you are reasonably fit, you are in no way ready to participate in the triathlon. You need to work on your weaknesses and improve […]

Home Remedies…

Health Kid Chronic

Haha…women problems.

Baby Yoga is God Damn Ridiculous

Health Kid Chronic

If you’re a mom and you do this to your baby, you’re not a health nut. You’re an asshole.


Don’t Worry, There Isn’t Horse Meet in All Burger King Burgers, Just Some of Them…

News Kid Chronic

After two weeks of swearing up and down that they served only all beef hamburgers, Burger King was forced to admit today that some of their hamburger patties actually contained horse meat! That’s right, folks. Burger King has been serving you Sea-biscuit Junior Whoppers with […]

Rhian Touches Herself

Health Kid Chronic

WTF… WTF… WTF… God, that video took a turn for the worse. That’s it. I’m done blogging for the day… Rhian Touches Herself from Ad Eight creatieve communicatie on Vimeo.

Little Kid Smokes Mad Cigs Like it Ain’t Nothing

Health Kid Chronic

And the parent-of-the-year award goes to…

Deaf Twins Choose Death Over Blindness

Health Kid Chronic

These two poor Belgian fellas choose death over living without sound or sight.

There is Something in my Head!

Health Kid Chronic

Ewwwwwwwwwww! Gross!!!

A Fat Burner that Actually Works!

Health Patricia Jay

Discover Raspberry Ultra Drops. Usually, if Dr. Oz agrees, it’s legit.

Stripper Fighting for Her Life After Falling Off the Balcony Giving a Lap Dance

News Kid Chronic

According to police, 22-year-old Lauren Block, of Richmond Heights, was reportedly on the second floor of the club when she went over the balcony and landed on her head. Police said they were first told the woman had been thrown over the balcony, but once […]

Oxford Researchers Say Marijuana Makes Pain More Bearable

Health Kid Chronic

Using brain imaging, researchers found that the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis reduced activity in a part of the brain linked to emotional aspects of pain. [BBC]

The Best Weightlifting Advice I Have Heard in a Long Time

Health Kid Chronic

Kai Greene – “I am not a weightlifter.”

GET WISE: What Snake Venom Does to Your Blood

Get Wise Kid Chronic

This is why and how one drop of snake venom can kill you.        

Don’t Worry, Men. The Mustache Implant is Here!

Health Kid Chronic

Men all over the world are super stoked to find out the mustache implant is finally here. The implant, which takes about 6 months to produce Tom-Selleck-like results, costs about $7,000 dollars and is very popular in the Middle East, where the ladies think the […]

Finally, a Device That Helps Paralyzed People Walk Again

Health Kid Chronic

The ReWalk costs about $20,000 – the same price as a sophisticated wheel chair – and is just the beginning of a whole new way for paralyzed people to move about their lives. http://www.tmz.com/2012/11/15/katt-williams-arrested-battery-oakland/ Amazing Device that Helps the Paralyzed Walk Again – Watch More […]

Another Awesome Bio-Mechanical Arm

Health Kid Chronic

The revolution is coming, folks. Soon everyone will want their very own mechanical arm that never gets tired, and is strong as the day is long. That’s right, folks, bio-mechanical engineering is getting very close to producing hands and arms that are not only as […]

How To Pick Up A Chick At The Gym

Videos Kid Chronic

A step-by-step guide to picking up chicks at the gym.


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