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Holy Macaroni, Woman Born With Two Vaginas!

Health Kid Chronic

Hot English chic has a one in a million condition, she has two perfectly normal vaginas. Sidenote: Does that mean every night is like a threesome for her boyfriend???

Research Beagles Let Outside For The First Time

Videos Kid Chronic

MONDAY MUSH: If this doesn’t bring a tear to your new years eye, then I don’t know what will! Research Beagles Go Outside for the First Time – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Brain Eating Amoeba In Louisiana Tap Water

News Kid Chronic

Whoa remind me never to snort some lines of ice cold water in Louisiana, wtf that shit can kill ya.

Why We Have Blind Spots

Health Kid Chronic

Blind spots explained by science.

prescription pill epidemic

The New Times Pain Clinic Connection

News Kid Chronic

With people dying not just in Florida but three to five states away from the panhandle. The facts are simple and easy to understand, the pain clinics are not online, they are not in the phone book, and they are not on the radio, quite […]

Olympics Day 10 - Athletics

Can Coffee Improve Your Workout?

Health Kid Chronic

According to a new study of 20,680 Olympic Athletes 2/3 of them had caffeine in their urine with the highest percentage of those triathletes, cyclists and rowers. Caffeine which is sanctioned by the Olympic Committee is know the widest used performance enhancing drug in sports. […]

Kim Grice Before and After "Routine" Surgery

Florida Woman's Face Catches Fire During "Routine" Surgery

News Kid Chronic

  29-year-old Kim Grice of Holt Florida, checked into a hospital in Crestview Florida for what was supposed to be a routine surgery. Grice was scheduled to be put to sleep briefly while doctors removed three small cysts from her head. But when she awoke […]

Blue Balls Educational Video

Movie Kid Chronic

Blue Balls, an educational video from the movie Extreme Movie. The only good scene the movie had in my opinion, enjoy!  

Eat More Kale

'Eat More Kale' Attacked by Chick-Fil-A

Health Dr. Suess

[EatMoreKale] Chick-Fli-A has defended their slogan many times before and has usually won the fight. Worried about business being taken from them, Chick-Fil-A has threatened artist Bo Muller-Moore’s T-shirt business. The phrases may seem similar but possess completely different messages. ‘Eat More Kale’ is an attempt to spread […]

centurion age managment

Feeling Sluggish? Call Centurion Age Management Today!

Health Kid Chronic

Centurion Age Management specializes in male and female hormone replacement and anti-aging medicine. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with satellite offices in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach Centurion has an office close to just about everyone.  The clinic is devoted to providing the most […]

oasis of the seas

Worlds Biggest Cruise Ship Returns To Port With Over 60 Sick

H2O Kid Chronic

Royal Caribbean is being very hush-hush about their flagship billion dollar cruise ship Oasis of the Seas. Announcing today that the ship returned to Port Everglades with 54 passengers and 1o crew ill but they gave no details as to the cause. The cruise ship […]

gnc gold card

Improve Performance With The Cellucor Chrome Series [Buy One, Get One This Week Only]

Health Kid Chronic

Because Results Matter Because Results Matter isn’t a tag line or catch phrase, it’s the Cellucor way of life.  Cellucor’s unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, and innovation goes into every product The Cellucor Chrome Series is a comprehensive line of ground-breaking supplements designed to amplify […]

odds of your existance

What Are The Odds You Exist?

Health Kid Chronic

This will blow your mind.


Joe Paterno Has Lung Cancer

Sports Kid Chronic

Bad luck comes in two’s for Joe Paterno who just got fired from Penn State after a horrible child molestation scandal that rocked the University to its core. Then today Paterno’s son Scott released a statement saying his father had been diagnosed with a treatable […]

perscription drugs

One And Five Americans Is On Behavioral Drugs

Health Kid Chronic

20% of Americans are on drugs for ailments ranging from depression to bipolar disorder. That means 1 out of every 5 of us, is on some sort of behavior changing prescription drug. Kinda scary isn’t it? The world has quite literally gone mad. “There has […]

Spa Facial Pompano

Spa Facial

Health Kid Chronic

Spa Facial offers some of the best Spa Services in South Florida at a fraction of the price. The shop is run by local celebrity Maria Walker who specializes in skin care and message and is also a certified teeth whitener. Walker runs her shop […]

big boned, fat

Next Time Someone Says They're Big Boned Not Fat, Show Them This

Health Kid Chronic

This MRI throws that whole big boned thing right out the window!

smokin cigs

Even Smokers Don't Like Smoking

Health Kid Chronic

The Center For Disease Control released a new study today that said even smokers don’t like smoking. According to the study 20% of Americans still light up but out of that 20%, 68% say that want to quit and, 52% tried to quit in the […]

mcdonalds heat map, usa

Ewww Heat Map Of All The McDonald's In The Country

Restaurant Kid Chronic

Jeesh is anyone in this country not stuffing their face with McNuggets?  I guess we are all really just indentured servants to our fast food master, there is literally a McDonald’s on every corner in this country. Just the fact that they can afford to […]

joe frazier dead

Heavyweight Champ Joe Frazier Dead At 67

Sports Kid Chronic

Joe Frazier, a tough, underrated heavyweight boxer from Philadelphia and one of the sport’s fiercest competitors who spent a lifetime playing second fiddle to his nemesis, Muhammad Ali, died Monday night from liver cancer. Frazier was 67. [USAToday]

What Is Déjà vu?

Health Kid Chronic

Ever feel like somethings happened before? Well guess what its not a glitch in the matrix its actually a very common human experience and here is its probable causation in today’s health video.


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