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Viral Video Sensation Prancercise is Based Out of Fort Lauderdale

Funny Kid Chronic

Yes that means if you are like the Kid and live in South Florida you can actually go and Prancercise with this woman, obv this is what I must  do […]


Propecia Will Save Your Hair… But You Won’t Be Able to Get a Boner or Drink Alcohol

Health Kid Chronic

Damn! Now ain’t that a bitch! Science has finally found away for men not to go bald, but it has the worst side affects I have ever heard of in […]


E-Cigs Under the Microscope in Europe

Health Kid Chronic

E-cigs are taking a hit from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in Europe this week. The agency has gone public saying the E-cigs do not meet the […]


Join the Best Fitness Center in Fort Lauderdale – The Gym!

Business Kid Chronic

Looking for an awesome gym in Fort Lauderdale? Well look no further! The Gym in Fort Lauderdale has three levels of fitness heaven, including a smoothie bar, aerobics rooms, weight […]

Australian Man Is Brought Back After Being Dead For 40 Minutes

Health Lois Lane

Last June, Colin Fiedler, 39 suffered a heart attack, when paramedics asked him which hospital he wanted to go to he said Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. This last minute decision […]


Angelina Jolie Reveals That She Had a Double Mastectomy

Entertainment Lois Lane

The New York Times recently revealed that Angelina Jolie had undergone a double mastectomy after testing positive for the gene that predisposes her to breast and ovarian cancer. According to […]


Boston Bombing Victims Still in Hospital

Health Kid Chronic

Three friends all lost their right legs.


Baby Boomer Expo Coming To Broward Mall May 3rd – 4th and 5th!!!

Events Kid Chronic

Hey folks get on out to the Baby Boomer Expo this weekend at Westfield Broward Mall! The event is thrown by NMI Media Group and will feature live entertainment, demonstrations, […]


Lil Wayne Hospitalized Again…

Health Kid Chronic

Something must seriously be wrong with Lil Wayne since he was taken to the hospital last night after suffering yet another seizure. Sources close to the rapper say that Wayne […]


Here is One Foolproof Way to Quit Smoking

Videos Kid Chronic

Don’t let smoking ruin your life. Get the Nic-O-Dick today!!!


Science Proves “Tommy Lee Theory”: Woman Like Tall, Skinny Guys with a Big D…

Health Kid Chronic

Well, I could have told you that! I have been reaping those rewards my whole life. Glad to see science finally back it up, though. I call this the Tommy […]


Ideal Age Gap for Couples: 4 Years, 4 Months

Health Kid Chronic

Looks like it’s senior boys and freshman girls folks!


Salt in Processed Meats May Cause Early Death

Health Kid Chronic

The Journal BMC Medicine reported on a study this week that linked processed meats to early death. In the study, researchers followed people from 10 European countries for 12 years. […]


Beginners Training Program For a Triathlon

Health David Krbec

 So, you are planning to participate in a triathlon and want to prepare yourself for it. Your self-assessment shows that though you are reasonably fit, you are in no way […]

Home Remedies…

Health Kid Chronic

Haha…women problems.

Baby Yoga is God Damn Ridiculous

Health Kid Chronic

If you’re a mom and you do this to your baby, you’re not a health nut. You’re an asshole.

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