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big boned, fat

Next Time Someone Says They're Big Boned Not Fat, Show Them This

Health Kid Chronic

This MRI throws that whole big boned thing right out the window!

smokin cigs

Even Smokers Don't Like Smoking

Health Kid Chronic

The Center For Disease Control released a new study today that said even smokers don’t like smoking. According to the study 20% of Americans still light up but out of that 20%, 68% say that want to quit and, 52% tried to quit in the […]

mcdonalds heat map, usa

Ewww Heat Map Of All The McDonald's In The Country

Restaurant Kid Chronic

Jeesh is anyone in this country not stuffing their face with McNuggets?  I guess we are all really just indentured servants to our fast food master, there is literally a McDonald’s on every corner in this country. Just the fact that they can afford to […]

joe frazier dead

Heavyweight Champ Joe Frazier Dead At 67

Sports Kid Chronic

Joe Frazier, a tough, underrated heavyweight boxer from Philadelphia and one of the sport’s fiercest competitors who spent a lifetime playing second fiddle to his nemesis, Muhammad Ali, died Monday night from liver cancer. Frazier was 67. [USAToday]

What Is Déjà vu?

Health Kid Chronic

Ever feel like somethings happened before? Well guess what its not a glitch in the matrix its actually a very common human experience and here is its probable causation in today’s health video.

Richard Wilkinson: How Economic Inequality Harms Societies

News Kid Chronic

Richard Wilkinson charts the hard data on economic inequality, and shows what gets worse when rich and poor are too far apart: real effects on health, lifespan, even such basic values as trust.


50% Of Americans Want Pot To Be Legal

News Kid Chronic

More Americans want pot to be legal than ever, as a new Gallup poll reports a staggering 50% of Americans are for the legalization of Snoop Dogs favorite drug. Of those polled 50% were in favor while 46% (the squares) were not, also 3% didn’t […]

Food Deserts

Millions Of Americans Are Living In Food Deserts

Health Kid Chronic

A study that came out in 2009 is getting extra scrutiny these days as health conscious Americans have started to point out that 23.5 million of us are living in whats been dubbed “food deserts.” The term refers to urban and rural areas where people […]

hunter s thompson hangover cure

Hunter S. Thompson's Hang Over Cure

Nevada Kid Chronic

Eclectic and crazy writer Hunter S. Thompson has had some crazy letter surface over the years but his hang over cure has to be the best! Recently Playboy magazine published its entire correspondence between them and the late great journalist. In them was Hunter S. […]

male pms

Did You Know There Was Such Thing As Male PMS?

Get Wise Kid Chronic

Irritable male syndrome (IMS) is defined as a state of hypersensitivity, anxiety, frustration, and anger that occurs in males and is associated with biochemical changes, hormonal fluctuations, stress, and loss of male identity.[1] This term covers symptoms thought to be caused by a drop in […]

mma fighter broken leg

Yup That's Broken…

Gifs Kid Chronic

How the hell is this guy shaking his head like he is alright???

boob doctor

Man Caught Giving Door To Door Breast Exams

News Kid Chronic

Phillip Winkoff of Fort Lauderdale was facing 45 years in prison after going door to door in Lauderdale Lakes posing as a doctor and offering free breast exams. Two woman actually took him up on the offer, before realizing he was up to something. When […]

amnesia sex

Apparently There Really Is Such Thing As Mind Blowing Sex

Health Kid Chronic

According to Live Science a 54-year-old woman showed up to the hospital unable to remember the past 24 hours. The last thing the lady could remember, having mind-blowing sex with her husband. While sex can be forgettable or mind-blowing, for some people, it can quite […]

breast implants

Implants Save Lives

News Kid Chronic

A Moscow woman is alive today all thanks to her breast implants. The implants which she had inserted five years ago at her husbands request. Were so big that years later when her husband tried to stab her in the heart the implant actually absorbed […]

cigarrette vending machine

England Bans Cigarette Vending Machines

Health Kid Chronic

The Department of Health in England has just banned the sale of cigarettes from vending machines. The move they say was an attempt to keep cigarettes out of the hands of underage smokers who can easily access the unattended vending machines and purchase cigarettes without […]

Ewww Guy Breaks His Arm Doesn't Go To The Hospital

Health Kid Chronic

Check this guys arm out, super weird. As the story goes he broke it and never got surgery. Now years later he has regained use of the limb in a whole new way.

killer cantaloupe

Killer Cantaloupe

Colorado Kid Chronic

The FDA is scrambling to get all contaminated cantaloupe off the market asap. After a deadly outbreak started at a Colorado Farm this week. Dubbed the worst outbreak in a decade, sixteen people are already dead and 56 more contaminated with a deadly disease known […]

kissing, couple

Kissing Is Different For Guys And Girls

Health Kid Chronic

“In her research, Kirshenbaum found literature that explores the differences between how men and women approach kissing. She pointed out that women report that a kiss is an important gauge of compatibility for them, while men often view kissing as a means to an end.” […]

food that can kill you

Five Foods That Can Trigger A Stroke

Health Kid Chronic

All five of these food types yet delicious are all leading causes of strokes. 1. Crackers, chips, and store-bought pastries and baked goods 2. Smoked and processed meats 3. Diet soda 4. Red meat 5. Canned soup and prepared foods [YahooNews]

Hello Chronic Nation I Bring You The Oldest Pot Smoker In The World!

Health Kid Chronic

This guy is the shizzznit I hope I’m this cool at 98, this dude gives me hope for humanity for real! #smokeweedeveryday

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