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Blown Away Hair Salon, Cooper City

Customers Blown Away At South Florida’s Hottest New Salon

Company Kid Chronic

Located on Sheridan Street In Cooper City Blown Away Hair Salon has exploded onto the South Florida style scene. Blown Away is a high-end, full service, state of the art salon, that features some of the most talented stylists in the tri-county area. As the […]

Island City Fitness

Island City Fitness

Company Kid Chronic

Welcome to Wilton Manor’s premiere health club, Island City Health & Fitness. Now you can transform your body, mind, and spirit. Our state-of-the-art facility is like no other. Our experienced trainers and professional equipment are only a few of the things that make Island City […]

Juice Blendz

Juice Blendz

Restaurant Kid Chronic

Take four parts customer service, three parts nutrition, two parts taste and a dash of moxie then blend until smooth. JUICEBLENDZ and its unique ‘blendz’ are redefining the smoothie and nutrition industry. No longer are consumers captivated by tropical themes or the promise of nirvana […]

Woman Addicted To Her Hair Dryer, You Have To Be Kidding Me

Featured Kid Chronic

This video is so redic! Check out this lady sleep with, watch TV, and do just about everything else with a hair dryer. People are so weird, seriously what a stupid addiction. She can’t live with out hot air blowing on her on her at […]

weed flag

Survey Says Americans Love Pot And Booze

Health Kid Chronic

Wahoooooo! Your god damn right we do. I wish you could see me running around my office with a Budweiser in my hand, a joint in my mouth, draped in an American flag! In a recent survey on national drug use a study found that […]

Why You Cant Just Ask A Girl To Have Sex

Relationships Kid Chronic

Learn why you can’t just come out and ask a girl to sleep with you in this really cool video on social dynamics.

foot nipple

Woman Grows A Nipple On Her Foot

Health Kid Chronic

Its true, and its called “Pseudomamma on the foot” or for those of you without a  medical degree, nipple foot! [Gawker]

Guy Loves His Fake Girlfriend So Much He Orders A Second One. Can You Say Ménage à Trois?

Relationships Kid Chronic

She loves foot massages, she thinks her feet are some of her best assets and I would have to agree…WTF are you kidding me??? This guy even blew the shrinks mind!

Woman Addicted To Eating Dryer Sheets

Health Kid Chronic

A Dallas single mom has a very odd habit on TLC’s Strange Addiction. Charmissa a 35-year-old professional and can’t stop eating dryer sheets.

Biggest baby ever

Texas Lady Delivers Sixteen Pound Baby

Health Kid Chronic

JaMichael Brown was delivered by c-section to his mother Janet Johnson today in East Texas. Janet who has gestational diabetes (which cause babies to be born larger than average) told reporters she expected a big baby but had no idea he would be this big. […]

woman and dog

Woman Has Sex With Dog, Dies Of Infection…True Story

Featured Kid Chronic

From the most ridiculous thing I have heard all week category comes this story from the green pastures of Ireland. A 43-year-old woman met a bestiality freak in a chat room online the two hit it off. So much in fact that the man was […]

Cocaine Will Make Your Nose Fall Off, No Really

News Kid Chronic

A new form of cocaine cut with cow wormer has hit the streets in of the US. Users will experience black and rotting flesh as seen below on the victims nose. Researchers say about 70% of the cocaine in the US right now is contaminated […]

Sleep, marriage

Want A Good Marriage? Get Some Sleep!

Health Kid Chronic

According to tonight’s nightly news the secret to a good marriage may be as simple as just getting enough sleep.


Rep. Gifford’s Will Leave The Hospital Soon But May Not Run Again

News Kid Chronic

Representative Gifford’s is still recovering from the bullet wound inflicted on her by Arizona shooter Jarod Lee Loughner. The congresswoman has made major advancements and is ready to return home. However, it is still unclear if that will be her very next stop on the […]


Equines. Promiscuous, Promiscuous Equines

Health BONTH

Horse herpes, folks. Yup. That’s right. Horse herpes. The equine virus “horse herpes” is galloping rampantly through the polygamy-friendly state of Utah. Utah – home of the great Salt Lake, and the majesty of Arches and Zion National Parks . . . and dirty, frisky, indiscriminate, libidinous […]

Doctor Saves A Poor Boy From Blindness

Health Kid Chronic

Watch this amazing story of high school boy afflicted with a rare eye disease that was slowly making him blind. After it seemed all hope was lost, the boy’s father wrote a doctor begging for his help. The doctor replied and saved the boys vision. […]


Orgasm MRI!

Featured Kid Chronic

New Scientist writer Kayt Sukel jumped into the fMRI machine to flick her bean for science recently. Scientist covered her up with a blanket then secured her head and inserted her into the machine so that they could watch her brain as she diddled herself […]

milk 2

Silly Somatoforms…

Health BONTH

Somatoform: one whose physical ailments are due to psychological factors, based on a diagnosis which fruits no medical cause for said ailments. . .  Liars? No. Wack-outs? Maybe. Delusional manifestors? Yup! Wicked smart Italien doctors, or dottores, have loosely decided that only one-third (1/3) of […]

Five Unexpected Downsides of High Intelligence

Health Kid Chronic

So you say you want to be smart…


Flourishing Yoga Movement Takes Root on Hollywood Beach

Health Big J

Flourishing Yoga Movement Takes Root on Hollywood Beach | Diverse group of followers gather on the beach to exercise the body, calm the mind and nourish the soul for a voluntary donation. (March 15, 2011) Hollywood, FL -Beachcombers strolling past Magnolia Terrace in Hollywood Beach […]

Nice Fat Lady Wants To Get Fatter

News Kid Chronic

She does it for the fans folks, she does it for the fans!


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