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Equines. Promiscuous, Promiscuous Equines

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Horse herpes, folks. Yup. That’s right. Horse herpes. The equine virus “horse herpes” is galloping rampantly through the polygamy-friendly state of Utah. Utah – home of the great Salt Lake, and the majesty of Arches and Zion National Parks . . . and dirty, frisky, indiscriminate, libidinous […]

Doctor Saves A Poor Boy From Blindness

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Watch this amazing story of high school boy afflicted with a rare eye disease that was slowly making him blind. After it seemed all hope was lost, the boy’s father wrote a doctor begging for his help. The doctor replied and saved the boys vision. […]


Orgasm MRI!

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New Scientist writer Kayt Sukel jumped into the fMRI machine to flick her bean for science recently. Scientist covered her up with a blanket then secured her head and inserted her into the machine so that they could watch her brain as she diddled herself […]

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Silly Somatoforms…

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Somatoform: one whose physical ailments are due to psychological factors, based on a diagnosis which fruits no medical cause for said ailments. . .  Liars? No. Wack-outs? Maybe. Delusional manifestors? Yup! Wicked smart Italien doctors, or dottores, have loosely decided that only one-third (1/3) of […]

Five Unexpected Downsides of High Intelligence

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So you say you want to be smart…


Flourishing Yoga Movement Takes Root on Hollywood Beach

Health Big J

Flourishing Yoga Movement Takes Root on Hollywood Beach | Diverse group of followers gather on the beach to exercise the body, calm the mind and nourish the soul for a voluntary donation. (March 15, 2011) Hollywood, FL -Beachcombers strolling past Magnolia Terrace in Hollywood Beach […]

Nice Fat Lady Wants To Get Fatter

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She does it for the fans folks, she does it for the fans!

Two Vagina Woman On TLC’s Strange Sex

TV Kid Chronic

Jesus Christ TLC is this really necessary. This is one of those videos you have to click on even though you know you’re gonna regret it. Think double barrel shot-gun says her doctor…

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America, You So Crazy!

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As Part of The World Health Organizations, Mental Health Survey Initiative researchers interviewed over 61,000 people in 11 countries. The results? The United States leads the world in Bipolar with 4.4% of the population suffering from the disorder. Compared to most countries 2.4%.

Jon Stewart Rings In On The Planned Parenthood Debate

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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Mother F#@kers www.thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog The Daily Show on Facebook


Representative Giffords Is Speaking Again

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Representative Gabrielle Giffords turned another milestone on her long road to recovery as she asked for a piece of toast at breakfast this week. The representative’s doctors are now looking into further goals for her rehab like a possible trip to Cape Canaveral to watch […]


GlaxoSmithKline’s Drug, Requip Sends People On Gay Sex Benders!

Health Kid Chronic

A married, French, father of two, is suing GlaxoSmithKline the pharmaceutical company for $650,000. According to the man he was prescribed their drug Requip by his neurologist. Then after taking the drug he noticed his behavior change drastically, turning him into a compulsive gambler and […]


Worlds Oldest Human Dies

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Eunice Sanborn, the worlds oldest human passed away today at 6am, she was 115 years ripe. Her adopted son and caretaker said it was a peacfull passing. “The Lord just called her home,” he said. He had been using her as a powerful witness for […]


The Reel Idiots The Reel idiots

its about the two first members of the Sherlock Bitch Piccadilly Circus…Please check out the website WWW.theReelidiots.com or subscribe to us on Youtube for hundreds of hilarious videos. Become a fan of “The Reel idiots” on Facebook and follow us on twitter @theReelidiots


Pole Dancing Fitness

News Big J

Hey ladies!!!  This is a great new way to get fit and learn some sexy dances too.  Bring your friends and SAVE $$$$… Act NOW!! Classes fill up fast.

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New Study Says Hot People Are Smarter

Featured Kid Chronic

According to a new study, good-looking people are smarter than ugly people. Basically, smart good-looking people are more likely to marry other smart good-looking people, and since smarts and looks are hereditary, their kids are most likely going to be smart and good-looking. Sounds pretty […]

Science Cures The Hangover

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Michael Oshinsky of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia has cured the hangover folks! And guess what? It’s much simpler than you might think. Oshinsky managed to cure hangovers in laboratory rats by giving them aspirin and coffee! “Ethanol brings on headaches, thanks to a chemical […]

Bronx Woman Arrested For Giving Illegal Silicone Shots

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Whalesca Castillo was arrested in the Bronx this Friday for illegally giving silicone butt and breast injections. Castillo was charging the women who frequented her unlicensed practice as much as $1,000 per injection. According to the FBI, Castillo was running the whole operation from her […]

There Will Be No More Smokers By 2045

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According to Citigroup the downturn in current rates means that there will be no more smoking by 2045. This is due to the rising age of current smokers and the decline in new smokers. As of now, only one in five Americans smoke cigs–down from one in four […]

Is This Lady Out Of Her F*cking Mind?

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Is this lady completely off her rocker, or what? There is no way this can be good for that baby. I lay you ten to one that the baby grows up to be a serial killer. Not so much from the yoga but more from […]

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