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bacon sandwhich

Bacon Sandwiches Cure a Hangover

Health Kid Chronic

According to a recent study, bacon sandwiches actually do cure a hangover. Besides the obvious fact that food in general helps speed up the metabolism, helping the body to process […]

90-Year-Old Pole Vaulter is in Better Shape Than You

Sports Kid Chronic

Yeah gramps, nice footwork! 90-Year-Old Pole Vaulter Makes Us All Look Bad – Watch More Funny Videos

hospital building

But It’s For Your Own Good

Politics Nat Trayger

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent […]

Obama’s Health Care Law Passes In Historic 5-4 Ruling

News Kid Chronic

Pre-election Supreme Court victory for the Dems on ObamaCare.


What Sun Exposure can do to Your Skin

Health Patricia Jay

This is the face of a 69-year-old man who was a truck driver for 28 years. You can clearly see how much more damaged his skin is on the left […]

Six Teens Hospitalized After Drinking Hand Sanitizer To Get ...

News Kid Chronic

So far this year, six kids have been rushed to the hospital after drinking pure alcohol they cooked up from hand sanitizer!


Health Dr. Suess

PRESS RELEASE Hispanic Population More Likely to Develop Alzheimer’s Than Whites DEERFIELD BEACH, MARCH 22nd, 2012 – In response to the growing number of Alzheimer’s disease cases among Hispanics, Alzheimer’s […]

South Florida Chronicle’s Handy Dandy Guide To Perform...

Killer Babes Kid Chronic

Holy smokeshow’s Batman, who knew learning CPR would be so fun!

big condom, politics

The 99% Who Use Contraceptives

Politics Nat Trayger

Barack Obama and his health-care policies about contraception and who must pay for it is an expansion of the welfare state with all of its perverse incentives. Now he is […]

broken heart

Turns Out You Can Actually Die From A Broken Heart

Health Kid Chronic

A British cardiologist by the name of Dr. Alexander Lyon is suggesting that people can actually die from a broken heart. Since people are rarely interviewed after death, Lyons believes […]

superbowl fat

Bloating Begone! #SqueezeYourBut(t)!

Health Andrea Hammer

Hi there SYB Fans & Friends! Super Bowl is over and I’m sure many of you were hung over,  bloated, gassy, farty all Sunday night and even yesterday from all […]

couch potato, squeeze your butt

Are You A Couch Potato? #SqueezeYour But(t)!

Health Andrea Hammer

Hello again, SqueezeYour But(t)! Fans! In my intro article on 1/26/12, I spoke about squeezing your “BUTS” out of your head and getting off your BUTT to get your happy/healthy […]

fitness chick, jennifer lee


Health Andrea Hammer

Hi SqueezeYourBut(t)! Fans! (or soon to be SYB Fans!) I’m Andrea Hammer, Certified Fitness Trainer and a “Happy and Healthy” Life Coach. I’m new to the SoFl Chronicles and want […]

Chinese Boy Has Real Life Superpower

Health Kid Chronic

Nong Youhui’s amazing eyesight has stunned medics after recent test have proved he can see in the dark.

woman and pain

Woman Feel More Pain Then Men

Health Kid Chronic

A new study was released in the Journal of Pain this week that analyzed the medical records of 72,000 adult patients. The findings showed higher pain scores for woman in […]


This Just In: The G-Spot Does Not Exist!

Science Patricia Jay

The greatest search in all of history! (As far as we’re concerned anyways …) For over 60 years, Science has been working hard to pin point the location of the […]

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