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Learn Mandarin South Florida Chronicle Style

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Man, how come my foreign language teacher never looked like this? Holy S#*t Let’s Learn Mandarin! – Watch More Funny Videos

Hysterical Literature: Session Two: Alicia

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Alicia reads “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman while on a vibrator.

Slip-and-Slide Soccer!

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

This is why I love Spanish television. I have no clue what they are saying, but who cares?!?!?!


Does This Look Like The Face of a Topless Runaway Driver?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

This wonderful little vixen goes by the name Mandy Ramsey. Ramsey was driving a Ford pick-up truck when a Florida Police cruiser tried to pull her over. The only problem was Ramsey didn’t feel like pulling over. Instead she floored it, ran a stop sign, […]

God Bless Woman’s Beach Volleyball

Sports Kid Chronic

Is this the best Olympic sport ever? Yes.

beach volleyball babes

The Babes of Olympic Volleyball 2012

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

As if women’s beach Volleyball wasn’t hot enough, now they have their own cheerleaders. Viva la Olympics!!!

Exit 66 Bikini Parade

Bikini Parade Today at Exit 66!!!

Events Kid Chronic

As a celebration of the 66-year Anniversary of the Bikini and UV Safety Month, Exit 66 invites you to help set a new record for the Largest Bikini Parade right here in Fort Lauderdale. Registration is FREE! thanks to their sponsors- Gatorade, Guinness Lager, Lenscrafters, […]

Female Sprinter “Wiggles It” Before Her Race

Sports Kid Chronic

I guess there is at least one pervy guy with a video camera at the Olympics this year. God bless YouTube! Check out sprinter Ivet Lalova shake her tail feather before winning her race.

Who Else Thinks We Should Add Pole Dancing To The Olympics?

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Now, there is an idea we can all get behind – pole dancing in the Olympics!!! Most Amazing Pole Dance Ever – Watch More Funny Videos

Kate Upton Highlights

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Kate Upton Sunday highlights for your viewing pleasure awww yeaaaaaaa!!! Kate Upton Highlights – Watch More Funny Videos

Boob Twirl

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Remember when strippers used to do tricks? Those were the good ole days…

Japanese Game Show – Strip the Girl

TV Kid Chronic

This has to be the greatest game show ever. Beats the hell out of boring Wheel of Fortune!

Australian Sprinter Has a Sexy Warm-up Routine

Sports Kid Chronic

Michelle Jenneke isn’t just cute, she’s a winner!

Denise Richards Topless! [NSFW]

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Charlie Sheen’s ex, Denise Richards, takes her top off on the beach, and guess who was there to catch it!?

side boob

It’s Side Boob Sunday! (72 Pics)

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Side boob from celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Victoria Beckham!

pipeline surfing

The Best Pics on The Web Today

Pics Kid Chronic

The coolest, sexiest, funniest pics on the world wide web today!

The Many Talents of Kate Upton

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Can Kate Upton do anything wrong? I doubt it. She could shoot a guy in front of the police station and I don’t think anyone would mind! The Many Talents Of Kate Upton – Watch More Funny Videos

Wax – Rosana

Music Kid Chronic

Chronic Jam with a hilarious music video.


Belen Rodriguez Spotted at the Beach!

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Italian TV star Belen Rodriguez was recently spotted having a little fun on the beach with some friends. I don’t know what makes this girl hotter – her perfect pooper or that cool tattoo!


Juilieta Ponce Gets Nakes for Playboy Argentina

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Ok, so how do I get a subscription to Playboy Argentina???  

cat cora food network

Does This Look Like The Face of a Celebrity Chef Busted for DUI?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Cat Cora was recently busted for DUI in Santa Barbara after she rear ended a fellow motorist, and then called the people in the car “nerds!” According to police, report Cora had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. I guess this lil chefy […]

South Floirda Chronicle

We’re Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Tech Kid Chronic

What up article junkies, porn fiends, and internet trolls!? The Chronicle is back and better than ever, proving once and for all you can’t keep a good website down! Some of you may have noticed our site was hacked and consequently we have been on […]

Hot Babe Prankster Plays Hot Keys Prank on Boyfriend

Pranks Kid Chronic

This guy took it like a champ. I would have been sooooo mad! Chick Plays Hot Keys Prank On Boyfriend – Watch More Funny Videos

Hot babe eating a hamburger

Free Lunch Today and Everyday at Centerfolds Cabaret in Pompano!!!

Free Shit Kid Chronic

Centerfolds Cabaret knows it’s tough out there on the working man. That’s why they are proud to offer free lunch every single day. So, get in and get yourself a hardy, free meal. You deserve it! You’re welcome, South Florida!!! 1350 SW 2ND STREET, Pompano […]


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