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Vinny, Jersey Shore

Vinny’s Back On The Jersey Shore

Featured Kid Chronic

After leaving the Jersey Shore following an argument with a cast member producers of the show said they were not in a hurry to get Vinny back. Saying that the Vin was actually a total pain in the ass and not the end all be […]

Vinny, Shore

Vinny Gears Up To Head Back To The Shore…Maybe

TV Kid Chronic

After an argument with a fellow cast member and saying he was burnt out with the show Vinny left the Jersey Shore and returned to his home in Staten Island. Producers from the show had also become equally burnt out with Vinny said they wouldn’t […]

vinny, shore

Vinny Quits The Jersey Shore, TMZ Pronounces His Career Dead

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey shore officially hung up his Ed Hardy Reality TV Jersey and retired from the show today. TMZ was first to kick him to the curb saying his career was DOA. But If I was Vinny I wouldn’t sweat it. After all […]

vinny, jersey shore

Vinny Leaves The Jersey Shore

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Just as season five was about to start shooting Vinny packed his bags and called it quits. The Jersey Shore reality TV star reportedly got in a feud with a cast mate and took off for good back to Staten Island saying he was homesick. […]

Ronnie, Situation

Ronnie And The Situation Are Friends Again

Entertainment Kid Chronic

TMZ says Ronnie and the Sitch have buried the hatchet after their fight last night. According to sources close to the show the fight began after the club when Ronnie returned home and punched the Sitch in the head over something to do with Sammy. […]


Ronnie Beats Up The Situation In Italy!

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Jersey Shore is in full swing Italian style and what way better to kick off the new season than with a fist fight! According to TMZ Ronnie and the situation got into a brawl after an argument broke out between guess who? Ronnie and Sammy, […]


Hip Hop is Officially Dead…Thanks 50 Cent! Pauly D on His Way to G-Unit?

Entertainment treez

There are rumors all over the intrawebs that 50 Cent is looking to sign Jersey Shore star and now resident DJ at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, PAULY D!  The talk is that 50 wants to sign him to his label G-Unit for a three-album […]

JWoww, Snooki, Pauly D

Jersey Shore Breaks Into Two New Shows!

TV Kid Chronic

MTV is about to serve you up two new reality shows. One will be about JWoww and Snooki’s new life living together as roommates and the other will feature Pauly D as one of the most demanded DJs on the planet. No word yet on […]

homo erectus

A Douchebags Guide to Books, or, How to Seem Less Dense

Books RAM

We all know one, maybe several. Maybe, in fact, we are one, in the eyes of those who know us: The Douchebag – that loveably ignorant, pretty, muscle-bound bag of rocks. The Jersey Shore wannabes with the bad fades, and tourettes-like need to high five […]


For All The P*tas Who Need A Reason To Get Drunk

Writers Block Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

Happy St. Patty’s day you stupid club-going idiots. Watch any Jersey Shore lately? Good. Stay out of the things that matter. So you’re going to get hammered drunk today and act like a f*cking mental case with too many Red Bulls in your system? Going […]


Snooki Gets RAW On Monday Night

Entertainment Deborah Clase

  Monday Night RAW- Fatso, opps I mean midget… umm reality star, Snooki, will bring the party to Monday Night RAW! Yes, you read it right. The New York Times best selling author who currently graces us on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine (yuck) is tonight’s […]

Brad Ferro

Snooki Puncher Joins The Army

TV Kid Chronic

Brad Ferro aka the Snooki Puncher has joined the army, saying he would like to become a cavalry scout, whatever the f*ck that is. Ferro plead guilty to assault in 2009 after the punch that made the Jersey Shore a household name. His punishment? A […]

cyko ronnie

Jersey Shore, The Show You Love to Hate…

Entertainment Haiku Brad

This show never ceases to amaze me. It’s so God damn ridiculous, I hate that I love it. In the latest episode, Ronnie shows us how not to apologize. In his own ‘roid rage way, he threw all of Sammie’s sh*t out on the balcony, broke her stuff and somehow blamed it […]

The Situation

The Situation Is Leaving The Jersey Shore

Entertainment Kid Chronic

The Situation told E! this week that he has bigger plans than the Jersey Shore. Setting up the reality star’s exit after this season. “Maybe another year or so of reality, and then I’m gonna graduate to movies,” The Situation told E! “There’s only so […]


MTV Pisses Off UNICO With Announcement Of Jersey Shore Season 4 In Italy

News The Chef

The “Jersey Shore” road trip to Italy will only serve to make the locals look like “buffoons and bimbos”…this according to a very pissed off Italian-American organization. TMZ.com – TMZ spoke to a rep for UNICO — a massive Italian American interest group — who tells […]


Snooki’s New Novel Hits Stores!!!

Entertainment C.R. Bauman

You know, it used to piss me off to hear an ex-girlfriend speak to me for the first time in years to tell me they’re publishing a book and that they’re a much better writer than I’ll ever amount to. It used to hurt my […]


Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Gets Indicted… Kid Chronic Sheds A Single Tear!

Entertainment Dr. Glock

God Bless the Jersey Shore for giving us some random shit to write about. It looks like Ronnie’s got himself in a little bit of a situation. Remember Season One when the big for nothing meat head Ronnie got into a pussy ass scrap with […]


There’s A Place In Boston…

Company The Chef

There’s a place in one’s heart for the diamond. Whether you are seeking to win over the girl of your dreams, prove your knowledge in selecting pure stones, or treat yourself or your loved one to something timeless, diamonds are the perfect way in which to […]

Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Pauly D & Ronnie Get Some New Ice

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Pauly D and Ronnie have become regulars at the Manhattan Jewelery Co. in Boston Massachusetts. Combined the twosome has purchased over 121 carats from the high-end jeweler just the other day. Here is a few of the items they purchased recently. Ronnie 1. 12-Carat white […]

**EXCLUSIVE** Snooki celebrates her 23rd birthday at Pache in New York City

Nice Birthday Cake Snooki…Wait Are Those Condoms?

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Snooki enjoys some cake with a side dish of condoms at her birthday bash last night at Pacha in NYC.

Happy Birthday Snooki!

Entertainment Kid Chronic

It’s the Snookmeister’s birthday today and she is throwing a monster bash at Pacha, a New York City nightclub to celebrate. Rumor has it that when the clock strikes midnight Sean Kingston is going to come out and sing the reality star happy birthday. TMZ […]

Awww…How Cute! The Cast Of Jersey Shore When They Were Little Kids

Entertainment treez

Your favorite ‘Guidos’ and ‘Guidettes’ when they were little.  

j-woww filthy

J-Woww Of Jersey Shore Turns Down Nearly Half-a-Mil From Playboy

Entertainment treez

Bad news for Jersey Shore fans/pervs. Jenny ‘J-Woww’ Farley was offered $400,000 to appear in Playboy, but she has passed on the offer. It looked like J-Woww was going to sign on the dotted line and show the ‘goods’. Not the case though, now. “I am […]


Snooki Finishes Her Community Service Today

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Today Snook will complete her probation which she earned while getting busted for disturbing the quiet enjoyment of the beach in Seaside Heights New Jersey back on July 30. Snooki had since plead guilty and done two days community service (the final one being today) and […]


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