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University Student With Warrants Gets Busted After Challenging Police On Twitter

News Kid Chronic

A wanted woman is accused of going on Twitter, calling police names and declaring she’d never be caught. Authorities took it as a challenge and put in extra work to track her down. Today she was arrested.

Attorney Glen Levine On The Importance Of Seat Belts

Legal Kid Chronic

Big time South Florida attorney Glen Levine takes some time out to talk about the importance of wearing your seat belt. Anidjar & Levine Seatblets v2 from FOX29 on Vimeo.

dennis rodman

Dennis Rodman Owes Over $800k In Back Child Support

Entertainment Kid Chronic

A warrant was issued yesterday, then revoked this morning, for the arrest of Dennis Rodman. The former NBA rebound legend is in some serious hot water for not paying his child support. According to court docs, The Worm owes an astonishing $800,000 in back child support, which he […]

george zimmerman released

George Zimmerman Released From Jail

News Kid Chronic

George Zimmerman was released from the Sanford County Jail late Saturday night after he posted a $150,000 bond. His exit was a fairly quiet one, with none of the reporters on the scene asking him any questions. Zimmerman got into a late model BMW and sped off with a […]

George Zimmerman on the stand

George Zimmerman Takes The Stand!

News Kid Chronic

In an unprecedented court room twist, George Zimmerman took the stand at his bond hearing today and used the time to apologize to Trayvon’s family, saying “I’m sorry for the loss of your son.” It’s normally very unusual for the defendant to testify in a case of […]

Mark O' Mara

Who Is George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Mark O’Mara?

Legal Kid Chronic

George Zimmerman’s attorney is no joke and has some serious trial experience, having tried cases in the courts of Central Florida for the past 28 years. Mark M. O’Mara is a former felony prosecutor and Division Chief who has prosecuted every type of crime, from big to small, […]

jermaine hopkins, court, pot

Does This Look Like The Face Of A “Lean On Me” Star Who Only Got 30 Days For Trying To Buy 200 Pounds Of Weed?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Jermaine Hopkins, from the movie Lean on Me, just got off the hook easy for his recent pot bust. Hopkins was picked up in a police sting when he tried to buy a whopping 200 elbows of marijuana off an undercover cop. Today Hopkins finally […]

Anidjar and Levine, The Best Law Firm In South Florida

Legal Kid Chronic

Everyone in South Florida knows, if you’re in trouble you call the Law Firm of Anidjar and Levine. Whether it’s a personal injury suit, property loss claim, criminal case, or just a traffic ticket. You can put your mind at ease with the professionals at […]

sfl-jenson-bolla-sosa-mug shot

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Who Banged A Dog Named Mimi?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Jenson Bolla-Sosa, 28, of Fort Lauderdale, was picked up by police after neighbors witnessed him doing the nasty with a neighborhood dog named Mimi. The neighbors who witnessed the act said the poor pup was whimpering in pain, but was wearing a slutty collar so […]

Lawyer Gets Shot Six Times In Front Of The Courthouse

News Kid Chronic

Security camera video finally released from the 2003 shooting of attorney Gerald Curry in front of the courthouse. The shooter was upset that attorney Curry was withholding money from his trust fund.

scott hall, mug shot

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Wrestling Legend Arrested For Choking His Girlfriend?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Scott Hall was busted Friday night after cops were called to his Florida home. Upon arrival, cops met Hall’s girlfriend Lisa Howell. She informed them that Hall had been drinking for days and after the two had gotten into an argument, he attacked her, choking […]

Lisa Cherry

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Palm Beach Woman Who Stabbed Her Man Because She Was Tired Of Cooking For Him?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Lisa Cherry is currently sitting in West Palm Beach County Jail after stabbing her boyfriend. The unidentified man came home to find Cherry throwing food out the front door of their home, saying she was tired of cooking for him. The man then threatened to cut […]

lottery winner, embry

Of Course He Did: Lawyer Wins $3.5 Million Dollar Lottery

News Kid Chronic

Stephan Embry, a 63-year-old lawyer from Bangor, Maine, bought a lottery ticket at Publix in Weston, and sure enough it was a winner. The drawing also had one other winner, which meant Embry had to split the $7 million dollar payout. The aging attorney chose the lump […]

alcohol, beer

Liability For Serving Alcohol To Someone Who Injures Himself Or Others: Florida Dramshop Law

Legal Kid Chronic

A South Florida personal injury case currently before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal turns on the decades-old legal theory of “dramshop liability;” that is the liability of bars, restaurants and the like who serve alcohol to someone who then causes an injury due to drunkenness. Furry […]

medical supplies

Florida Considers Medical Malpractice Revamp, Raising Privacy Concerns

Legal Kid Chronic

Sunshine State lawmakers are set to consider a proposed law intended to limit Florida medical malpractice lawsuits by raising the standard of proof in certain cases and allowing defendants to have unfettered access to a plaintiff’s treating doctors. The Associated Press’ Gary Fineout reports that “[t]his effort is being […]

supreme court of the united states

Can Police Use Your Silence Against You? Supreme Court Decides Not To Decide

Legal Kid Chronic

The nation’s highest court recently declined to review a state court’s ruling in Cannella v. Florida, a DUI manslaughter case that raises the unsettled question of whether a criminal prosecutor can use a defendant’s silence prior to his arrest against him. “There is a nationwide […]


Does This Look Like The Face Of A Girl Who Stole $10,000 In Bras And Panties From Victoria Secret?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Tysheka Pink and Katina Summerset have both been charged with organized fraud, grand theft, and retail theft. They were finally busted after perpetrating a nearly year-long scam in which the pair stole thousands of dollars of women’s underwear from Victoria’s Secret. The sticky- fingered duo would then […]


Health Benefits of Equality

LGBT Dr. Suess

USA Today writes, “Gay men who live in states where same-sex marriage is legal are healthier, have less stress, make fewer doctor visits and have lower health-care costs, a new study finds!” In Massachusetts, a study was conducted at a local clinic with gay men […]

daily criminal

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Cooked His Own Food At Wendy’s?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic


Richard L Steinberg

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Florida Politician Caught Sexual Harassing A Colleague?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Another Democrat, another dumb-ass sex scandal. Richard “Dick” Steinberg was busted anonymously texting sexxxy texts to married Assistant US Attorney Marlene Fernandez-Karavetsos. Karavetsos begged the anonymous texter to reveal his identity, but he refused and continued to harass her. Steinberg was only busted after US […]

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