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No Society In History Has Imprisoned More Of Its Citizens Than The United States

Legal Kid Chronic

And guess what they are all black! There are more 17-year-old black males in prison than in college in this country. In this video they make the argument that the United States has created a new more modern slave trade. Are they right?

Buried alive

Guy Gets Bored With His Girlfriend, Buries Her Alive

News Kid Chronic

Marcin Kasprzak had grown sick of his wife’s bitching. So much in fact that he concocted a plan silence her forever. First he would hit her with a 300,000 volt taser paralyzing her. Then he would put her paralyzed body in a giant computer box […]

patty white

Does this Look Like The Face Of a Woman Who Hid A Dead Body Under The Christmas Tree?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Patty White loves Christmas so much that after she killed her roommate, she hid the body underneath the Christmas presents. I guess she figured no one would find her till December 25! If that was her plan it failed because Jacksonville police where able to […]

jerry sandusky

All Eight Of Sandusky's Victims Slated To Testify

Sports Kid Chronic

All eight of Jerry Sanduskys victims are scheduled to testify in his upcoming child molestation trial. The trial looks like it’s shaping up to be the medias next big high publicity trial and is expected to last several days. The crazy part of the upcoming […]

kris humphries

Kris Humphries Files For Annulment Says Kim Was The Fraud!

Entertainment Kid Chronic

YES! Finally Kris Humphries is standing up to that big ass bimbo of a wife of his Kim Kardashian. Today TMZ released a story saying Humphries is filing an annulment for his marriage to Kardashian. The reason for that annulment? Kim defrauded him into marrying […]

conrad murray

Dr. Conrad Murray Is Going To Jail!

News Kid Chronic

Judge Michael E. Pastor just rejected Dr. Conrad Murray’s plea for probation and sentenced the former Michael Jackson doctor to four years in prison. Judge Pastor said Dr. Murray was not remorseful and engaged in multiple acts that broke the doctor patient relationship, while repeatedly […]

gloria, allred, fierro, taylor, lawsuit

Prostitute Sues Lawrence Taylor

Sports Kid Chronic

Celebrity lawsuit chaser Gloria Allred has the ear of the former prostitute Cristina Fierro. Fierro now 18 is suing Taylor for an unspecified amount in damages. In the suit Fierro says Taylor forced himself inside her even though it was obvious she had just been […]


T-Boz Is Bankrupt

Music Kid Chronic

TLC singer and pop star T-Boz (Tionne Watkins) has just filed for bankruptcy owing creditors over three-quarters of a million dollars. Most of it being tied up in the mortgage of her $1.2 million dollar home. Surprisingly T-Boz only takes in $1200 a month from […]

mariah yeater text message

Biebers Not The Father!

Entertainment Kid Chronic

The Beibs is still squeaky clean folks as TMZ just got him off the hook for his baby momma drama. As it turns out the Bieb is not the father of Mariah Yeaters baby and it was all a giant set up for her to […]

justin-bieber-baby+Mariah+Yeater, celeb

Mariah Yeater Drops Her Suit Against Justin Bieber

Legal Kid Chronic

Turns out Justin Bieber isn’t going to be on the next Maury Povich show after all. Mariah Yeater the Beibs alleged baby momma just dropped her paternity suit against the young pop singer. The drop came after a stern warning from Beibs big time attorney […]

Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Conrad Murray Taken To Jail, No Bail

News Kid Chronic

Dr. Conrad Murray was handcuffed in court and taken to jail after his guilty verdict came in today. The judge in the case remanded the good doctor into custody with no bail. Until his sentencing, which is scheduled for November 29th. Law enforcement officials told […]

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Served Her 30 Day Jail Sentence In Only 4.5 Hours!

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Lindsay “super fast” Lohan served her whole 30 day jail sentence in only 4.5 hours! To be a celebrity in the California penal system is like well, being a celebrity anywhere really, it’s all just special treatment and free dinners. [TMZ]

How Real Is Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

TV Kid Chronic

So real that Kim Kardashian wont even let E shoot anything to do with her recent divorce. Sources close to the show say Kim has run away to hide and has strictly forbid any video from in or around the divorce to make the show. […]

kim kardashian , wedding

Kim Kardashian Screwed Kris Humphries Out Of The Wedding Money

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Kim Kardashian knew here marriage was a scam before she even walked down the aisle. TMZ just outed the celebrity star turned faux marriage fraudster for screwing Kris Humphries out of his share of the millions in marriage endorsements. According to their sources the couple […]

Kim Kardashian Gets Grilled On Australian TV

Interviews Kid Chronic

Marriage counseling? Great question whats up with that Kim did you get counseling or what??? We all want to know if you and your husband went to marriage counseling? I bet you guys had to go to counseling because you were so stressed from trying […]

lindsay lohan, jail

Lindsay Lohan Will Only Serve A Few Minutes In Jail

Legal Kid Chronic

Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 30 days in jail today for violating her probation. Lohan will only have to do mere minutes however due to a federal mandate that has forced all prisoners with 90 days or less to be just processed and […]

kim kardashian is a fraud

Kim Kardashian Got Paid $263,000.00 A Day To Be Married

Entertainment Kid Chronic

True story folks hows that old job of yours feeling right about now? Yeah you work hard all week to make $700, than you throw down $5 of it to buy the new US Weekly to scope out the Kardashian dream wedding… Only come to […]


Youth Pastor Sentenced To 29 Years In Molestation Case

Legal Kid Chronic

Russel Lewis 30, plead no contest to charges that he molested a 14 year old member of a popular Coral Springs church. Lewis who was acting as youth pastor at the church at the time of the crime faced a possible 105 years in prison […]

Michael Lohan Held Without Bond

Legal Kid Chronic

After violating a restraining order and jumping off a three-story balcony in an attempt to flee the police Michael Lohan is being held without bond. Lohan tried every trick in the book to get released at his hearing today, saying he had a TV shoot, […]


50% Of Americans Want Pot To Be Legal

News Kid Chronic

More Americans want pot to be legal than ever, as a new Gallup poll reports a staggering 50% of Americans are for the legalization of Snoop Dogs favorite drug. Of those polled 50% were in favor while 46% (the squares) were not, also 3% didn’t […]

Lohan Morgue

Lindsay Lohan No Show At Community Service Today

Entertainment Kid Chronic

TMZ aka “All Lindsay Lohan All The Time” just outed the starlet for no showing at the morgue today for her community service. Lindsay who is not required by probation to be there today was making an attempt to show Judge Stephanie Sautner that she’s […]

Lindsay Lohan, probation revoked

Cuffed And Back In Jail, Lindsay Lohan's Probation Revoked

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Judge Stephanie Sautner didn’t just throw the book at Lindsay Lohan today, she beat her over the head with it. Sautner who seemed more than disgusted with the fact that Lindsay was kicked out of her community service program at the Downtown LA Womans Center […]

Dexter Davis

Does This Look Like the Face Of A Convicted Attempted Murderer Who Was Accidentally Released?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

A Miami jury convicted Dexter Davis of viciously stabbing his ex girlfriend 10 times after being ordered to stay away from her by police. Later Monday afternoon, after his trial Davis was brought back to the Dade County corrections facility at 1321 NW 13th Street […]

soulja boy

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Rapper Busted With 70k, Weed, And Guns?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Soulja Boy got yanked on a routine traffic stop in Temple Georgia early this morning. The rapper was riding in a new Escalade accompanied by four other men when police pulled him over. After they searched the vehicle, police found multiple guns, a substantial amount […]


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