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Best Police Chase Video Since OJ Simpson

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Overzealous cop runs head-on into another police cruiser at the 1:25 mark. It’s a must see.

There Are Now Two Lawyers For Every Job

Legal Kid Chronic

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the economy will provide 21,880 new jobs for lawyers annually between 2010 and 2020; law schools since 2010, however, have produced more than […]

YUUUP! David Hester Sues Storage Wars

TV Kid Chronic

Guess what, Chronic Nation? Just like the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and happy relationships, Storage Wars is fake as well! At least that’s what the show’s big star, David […]

Miami Man Was Also Allegedly Abused By Elmo Voice

News Kid Chronic

Kevin Clash is now facing a lawsuit from his fourth accuser, and this time he is from Miami. The victim, now 33, met Clash when he was younger than 18 […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson is Serving Jury Duty This Week

Science Kid Chronic

Imagine if you looked over and saw Neil deGrasse Tyson was on your jury? That would almost be as good as Bill Nye!!!

UPDATE: John Travolta Still Gay

Entertainment Kid Chronic

This has to be like the billionth lawsuit against John Travolta for sexual harassment from another man. His former pilot has now come forward saying he had a torrid love […]

Kevin Clash

Elmo Voice Accused of Underage Sex With a Third Boy

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Kevin Clash, the voice behind Sesame Street character Elmo, has officially resigned from the show. The resignation comes in the wake of a hug sex scandal in which Clash was […]

jeremy hammond, lulzsec

LulzSec Hacker Faces Life in Prison for the Stratfor Hack

Legal Kid Chronic

Manhattan, New York – 27-year-old LulzSec hacker Jeremy Hammond could be facing life in prison for his hack of Strategic Forecasting, otherwise known as Stratfor. “According to the indictment filed […]

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is Headed Back to Jail

California Kid Chronic

Poor Lilo is back in big trouble again, this time for lying about running her Porsche into the back of a Mack Truck. The trouble-plagued child star has been in […]

The Kardasians

Kardashian’s Sued by Two Different Make Up Companies

Legal Kid Chronic

The Kardashian’s are in hot legal water over their new perfume Khroma.  The fragrance which is set to release for the upcoming holiday season, has now received two different cease […]


Law Offices of Berman & Berman

Legal Patricia Jay

Injured or suffering due to the negligence of another? Suffer no more! The Law Firm of Berman and Berman have aggressive,  competent and experienced personal injury attorneys who strive to […]

South Carolina Thug Punches His Public Defender in Court After Getting Sentenced to 15 Years In Jail!

Legal Kid Chronic

First, let me say I don’t think you should ever punch someone, but if you get sentenced to fifteen years in prison, it’s as good a time as any…

Lil Wayne Not Giving A F*ck At His Deposition

Music Kid Chronic

Lil Wayne at his deposition for a lawsuit involving Quincy Jones III and a recent documentary. The law requires Wayne to answer the questions but how much effort he puts […]

oj simpson glove

Christopher Darden Says OJ’s Lawyers Tampered With the Glove!

News Kid Chronic

Remember 17 years ago when Christopher Darden and Marcia Clark botched the biggest murder case ever? Well, now Darden is saying the late Johnnie Cochran, one of OJ Simpson’s defense […]

casey anthony

Crazy Ass Casey Anthony Gets Off Probation Friday

News Kid Chronic

The woman suspected of killing her own baby and driving it around in the trunk of her car is getting off probation Friday. Casey Anthony one of the most famous […]

jared loughner

Gabrielle Gifford’s Shooter Pleads Guilty

News Kid Chronic

Jared Loughner, the man who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at a political event outside a Safeway supermarket in Arizona, has changed his plea. Originally, Loughner’s lawyers had entered a plea […]

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