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casey anthony

Crazy Ass Casey Anthony Gets Off Probation Friday

News Kid Chronic

The woman suspected of killing her own baby and driving it around in the trunk of her car is getting off probation Friday. Casey Anthony one of the most famous […]

jared loughner

Gabrielle Gifford’s Shooter Pleads Guilty

News Kid Chronic

Jared Loughner, the man who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at a political event outside a Safeway supermarket in Arizona, has changed his plea. Originally, Loughner’s lawyers had entered a plea […]

Does This Look Like a Video of the Dumbest Bank Robbers Ever...

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Two bank robbers are caught when they can’t get their getaway moped to start fast enough.

Florida Man Charged With Hate Crime Says He “Only Shot...

News Kid Chronic

So Sad: Racism alive and well right here in Florida.

James E Holmes

James Holmes Charged With 142 Counts, Including First-Degree...

Colorado Kid Chronic

The Batman Movie Massacre shooter James E. Holmes has been charged with over 142 criminal counts, including two counts for each person he killed and two for each person he […]

hospital building

But It’s For Your Own Good

Politics Nat Trayger

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent […]

The Newest Fad in Crime: Flash Mob Robberies

News Kid Chronic

This is awesome, the hell with the corporations, lets all flash mob the mall!!! I’m all for flash mob robberies as long as they target big corporations and not mom […]

Cape Coral Man Shoots Door-to-Door Salesman For Being on His...

News Kid Chronic

Authorities found 14 fire arms in the home of a Cape Coral man who shot a door-to- door steak-and-seafood salesman for being on his property.

James Holmes

Movie Massacre Shooter Mailed Package to the University

Colorado Kid Chronic

Colorado – James Holmes, the movie massacre shooter, mailed a package to a Colorado University Professor before committing the mass murder that rocked the town of Aurora to its core. […]

James Holmes Appeared In Court Today

News Kid Chronic

James Holmes appeared in court today, the Movie Massacre shooter looked bewildered and confused and still had his trademark red hair.


Arizona on Trial

News Kid Chronic

Arizona – The department of justice has just started their federal prosecution of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. Lead by real life Bowser from the Mario Brother’s Game, Sherrif Joe […]

George Zimmerman Does First TV Interview

News Kid Chronic

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman turned murder defendant, did his first TV interview this week with Sean Hannity. During the interview, he took a few seconds to apologize to Trayvon’s […]

Trayvon Martin Hoodie

Prosecutors Release Pics of Trayvon Martin Hoodie

News Kid Chronic

Prosecutors released the first photos of Trayvon Martin’s hoodie today. In the pictures, you can clearly see where the teen was shot in the chest by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. […]

cat cora food network

Does This Look Like The Face of a Celebrity Chef Busted for ...

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Cat Cora was recently busted for DUI in Santa Barbara after she rear ended a fellow motorist, and then called the people in the car “nerds!” According to police, report […]

Obama’s Health Care Law Passes In Historic 5-4 Ruling

News Kid Chronic

Pre-election Supreme Court victory for the Dems on ObamaCare.

Just a Few Reasons Why We Think Anidjar and Levine are the B...

Legal Kid Chronic

If you need an attorney in South Florida, do yourself a favor and call our friends at Anidjar and Levine! Anidjar and Levine – 1-800-747-FREE

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