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Florida Court Reverses 80-Year Sentence for Juvenile Convicted of Armed Robbery with Pellet Gun – Floyd v. State

Legal Kid Chronic

By Anidjar & Levine, P.A. Although a juvenile (under 18) charged with a crime is subject to certain protections under the law in Florida, he or she may face the real possibility of significant jail time, depending on the nature of the crime. Yet there […]


Turns Out Skechers “Shape Ups” Don’t Really Work. Big Surprise There…

News Kid Chronic

Wait, so you mean the magic shoes Kim Kardashian sold me are fake? Yup. It’s a sad state of affairs when the US Government has to step in to defend the public from imaginary, fat-burning miracle shoes. Yet that’s what just happend, after the government pulled Skechers […]

george zimmerman

Physician Says George Zimmerman Had a Broken Nose and a Black Eye

News Kid Chronic

  A new doctor’s report from the day after George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin is rocking the legal community. In it, the Zimmerman family physician says that he treated Zimmerman the day after the deadly altercation for a broken nose and a black eye. […]

john travolta

John Travolta Off The Legal Hook

Entertainment Kid Chronic

John Travolta is off the legal hook, so to speak, after the first massage therapist to accuse him of inappropriate behavior dropped his lawsuit against the actor today. This comes as very odd news to people in the media who have been following the case, especially after so many details […]


Does This Look Like the Face of a Burglar Who Left His Homework at the Crime Scene?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Dallas Naljahih was arrested on suspicion of burglary after police found a book bag in the victim’s back yard. Inside the bag was a USB drive with Naljahih’s homework on it, which led police literally right to his doorstep. This, of course, begs the question: […]

Pro-Gay Marriage Signs (Over 30 Photos)

LGBT Patricia Jay

The best & the worst PRO-GAY Marriage signs!

john travolta

Two Masseuses Sue John Travolta For Sexual Harassment

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Before I could even get the first lawsuit story out on the web, there is already another. John Travolta now faces two lawsuits from two male masseuse who claim he was wildly inappropriate with them during his massages. Both are now suing the actor for […]

O'Mara, Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Officially Pleads Not Guilty

News Kid Chronic

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, pleaded “not guilty” to the crime of second-degree murder today. Zimmerman did not appear in court in person. Instead, his attorney Mark O’Mara entered the plea for him. If convicted, Zimmerman faces the possibility […]

anidjar and levine law firm

Be Friends With The Best Attorneys In South Florida!

Legal Kid Chronic

‘Cause you never know when you might need them… Anidjar and Levine handles all types of cases from criminal to personal Injury, so be sure and friend them today. After all, it’s better to be their friend and not need them, than to need them and […]


Florida Court Reverses Oxycodone Conviction for Man Who Had a Prescription

Legal Kid Chronic

The Fifth District Court of Appeal’s recent ruling in Celeste v. State touches on important legal principles that both a person charged with oxycodone trafficking in Florida and his or her lawyer should keep in mind in mounting a defense. A Florida police officer stopped Jon M. Celeste after […]

george zimmerman myspace photo

George Zimmerman’s Myspace Page Found And It Doesn’t Look Good

News Kid Chronic

Today, George Zimmerman’s Myspace page from 2005 was uncovered, and it didn’t have very many nice things to say about Mexicans, but it did show a plethora of interracial friends. On the page Zimmerman, who went by the name “Joe G”, sounded more gangster than […]

boner bike

Man Sues BMW For Year-Long Erection

Legal Kid Chronic

Henry Wolf of California has just filed a lawsuit against BMW North America and famous motorcycle seat builder Corbin-Pacific. In the lawsuit, Wolf says the erection, which has lasted over 20 months, was the result of riding a 1990 BMW motorcycle with a “ridge like” […]

Rick Scott

Rick Scott’s Drug Test Law Blocked By Federal Judge

News Kid Chronic

Rick Scott’s executive order to drug test all state employees has been blocked by Miami federal Judge Ursula Ungaro. In the ruling, Ungaro said Governor Scott’s order was “hardly transparent and frankly obscure” as well as violating the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment’s search and seizure […]

University Student With Warrants Gets Busted After Challenging Police On Twitter

News Kid Chronic

A wanted woman is accused of going on Twitter, calling police names and declaring she’d never be caught. Authorities took it as a challenge and put in extra work to track her down. Today she was arrested.

Attorney Glen Levine On The Importance Of Seat Belts

Legal Kid Chronic

Big time South Florida attorney Glen Levine takes some time out to talk about the importance of wearing your seat belt. Anidjar & Levine Seatblets v2 from FOX29 on Vimeo.

dennis rodman

Dennis Rodman Owes Over $800k In Back Child Support

Entertainment Kid Chronic

A warrant was issued yesterday, then revoked this morning, for the arrest of Dennis Rodman. The former NBA rebound legend is in some serious hot water for not paying his child support. According to court docs, The Worm owes an astonishing $800,000 in back child support, which he […]

george zimmerman released

George Zimmerman Released From Jail

News Kid Chronic

George Zimmerman was released from the Sanford County Jail late Saturday night after he posted a $150,000 bond. His exit was a fairly quiet one, with none of the reporters on the scene asking him any questions. Zimmerman got into a late model BMW and sped off with a […]

George Zimmerman on the stand

George Zimmerman Takes The Stand!

News Kid Chronic

In an unprecedented court room twist, George Zimmerman took the stand at his bond hearing today and used the time to apologize to Trayvon’s family, saying “I’m sorry for the loss of your son.” It’s normally very unusual for the defendant to testify in a case of […]

Mark O' Mara

Who Is George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Mark O’Mara?

Legal Kid Chronic

George Zimmerman’s attorney is no joke and has some serious trial experience, having tried cases in the courts of Central Florida for the past 28 years. Mark M. O’Mara is a former felony prosecutor and Division Chief who has prosecuted every type of crime, from big to small, […]



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