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News ShoMeLove

News Videobombs from around the world.

Whispering Dog

Whispering Dog

Pets ShoMeLove

Talking dog know’s how to whisper.

NBA Bloopers

NBA Bloopers: The Starters

Entertainment ShoMeLove

Ooops, my bad!  

Chris Brown

Chris Brown – “She Needs My Dick”

Celeb Kid Chronic

TMZ caught up with Chris Brown and he shared a little bit of his delightful personality with their camera man.


Kylie Jenner Admits To Lip Fillers

Entertainment Lois Lane

So Kylie Jenner finally admitted to filling her lips.. like we didn’t know. The jig was up a lot ass time ago!

Fat Boy

Film That Fat Boy!

Videos Kid Chronic

This soccer mom is pissed off!

Walking Dead Star Freaks the Fuck Out

Walking Dead Star Freaks the Fuck Out on the NYC Subway

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Wow, this dude is straight terrifying. Its like someone let a rabid gorilla loose on the subway!

Medieval Combat World Championships

Medieval Combat World Championships – Poland Vs USA

Videos Kid Chronic

I didn’t even know this was a thing, this is awesome. Here comes the pain!

Pranks in the Hood

Best Pranks in the Hood

Pranks Kid Chronic

When pranks in the hood go wrong, someone gets punched in the face!

the fast and the fails

The Fast and The Fails!

Fail Kid Chronic

High speed fails for your Saturday por favor!

Best Fails of the Month

Best Fails of the Month April 2015

Fail Kid Chronic

The best Fails to hit the web this month!

Spring Break Sluts

Spring Break Sluts Prank

Pranks Kid Chronic

This guy is out of control!

russian fails

The Best Russian Fails Ever

Fail Kid Chronic

Everyone knows the best fail videos come from Russia, since that place basically has no police.

Cats Are Jerks! - Print Killer

Cats Are Jerks!

Animals Kid Chronic

Stupid cats!

Hot Girl with Giant Balls Prank

Hot Girl with Giant Balls Prank

Pranks Kid Chronic

“This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me…” lol

We Were Ghosts

Cool Stuff We Would Do If We Were Ghosts

Videos Kid Chronic

Oh man, to be a ghost how much fun would that be!

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