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Paris Hilton Gets Pranked So Good

Pranks Kurt Schleicher

This might be a little over board but Paris Hilton was pranked so bad that she is now suing the Eqyptian telivision show that pranked her!!!Check it out for yourself.


Just A Giraffe Singing Some Marvin Gaye

WTF Kurt Schleicher

No big deal,just a random video of a dude wearing a giraffe mask singing “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye.


Why Eating Alone Is The Best

lol Kurt Schleicher

I just want to eat and check my Instagram.


P Diddy Falls Through A Hole On Stage

Fail Kurt Schleicher

Rapper P Diddy was performing at the BET Awards when all of a suddenly he fell through the stage.Witness the awesomeness.


Awesome Sasquatch Prank

Funny Kurt Schleicher

Here is a really funny prank video where they use a Sasquatch costume!!!I dont know about you but I would freak out.


Thoughts You Have When You Sign Up For Tinder

Dating Kurt Schleicher

Things you think about when signing up for the dating site Tinder.


Guard In London Pulls Rifle On Heckler

Things That Kick Ass Kurt Schleicher

These guards usually hold their own when being mocked and dont break guard,but this particular guard was fed up with this heckler.


Will Ferrell Gives Wedding Toast To Strangers

Uncategorized Kurt Schleicher

Will Ferrell gives a wedding reception speech to a couple he has never met!!!LOL

O.T. Genasis Has The Becky's Twerking

O.T. Genasis Parties In The Streets With That Snow White

Killer Babes ShoMeLove

O.T. Genasis got caught in a blizzard on Hollywood Boulevard in a parade of white chicks who followed him out of a club and showed got down with him in […]

JIdenna-Classic Man

Jidenna – Classic Man ft. Roman GianArthur

Music ShoMeLove

Good Music provided by Jidenna – Classic Man ft. Roman GianArthur.

Docking Handsfree

Docking Like A Boss

Entertainment ShoMeLove

Docking with no hands like a real boss!


Apple Agrees To Pay Artists For Their Music During Free Trial Thanks To Taylor Swift

Entertainment Lois Lane

Taylor Swift wrote a letter to Apple explaining how unfair it is for artists not to be paid, while Apple promotes their three month free subscription to customers. Thanks to […]


Kelly Ripa Believes 5.5 Inches Is Underwhelming!

Funny ShoMeLove

Kelly Ripa Is Extremely Disappointed That It’s Only 5.5 Inches, so Micheal Strahan suggests and extention.

Axe Throw Gone Wrong

Fox News Host Throws Axe & Accidentally Hits Drummer!

Fail ShoMeLove

Drummer catches Axe unwillingly!


A Little “Diddy” About Kettle Bells

Rap Kurt Schleicher

Diddy,otherwise known as Sean Combs was arrested earlier today for getting into a scuffle with a UCLA Football Coach.He’s accused of using a kettle bell as a weapon and attacking […]

Father's Want More

Father’s Day, The Day After

Fail ShoMeLove

You wanna know what I want for Father’s Day…

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