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caturday gif

The Best Gifs on the Web Today!!!

Gifs Kid Chronic

A gallery of animated Gifs just for youuuuuu!

water sports fails

Summer 2014 Water Sports Fails

Fail Kid Chronic

It wouldn’t be summer without water sports fails!

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Then Sheen calls out John Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Chuck Lorre! The Machine never lets anything go, I love it!

tactical furniture

Tactical Furniture For The Little Interior Designer Inside Every Gun Nut!

Cribs Kid Chronic

For the machine-gun-toting family man.


Baby Giraffe Makes Her Debut in Houston

Videos Lois Lane

Meet baby Kamili, born on Aug. 3rd at the Houston Zoo. I want one!

life hacks about health

Life Hacks!

Get Wise Kid Chronic

Is your life to rough? Are you working too hard? Then allow us to offer you these game changing life hacks!

Fail video compilation of the month!

The Best Fails of August 2014

Fail Kid Chronic

Fail video compilation of the month!

Fire Challenge

Guy Tries to Do Fire Challenge, Promptly Burns Himself to a Crisp!

Fail Kid Chronic

Get back in da water!!!

ex girlfriends

Ex Girlfriends Be Like…

Videos Kid Chronic

What you got bitch? Brains, talent, class, sobriety…

The Fuck Her Right in The Pussy Guy Is Back!!! - Print Killer

The Fuck Her Right in The Pussy Guy Is Back!!!

TV Kid Chronic

This guy is the greatest live TV troll that has ever lived!

Play The Drums

We Don’t Always Play The Drums, But When We Do It’s On A Big Fat Guy!

Videos Kid Chronic

This video is absolutely ridiculous.

Check Out This $2 Million Dollar Pool!

Check Out This $2 Million Dollar Pool!

Architecture Kid Chronic

If I had this pool I would never leave the house!

President Clinton Happy Birthday

Kevin Spacey Wishes President Clinton Happy Birthday!

Politics Kid Chronic

Happy 68th Birthday President Clinton!!!


Typical Cross Fit Guys…

Funny Kid Chronic

I see these guys at the gym every week… #CrossFit

Wait For It...

Wait For It…

Funny Kid Chronic

America is going to hell in a hand basket.

will ferrell

Will Ferrell Answers Interviewers Cell Phone Call

Interviews Kid Chronic

Oh hi Mom, it’s Will Ferrell…

Shark Petting

Shark Petting

Animals Kid Chronic

Though I can appreciate the urge to want to pet a shark, you certainly wont catch me doing it. This guy is freaking nuts, I guess he doesn’t value his arms very much!

Daniel Colman Wins $15 Million Playing Poker and Acts Like He Couldn't Care Less

Daniel Colman Wins $15 Million Playing Poker and Acts Like He Couldn’t Care Less

Nevada Kid Chronic

I think someone needs to tell this kid he just won WTF!


Hollywood Actress Lauren Bacall Dies

News Lois Lane

Hollywood icon Lauren Bacall died from a stroke at the age of 89 in New York. The Hollywood legend rose to fame in 1944 with her first film, “To Have and Have Not.”


Courtney Love Blew Through All Of The Nirvana Money

Entertainment Lois Lane

Courtney Love admitted in UK’s Sunday times interview that the Hole singer blew through all of the Nirvana money. “I lost about $27 million,” Love said.

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