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wearable computers

This is What They Thought Wearable Computers Would Be Like in 1992

WTF Kid Chronic

This is freaking hilarious!

Meanwhile in Mother Russia

Meanwhile in Mother Russia…

Videos Kid Chronic

So this is how the Russian fire department rescues a cat stuck in a tree.

Only in Japan: 24 Hour Boob Squeeze-a-thon

Only in Japan: 24 Hour Boob Squeeze-a-thon [NSFW]

NSFW Kid Chronic

They should have this in America, it would probably help people chill the fuck out!

womens motocross

Women’s Motocross is Freaking Hilarious

Fail Kid Chronic

Somethings women are good at, motocross just happens not to be one of them!

Impression of Every Drunk Chick Ever

This Guy Nails an Impression of Every Drunk Chick Ever

Stand Up Kid Chronic

This is every Spanish girl from Miami!

Labor Day Weekend

Squirrel Fail

Animals Kid Chronic


Lost and Found Fails - Print Killer

Lost and Found Fails

Fail Kid Chronic

In every one of these fails someone loses something!

Jenna Marbles - People That Deserve a Raise

Jenna Marbles – People That Deserve a Raise

Videos Kid Chronic

This video is hilarious!

ALS Ice bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Redneck Style

Videos Kid Chronic

T-Bird does the Ice Bucket Challenge, with a redneck twist!

Ghost Stealth Ships Are the Latest Toy From the Military Industrial Complex

Ghost Stealth Ships Are the Latest Toy From the Military Industrial Complex

News Kid Chronic

All I wanna know is can it tow a wake boarder?

sex box

Sex Box Coming to a TV Near You

TV Kid Chronic

A new TV show will feature people having sex in a box, finally proving, once and for all, that there is absolutely no creativity left in the world.

katy perry's boyfriend

If Riff Raff Can F*ck Katy Perry, Then Anybody Can! Check Out This Idiot’s Music Video

Celeb Kid Chronic

Even with Katy Perry’s fame, fortune, and obvious hotness, I couldn’t let myself date her after she hooked up with Riff Raff. He’s just too pathetic, and some people you just can’t share chicks with. Anyone who dates Katy Perry now will look like a […]

katy perry's boyfriend

So Katy Perry is Dating this Loser Now??? #WTF

Celeb Kid Chronic

Katy Perry is dating Riff Raff? Someone should fire her publicist asap! What a loser this guy is!! Russell Brand is way cooler than this piece of white trash, she should have stayed married!!!

John Oliver

John Oliver Destroys Piñatas in this Web Exclusive

Funny Kid Chronic

Apparently John Oliver hates pinatas…

Samuel l jackson

Every Samuel L. Jackson “Motherf*cker” Ever!

Movie Kid Chronic

This just made my Monday! Enjoy, motherf*ckers!

Fail Comp of the Week! - Print Killer

Fail Comp of the Week!

Fail Kid Chronic

The best fail videos of the week!!!

caturday gif

The Best Gifs on the Web Today!!!

Gifs Kid Chronic

A gallery of animated Gifs just for youuuuuu!

water sports fails

Summer 2014 Water Sports Fails

Fail Kid Chronic

It wouldn’t be summer without water sports fails!

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Then Sheen calls out John Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Chuck Lorre! The Machine never lets anything go, I love it!

tactical furniture

Tactical Furniture For The Little Interior Designer Inside Every Gun Nut!

Cribs Kid Chronic

For the machine-gun-toting family man.

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