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Plies Hostage Situation On Set

Cops Report To Hostage Situation At Plies Music Video Shoot

Police Brutality ShoMeLove

You can’t have one white guy surrounded by a group of hired hoodlums and not expect cops. Plies and one of his friends took a white guy hostage,at least that’s […]

20 Foot Basking Shark

Basking Shark Caught Off The Coast Of Australia

Animals ShoMeLove

An Australian fishing boat hauled in a 20-foot basking shark near Portland, Australia.

Church Shooting Suspect Aprehended

Nine Dead In AME Church Shooting In Charleston South Carolina

News ShoMeLove

Charleston church shooting appears racially motivated, as the suspect Dylann Roof has been taken into custody in Shelby, North Carolina. The gunman allegedly walked in for a prayer service and […]

Sgt. Philip Seidle Murders Ex-Wife

Cop Chases Down & Kills His Wife In Front Of Their 7 Year Old Daughter!

Police Brutality ShoMeLove

Neptune Township police Sgt. Philip Seidle shot his wife Tamara Seidle several times in the middle of the street after running her off the road with his 7 year old […]


ISIS Recruiting Hits Great Britain

News ShoMeLove

British teen carries out suicide attack in Iraq and leaves his family flabbergasted. Abu Yusuf Al allegedly blew up a vehicle fitted with explosives in the northern city of Baiji. […]


Obama Sending An Additional 450 Troops To Iraq To Fight Against ISIS

News Lois Lane

Sadly enough, Obama will be sending an additional 450 troops to Iraq in the fight against ISIS. #thanksforyourservice

ISIS on Social Media

ISIS Recruits Using Social Media.

News ShoMeLove

Social Media is at the center of any group trying to expand, even ISIS.

Kingsman Movie Clip

Kingsman Puts in Work While in Church

Movie ShoMeLove

Kingsman shows his skills during close quarter combat.

Robbery Gone Wrong

Robbery Turns Into Shoot-Out

News ShoMeLove

3 armed assailants broke into the wrong house and met heavy gunfire from Brazilian man.

Canadian Man Confesses to Murder of Family On Facebook

Man Confesses To Murder On Facebook

News ApexGuardian

A Canadian man, Randy Janzen confesses to the murder of his family on a Facebook post. Police later discovering the bodies in his home.


AQAP senior commander killed in US drone strike

News Lois Lane

A report that Nasr Ibn Ali al-Ansi, an AQAP senior commander, was killed in a U.S. drone strike.  #weneedpeace

freddie gray

Three Caucasian, and Three African American Cops, Have Been Arrested and Released on Bond, for the Death of Freddie Gray

News Kid Chronic

All the officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death, have been arrested and charged with crimes ranging from manslaughter, to second degree murder for the driver of the van. Due to […]

Adam Gadahn

Adam Gadahn, the American Mouthpiece of Al Qaeda, is Dead as a Door Nail

Terrorism Kid Chronic

Adam Gadahn, one of the military’s most wanted terrorists for over a decade, is now dead from U.S. coalition air strikes.


ISIS Kills a Large Group of Christians and Posts the Video Online

News Kid Chronic

ISIS kills a large group of Christians, gives others the choice to convert or pay a large fine.


Jodi Arias Sentenced To Life Without Parole

News Lois Lane

Jodi Arias was sentenced today to life with no possibility of parole for the murder of her on-off boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Giant Brawl in Walmart Parking Lot Leads to Shooting

Giant Brawl in Walmart Parking Lot Leads to Shooting

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Police and a Walmart employee get into a deadly fight with a family in Arizona.

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