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Attorney General Eric Holder Arrives in Ferguson Missouri to Kick Some Racist Ass

News Kid Chronic

United States Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Ferguson, Missouri, with a team of over 40 FBI officers. The specialized team of elite U. S. law enforcement will be  investigating the shooting of Michael Brown, and the riots following his death.

Michael Brown

The Michael Brown Autopsy

News Kid Chronic

The autopsy is out and shows that Michael Brown was shot multiple times in the front of his body, supporting eyewitness testimony that he was facing the officer with his hands up when he was shot. Furthermore, the kill shot was fired while Michael Brown […]

Officer Darren Wilson Shot Michael Brown

Officer Darren Wilson Shot Michael Brown

News Kid Chronic

Police release the name of the officer who shot and killed an unarmed boy in Ferguson Missouri.

Michael Brown

Surveillance Footage of Michael Brown Store Robbery

News Kid Chronic

Police released this video that shows Michael Brown in a negative light, but does this shoplifting video have anything to do with the shooting that took place later that day?

Journalists Arrested

Journalists Arrested by Missouri Police

News Kid Chronic

Armed officers arrested media members covering the Michael Brown case.

Micheal Brown's Body and Family Was Disrespected by Police

Micheal Brown’s Body and Family Was Disrespected by Police

News Kid Chronic

Even in death the police had no respect for Michale Brown or his family.

Michael Brown

Witness Says Michael Brown Had His Hands Up When the Cop Shot Him

News Kid Chronic

An eyewitness describes a police execution of Michael Brown. If this is true account of the events, which it very much seems like it is. Then this cop needs to be tried for murder.


ISIS Keeps Posting Murder Pics on Social Networks

News Kid Chronic

After watching this video, I really don’t feel about hitting these guys with air strikes.

Michael Brown

African American’s are Furious with the Police and They Should Be

News Kid Chronic

This is happening far too much and it’s completely ridiculous, America has become an over armed police state. These cops are rolling around with loaded weapons, and in a lot of cases they don’t even have a bachelor’s degree! They are not just a danger […]


Israel and Hamas Gather In Cairo For Truce Talks

News Lois Lane

Israel and Hamas are in Cairo to talk about how to make the truce last.


Israeli Soldier Lt. Goldin Has Been Killed

News Lois Lane

The Israeli military says a soldier reported missing in Gaza on Friday is dead.

Gaza Strip

Here is What It’s Like to Be a Civilian in the Gaza Strip Right Now

News Kid Chronic

These poor people are being slaughtered by an American partner nation with American-made weapons.


Are Beyonce and Jay Z Getting a Divorce?

Entertainment Lois Lane

On July 19th, the New York Post’s Page Six published a report that Beyonce and Jay Z may be getting a divorce. The couple who are currently on their “On the Run” Tour, have been seeing a marriage counselor.


Two Ukrainian Military Fighter Jets Have Been Shot Down

News Lois Lane

According to the country’s Defense Ministry, two Ukrainian military fighter jets have been shot down in the East.


Widow Wins $23.6 Billion Agaisnt RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company

News Lois Lane

A Florida jury has ordered RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. to pay $23.6 billion to the wife of a longtime smoker who died of lung cancer in a verdict seen as one of the largest for a single plaintiff in state history


The Last American Mafia Boss Has Died

News Lois Lane

Jack Tocco is believed to be the longest-serving mob boss in the US. Tocco died Monday. He was the godfather in Detroit for 35 years. Scott Burnstein, an author and expert on organized crime said, “He is one of the last, if not the last, […]


Online Campaign Raises $300,000 for Houston Teen Survivor

News Lois Lane

An Online campaign on GoFundMe.com has raised nearly $300,000 for Houston teen survivor Cassidy Stay, 15. Cassidy was the only sole survivor after Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, entered the Stay home looking for the sister of Cassidy’s mom. Haskell shot the entire family execution style. […]


Texas Man Slays Five People Who Were Relatives Of His Ex-Wife

News Lois Lane

Ron Lee Haskell, 33, has been charged with multiple counts of capital murder according to Harris County Precint 4 Constable Ron Hickman.

chicago guns

Chicago is Like the Modern Day Wild West

News Kid Chronic

Chicago: 11 people were killed by guns, and another 50 injured by them this past weekend.

hot car baby murder

Come on, Cops – We All Know This Lady Was in On It!

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Hot Car Baby Case: Now I’m not involved in the investigation in any way, but I write news everyday, and I can tell you right now that these two idiots totally killed their child. That’s just my humble opinion, not a fact. But you just […]

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