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Oliver Heldens - Melody - Print Killer

Oliver Heldens – Melody

EDM Kid Chronic

Official Music Video.  

Saturday Summer Mix Tape 2015 - Print Killer

Saturday Summer Mix Tape 2015

EDM Kid Chronic

Just press play and have a great day!

CNN money

Mansion for Sale Swim in Your Living Room

Life Darth Turch

Wouldn’t you like to walk in to your living room and take a dip? I don’t think I would ever leave the house again if I had all this stuff […]

The Cars Just What I Needed

Punch Brothers Do an Awesome Cover of “Just What I Needed”

Music Kid Chronic

The Cars, “Just What I Needed” covered by the Punch Brothers in blue grass style!

drum bike guy

Drum Bike Guy is Pretty Cool

Videos Kid Chronic

I’m not going to ride my bike around with a drum on it, but I’m glad someone is doing it. Word up Drum Bike Guy, way to do you!

Ask a former cop

5 Police Mistakes That Can Get Your DUI Charges Dismissed

Life Darth Turch

5 Police Mistakes That Can Get Your DUI Charges Dismissed Some facts you will definitely want to know if your in a sticky situation!

Robin Thicke and Pharrell

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Have to Pay $7.4 Million For Swiping Marvin Gays Music

Legal Kid Chronic

The one thing about this is that, if your going to sample music, you should at least have enough class to honor the original gangster who made it. Thicke and […]

*EXCLUSIVE* Snakehips EP Sampler

*EXCLUSIVE* Snakehips EP Sampler

EDM Kid Chronic

House music, get you some.

REO Speedwagon

Is REO Speedwagon The Best Break Up Band Ever?

Music Kid Chronic

I think so, and its mostly because of these two jams. Have you ever been in a relationship like the first song? That’s the fucking worst!

James Morris ft. Davey

James Morris ft. Davey – Shadows

EDM Kid Chronic

New house music to get you through the week!  

Car on road

New Video of Justin Bieber Emerges After DUI Arrest

Celeb Darth Turch

New Video of Justin Bieber Emerges After DUI Arrest His Beliebers still got his back though! Beieb that!

BYNON, Feenixpawl & Project 46 feat. Melissa Ramsay

BYNON, Feenixpawl & Project 46 feat. Melissa Ramsay – Home

EDM Kid Chronic

Dope new EDM.

NERVO - It Feels

NERVO – It Feels

EDM Kid Chronic

Official Video.

Mark Johns

Mark Johns – 5 South

EDM Kid Chronic

Featuring Brasstracks.

fat cnn employee

CNN Wants to Know Why We Fat Shame Actresses?

Health Kid Chronic

Um, cause they’re fat and it’s gross! 1. OK, Amy Schumar is not fat she’s totally bangable, plus she seems like she would be great in bed. So I disagree […]


Maggot Man Guinness World Records

News Darth Turch

Maggot Man Guinness World Records this man holds this disgusting record check it out! Come to www.printkiller.com!

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