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Rodman in north korea

Kim Jong Un Has His Uncle Executed, Meanwhile Rodman Plans Third Visit

News Kid Chronic

Rodman has got some balls on him I gotta give him that. You know one of these times hes going to hit on Kim Jung Un’s wife and end up in a hard labor camp for the rest of his life.

ray allen ring nights

For the Sneakerheads … Get Your Hands on These!

Uncategorized montaigne

  Ray Allen’s Air Jordan 11 ‘Two Rings’ Championship PE 

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 12.50.36 AM

Lamar Odom Busted in LA for DUI

Celeb Kid Chronic

Damn Lamar Odom can’t catch a break…


Lebron, Wade, and Pat Riley Party With Drake at Story Nightclub After Winning the NBA Championship

Sports Kid Chronic

Haha Drake looks so puny next to Lebron and Wade!


Two Rings for the King – Miami Heat Win Back to Back NBA Championships

News Kid Chronic

It all came down to game 7, and the Miami Heat came ready to play! Pulling out a 95-88 victory over the San Antonio Spurs to claim the 2013 NBA Championship. The Heats Second in a row.  Lebron James scorched the Spurs from the outside […]


Chael Sonnen Says He Would Slap Ray Lewis in the Face

Sports Kid Chronic

Id pay to see that!

boobs gif

The Best Gif’s on the Web This Week!

Gifs Kid Chronic

  Get your Gif on mofo!


Did You Know Charlie Sheen Beat Michael Jordan in Basketball?

Sports Kid Chronic

It’s true and I wouldn’t believe it myself if I didn’t see it with my own eyes!


Shaq Vs Charles Barkley 3pt Shootout!

Sports Kid Chronic

And the winner is…


Fresno Grizzlies Kiss Cam Leads to Break Up

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

What a sorry sap, kiss the girl buddy your in front of the whole stadium jeesh!


The Old Swat and Slam!

Sports Kid Chronic

Kevin Durant for the dunk!


How Dare You Burgle the Bosh!

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Chris Bosh, one of the stars of the Miami Heat, had his home robbed last night. The thieves ransacked the house while he was out celebrating his birthday. When Bosh and his wife returned home, they found that the whole place had been burgled and […]


Couple Caught on TV Having Ice Cream Fight

Sports Kid Chronic

The newly dubbed “Ice Cream Guy” and his girlfriend get caught on camera during the Magic vs. Pacers game.

DeAndre Jordan Destroys this Alley-Oop

Sports Dr. Glock

Lob City was in full effect at the Staples Center last night as the Clipper’s DeAndre Jordan unleashed this massive facial all over Brandon Knight’s grill. The reactions are just as awesome as the dunk. Poor Brandon Knight is going to be known for this […]

jerry buss

LA Lakers Owner Jerry Buss Dies at 80

California Lois Lane

    On Monday, the Los Angeles Lakers’ owner, Jerry Buss, who led the NBA team to 10 championships, died at the age of 80. Buss had been undergoing cancer treatment for the past 18 months, but the immediate cause of death was kidney failure, […]

Lebron James is on Molly!

Sports Kid Chronic

C’mon, don’t act like you guys aren’t going to be singing this all damn day now. Just remember where you heard it first!

Lebron James is a Bad Tipper, Who Drinks Apple Martinis, and Likes His Steak Cut Into Tiny Pieces

Sports Kid Chronic

A waitress at one of Lebron James’ favorite watering holes, XO, just outed the NBA baller for committing just about every restaurant/bar faux pau in the book. According to her, King James only tipped her $10 on an $800 tab, after keeping the bar staff […]

Mark Cuban AMA on Reddit Today

Sports Kid Chronic

Mark Cuban AMA on reddit.

heather stanholtz, miami heat

Seven Questions with Cover Model Heather Shanholtz

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

1. Where are you from, Miss Shanholtz?  Jarrettsville, MD.  2. When you’re not modeling, what are you most likely to be doing?  Spending time with my family and friends and getting wild. 3. Who’s cooler – Jay Z or Kanye West?  Jay Z, because he’s […]

Keion Bell Midnight Madness Dunk

Sports Patricia Jay

Keion Bell jumps 6 very brave people to make this bad-ass dunk!


The 11 Highest Paid NBA Players for 2012-13

Sports Patricia Jay

Yo Miami, ever wonder why your season tickets cost so much? The Heat has three players on this list!

Day 4: Olympic Basketball Tournament

Sports Roller

I think the Beatles were performing hit records Thursday night, oh wait that was Team USA basketbal that broke a few records, and shattered others. They hardly missed. The leading  scorer with 37 points, and making 10 of 12 3-pointers was Carmelo Anthony. Team USA rewrote […]


2012 / 2013 Miami Heat Schedule

Sports Patricia Jay

October Tue 30 vs Boston 8:00pm November Fri 02 @ New York 8:00pm Sat 03 vs Denver 7:30pm Mon 05 vs Phoenix 7:30pm Wed 07 vs Brooklyn 7:30pm Fri 09 @ Atlanta 7:30pm Sun 11 @ Memphis 6:00pm Mon 12 @ Houston 8:00pm Wed 14 […]

Jason Kid

Does This Look Like The Face of a NBA Legend Busted for DWI?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Jason Kidd was arrested for DWI in East Hampton after the NBA legend wrecked his 2010 Cadillac Escalade into a pole on the side of the road. Friends say they tried to stop the heavily intoxicated Kid from driving but were unsuccessful. [TMZ]


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