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Rondo Tries To Creep On The Heat Huddle

Sports Kid Chronic

Rondo tries to creep on the Heat’s huddle. Though I don’t really think the huddle is that important in the NBA, it’s not like the NFL. In the NBA huddle, I’m pretty sure they’re just like “O.k. guys, now get out there and make every […]


To Much Awesome In One Place

Pics Kid Chronic

Daily randomness thechive.com.

OMG – White Boy Dunks Basketball…Then He Dunks Himself

That's Gotta Hurt treez

You gotta see this kid at halftime of a Phoenix Suns game the other night! This is insane! OK, he used a trampoline, so that is considered cheating. However he is white, so let’s not be too hard on him. I don’t know about you, […]

NBA: Screw You. Screw All Of You. Blake Griffin is an All-Star.

Sports C.R. Bauman

At worst it will piss off a few players who hate the thought of a rookie getting the honor. That’s why they have a 1/2-game between the rookies and sophomores with an all-star player pretending to coach each team, they’ll say. After all LeBron James, […]

Jazz Mascot Beats Up Cavs Fan

Sports Kid Chronic

Man, the Cavs can’t catch a break. First they lose Lebron, now they have mascots beating up their fans. Sorry, but if you live in Cleveland, it might be time to think about moving. ma Utah Jazz Bear Fights Cavs Fan – Watch more Sports

Dennis Rodman Has An Imposter

Sports Kid Chronic

Fort Lauderdale resident and local freak show Dennis Rodman says he has an imposter. According to the ex-baller someone has been booking gigs in Michigan under the name DJ Dennis Rodman. He went on to tell TMZ that he has no idea who is booking […]

Eric Gordon, Spencer Hawes

Upset Watch (not really): Heat visit Clippers

Sports C.R. Bauman

So LeBron got a little loose on Twitter. It happens, especially when Four Loko is involved. I disagree with the whole karma thing, it wasn’t karma as much as just a matter of him leaving the team. We can go ahead and say it’s a […]

LeBron James Tweet

LeBron James…Bitter on Twitter

Sports treez

I find it funny that LeBron James still has to talk shit about the Cleveland Cavs. Nobody cares about that team anymore, except LeBron. Nobody cared about them before him, and now that he is gone, they no longer care again….except James that is. He […]

Christian Laettner Is A Bum!

Sports Kid Chronic

Christian Laettner lost a huge law suit to NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman today. Courts ordered Laettner and his business partner, former Duke teammate Brian Davis, to pay back the $3 million they borrowed from Merriman as well as over $800,000 in interest. Attorneys for Merriman […]

Nick Van Exel’s Son Charged With Murder

Sports Kid Chronic

   Nickey Maxwell Van Exel was arrested by police yesterday. He is accused of the murder of Bradley Eyo who was shot to death on Barnes Bridge Road near Lake Ray Hubbard in Dallas, Texas. After news leaked that Van Exel had confessed to the […]


All Eyes on The Association: Yao The Best in The West

Entertainment C.R. Bauman

The 2nd set of returns for All-Star votes are in. And I’m embarrassed. I put up with this stupid system even when they voted the Detroit Piston Allen Iverson to start for the East in the 2009 one. I wasn’t taking the game seriously anyway, […]

*Jul 10 - 00:05*

All Eyes On The Association: LeBron James Turns 26

Featured C.R. Bauman

One day before my birthday on the 31st, King James celebrates his own. Unfortunately with maximum borrowed amount I can get off student loans, extended unemployment benefits, and all the bartering I could do with my EBT card, I still won’t be able to make […]


If they were playing HORSE…

Sports C.R. Bauman

This shot would be an automatic H. too bad officials waved it off

Monta Ellis, Nicolas Batum

All Eyes On The Association: Monta Ellis defensive player of the year?

Sports C.R. Bauman

On Monday afternoon The Association named their players of the week. LeBron James for the East and Monta Ellis for the West. LeBron for leading Miami to road victories over the Suns and Lakers, averaging 27.3 points, 9 boards, 7 dishes, and 2.33 rips over […]


All Eyes on The Association

Sports C.R. Bauman

Miami is a basketball town now. Coming down from the high of 12-game winning streak with 10 of the games coming at deficits of 10 points or more, we now love our Heat more than ever. And unlike the great teams we’ve had shine before […]


Mike Miller Makes Return

Sports C.R. Bauman

With 3 minutes and 52 seconds left in the first half, Mike Miller not only found himself with a jersey for the first time this season but a spot on the hardwood as well. Checking in for James Jones, the American Airlines Arena applauded the […]

Re-HEATed Rivalry

Sports C.R. Bauman

Around 20 minutes before the tip of the Celtics/Knicks game Wednesday night Stuart Scott asked, “When was the last time both the Celtics and Knicks were relevant?”  Not counting 2004 when they both made the playoffs on the grounds that the East was worthless (with […]

LeBron vs. Cavs

LeBron and the Heat Get the First Laugh…118-90!

Sports treez

LeBron James and the Miami Heat went into Cleveland (LeBron’s former team if you live under a rock) and whipped the crap outta the Cavs. They jumped out to a 59-40 lead at the half and never looked back. ‘King James’ lead the Heat with […]

Eva Longoria Wants Her Tony Parker Tattoos Removed

Sports Kid Chronic

Eva Longoria is looking for a dermatologist who can remover her two Tony Parker Tattoos. The one on her neck says “nine” to commemorate Tony’s jersey number and the one on her wrist is their wedding date in Roman numerals. This all comes of course […]

Erin Barry Says She Didn’t Do The Humpty Dance With Tony Parker

Sports Kid Chronic

Erin Barry soon to be ex wife of NBA player Brent Barry went on her website last week to finally respond to the allegations she had and affair with Tony Parker. Here’s what the she had to say about the rumors. Thursday, November 25, 2010 […]

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