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Dennis Rodman 50th Birthday Bash… Just How I Pictured It, Kinda Cool But Not Really

Events Kid Chronic

Check out Dennis Rodman’s 50th Birthday Party! Just like his singing it was lack luster, uneventful and annoying. To bad for the clothing line, they probably thought he would be […]


No NBA, Who Cares, Marissa Miller Topless Basketball

Featured Shooter

  I guess this gives a whole new meaning to the term shirts vs skins. Marissa Miller, who is one of the hottest models on the planet, has done a […]

Darius Miles

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Former NBA Baller Busted For Trying To Bring a Gun On An Airplane?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Darius Miles has to be one of the stupidest athletes on the planet. This week in St. Louis International Airport he tried to board a plane with a loaded gun. […]

Ron Artest

Ron Artest Is Going Through With His Ridiculous Name Change

Sports Kid Chronic

Ron Artest just finished phase two of his ridiculous name change to “Metta World Peace.” This week marked the last of four name change announcements Artest had printed in the […]

Lockouts Suck

Sports C.R. Bauman

You can try as hard as you want. You can cry, cut yourself, starve yourself to death with a hunger strike, scream “let them play”, none of it’ going to […]

Evil Lebron James Dunks On Poor Little Kid At Camp

Sports Kid Chronic

Check out Lebron James dunk on some innocent kid at summer camp. The kid is going in for a little lay up, then in swoops 6’10 Lebron James to dunk […]

Ron Artest

What The Hell Is Wrong With Ron Artest?

Sports Kid Chronic

What the hell is wrong with Ron Artest? He definitely must have too much money because now the famous bleacher brawler wants to change his name to “Metta World Peace” […]

Dunk Of The Week: Kevin Durant @ The Drew League

Sports Kid Chronic

Check out Kevin Durant shut down the gym with this off the glass one-hander at the Drew League.

Mark Cuban, Finals, NBA Trophy, 2011

Best Picture From The 2011 NBA Finals

Sports Kid Chronic

Check out Mark Cuban taking a piss with the NBA Finals trophy! Hey if you invest the kind of money he did, then build a team for ten years just […]

Lebron Says He Hates Average Americans And Their Lives Are Insignificant And Pathetic

Sports Kid Chronic

Lebron James says that the people who cheered against him will have to return to the real world at some point because they can’t spend all their time hating on […]

Lebron James Choke

Four Lebron James Jokes

Sports Kid Chronic

1. LeBron was just traded to the Florida Panthers. He should be wildly successful since in the NHL there are only 3 periods. 2. Lebron is thinking of starting his […]


Dallas Mavericks Are The 2011 NBA Champions!!!

Sports Kid Chronic

The Dallas Mavericks knocked off the Miami Heat to secure the team their first NBA¬†Championship in franchise history. Jason Terry put in an epic performance dropping 27 with Nowitzki adding […]

“He Chose Miami So Wade Can Win Him A Ring” – Skip Bayliss

Sports Kid Chronic

Is Lebron James Dwayne Wades Scottie Pippen?


Kim Kardashian Is A Dirty Cheater!

Entertainment Kid Chronic

In Touch Weekly just outed Kim Kardashian as a dirty cheater. According to them, Kim has been carrying on a steamy cheat-fest with NFL player Bret Lockett. This is bad […]

Is This Kid Going To The League Or What?

Sports Kid Chronic

Check out young buck Jordan Wynter light it up at his local high school. He makes the other kids look like their playing underwater. Someone please tell me he’s going […]

NBA Finals Thoughts: Heat up 1-0.

Sports C.R. Bauman

The NBA Finals have kicked off with The Heat taking a 1-game lead over the Mavericks. Series so far is anything but over, a Dallas victory tonight could swing home […]

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