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American Detainees in North Korea

CNN Gets Rare Access to Interview American Detainees in North Korea

News Kid Chronic

North Korea seems to be reaching out to America, should we seize this opportunity?

GET WISE: Milestones in the U.S. Labor Movement

GET WISE: Milestones in the U.S. Labor Movement

Get Wise Kid Chronic

Don’t just stuff your face today, watch this and learn something!

Florida State University

Florida State Vs Oklahoma State Highlights

Florida State Kid Chronic

Defending National Champs Florida State start of the season with a win against Oklahoma State!

Best Slopestyle Mountain Biking

Best Slopestyle Mountain Biking from Red Bull Joyride 2014

Sports Kid Chronic

These guys can shred on a Mountain Bike!

ISIS Targets Pope Francis - Print Killer

ISIS Targets Pope Francis

News Kid Chronic

Israeli sources say that the Pope is a target for a possible ISIS plot.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are Finally Married

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are Finally Married

Entertainment Kid Chronic

They were married over a week ago in a secret ceremony in France.

Jon Stewart - ISIS Age - Print Killer

Jon Stewart – ISIS Age

TV Kid Chronic

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook


Russia is Moving Troops and Tanks Into Ukraine

News Kid Chronic

Russian military forces are all over the Ukraine, and no one in the world is willing to come to the aid of the Ukrainians.

Bob Sinclar - Back Again

Bob Sinclar – Back Again

EDM Kid Chronic

New EDM from Bob Sinclair!!!

ghandi lgbt

Mother Disowns Her Son For Being Gay

LGBT Kid Chronic

This video is heartbreaking, but I think it’s important people see it. Anyone who says religion doesn’t hurt anyone, needs to watch this video. If this person sends me an email, I will gladly punch each and every one of his family members in the […]

Michael Brown Shooting

A Neighbor Accidentally Recorded The Michael Brown Shooting

News Kid Chronic

Here is the Audio of the Michael Brown shooting, you can clearly hear a pause between two sets of shots. The shots total around 11, way more than police originally told the news reporters in Missouri had been fired.

burger king

Burger King is Moving to Canada

News Kid Chronic

Burger King is going to Canada to merge with one of their coffee companies. The new company will not be American, and by doing this the King will save over 50 Million in taxes annually.

Michael Brown's

Michael Brown’s Friend Gives a Pretty Solid Interview After the Burial

News Kid Chronic

Michael Brown’s last words were “keep running bro,” pretty selfless last sentiment.

Iron Drone

Iron Drone Shoots Down 15 Incoming Rockets in Seconds

News Kid Chronic

You gotta give it to defense technology. That is one thing that is evolving faster than anyone expected. In this video, an Iron Drone defense system takes out 15 incoming rickets in just seconds. It’s pretty amazing to see in action. Give it a watch.

eathquake damage in california

Today’s California Quake Was the Largest in a Generation

California Kid Chronic

Massive damage in Napa Valley, following a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.

katy perry's boyfriend

So Katy Perry is Dating this Loser Now??? #WTF

Celeb Kid Chronic

Katy Perry is dating Riff Raff? Someone should fire her publicist asap! What a loser this guy is!! Russell Brand is way cooler than this piece of white trash, she should have stayed married!!!

new edm tracks out now

Thomas Newson & Magnificence – Blizzard

EDM Kid Chronic

New EDM!

Michael Browns Mother

Family Walks Into Michael Brown’s Funeral

News Kid Chronic

Over 5,000 people showed up to pay their respects to the late Michael Brown. The unarmed teenager was struck down by a police officer and his weapon in Ferguson, Missouri.


Beyonce Was Queen of MTV VMA’s

Entertainment Lois Lane

Beyonce was the queen of the VMA’s with a 20-minute performance. As she accepted the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award she kissed her daughter and husband Jay-Z who joined her up on stage. Jay-Z called her the “greatest living entertainer.”


Babysitter Sets Fire To Teens’ Room As A Vendetta

News Lois Lane

Martha Carolyn Dreher was charged with first-degree felony arson after she set fire to the house she was babysitting at. Apparently, Dreher thought that the pre-teen daughters of the homeowner Glenn Williams were disrespectful and undisciplined.    

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