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Tornadoes Tear Apart Midwest

Tornadoes Rip Oklahoma City Apart Killing Dozens

News ShoMeLove

Midwest unleashed multiple tornadoes, rain, and golf-ball sized hail, as severe storms roared through the Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.

David Letterman Final Goodbye

David Letterman Final Goodbye

Entertainment ShoMeLove

David Letterman says goodbye to the “Late Show” after 33 years.

Robbery Gone Wrong

Robbery Turns Into Shoot-Out

News ShoMeLove

3 armed assailants broke into the wrong house and met heavy gunfire from Brazilian man.

Robotics SuperBowl

Sport of The Mind “Robotics Superbowl”

Tech ShoMeLove

FIRST Robotics Championship in St. Louis, MO.

Rare: Conjoined Twins Born From Set of Identical Twins

Rare: Conjoined Twins Born From Set of Identical Twins

News ShoMeLove

conjoined baby girls born at 34 weeks.

Dean Potter dies at 43

Dean Potter and His Climbing Partner Killed

News ShoMeLove

Yosemite National Park was the last jump for sports legend Dean Potter.

EndLess Computers

Computer For The World

Interviews ShoMeLove

EndLess Computer is Bridging the digital divide in the world

Hacker Claims to have Taken Control Of Over 20 Planes

Hacker Claims He’s Taken Control of 20 Planes

Video Games ApexGuardian

Using the inflight entertainment system, this hacker claims he took control of planes 20 times.

Cop Gives Up Arresting 14 Year Old Girl

Cops Give Up Trying To Arrest 14 Year Old

WTF ApexGuardian

When confronted with an upset crowd, these officers decide to just walk away? wtf?

The New Drone That Flies Itself

The New Drone That Flies Itself

News ShoMeLove

A drone that can be thrown in the air and follow your every move.

Mom Gives Birth to 13th Son.

Mom Gives Birth to 13th Son

News ShoMeLove

13 sons and counting?

Boston Bomber Sentenced to Death

Boston Bomber Sentenced to Death

News ShoMeLove

The verdict is in, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted of all 30 counts related to the deadly bombing in Boston on April 15, 2013.

Man apprehended for trying to fly drone at White House

Man apprehended for trying to fly a drone at White House

News ShoMeLove

Dont fly drones over the White House


VideoBombs that Rock!

News ShoMeLove

News Videobombs from around the world.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Sold Early in UAE

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Sold Early

Uncategorized ApexGuardian

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been sold early in the UAE. CD Projekt Red asking gamers not to discuss leaked content.

Canadian Man Confesses to Murder of Family On Facebook

Man Confesses To Murder On Facebook

News ApexGuardian

A Canadian man, Randy Janzen confesses to the murder of his family on a Facebook post. Police later discovering the bodies in his home.

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