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Nurse Nina Pham Cured of Ebola Virus - Print Killer

Nurse Nina Pham Cured of Ebola Virus

Health Kid Chronic

She is 100% cured and looking forward to returning to normal life in Texas.

canadian shooter

New Video May Show the Canadian Shooter

News Kid Chronic

He got into a car with no plates and was accidentally caught on video by a dash cam.


Stunning Video Captures Rescue From Burning Fire

Videos Lois Lane

A woman recorded a man calmly walking into a house that was on fire to rescue an older man who was still inside.


Reports Find UNC Athletes Took Fake Classes To Stay Eligible

News Lois Lane

Reports find that University of North Carolina let there student athletes take fake classes so they could stay eligible to play sports.


Is America’s Defense being outsourced to foreigners?

News Flipzide

President Obama is allowing Illegal aliens to join the United States military while at the same time terminating the service of Untied States soldiers returning from battle…Is President Obama committing a federal crime?…watch this video and you be the judge.

horse prerace

RacehorseMeds.com is Your Source for Top Quality Equine Pre-race Supplements!

Company Kid Chronic

Racehorse Med’s is your source for top quality and reliable equine pre-race vitamins and supplements. Their products are made by scientist from the advice of horse trainers with years of experience on America’s best race tracks. Furthermore, their products are trusted by some of the […]

split state

Could South Florida Become a State?

News Flipzide

South Miami commissioners have created new proposal to split the state of  Florida in half and make South Florida the 51st state of the union…South Florida would consist of 24 counties which include Tampa Bay, Orlando & Miami…their reason for wanting to part from Tallahassee […]


Shooting Inside Ottawa Parliament

News Flipzide

An unidentified person began shooting a gun at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, the nations capitol today…one gunmen is confirmed dead and a soldier was shot…watch this amateur video that was taken from inside Parliament Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com


Government Still reluctant to impose travel ban from Ebola infested nations…2 passengers fall ill on flight from Liberia to Chicago

Health Flipzide

A child was reported to be vomiting on a flight from Liberia to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago…and another male passenger reported having nausea and diarrhea on the flight…all have been quarantined in Chicago hospitals as well as the child’s family have been put in […]


Idiot airline passenger says he has explosives in his suitcase at MIA

News Flipzide

Manuel Alvarado has been arrested on charges of criminal mischief and making a hoax bomb claim. Manuel was about to board a Avianca Airlines flight to Bogota, Colombia when he jokingly declared that he had explosives in his suitcase…yeah…really funny guy…it caused the entire concourse […]

Jeffrey Fowle Released

American Detainee Jeffrey Fowle Released From North Korea

News Kid Chronic

North Korea arrested Fowle for leaving a bible in a hotel room. I guess that’s illegal North Korea. I think we should make that illegal in this country, too. The last thing I want to see in my hotel room is a bible. Chances are […]

Woman Gets Stuck in The Chimney of a Man She Met Online Dating

Woman Gets Stuck in The Chimney of a Man She Met Online Dating

News Kid Chronic

This crazy bitch tried to climb down this dude’s chimney! Who the hell does she think she is, the ghetto Santa Claus? These online dating hoes are cray as fuuuu…

Hover Boards

HOLY SHIT! First Company is Selling Hover Boards for $10k!!!

Tech Kid Chronic

Shut the fuck up, and take my money! I want a hover board, and I want it now!!! Real talk though, this technology is going to change transportation forever. Visit the kick starter page here.


GET WISE: We Live in the Most Peaceful Time in Human History

Get Wise Kid Chronic

Bet you didn’t know it, but the planet is safer now than it has ever been before.

Bill Maher - What White People Want

Bill Maher – What White People Want

TV Kid Chronic

This week’s New Rules from Real Time with Bill Maher.

get wise time

GET WISE – The History and Future of Everything

Get Wise Kid Chronic

Watch this and make yourself smarter.

mh 17 shot down by russians

German Intel Says MH17 Was Shot Down by The Russians

News Kid Chronic

Boy oh boy, Russia sure does love dancing dangerously close to the World War 3 line. New German intelligence says they have proof Russian forces shot down MH17 with a missile they stole from Ukraine.

heather graham

Police May Have Found the Remains of Hannah Graham

News Kid Chronic

The body has not yet been identified, but police believe they have found missing UVA student Hannah Graham.

Florida State Vs. Notre Dame Hype Video - Print Killer

Florida State Vs. Notre Dame Hype Video

Florida State Kid Chronic

It’s the biggest game of the year. Shit, I’m freaking out. Lets go, Noles!!!

Hospital Employee Quarantined

Dallas Hospital Employee Quarantined on a Cruise Ship

Health Kid Chronic

This Dallas hospital worker who may have had contact with the Ebola virus in a lab has been quarantined on her cruise ship.

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