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One Armed Woman

One Armed Woman Can Lift More Than You!

Health Kid Chronic

She can lift 200 lbs right over her head like it weighs nothing.

Will Smith

Will Smith Performed a Surprise Show at The Palms in Las Vegas

Nevada Kid Chronic

The Fresh Prince made a surprise appearance at a pool party Dj Jazzy Jeff was playing at!

tactical furniture

Tactical Furniture For The Little Interior Designer Inside Every Gun Nut!

Cribs Kid Chronic

For the machine-gun-toting family man.


Baby Giraffe Makes Her Debut in Houston

Videos Lois Lane

Meet baby Kamili, born on Aug. 3rd at the Houston Zoo. I want one!

Fox News Calls the First Lady Fat

Fox News Calls The First Lady Fat

Health Kid Chronic

Fox News – First Lady “needs to drop a few.”

Michael Brown

Surveillance Footage of Michael Brown Store Robbery

News Kid Chronic

Police released this video that shows Michael Brown in a negative light, but does this shoplifting video have anything to do with the shooting that took place later that day?

michael brown

Friend Defends Officer That Shot Michael Brown

News Kid Chronic

Fellow officer defends the shooting of Michael Brown by saying the shooting officer must have been scared for his life

17 year old sells app to yahoo

Yahoo Buys 17 Year Old’s App for $30 Million

Apps Kid Chronic

Something tells me he’s going to have an amazing 18th birthday party!


Polish Couple Fall To Their Death While Taking Pictures

News Lois Lane

A polish couple fell to their deaths after they were snapping pictures of themselves near a  cliff. The rescue team was unable to recover their bodies due to bad weather and had to wait for the next day

Journalists Arrested

Journalists Arrested by Missouri Police

News Kid Chronic

Armed officers arrested media members covering the Michael Brown case.

Missouri Police

Missouri Police Tear Gas Michael Brown Supporters

News Kid Chronic

God forbid we try to hold the hold police countable for killing an unarmed boy. Godspeed to these protestors, and shame on any cops who tear gas protestors in Missouri.

Michael Brown

Witness Says Michael Brown Had His Hands Up When the Cop Shot Him

News Kid Chronic

An eyewitness describes a police execution of Michael Brown. If this is true account of the events, which it very much seems like it is. Then this cop needs to be tried for murder.


ISIS Keeps Posting Murder Pics on Social Networks

News Kid Chronic

After watching this video, I really don’t feel about hitting these guys with air strikes.

Michael Brown

African American’s are Furious with the Police and They Should Be

News Kid Chronic

This is happening far too much and it’s completely ridiculous, America has become an over armed police state. These cops are rolling around with loaded weapons, and in a lot of cases they don’t even have a bachelor’s degree! They are not just a danger […]


Hollywood Actress Lauren Bacall Dies

News Lois Lane

Hollywood icon Lauren Bacall died from a stroke at the age of 89 in New York. The Hollywood legend rose to fame in 1944 with her first film, “To Have and Have Not.”


Courtney Love Blew Through All Of The Nirvana Money

Entertainment Lois Lane

Courtney Love admitted in UK’s Sunday times interview that the Hole singer blew through all of the Nirvana money. “I lost about $27 million,” Love said.

Roller Coaster Riders Get Stuck 75 Feet in the Air

Roller Coaster Riders Get Stuck 75 Feet in the Air

News Kid Chronic

Getting stuck on an amusement ride is def one of my worst nightmares. These poor suckers at six flags, were stuck on this ride for seven hours!

ncaa loses court case

Judge Rules Against NCAA, Says Players Own Their Own Image

Legal Kid Chronic

Get ready for the days of paid college sports!

oakland california

Cocaine Dealers Have Completely Overtaken Oakland California

California Kid Chronic

A police budget shortfall combined with corruption have lead Oakland to be called the city with half a police force.

iraq veterans against air strikes

Iraq Veterans Are Against Air Strikes

News Kid Chronic

Our misunderstanding of the past is skewing our view of Iraq today, says U.S. war vet.

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