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Pedestrian Shoots Car Thief

Woman Jumps on Top of Her Car Jacked Car, Pedestrian Shoots Car Thief to Stop Him

News Kid Chronic

Is this guy a hero or a vigilante?

Spectacular Ship Collision

Fail Darth Turch

The ship known as the “Grand Rodosi” crushes the unsuspecting “Apollo S” like a can, check it out!

Banksy Art

Gaza Man Accidentally Sells Banksy Art For $175

News Kid Chronic

Oh, man what a deal. To have a door Banksy painted, while in the Gaza Strip, has to be worth a pretty penny. I bet if you auctioned that off, […]

illegal gold mine in columbia

Illegal Gold Mine in Columbia Collapses

Videos Kid Chronic

Madness ensues after and underground gold mine collapses in Columbia.

Drunk Girl Jumps on the Hood of a Bentley at Blue Martini in Fort Lauderdale

Life Darth Turch

Sooooo we were at Blue Martini in Fort Lauderdale sitting outside having some cocktails. When all the sudden this wasted chick comes rolling up to our table, picks up my […]

bad cop

Don Lemon Calls New York Police Detective a Tool

News Kid Chronic

Does this surprise anyone? This is how every cop acts every damn day!  

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easter death

Old Man Crushed by Falling Tombstone

Death Kid Chronic

Happy fucking Easter! A 74-year-old man was brutally crushed by a tombstone when he was hanging Easter decorations at his family plot in Pennsylvania. The man was hanging a cross […]

Tour Of A 92′ Custom Pilothouse Sloop Named Locura

Life Darth Turch

With a price tag of just over $1,400,000 the Locura is truly magnificent in every sense of the word. Check it out!

Combat Footage

Combat Footage of the Battle with ISIS in Tikrit

News Kid Chronic

Iraqi troops begin to reclaim their territory in Tikrit from ISIS. Here is some footage from the battlefield, in it you can see an Iraqi fighter fire a rocket launcher […]

beaver creek ski championships

The Hottest Skiers of the 2015 Season

Sports Kid Chronic

This was a great year for pro skiing, catch up on the news of the season here.

Hatewatch with Jon Stewart

Hatewatch with Jon Stewart

TV Kid Chronic

Jon Stewart’s new C-SPAN TV show!

Bitch Slap Montage!

Fights Darth Turch

If you have been wavering on the fence about bitch slapping someone, here is some motivation … Just do it!

U.S. Military Charges Bergdahl with Desertion - Print Killer

U.S. Military Charges Bergdahl with Desertion

News Kid Chronic

Sgt. Robert Bergdahl will now face a military hearing.

1200hp Drifting in the Streets of Auckland

Automotive Darth Turch

This guy really knows what hes doing. Watch as these spectacular cars drift their way around this track in New Zealand.

Gerald Posner

Gerald Posner – God’s Bankers

Interviews Kid Chronic

Now this sounds like a book I would like to read.

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