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NFL Fathers & Sons

NFL Fathers & Sons Top Combinations

Sports ShoMeLove

Ahead of Father’s Day, “NFL Total Access” ranks the top NFL Father and Son combinations that had the most success in the league.

Happy Birthday Cool Joe

In Honor Of Joe Montana’s Birthday

Sports ShoMeLove

Cool Joe makes it look so easy! Joe Montana compiled four Super Bowl wins and three Super Bowl MVPs, during his 16 seasons. This one is for you Joe.

Ex-Patriot 2nd Prison Fight

Ex-Patriot 2nd Prison Fight

News ShoMeLove

Aaron Hernandez still up to NO GOOD!

Madden NFL 16 First Look Be the Playmaker Trailer

Madden NFL 16 First Look Trailer

Video Games ApexGuardian

The Madden NFL 16 Be The Playmaker Trailer has landed.

Tom Brady

Many faces of Tom Brady…

Football ShoMeLove

Tom Brady Suspended Four Games, Play Colts on the Fifth Game. NFL Marketing at its Best!

Sports Josh Leidolf

The marketing geniuses behind the NFL’s tactics are no dummies. They know what they are doing. The Deflate-gate scandal happened against the Colts and the NFL knows Game Five this […]

Tom Brady Patriots Suspended 4 Games and Fined

Tom Brady’s Hand Slapped, Suspended 4 Games

Sports ApexGuardian

Proven liar and cheater, Tom Brady, gets a harsh 4 game suspension. Poor Tom. And how about that $1 million the Patriots will have to scrape together… where-oh-where will they […]

Walking Dead Star Freaks the Fuck Ou

Turns Out Tom Brady Probably Knew the Balls Were Deflated

Sports Kid Chronic

Deflate-gate is stupid, but it’s funny that the NFL report pretty much calls Tom Brady a liar.

New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez

Right Now a Jury is Deciding Aaron Hernandez’s Murder Case

Sports Kid Chronic

Will he be guilty or innocent?

the gronk

Rob Gronkowski Plays Giant Flip Cup for Sports Nation

Sports Kid Chronic

Can the Gronk dominate giant flip cup as well as he dominates the NFL?

Shooting at cars: Teen caught on camera firing at SUV in broad daylight in South Carolina

News Darth Turch

Shooting at cars: Teen caught on camera firing at SUV in broad daylight in South Carolina People do more and more outlandish things every day with different motives fueling their […]

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel in Rehab for “Alcohol”

Drugs Kid Chronic

Who does this dumb shit think he is fooling? Alcohol? Yeah right! This guy was doing more blow than Charlie Sheen in a Hollywood whore house!

Factory Makes All The NFL Footballs

This Factory Makes All The NFL Footballs

Sports Kid Chronic

Where do the footballs Tom Brady deflates come from? This factory!

Taunts Will Follow Jameis Winston

Christine Brennan Thinks Taunts Will Follow Jameis Winston to the NFL

Florida State Kid Chronic

Personally, I think if there were no charges filed in the case, then the taunts are a bit ridiculous, but college and pro sports are what they are…

Johnny Manziel's Party

Johnny Manziel’s Party Led To Josh Gordon’s Suspension

Sports Kid Chronic

Johnny Football causing trouble? No, I don’t believe it!

johnny manziel

Johnny Manziel Flies in Cute Pajama Pants!

Sports Kid Chronic

Awww! Look at Johnny Manziel at the airport. How cute! I mean nothing says pro football like a starting QB in cute little pajama pants… Johnny Football? How about Johnny […]

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