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Pitbull, Ne-Yo – Time Of Our Lives

Hip Hop Kid Chronic

You know this song is that jam son!

Best Fails of the Week! - Print Killer

Best Fails of the Week!

Fail Kid Chronic

Start your week of with some solid laughs!

Stephan Hawking

Stephan Hawking is Out of Control

Science Kid Chronic

Stephen Hawking is out of control from thund3rbolt on Vimeo.

Randy Orton KOs

Randy Orton KO’s, He Came Outta Nowhere!

Videos Kid Chronic

And shit like this is why I love the internet.

City of Ferguson

The Entire City of Ferguson Was Set Up to Arrest and Fine Bl...

News Kid Chronic

St. Louis Police Officers Association’s Jeff Roorda is in complete denial about the officers he represents. Every time this guy opens his mouth its like a gallon of verbal sewage […]

Ferguson Police Department Was Sending racist Emails

Ferguson Police Department Was Sending Racist Emails

Legal Kid Chronic

A new Justice Department investigation found that Ferguson Police routinely engaged in conduct that violated the Constitution and federal law. [Washington Post]

American Jailed in the United Arab Emirates

American Jailed in the United Arab Emirates Over Facebook Po...

News Kid Chronic

While back home in Tampa, Florida, Ryan Pete a civilian helicopter mechanic in the¬†United Arab Emirates criticized his employer/Arabs on Facebook, because he was frustrated with his job. When he […]

Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

GET WISE: Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

Get Wise Kid Chronic

We have all seen this sketch, but what does it mean?

DC Legalizes Pot

DC Legalizes Pot Despite Pathetic Threats From the GOP

News Kid Chronic

Republicans are always the square guy at the party. They couldn’t just let DC legalize weed for themselves without sticking their pencil necks into the mix. However, that didn’t faze […]

Boston Blizzard Challenge

The Boston Blizzard Challenge is Awesome

Funny Kid Chronic

The Boston Blizzard Challenge: Jump out of window into the snow banks. Points for style, height, and dress!

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Sets Valentine’s Box Office Recor...

Movie Kid Chronic

You little freaks, you love it!

Viral Videos

Break’s Viral Videos of January 2015

Compilation Kid Chronic

We Break The Internet.

dubai ultra rich

Check Out The Homes of The Dubai Ultra Rich

Cribs Kid Chronic

These homes are out of control awesome!

john oliver christian grey

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Fifty Shades #NotMyChris...

TV Kid Chronic

John Oliver auditions for Christian Grey in the movie 50 Shades of Grey.

smart guys

Here is a Bunch of Guys Way Smarter Than Me…

Science Kid Chronic

The geniuses of our day discuss consciousness.


President Obama Set to Delivers the State of the Union Addre...

News Kid Chronic

President Barack Obama will deliver his sixth State of The Union Address tonight at 9pm Eastern.

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