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See Margery Tyrell (The New Queen) on Game of Thrones Naked

NSFW Kid Chronic

This post is NSFW.

Tom Swoon, Lush & Simon - Ahead Of Us - Print Killer

Tom Swoon, Lush & Simon – Ahead Of Us

EDM Kid Chronic

New house music for Spring Break 2014!!!


Gaia – Empire Of Hearts

EDM Kid Chronic

Part of A State of Trance 2014.

Game of Thrones Season 4: Ice and Fire - Print Killer

Game of Thrones Season 4: Ice and Fire

TV Kid Chronic

A foreshadowing…

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Talks About His Role in “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Celeb Kid Chronic

This is great. You guys watch this if you saw the movie.

president obama

President Obama’s Full 2014 State of the Union Adress

News Kid Chronic

See the President’s 2014 State of the Union Address.

california wild fires

California Declares State of Emergency

California Kid Chronic

Wild fires ravage the L.A. area.

game of thrones season 4hot 2014-01-12 at 11.46.11 PM

Game of Thrones Season 4: Trailer

TV Kid Chronic

This season is said to be even bloodier!

lion on the loose

A Lion Was on The Loose in Tampa Bay Florida Today

Animals Kid Chronic

A lion named Savannah was found sunning herself in the grass, after escaping her enclosure today at the Survival Outreach Sanctuary, in Tampa Bay Florida. Wildlife officials shot the beast with a tranquilizer dart and moved her to a new cage. When asked about the […]

armin van burren

Armin van Buuren’s – A State Of Trance

EDM Kid Chronic

Podcast 293.


The Best FAILs of 2013

Fail Kid Chronic

Over 30 minutes of the best FAIL’s of the year.

cliff diving

Best of Redbull Cliff Diving 2013

Sports Kid Chronic

These guys are serious athletes, cliff diving is no joke!

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes in 50 Shades of Grey?

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Katie Holmes could be going kink.

freedom of speech

Immortal Technique – Freedom of Speech

Music Kid Chronic

Hip Hop Sundays!

cool like the fonzi

The Best Pics on The Web Today

Pics Kid Chronic

The funniest, coolest, most amazing pics on the world wide web today!

Guy Jumps Out of a Runaway Truck Right Before it Goes Off a Cliff

Automotive Kid Chronic

Wow! That’s what I call a close call! The driver dives out of the truck at the last second and walks away from an accident that would have most likely been certain death. #GraceUnderFire A Narrow Escape – Watch More Funny Videos


Spend The Afternoon With The 420 Girls [nsfw]

Chronic Hotties The Chef

Happy Holidays from The South Florida Chronicle.. It’s the Chronic… YEP!    Today’s Wake Up is brought to you by the 420 Girls… The Messengers Of Mother Nature.. Awwww Yeaaaaa..!  

Scott Joseph Trader, 26, and Katrina Anay Varner, 19,

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Florida Couple Accused Of Having A Five Year Old Watch Them Have Sex?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Scott Joseph Trader, 26, and Katrina Anay Varner, 19, both stand accused of  telling a five-year-old girl to watch them have sex. An ex-girlfriend of Trader’s reportedly turned the couple in, saying that Trader had made comments about wanting the young to touch him in inappropriate ways. After the […]

lion foot massage

Even The King Of The Jungle Occasionally Needs A Foot Massage

Animals Kid Chronic

Hey, let’s keep it down to a dull roar, fellas. I’m trying to get a little foot massage over here…

The Best Water Balloon Launcher Shot You Will Ever See

Pranks Kid Chronic

Whoa wtf is this kid some kind of sniper? That is by far the best water balloon launcher shot ever made. Even better than the time Dr. Glock hit himself in the nuts with a potato. College Girl Water Balloon Headshot – Watch More Funny […]

4pm Moment Of Zen… The Wife Test

4pm Moment of Zen The Chef

I rest my case…

The second tower of the World Trade Center explodes into flames after being hit by a airplane, New York September 11, 2001

The Decade In Pictures

Featured The Chef

They say a, “Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.” And well, this last ten years have spoke more words than any other decade in history. Such a variety of unimaginable, God-like events that will forever change the way we deal with politics, the environment and modern warfare. Here are a wide array of pictures that will forever change the world as we live and breath in it today.


The Voice Of ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Charlie O’Donnel Dies At 76

Featured Kid Chronic

Charlie O’Donnell got his start on Dick Clark’s show American Bandstand before becoming the voice of Wheel Of Fortune in 1975 with host Chuck Woolery. His signature phrase “Wheeeeeeel of Fortune” can be heard before every episode of the prime time game-show. O’Donnell was also […]


Over exited tornado guy gets auto-tuned…

Videos The Chef

The other day we brought you the tornado in Brooklyn video. I was like, stfu dude. You suck. You are way to excited and that wasnt even a tornado. It was s torm surge with 90 mph winds. Grow some balls. Then halfway through your […]


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