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Keystone Pipline Route Map

Obama Tells Republicans to Take Their Keystone Pipeline and ...

News Kid Chronic

President Obama used his presidential veto for the third time in his presidency Tuesday. The Commander and Chief brandished his rarely seen veto pen, to promptly reject the Keystone Pipeline […]

apec daily show

Diplomatic for the People’s Republic: APEC

TV Kid Chronic

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook


The Brown TLV Spa is One Hip Spot to Visit While Visiting Te...

Travel Josh Leidolf

  Nestled in the heart of Tel Aviv’s urban scene, at the crossroads of the charming Neve Tzedek quarter and trendy Rothschild Boulevard and a ten minute walk from the beach, the […]

texas legal system

Fuck Texas – Teen Facing Life in Prison For Pot Browni...

News Kid Chronic

Who else is sick of Texas law enforcement and the god damn police state they are running over there? Prosecutors in Austin Texas are now trying to send a teen […]

oil spill cleaning powder

Amazing Powder That Cleans Oil Spills Was Not Even Used in t...

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

Lord only knows why this product was not used to clean the Gulf oil Spill. Seems to me that it would have been a handy part of the cleanup effort.

Keystone pipeline

Obama Will Approve Keystone Pipeline Because of an Endangere...

Politics Nat Trayger

The proposed 7 billion dollar Keystone XL pipeline would carry oil from Alberta in Western Canada to Nebraska and connect to already existing pipelines in order to carry 800,000 barrels […]

Craziest Oil Drilling Story Ever Told

The Craziest Oil Drilling Story Ever Told

Videos Kid Chronic

Drilling for oil has been screwing up the planet for years, and years, and years…

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 1.49.52 PM

The Crazy Truth About Chinese Food

Food The Brooklyn Bomber

The making of gutter oil in the homeland of China.

texas oil investment

Wanna Be A Fat Cat? Invest In Oil…

News Kid Chronic

Santa Rosa Resources,Inc. Undivided Working Interest Units 400 units @ 2.00% Working Interest Per Unit 75% Net Revenue Interest $25,000 Per Unit Minimum Purchase of 2 Units Santa Rosa Resources, Inc. […]

Why Gaddafi Was Really Killed

News Kid Chronic

The one thing the US does well, we dismantle small Arab countries rich in oil, “do you really think we would be in Iraq if their main export was broccoli” […]

Alaska Oil Spill

BP Spills Oil…Again

Featured Kid Chronic

The wonderful world-changing company British Petroleum reported another US oil spill this week. This time spilling 4,200 gallons of an oil, methanol, and water mix in Alaska. The spill is […]

Gas Prices

Gas Prices Fall 2% After News Of Bin Laden’s Death

Featured Kid Chronic

Oil prices dropped after the news came out that President Obama would be announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden at the hands of US Special Forces. Much to the […]

AP / Kevin Frayer

Violence in Libya: Oil City Bombed, Obama Backs No-Fly Zone

News Jimmy Hoffa Esq.

As the regime of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi continues to clash against Libya’s citizens and the opposition force that has formulated over the past weeks, developments continue to pour in everyday. […]

Are You F*cking Kidding Me! Another God Damn Oil Rig Explosi...

News Kid Chronic

We humans are just not going to be satisfied until we completely ruin the Gulf of Mexico. I don’t know why we hate it so much, but we do. You would think after the […]

Gulf Oil Spill Workers Report Health Concerns

Health eraslentapops

With the giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico now in its sixth week, reports of relief workers falling ill are steady on the rise. “Within the past week, […]

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