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coffee gif


Gifs Kid Chronic

Actually, I like coffee a lot, too.

motorcycle vs swimming pool

Motorcycle Vs Swimming Pool

Gifs Kid Chronic

Aww Yeaaaaaa!!!

Kid Chronic at a young age

Kid Chronic At A Young Age

Pics Kid Chronic

Some things are just innate…

Lady Gaga Sucks

Lady Gaga’s Magic DJ And Her Live Performance On VH1

Music Kid Chronic
dolphin cheerleaders

Wanna Be A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader?

Sports Kid Chronic

Here is where and when to try out.

boob jiggler Gif

Jiggle Jiggle Them Titties South Florida I’m Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!

Gifs Kid Chronic

After getting a new office and finally having the place hard wired, the Kid is back and better then ever folks. So shake what your momma gave ya, and enjoy a bunch of kick ass blogs!!!

daily criminal

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Cooked His Own Food At Wendy’s?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic


best iphone app

Someone Get Tech Tom This Awesome Phone For His Birthday!

Product Kid Chronic

Sometimes technology moves the other way… Happy Birthday Tom!!!

most amazing gif ever

The Most Complicated Gif Ever

Gifs Kid Chronic

…And the point is?

party animal

Someone Invite This Guy To The Chronicle Bikini Contest!

Pics Kid Chronic

Something tells me this guy knows how to party… [Bikini Contest]  

note to girlfriend

Note Found Under The Conference Table At The Chronicle Office

Writers Block Kid Chronic

WTF a cactus?!? Nice choice!

race car gif

Here’s Me Driving Home At The End Of Your Average Friday…

Gifs Kid Chronic

Are we there yet? Jeesh!

Whitney Houston death photo

Inside The Whitney Houston Family-Only Viewing

Music Kid Chronic

A rogue family member or friend has just sold a picture of Whitney Houston in her casket to the National Enquirer. The photo was taken at the ultra-private family viewing, the day before the huge public funeral we all saw on TV. The famous grocery-store […]

mind blowing gif

My Mind Be Playin’ Tricks On Me…

Gifs Kid Chronic

Uphill both ways???

gun shot to the nuts

This Is How Not To Clean A Gun, Folks

Gifs Kid Chronic

Thank God it was just a paintball…

funny sign

Sign Seen On The Wall Outside The Chronicle Office

Pics Kid Chronic

SMALL PRINT – “Please no punk bitches” Hahahaha!

Lady Gaga naked in plastic wrap

Lady Gaga’s Weird Naked Body In Plastic Wrap

Music Kid Chronic

If there is one thing every girl who is not a model loves to do, it’s a photo shoot.  As can be seen clearly here by Lady Gaga, who is apparently not satisfied with her musical success because she keeps trying to shove her fashion […]

insult to injury

Insult To Injury

Gifs Kid Chronic

Get em while he’s down boy!

funny cat gif

I’ll Get You Next Time, You Bastard!

Gifs Kid Chronic

Damn another good plan foiled…



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