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mug shots, sex crime

Does This Look Like The Faces Of Three Seniors Who Whipped Out Their Schween In Front Of Detectives?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Police roped three seniors in a recent sex sting, after reports of public lewdness at a local park. During the sting these three fellas pictured above approached under cover detectives planted at the park and indicated they were looking for some satisfaction like the Rolling […]

keg bookbag

End Of Semester Bookbag

Pics Kid Chronic

Winter break is here awww yeaaaa!!!

puppy with a broken leg


Pics Kid Chronic

Lab puppy with a broken leg : (

amazing street art

Sick Street Art

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

I have no idea where this is or who the artist is so if anyone knows let me know and ill post credits for them.

pollution in china

The Air In China Is So Unhealthy You Can Literally See It

News Kid Chronic

The pollution in China this week has reached record levels while the Chinese government insists its all just “fog.”  I guess their peoples health really isn’t of the utmost importance to the Chinese leadership. As most of the week the air in Beijing has been […]

burn down the house gif

This Was On That Day We Decided To Burn Down The House With My Roomate Inside…

Gifs Kid Chronic

I don’t know if that’s an octopus, a spider, or some king of hybrid, but if I found it in my house I’d be outta there!!!

funniest gif ever

Futbol Hooligan Photo Bombs A News Reporter

Gifs Kid Chronic

  Damn futbol hooligans!

best exit ever

Stop The Car! This Is My Exit…

Pics Kid Chronic

I don’t always know where I’m going, but I certainly know when I’ve arrived!

helicopter crash

Steady, Steady, Oh Shit…

Gifs Kid Chronic


personal trainer buisness card

Good Business Card Or Great Business Card?

Pics Kid Chronic

Check out this bad boy its for a personal trainer pretty, pretty, pretty, clever!

subway devil

Yet Another Reason Not To Ride The Subway…

Pics Kid Chronic

Public transportation can a get a little scary depending on what part of the public shows up on that particular evening. In this case it was only the devil Lucifer himself no big deal… Anyone got some holy water or know how to fiddle devil […]

nba lockout is over

NBA – The Lockout Is Over!

Sports Kid Chronic

The NBA and the players representatives reached a tentative agreement yesterday morning after a 15 hour negotiation. In the agreement the players will get back to work immediately with the first games of the shortened 66 game season kicking off Christmas Day. Featuring games between […]

huma and anthony weiner, mustache, gay porn

Wiener Tweeter Anthony Weiner Grows Epic Porn Star Mustache

News Kid Chronic

It looks like former kick ass congressman turned cock shot super jock Anthony Weiner is following through with his porn ambitions by growing an epic porn star stash for Movember. Weiner was seen here shopping at a mall in Soho this weekend with his wife […]

creep wonka, politics

Older People Don't Always Know What's Best…

Politics Kid Chronic
odds of your existance

What Are The Odds You Exist?

Health Kid Chronic

This will blow your mind.

Space Shuttle ocer Earth

Don't Look Down!

Pics Kid Chronic

The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective […]

worst face plant ever

Worst Face Plant Ever In The History

Gifs Kid Chronic

That’s gonna leave a mark!

ass injection

Miami Woman Injects Her Friends Ass With Cement

Health Kid Chronic

True story folks, cops in Miami Gardens just charged a woman for injecting her friends ass with “cement” a slime substance used to patch holes in car tires. Needless to say the woman experienced series health complications. [SunSentinel]

Cee Lo Green and The Big Perm Getting It In

KID CHRONIC EXCLUSIVE: Cee Lo Green Gets Freaky On A Yacht With Sketchy Unkown Woman

Music Kid Chronic

So as the story goes my boy and long time friend of the Chronicle the Big Perm was in the Bahamas walking the docks, when he ran into C-Lo Green on his yacht. Cee Lo invited the Big Perm on-board as well as a young […]

lady gaga, ass, butt, pooper, naked, nsfw,

Guess That Booty???

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Today’s booty belongs to none other than music icon…

war is peace, pizza is vegetable


Uncategorized Kid Chronic

Chronic Art, or just a big joke? I’m not sure but I like it!

LAdy gaga sperm hat

Nice Sperm Hat Lady Gaga

Style Kid Chronic

I’m sorry but Lady Gaga sucks monkey balls. I don’t know how we went from Madonna to this but we totally got scammed. We used to have a hot chick rolling around in a wedding dress and now we have a nerd in a sperm […]

worlds biggest diamond

Now That's An Engagement Ring!

Style Kid Chronic

The worlds largest yellow diamond just sold at auction for a mere $11 million. The stone was discovered by Cora International who put the 100.03 carat monster up for auction via Sotheby’s international. Sotheby’s was able to hock the stone to an anonymous phone bidder […]

big boned, fat

Next Time Someone Says They're Big Boned Not Fat, Show Them This

Health Kid Chronic

This MRI throws that whole big boned thing right out the window!


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