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race car gif

Here’s Me Driving Home At The End Of Your Average Friday…

Gifs Kid Chronic

Are we there yet? Jeesh!

Whitney Houston death photo

Inside The Whitney Houston Family-Only Viewing

Music Kid Chronic

A rogue family member or friend has just sold a picture of Whitney Houston in her casket to the National Enquirer. The photo was taken at the ultra-private family viewing, the day before the huge public funeral we all saw on TV. The famous grocery-store […]

mind blowing gif

My Mind Be Playin’ Tricks On Me…

Gifs Kid Chronic

Uphill both ways???

gun shot to the nuts

This Is How Not To Clean A Gun, Folks

Gifs Kid Chronic

Thank God it was just a paintball…

funny sign

Sign Seen On The Wall Outside The Chronicle Office

Pics Kid Chronic

SMALL PRINT – “Please no punk bitches” Hahahaha!

Lady Gaga naked in plastic wrap

Lady Gaga’s Weird Naked Body In Plastic Wrap

Music Kid Chronic

If there is one thing every girl who is not a model loves to do, it’s a photo shoot.  As can be seen clearly here by Lady Gaga, who is apparently not satisfied with her musical success because she keeps trying to shove her fashion […]

insult to injury

Insult To Injury

Gifs Kid Chronic

Get em while he’s down boy!

funny cat gif

I’ll Get You Next Time, You Bastard!

Gifs Kid Chronic

Damn another good plan foiled…

escalator dive gif

That’s Gotta Hurt!

Gifs Kid Chronic

What kind of masochistic f*ck takes a header of an escalator? #stupidpeople

Wizard Camp

Sign Hanging On The Door At The Chronicle Office…

Pics Kid Chronic

Sign me up, I wanna make the first Lady’s clothes disappear!

big booty

Are Those Space Pants Your Wearing? Cause That Ass Is Out Of This World!!!

Gifs Kid Chronic
funny text messages

Jon, He's A Keeper

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

I can’t tell if Jon is oblivious or just playing along, either way its hilarious!

Bedtime Shirt!

Bedtime Shirt

Gifs Kid Chronic
life on the edge

Ever Feel Like Your All Alone In The Big Bad World?

Pics Kid Chronic

Detail Schmetail!

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

Check out the detail in this awesome drawing by Mattias Adolfsson.

If by rudyard kipling

If – By Rudyard Kipling

Poetry Kid Chronic

Yo when ever all the shit hits the fan and things get real crazy, this poem always brings me back down to earth and reminds me what’s truly important in life. You can’t control other people or make them be who you want them to […]

Snooki punch gif

Jersey Shore Throwback GiF

Gifs Kid Chronic

Oh no they didn’t… Of yes we did! Snooki KO GiF!!!

Just hanging out over Times Square!

NYPD Like A Boss! (Circa 1920)

Pics Kid Chronic
pollution in china

China's Pollution Is So Thick You Can See It From Space

News Kid Chronic

China’s pollution is so thick and disgusting that they actually had to ground 43 flights and delay 80 more this month. The pollution is building up in an air pocket stretching thousands of miles across the North China Palin. The picture below was taken by […]

scratch and sniff

The Old Flicker & Sniffer

Gifs Kid Chronic

She pulled the old Flicker & Sniffer!!! WTF is going on at this school!?!? I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life, look at that old bean flicker get it in classroom style. Then afterwards she pulls the old Flicker & Sniffer, gross!!!

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