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The Best Pics on The Web This Week!

Pics Kid Chronic

The coolest pics on the world wide web this week!


The Best Pics on the Web This Week!

Pics Kid Chronic

The coolest pics on the world-wide web this week.


Is This the Worst Tattoo Ever?

Pics Kid Chronic

I don’t know whats worse the quality of this tattoo or the idea in general?  


The Best Pics on the Web This Week!!!

Pics Kid Chronic

Cool amazing and sexy pics to feast your eyes on!!!


The Best Pics on the Web This Week!

Pics Kid Chronic

Pics cooler than the ones you take at home, unless you take really cool pics. In that case they are a lot like the ones you take at home.


The Best Pics on the Web This Week!

Pics Kid Chronic

The coolest most radical pics on the web this week dude!


The Air in Beijing is Awful

Pics Kid Chronic

Check out these pics of Beijing in the middle of the day. You can barely see!


People Magazine Names Gwyneith Paltrow as World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Entertainment Lois Lane

2013 has chosen Gwyneith Paltrow to grace the cover of People Magazine’s annual list of the “World’s Most Beautiful.” Paltrow says she stays fit by working out two hours a day and watching what she eats. She denies rumors that she bans her kids from […]


The Best Gifs on the Web This Week!

Gifs Kid Chronic

Why, it’s a regular old gif fest, I tell ya!!!    


The Leaked Photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Dead Body, and The Questions it is Raising in the Media

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Photos have been leaked by someone at the Boston morgue, which clearly show the first suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s dead body. As the story goes, the Tsarnaev brothers killed MIT police officer Sean Collier, shooting him four times in the chest and […]


When I Was A Kid I Used To Think, “Man It Must Be Cool to Be a National Geographic Photographer”…Turns Out It Totally Is!

Animals Kid Chronic

One photog’s experience in the field for Nat Geo.


Here are the Best Pics we Can Find of Possible Boston Bombing Suspects

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Here are the best possible Boston bombing suspects we can find in the Marathon crowd. The one thing about these pics though – they do not look anything like the bag in front of the rail at the second bombing location. So though these all […]


Pictures of Second Bomb Released by WHDH Boston

News Kid Chronic

Amazing photos captured by a couple watching the Boston Marathon show what looks to be the second bomb. In the photos, you can clearly see a suspicious bag on the ground and the mass carnage in the exact same spot a short time later. It […]

surfer babe

The Best Pics of the Week!

Pics Kid Chronic

All the best photos uploaded to the Chronicle this week!!!        


Eva Longoria Nip Slips

Chronic Hotties Kid Chronic

Ahhh the good old fashioned celebrity nip slip!


The Best Gif’s on the Web Today!!!

Gifs Kid Chronic

The coolest most awesome animated Gif’s on the web today!!!  


The Best Pics on the Web Today!

Pics Kid Chronic

The coolest, sexiest, most awesome pics on the world wide web today!!!


North Korea Has Just Released Photos of a “U.S. Mainland Strike Plan”

News Kid Chronic

Ok, so North Korea has now released photos of Kim Jung Un in front of a giant map that reads “US Mainland Strike Plan.” The plan has target points of Hawaii, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas. The only problem is North Korea doesn’t […]


Crazy Russian Photographers Climb the Great Pyramid at Giza

Pics Kid Chronic

The fact that it was punishable by one to three years in prison according to Egyptian law did not stop these crazy Russian photographers from hiding for four hours while the tourist section of the Pyramids closed. Once it closed the insane group of photogs […]


A Group of Americans Went to Europe Made Boats Out of Trash and Now They Are Traveling Around Doing Live Shows

Pics Kid Chronic

Now this looks awesome, provided your a trust fund baby or have some sort of residual income coming in,while your out sailing around Europe in your trash boat. Cause as awesome as it looks, I’m sure its not any fun at all if you got […]


The Best Pics on the Web Today

Pics Kid Chronic

The coolest, funniest, most awesome pics on the world wide web today!


Check Out the Aweosme GQ Photo Bomber Shoot!

Pics Kid Chronic

The Chinese guy from The Hangover (Ken Jeong) photo bombs a GQ shoot.


How to Pick Up Babes

Dating Kid Chronic

God knows picking up babes ain’t easy, so here are a few tips…


Does This Look Like the Face of a Florida School Worker Who Sent Naked Pics to Students?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Meet 43-year-old Florida school worker and avid sexter Jody Onorato. Onorato, a divorcee looking for a little cell phone lovin’, began sexting racy texts and naked pictures of herself to two students at Vanguard High School in Ocala where she was employed. When confronted by […]


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