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Justin Beiber Smoking a Spliff

Music Kid Chronic

Way to go Beiber! I mean your music still sucks rhinoceros balls, but at least your starting to get cool.

cocaine gif

The Best Gifs on the Web Today!

Gifs Kid Chronic

Mad Gifs Yo!


The Best Gifs on the Web Today!

Gifs Kid Chronic

Yo MTV Gifs!


This Dude Takes Pics Next to People Making Out

lol Kid Chronic

Check out this clever little hipster… [Gallery]


Happy Hump Day!

Killer Babes Kid Chronic

Hump Day, time to get over the hump and for a lucky few of us maybe get behind one!


The Best Pics on The Web This Week!

Compilation Kid Chronic

Mad Pics Yo!


Fifty Shades of Grey Actors Revealed

Entertainment Lois Lane

Finally will be able to see this erotic novel live on the big screen. It was finally revealed that Charlie Hunnam, from Sons of Anarchy  will play the role of sexy Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson will play shy college senior Anastasia Steele. It will […]


Weird Inventions You Just Might Like…

Funny Kid Chronic

Some of these are actually cool, but if you take your fish for a walk your a total weirdo!!!  


The Best Pics on the Web Today!

Pics Kid Chronic

The most awesome pics on the web today!

funny gif

The Best Gifs on the Web Today!

Gifs Kid Chronic

The best animated gifs on the web this week!

Amanda Queen

Page 7 Girl – Amanda Queen

Compilation Kid Chronic

Amanda Queen – Photography Bio I am an experienced, all natural and curvaceous photography model, especially well-suited for glamor, lingerie, swim suit, fashion, nude, fetish and erotic modeling. I’m very comfortable in front of the camera and not at all shy. My Puerto Rican heritage […]

The Best Pics on the Web This Week

Pics Kid Chronic

The best pics on the web today!!!


Should You Be Able To Posts Pictures of Your Ex Naked Online?

News Kid Chronic

I’m going to go out on a journalistic limb here, and say I’m all for free speech, but there should probably be a law against this type of behavior. However any law that limits free speech in any way, usual brings heavy opposition from both […]


Never Before Seen Photos of Drakkar Tsarnaev’s Capture

News Kid Chronic

  These were shot by a Boston Police photographer on the seen at the time of Drakkar Tsarnaev’s capture and arrest. The photog said he felt like releasing the pics after Rolling Stone glamorized the terrorist in print.    


The Best Pics on the Web Today!!!

Compilation Kid Chronic

You want pics, you got em!

Page 7 Girl - Sandra Caskey

Page 7 Girl – Sandra Caskey

California Kid Chronic

Name: Sandra Caskey Hometown: Madisonville, Kentucky Now Resides: Concord, California DOB: June 26,1986 Sign: Cancer Height: 5’5 Weight: 129 Hair: Dark Brown Dress Size: 2/4 Hobbies: Anything athletic! I love a good runners high there is just nothing like it. I also love to cook, […]

The Best Pics on the Web This Week

Compilation Kid Chronic

What up south Florida? Here are Mad Pics for Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure! It’s the BEST Pics of the WEEK!  


The Best Pics on the Web Today!

Pics Kid Chronic

The most awesome pics on the web today!!!


Daytona Beach Police Officer Quits After Naked Pics Pop Up Online

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

18-year police vet Sgt. Penny Dane has quit the force after photos of her sexting in uniform popped up online. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


Evidence Piling Up Against Aaron Hernandez

Sports Kid Chronic

You can clearly see Hernandez in his living room with a gun, before and after the murder of Odin Loyd.

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