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Watch an Army of LAPD Officers Manhandle, Than Shoot a Homeless Man

News Kid Chronic

Are you telling me the LAPD couldn’t subdue this guy? Even if he had a gun, they couldn’t keep him from getting it, they had four cops on top of him? The only way this is justified, is if the guy actually had his hand […]

Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope

Movie Darth Turch

Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope for a fan this is EPIC! I personally can not wait to see this fan film! For updates on this Film check in on www.printkiller.com DBZ has always been one of my all-time favorites my brothers and I probably […]

Trying to Join ISIS

Three Total Idiots Threw Their Life Away Trying to Join ISIS

News Kid Chronic

Three idiots are now in jail for the rest of their lives, all for a stupid religion that most likely isn’t even true. Like honestly how stupid so you have to be to want to leave America to go fight with ISIS? What a way […]

Shooting at cars: Teen caught on camera firing at SUV in broad daylight in South Carolina

News Darth Turch

Shooting at cars: Teen caught on camera firing at SUV in broad daylight in South Carolina People do more and more outlandish things every day with different motives fueling their insanity. However I dont understand the reason someone would open fire at random civilian driving […]

fail army!

Couple Fails Compilation: Failed Valentines FailArmy

Fail Darth Turch

Couple Fails Compilation: Failed Valentines FailArmy in the spirit of the holiday I had to share this clip! Super epic couple fail compilation! Check it out and for more clips like this go to www.printkiller.com

epic car crash

Bad Car Crashes Caught on camera 2014 – TOP 50

Automotive Darth Turch

Bad Car Crashes Caught on camera 2014 – TOP 50 for more clips like this check out www.printkiller.com

Police Radar Gun Could Detect Texting

New Police Radar Gun Could Detect Texting and Driving

Tech Kid Chronic

Oh boy, I’m in trouble!


Suge Knight Arrested For Hit and Run

Entertainment Lois Lane

Marion “Suge” Knight has been arrested for driving over two men with his red pickup truck, he then drove over them again as he sped away from the scene. He is being held in lieu of $2 million bond.    


Breaking News: Explosion In Mexican Maternity Ward

News Lois Lane

A maternity hospital south of Mexico City is on the verge of collapsing after a gas delivery truck hit a building and exploded.  At least 54 people are injured, including 22 children, an unconfirmed number of people are trapped.

Moon Walking Cop

Moon Walking Cop Directs Traffic with Style

Dancing Kid Chronic

Yeah, this cop has got some moves!

george zimmerman

Everyone’s Favorite Gun Nut Asshole George Zimmerman Arrested for Assault

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Third time is the charm! George Zimmerman was finally arrested for assault after his third domestic incident since he beat his murder charge. This time he reportedly threw a wine bottle at his girlfriend landing him multiple charges ranging from domestic violence, to assault with […]

Terror Sleeper Cells 'Activated' in France

Source: Terror Sleeper Cells ‘Activated’ in France

News Kid Chronic

Sadly this type of sophisticated and targeted terror attack may be the new normal.

Hernandez Murder Case

Jury Selection Starts on Hernandez Murder Case

Legal Kid Chronic

Can you believe this guy threw it all away? What a dummy…

Paris Female Suspect Escapes

Police: Paris Female Suspect Escapes

News Kid Chronic

How long till she is caught? She is now the most wanted women in the world.

Police Storm Paris Supermarket

Watch the Moment Police Storm the Paris Supermarket

News Kid Chronic

If your a terrorist this is how your life ends, lying in a pool of your own blood.

paris terrorists killed

All Three Paris Terrorists Killed By Police

News Kid Chronic

All three male terrorists in Paris are now dead. The one female is still at large.

sam driskell killer

Does This Look Like The Face of a Boy Who Killed His Family and Then Himself?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

This 21-year-old boy killed his entire family and then himself today in Georgia.


Two NYPD Officers Shot Responding to a Robbery

News Kid Chronic

Both are expected to make a full recovery.

NYPD Officers Killed

Two NYPD Officers Killed in Backlash Ambush

New York Kid Chronic

Backlash from the recent police brutality murders and the lack of judicial response has turned deadly. A vigilante out for justice killed two NYPD officers today in cold blood, then shortly later killed himself in a New York subway. We now officially have a war […]



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