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1200hp Drifting in the Streets of Auckland

Automotive Darth Turch

This guy really knows what hes doing. Watch as these spectacular cars drift their way around this track in New Zealand.

Philadelphia Police

Justice Department is All Over the Philadelphia Police for E...

News Kid Chronic

Philadelphia police fired their guns at a rate of once a week. That is a hell of a lot of Police gunfire for one city.


Knockout Compilation

Life Darth Turch

Watch as these people get royally knocked out!

Naked Spring Breaker

Police on the Search for Naked Spring Breaker

News Kid Chronic

Panama City Beach, Florida – Authorities are on the lookout for this spring breaker, after naked pictures of her in Mardi Gras beads appeared on social networks. The pictures have […]

Madonna Dress Like a God Damn Matador

Why Does Madonna Dress Like a God Damn Matador All The Time ...

Fashion Kid Chronic

Check out Madonna dressed like a bedazzled bull fighter on Ellen.

robert durst

Cops Raid the Home of Robert Durst

Legal Kid Chronic

After his astonishing HBO confession, and consequent arrest, the police are finally raiding the home of Robert Durst.

new york drug bust

Upstate New York Cops Bust Million Dollar Cocaine and Heroin...

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Four major indictments, charging 33 people, with a myriad of crimes related to the sale of cocaine and heroin were unsealed in St. Lawrence County last week. Authorities seized two […]

Jeffrey Williams

Jeffrey Williams Arrested For Last Weeks Ferguson Cop Shooti...

News Kid Chronic

The balls on this guy huh? According to Police, Jeffrey Williams is the shooter behind the bullet, that injured two Ferguson police officers late last week.


Police Find Cocaine in Upstate New York Four Year Old’...

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

A school nurse uncovered 12 grams of cocaine, while helping a four-year old child put on his winter hat. The find led police to raid the father’s home, where they […]

north carolina train crossing crash

Train Hits Mac Truck Injures 60

Automotive Kid Chronic

The latest in a recent of train accidents leaves over 60 injured in North Carolina.

Asia Carrera

Pornstar Asia Carrera Was Arrested for DUI This Past Week

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

When police arrived on the scene, they found Asia Carrera passed out on a couch in a Utah school system building. Carrera walked to her car and tried to drive […]

City of Ferguson

The Entire City of Ferguson Was Set Up to Arrest and Fine Bl...

News Kid Chronic

St. Louis Police Officers Association’s Jeff Roorda is in complete denial about the officers he represents. Every time this guy opens his mouth its like a gallon of verbal sewage […]

ferguson police racist emails

Ferguson Police Emails Were Not a Little Racist, They Were A...

News Kid Chronic

Ferguson Police and City Officials routinely shared racist emails between one another.

Ferguson Police Department Was Sending racist Emails

Ferguson Police Department Was Sending Racist Emails

Legal Kid Chronic

A new Justice Department investigation found that Ferguson Police routinely engaged in conduct that violated the Constitution and federal law. [Washington Post]

new jersey cops

New Jersey Cop – “Have Sex With Me Or I’ll...

News Kid Chronic

Cops always say come on “not all cops are bad,” but what the fuck, most of them are. Honestly, are we to believe others guys on the New Jersey Police […]


Watch an Army of LAPD Officers Manhandle, Than Shoot a Homel...

News Kid Chronic

Are you telling me the LAPD couldn’t subdue this guy? Even if he had a gun, they couldn’t keep him from getting it, they had four cops on top of […]

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