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New York Hatchet Attack Was an Act of Terror - Print Killer

New York Hatchet Attack Was an Act of Terror

News Kid Chronic

An officer is in critical condition after suffering a hatchet wound to the head in what the NYPD is calling the latest terrorist attack.

heather graham

Police May Have Found the Remains of Hannah Graham

News Kid Chronic

The body has not yet been identified, but police believe they have found missing UVA student Hannah Graham.

Cops Smash a Car Window and Taser the Passenger

Watch These Out of Control Cops Smash a Car Window and Taser the Passenger!

News Kid Chronic

This guy did nothing wrong to deserve this, especially in front of children. I don’t know about you, but I’m more scared of the police than I am of criminals. All this guy did was not wear his seat belt.

Ferguson Police Chief Apologizes to Michael Brown's Family

Ferguson Police Chief Apologizes to Michael Brown’s Family

News Kid Chronic

I think this guy just realized he was a racist. It’s like watching him grow up right before our very eyes!


Pistorius Won’t Be Found Guilty of Murder

News Lois Lane

In the verdict, Oscar Pistorius won’t be found guilty of murder, but he was found negligent in the shooting death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.


Baltimore Ravens Terminate Ray Rice’s Contract After Seeing Video Of Him Punching His Wife

Sports Lois Lane

The Baltimore Ravens have terminated Ray Rice’s contract after a video of him punching his wife Janay Palmer in a hotel elevator was leaked by TMZ.

ron jeremy

Ron Jeremy Gets His Car Towed in Cali

California Kid Chronic

Ron Jeremy gets his car impounded for driving with no license in California.

Michael Brown Shooting

A Neighbor Accidentally Recorded The Michael Brown Shooting

News Kid Chronic

Here is the Audio of the Michael Brown shooting, you can clearly hear a pause between two sets of shots. The shots total around 11, way more than police originally told the news reporters in Missouri had been fired.

Michael Brown's

Family Members Talk About Michael Brown’s Last Day

News Kid Chronic

So sad to hear about the life of a teenager shot down while unarmed, by a heavily armed and trained police officer.

protests in ferguson missouri

Ferguson, Missouri is in Complete Chaos #MichaelBrown

News Kid Chronic

The entire police force in Ferguson should be fired and an entirely new one should be brought in from top to bottom. They have to be the most incompetent police force in the country, and they all think they are U.S. soldiers – not to […]

santa ana police department

Santa Ana Police Caught Beating Edgar Vargas Arzate After He Surrenders

California Kid Chronic

Watch this video as cops repeatedly punch and beat Edgar Vargas Arzate with batons well after he peacefully surrendered to them. Cue the protests in Santa Ana…

Michael Brown

The Michael Brown Autopsy

News Kid Chronic

The autopsy is out and shows that Michael Brown was shot multiple times in the front of his body, supporting eyewitness testimony that he was facing the officer with his hands up when he was shot. Furthermore, the kill shot was fired while Michael Brown […]

Police Brutality

Dave Chappelle Was Spot On About Police Brutality #MichaelBrown

Police Brutality Kid Chronic

Videos like this remind me how long we have known about this problem, and have chosen as a society ignore it.

Ferguson police chief

Missouri State Senator Says Ferguson Police Chief Should Resign

News Kid Chronic

When the President of the United States, the Attorney General of the United States, your own Senator, and the Justice Department are all breathing down your neck. It might be a good time to start looking for another job!

Officer Darren Wilson Shot Michael Brown

Officer Darren Wilson Shot Michael Brown

News Kid Chronic

Police release the name of the officer who shot and killed an unarmed boy in Ferguson Missouri.

Michael Brown

Surveillance Footage of Michael Brown Store Robbery

News Kid Chronic

Police released this video that shows Michael Brown in a negative light, but does this shoplifting video have anything to do with the shooting that took place later that day?

michael brown

Friend Defends Officer That Shot Michael Brown

News Kid Chronic

Fellow officer defends the shooting of Michael Brown by saying the shooting officer must have been scared for his life

Huffington Post Reporter

Huffington Post Reporter Talks About Being Detained in Missouri

News Kid Chronic

Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly tells his extraordinary story of police press suppression in Missouri, on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper.

Journalists Arrested

Journalists Arrested by Missouri Police

News Kid Chronic

Armed officers arrested media members covering the Michael Brown case.

Missouri Police

Missouri Police Tear Gas Michael Brown Supporters

News Kid Chronic

God forbid we try to hold the hold police countable for killing an unarmed boy. Godspeed to these protestors, and shame on any cops who tear gas protestors in Missouri.

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