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North Korean Defector Hyeonseo Lee On Her Escape

North Korean Defector Hyeonseo Lee Explains How She Escaped

News ShoMeLove

Hyeonseo goes in to detail how she avoided North Korean Authorities when she was caught by Chinese Police and interrogated by 30 officers.

Dylan Roof Trial

Does Dylan Roof Deserve Forgiveness?

Politics ShoMeLove

“The judge presiding over Friday’s appearance by the accused Dylan Roof a racially motivated mass shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina, church has previously been reprimanded for using a racial […]

Donald Trump GOP Backflash

Donald Trump Will Bounce Back

Politics ShoMeLove

Donald Trump faces the backlash generated by his comments on Mexicans and immigration, and how the GOP candidate is fighting back.

U.S. & Cuba To Open Embassies

U.S. and Cuba to open embassies

News ShoMeLove

The United States and Cuba will officially seal the renewal of diplomatic ties by reopening embassies in Washington and Havana.

Supreme Court Rules On Same Sex Marriage

Supreme Court Adds Same Sex Marriage Into Constitution

News ShoMeLove

The Supreme Court on Friday delivered a historic victory for gay rights, ruling 5 to 4 that the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where […]


NASA Plans Mission To Search For Life On Jupiter’s Moon

NASA ShoMeLove

NASA announced plans to send a spacecraft to Jupiter to explore one of its moons, Europa, for signs of life. My questions is what happens if their is life on […]

$13 Billion Dollar Warship

$13 Billion Warship USS Gerald Ford Is First Of It’s Kind

News ShoMeLove

The USS Gerald Ford Warship is the first in a line of nuclear-powered ships being built at Newport News Virginia. It’s set to join the Navy fleet in February 2016. […]

Sgt. Philip Seidle Murders Ex-Wife

Cop Chases Down & Kills His Wife In Front Of Their 7 Year Old Daughter!

Police Brutality ShoMeLove

Neptune Township police Sgt. Philip Seidle shot his wife Tamara Seidle several times in the middle of the street after running her off the road with his 7 year old […]


Donald Trump Announces His Run For Presidency – Oh Snap!

News Lois Lane

Donald Trump announces he’s going to run for the 2016 Presidential Run. I am afraid to say that what he said in this speech made sense. Eeeekkk!


Jeb Bush Announces His Run For Presidency

News Lois Lane

Jeb! is running for presidency! His goal is to show his heart so people get to know him and not just because of his last name Bush.

Hillary Clinton Throws Obama Under The Democratic Bus

Hillary Clinton Finally Said Something About Obama’s Trade Deal Mishap

Politics ShoMeLove

Hillary Clinton is moving forward with her presidential campaign, and addresses the current president Barack Obama’s trade deal gone sour.


ISIS Recruiting Hits Great Britain

News ShoMeLove

British teen carries out suicide attack in Iraq and leaves his family flabbergasted. Abu Yusuf Al allegedly blew up a vehicle fitted with explosives in the northern city of Baiji. […]

Hillary Clinton Presidential Bid

Hillary Clinton Has The Stage Presence Of Mr. Clinton “No Ceilings”

Politics ShoMeLove

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launches her official campaign rally in New York City, where she was on the Senate for 8 years.

Rick Ross Arrested For The Love Of Marijuana

Freedom Fighter Rick Ross The Biggest Boss Arrested

Celeb ShoMeLove

It’s not by coincidence that the south is still fighting for our cannabis rights. Rick Ross was arrested in Fayette County, Georgia, after a police officer “identified marijuana in his […]


Obama Sending An Additional 450 Troops To Iraq To Fight Against ISIS

News Lois Lane

Sadly enough, Obama will be sending an additional 450 troops to Iraq in the fight against ISIS. #thanksforyourservice

Obama Not Pleased with Russia

Obama Continues Attack Against Russia

Politics ShoMeLove

President Obama on Sunday talked in person with European allies on such key issues as pending U.S. trade deals, the growing Islamic State threat and Russian aggression, with the White […]

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