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Devastating Hit From Irate Boxer

Boxer Does The Unthinkable After Lost

Sports ShoMeLove

James Butler is not a classy boxer. When he lost fair and square to Richard Grant, he does the most unreal devastating boxing knockout after the fight was concluded.

He Never Had A Chance

He Never Had A Chance…

Fights ShoMeLove

One swift kick to the face, and a few Mike Tyson punches ended this duel abruptly!  

NYPD Officer Punches Handcuffed Woman in the Face

Miami Police Officer Punches Handcuffed Woman in the Face

News ApexGuardian

An almost 2 year old video shows Miami Police Department’s Detective Philippe Archer punching a handcuffed woman in the face – the same month a settlement of $60,000 went in […]

Man Punches Bear in Face

Man Punches Giant Bear, Sit Down Mayweather & Pacquiao

Animals ApexGuardian

“I ain’t lettin’ no bear eat my puppies.” That’s right! Show them damn bears!

The Cars Just What I Needed

Punch Brothers Do an Awesome Cover of “Just What I Needed”

Music Kid Chronic

The Cars, “Just What I Needed” covered by the Punch Brothers in blue grass style!

Cat Fight Compilation

Cat Fight Compilation!

Compilation Kid Chronic

How come when girls fight they always go straight for the hair pull?

Cat Fights

The Best Cat Fights of 2014

Fights Kid Chronic

Damn it hurt just watching this! These bitches are cray!

Iron Mike's Right Hook Body, Right Uppercut Combination - Print Killer

Iron Mike’s Right Hook Body, Right Uppercut Combination

Compilation Kid Chronic

This has to be the most devastating punch combo in the history of boxing.

oklahoma texas parking lot fight

Parking Lot Brawl at Oklahoma-Texas Game

Fights Kid Chronic

Punches landing all over the place!

Restaurant Brawl

Tables and Chairs Get Tossed During Insane Restaurant Brawl

Fights Kid Chronic

Damn! Shit just got real.

Hit a Guy With Glasses

You Wouldn’t Hit a Guy With Glasses Would Ya? Yup.

Fights Kid Chronic

Hey he shouldn’t have touched the kids head, what can I tell ya. This is actually a good life lesson on personal space.

larp knock out gif

Knock Out Gifs Gallery!

Gifs Kid Chronic

Here is a whole collection of knuckle sandwiches! #KTFO

insane bar brawl

Guy Gets Thrown Through a Glass Window in Insane Bar Brawl

Fights Kid Chronic

Welcome to Crocodile Bar in Wicker Park, Chicago.

best street fight ever

Country Boy Whoops Up on Dude From New York

Fights Kid Chronic

I wasn’t going to publish this ’cause the guy from New York loses, but hey, you can’t win ’em all, right!?

with one punch

Thug Kills Pedestrian With a Single Punch

Death Kid Chronic

After getting in an argument with a cyclist for riding on the sidewalk, a man was punched and killed by the cyclist’s friend. The whole incident was caught on CCTV.

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 11.41.07 AM

First Kiss Prank Gone Wrong

lol The Brooklyn Bomber

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. Choose your Valentine wisely!

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