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Amazing Pitch By Japanese Gymnast

Entertainment The Brooklyn Bomber

I wonder if she comes to all the games?


Theatre of Sport: Oakley Pro Bali

H2O Kid Chronic

Big time surfing in Bali!


Florida State Tight End Nick O’Leary Crashess On His ...

News Lois Lane

Florida State tight end  Nick O’Leary is lucky to be alive after he was riding  his motorcycle in Tallahassee when a Lexus pulled out in front of him. The violent […]


Mike Tyson Couldn’t Even Beat Glass Joe

Entertainment Kid Chronic

I know I could never beat Mike Tyson in a real fight, but I’m glad to know if I ever have to battle him in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, on […]


It’s Monday and I Hope Your Having a Good Day!

Sports Kid Chronic

Give it up for this dude, he just made unicycles cool in just one video.


Who is JOB 3.0 : Mattress Surfing

Sports Kid Chronic

Jamie O’Brien hits the pipeline before doing some mattress mud puddle surfing in episode 4 of Who is JOB 3.0.


On Pace w/ Pastrana : Racing at Daytona

Automotive Kid Chronic

Travis Pastrana pro everything!


Aaron Hernandez’s Life in Jail

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Aaron Hernandez, has been charged with the first-degree murder of Odin Lloyd, and is not just in prison, but confined to a “special management unit.” He is kept away from […]


Top Skate Runs from Red Bull Bomb the Line 2013

Sports Kid Chronic

Red Bull Bomb The Line 2013 – Alec Majerus won the world’s only best-line-skate-contest at one of the best European streetspots with an incredible line.


Daunte Culpepper Loses Florida Mansion to Foreclosure

Sports Kid Chronic

Daunte Culpepper former NFL quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and a host of other teams has just had his Broward county mansion foreclosed on. The home was a massive 9,867 […]


Can You Believe Anderson Silva Got Knocked the F*ck Out?

Fights Kid Chronic

Well it finally happened everyone’s favorite MMA fighter had his lights turned out like a little kid at bed time. We have all seen Anderson “the Spider” Silva be super […]


Azores Cliff Diving

Marine Kid Chronic

Video from the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013.


Ken Griffey Jr. Vs. Ken Griffey Sr.

Sports Kid Chronic

The first family of baseball folks!


New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez Arrested on Murder Charg...

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

The New England Patriots have cut Aaron Hernandez after he was arrested in association with a murder investigation. Hernandez also has possible charges coming out of Miami, where he shot […]


It’s Summer Time Lets All Go Jump Off a Cliff!

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

I want to cliff dive, now where the hell can I find a cliff in Florida???


Chael Sonnen Says He Would Slap Ray Lewis in the Face

Sports Kid Chronic

Id pay to see that!

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