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drew rosenhaus

Terrell Owens Sues Drew Rosenhaus For Recommending Him to Jeff Rubin

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Another lawsuit involving Jeff Rubin is getting ready to hit the courts in South Florida. In the suit attorney Chase Carlson who is representing NFL All Star Terrell Owens, claims […]


Winter is Coming

Sports Kid Chronic

Shred Mount Hood this winter!

All Stars Sports Bar

Watch the Floyd Mayweather Fight Tonight at All Stars Sports Bar!!!

Restaurant Kid Chronic

All Stars Sports Bar Location: 2201 West Sample Road, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33073 Phone: (954) 968-7777 Open today from 11:00 am – 4:00 am


A Lesson in Fighting From Mike Tyson

New York Kid Chronic

Mike Tyson was in a youth detention center called Tryon right by where I grew up. When he hit the big time me and my friends where in high school, […]


Nerf Trick Shots

Sports Kid Chronic

I need a Nerf Hoop!


Life Behind Bars : Junkyard Slopestyle

Sports Kid Chronic

Tearing it up on BMX in the woods.


How Many Shrooms Did Eminem Eat Before this Interview?

Fail Kid Chronic

Too many purple pills Eminem???


How Accurate is Sidney Crosby?

Gifs Kid Chronic

This accurate!


Slow Motion UFC Highlights

Fights Kid Chronic

Awesome slow mo camera shots from UFC fights.


Worlds Strongest Man Deadlifts Almost 1,000 LBS

News Kid Chronic

World Strongest Man 2013 Brian Shaw Deadlifts 970 Pounds and Sets New World Record.


Things That Make You Go Damn!

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

A compilation of the best stunts ever!


“The Boys Took a Beating on That One”

Fail Kid Chronic

Skier takes a gate to the marbles.


This Guy is a Bad Ass

Sports Kid Chronic

Would you McConkey?


If Kim Jung Un Is Not a Pussy, He Will Put Dennis Rodman in a Hard Labor Camp

News Kid Chronic

Oh man this could be the blessing Fort Lauderdale has been dreaming of for the past ten or so years!


These Girls Can Surf Better Than You

H2O Kid Chronic

The Top Female Shredders at Swatch Girls Pro – France 2013.

volvo concept car

Check Out the New Volvo Concept Car

Automotive Kid Chronic

The new Volvo concept car was designed to emulate the old school Volvo coupe known as the P1800. The new school version of the P1800 features a turbo and supercharged front […]

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