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Sick Human Stunts!

Videos Dr. Suess

Wakeboarding In Alaska

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

Water temperatures just above freezing, don’t stop Andy Hurdman from wakeboarding over the icy waters of Glacier Island, Alaska. Wakeboarding In Alaska – Watch More Funny Videos

Peytan Manning

Peyton Manning Expects To Play Pro Ball Again

Sports Kid Chronic

“The doctors and I have been in constant communication. We’re on the same page and I’m encouraged by what they’ve said … I’ve seen these guys for weeks and everything they’re saying is right on point, that everything looks good and I’ll be cleared and […]

allen iverson

Judge Garnishes Allen Iverson's Bank Account

Legal Kid Chronic

After no showing a court date for a lawsuit from his Georgia jeweler. Former NBA baller Allen Iverson was slapped with an access judgement for $859,896,46. The judgment included everything from the original $375,000 for jewelery, to lawyers fees, and most likely braces for the […]

Brandon Marshall Pro Bowl record 4th td catch

Aloha!…Brandon Marshall Wins Pro Bowl MVP

Sports The Flipside

Miami Dolphins Star Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall led the AFC to a 59-41 victory over the NFC via a 4 receiving touchdown Pro Bowl record breaking performance Sunday Night in Honolulu, HI. His outstanding performance was highlighted by an amazing circus catch in the 3rd […]

Swimmers Troll Swim Meet

Sports Kid Chronic

Check out these guys straight abuse the competition in this swim meet video! Douchebag Relay Swimmers Own The Competition – Watch More Funny Videos


Super Rematch!

Sports The Flipside

The New England Patriots will face the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI in a rematch of Super Bowl XLII when The Giants knocked off an undefeated Patriots team by the score of 17-14 in 2008. Both teams reached the Superbowl via the legs […]

Taylor Hall cut

Taylor Hall Gets 30 Stitches (Video)

Sports Kid Chronic

Edmonton Oilers star Taylor Hall just got 30 stitches in his dome after his teammate literally stepped on his face during warm ups. True story, the guy wasn’t wearing his helmet. Three players went down, when they came up Hall had the mother of all […]

Riding On the Edge…

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

Whoa this guy maybe off his rocker for doing this, but one thing is for sure he can def ride a dirt bike!!!! Riding On The Edge – Watch More Funny Videos

Guy From Alabama Puts His Balls On Passed Out LSU Fan

Sports Kid Chronic

Oh the BCS National Championship Game all the homo erotic fun a football fan can have. Hey guys I put my balls on him to show him how gay he was!!!

Tom Brady, Tim Tebow

Tom Brady Makes Tim Tebow His Bitch

Sports Kid Chronic

God I hated Tom Brady my whole life, that is until last night when he crushed the Tim Tebow legend in his bare hands like a rock made of sand. You know what they say the enemy of my enemy is my friend and my […]

Tony Sparano

Tony Sparano Goes To The Jets

Sports Kid Chronic

Tony Sparano is hanging up his Speedos and beach towel folks! The failed Dolphins coach is headed to the Big Apple. Where he he will finish out his years freezing his ass off, as the New York Jets offensive coordinator under Rex Ryan. [SunSentinel]

720 Double Kickflip

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

Sick trick by Robbyn Magby. 720 Double Kickflip – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Bill Maher, Tebow, tweet

Bill Maher Calls Out Tim Tebow

Comment Of The Day Kid Chronic

Bill Maher has been kicking Tim Tebow in the teeth all over the web lately. Most recently tweeting this gem before posting pictures of himself tebowing and “treebowing” (tebowing in a tree) while on vacation in Hawaii.

Winter Extreme Sledding

Videos Kid Chronic

Check out this mofo get towed by a car on a snow tube wtf!!!

Insane Snowboarding Trick

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

Don’t try this at home folks! Insane Snowboarding Trick – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Danny Hart's 2011 World Championship Winning Downhill Run At Champery

Sports Kid Chronic

Mountain Biking at its finest as Danny Hart destroys the competition by over 11 seconds.

Kobe and venessa divorce

Kobe And Vanessa Bryant Divorce

Sports Kid Chronic

Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from her husband NBA Laker Kobe Bryant today. According to her Kobe cheated too much, saying that this time was the straw that finally broke the camels back. The couple didn’t have a prenup but still managed to resolve all […]

Brutal Sucker Punch At Dolphins Game

Fights Kid Chronic

A confrontation in the parking lot of this weekends Dolphin game left one fan knocked out cold.

democrate logo

Democrat logic: Sparano should not have been fired.

Politics Nat Trayger

Everyone knows that Dolphins Coach Tony Sparano was fired by the Dolphins on December 12, 2011. The team started the 2011 season with 7 straight losses. They were on their way to a perfect season of sorts when they began to win a few games. […]

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