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Mariah Has A Billionaire Muse

Mariah Carey Sure Doesn’t Play Fare

Celeb ShoMeLove

Mariah Carey’s and Kids spend Father’s Day with New Billionaire Boyfriend on his yacht. Fourth wealthiest man in Australia, talk about an upgrade. Ouch!

Gymnastic Mishaps

Gymnastic Flips That Did Not Land As Expected

Fail ShoMeLove

Gymnastic Flips That Did Not Land As Expected

Mr. Bunny Defends Baby Rabbits

Mr. Bunny Goes Rock Bottom & Lays Smack Down On Black Snake

Animals ShoMeLove

Snake get the business after Mr. Bunny has the children cheering him to victory.

Axe Throw Gone Wrong

Fox News Host Throws Axe & Accidentally Hits Drummer!

Fail ShoMeLove

Drummer catches Axe unwillingly!

Vicious Slap

Man Gets A Vicious Slap To The Face By A Muslim Father After Racial

Fights ShoMeLove

Slap A Caucasian male in broad day light and you better have a good reason. Allegedly an older white mail was talking smack from his 3rd floor apartment building and […]

Bam Margera Takes Hard Fall

Bam Margera Goes Down Hard After Brutal Attack

Fights ShoMeLove

Bam Margera is recovering after he was viciously attacked in Iceland Saturday at the Secret Solstice Festival.

Nose Loses Sword Fight

Nose Loses Sword Fight

That's Gotta Hurt ShoMeLove

Man who was clearly going through Game Thrones withdrawal chops friends nose off while attempting sword trick!

Road Rage Turns WWF

Road Rage Turns WWF

Fights ShoMeLove

A teen left the scene of an accident and was confronted by Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Father, and he laid the Smack Down WWF style.

Taunting Fail

Taunting Fails From The World Wide Web

Fail ShoMeLove

When your taunting your opponent you better be able to back it up!

Cruise Ship Crash

17 Passengers Injured When Cruise Ship Strikes Lock Wall

News ShoMeLove

Thursday night 275 people boarded the Saint Laurant cruise ship striking a wall in the Eisenhower Lock in upstate New York on Thursday night, the U.S. Coast Guard said, injuring […]

New York Train Fight

New York Subway Ride Turns Comical As Drugged Out Passenger Loses It

Fights ShoMeLove

Man High On “Flakka” Talks Reckless & Fights Random Passengers On New York Subway! The Superman drug has hit the Big Apple.

Sgt. Philip Seidle Murders Ex-Wife

Cop Chases Down & Kills His Wife In Front Of Their 7 Year Old Daughter!

Police Brutality ShoMeLove

Neptune Township police Sgt. Philip Seidle shot his wife Tamara Seidle several times in the middle of the street after running her off the road with his 7 year old […]

Ammo Lands Inside Body Armor

Police Training Goes Wrong When Live Ammo Lands Inside Body Armor!

That's Gotta Hurt ShoMeLove

Police Training Goes Wrong When Live Ammo Lands Inside Body Armor!

ISIS Strikes FBI

ISIS Attacks FBI Agent

News ShoMeLove

FBI agent attacked with knife at Staten Island home by ISIS member.

Scene From: I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!

Funny Scene From “I’m Going To Git You Sucka”!

Comedy ShoMeLove

This late 80’s classic comedy has funny in every scene. When you ready for war…”You Can Never Have Enough Guns”!

Guns Galour

Talk About Fully Loaded, Center Console Had Guns For Days

Guns ShoMeLove

T.I’s gun supplier stopped at the border with multiple hand guns. How many handguns can you fit in a mid size center console?

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