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World Record: Man Covers His Body With Bees

World Record: Man Covers His Body With Bees

News ShoMeLove

1 Million bees

Face Smacks

What Did The 5 Fingers Say To The Face?

Funny ShoMeLove

SMACK!!! Sixty seconds of MOVIE Slaps…

Waitress Fights Back

Waitress Puts Pervert Down

Fights ShoMeLove

Chivalry is dead! Waitress Knocks Out Patron For Grabbing Her Assets.

Spiderman Fail

Spiderman Rescued After Fatal Fall

Funny ShoMeLove

Spiderman has always fascinated me with his acrobatic skills. However, at a Kids birthday party the web crawler Tangled Web not even he could unweave.

Curry scores 40 points in Victory

Rockets Looking Like “Curry” Chicken After Game 3 Blowout

Sports ShoMeLove

Rockets fall behind in Western Conference Finals 3-0, behind stellar performance from 2014-2015 NBA regular season MVP Steph Curry.

Dr. Evil

Evil Tooth Fairy-Dr. Howard Schneider

News ShoMeLove

Does Dr. Schneider has a contract with the tooth fairy and medicare. After numerous complaints by parents for improper dentist practices, Dr. Evil is still allowed to practice dentistry. Does […]

The Game Makes Threat

The Game Creates Hostile Work Environment

News ShoMeLove

The crew of The Game’s new TV show go on strike.

Robbery Gone Wrong

Robbery Turns Into Shoot-Out

News ShoMeLove

3 armed assailants broke into the wrong house and met heavy gunfire from Brazilian man.

Kris Jenner breaks down

Kris Jenner Talks Bruce Jenner Sex Change

Celeb ShoMeLove

Kris Jenner breaks down as her husband transitions to a female.

Roommates Quarrel

This Week on When Roommates Quarrel

Fights ShoMeLove

“I want you out”! Ouch…

Mother's Day Brawl

When Hood-Rats Attack

Fights ShoMeLove

Red Lobster Brawl leaves baby in danger

Blake Griffin Double-Double not enough in game 5

Blake Griffin’s Double-Double not enough for win.

Sports ShoMeLove

Blake Griffin’s Double-Double not enough for win.  

NBA Bloopers

NBA Bloopers: The Starters

Entertainment ShoMeLove

Ooops, my bad!  

Knife-Wielding Thief

Knife-Wielding Robber Steals Woman’s Purse Then Botches The Escape

Daily Criminal ShoMeLove

Robber wins fight with elderly woman, but loses fight with elevator door.


AQAP senior commander killed in US drone strike

News Lois Lane

A report that Nasr Ibn Ali al-Ansi, an AQAP senior commander, was killed in a U.S. drone strike.  #weneedpeace


Turtle Gets Wheels For Legs After Attack

Videos Lois Lane

This 90 year old Tortoise was given a second chance after a rat attacked it and chewed of it’s legs. Luckily his owner glued wheels from a model air craft […]

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