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PIXELS Movie Trailer (2015)

Movie ShoMeLove

Video Games are taking over the world!!!

Lily Drone Camera Follow Behind Video Camera

Meet The Lily Drone Camera

Tech ApexGuardian

The Lily Drone Camera follows, leads, or circles around its user taking 1080p video and retails at $499. This thing looks awesome.

Amtrak Crash

Seven Killed and Over 200 Injured in Amtrak Crash

News Kid Chronic

The numbers are in and they are not pretty for Amtrak.


Meet the Willis Family On the TLC Channel

Entertainment Lois Lane

If you like TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting you will absolutely love The Willis Family. They dance, they sign, they play instruments, they are all hot and buff! What else […]


Turtle Gets Wheels For Legs After Attack

Videos Lois Lane

This 90 year old Tortoise was given a second chance after a rat attacked it and chewed of it’s legs. Luckily his owner glued wheels from a model air craft […]


Kylie Jenner Admits To Lip Fillers

Entertainment Lois Lane

So Kylie Jenner finally admitted to filling her lips.. like we didn’t know. The jig was up a lot ass time ago!

Walking Dead Star Freaks the Fuck Out

Walking Dead Star Freaks the Fuck Out on the NYC Subway

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Wow, this dude is straight terrifying. Its like someone let a rabid gorilla loose on the subway!

Shadow of Mordor: Game of the Year Edition Launch Trailer

Shadow of Mordor: Game of the Year Trailer

Video Games ApexGuardian

The highly acclaimed RPG gets its much deserved Game of the Year launch packed with all it’s DLC.  

Rainbow Six: Seige Upcoming Video Games for 2015

Upcoming Video Games On The Radar For 2015

Entertainment ApexGuardian

With only a handful of games shining early on in 2015 – like Bloodborne, Dying Light, and the newly released Mortal Kombat X – we look ahead to the top […]

We Were Ghosts

Cool Stuff We Would Do If We Were Ghosts

Videos Kid Chronic

Oh man, to be a ghost how much fun would that be!

tosh.o dunk contest

The Tosh.O Women’s Dunk Contest

TV Kid Chronic

There is nothing more hilarious than women trying to play basketball, so why not give them a dunk contest!?


8-Year-Old Amputee Steals The Dance Show

Videos Lois Lane

Alissa Seizmore may have lost her leg when a truck hit her, but she never stopped dreaming. Watch this amazing video of her!


Madonna Makes Out With Drake Onstage At Coachella

Entertainment Lois Lane

Jeez does she have to make out with everyone she sings onstage with??

United States Capital

United States Capital Locked Down After Shots Fired

News Kid Chronic

Shots where fired near the US Capital, but police say the shooter was neutralized and it was not an act of terrorism.

amy schumar on ellen

Amy Schumer Kills it on Ellen

Interviews Kid Chronic

As far as girl comedians go, Amy Schumar has to be one of the funniest.  Another funny one would be Ellen, see their interview together here!

american tries to join isis

Dumb Shit From Wisconsin Tries to Join ISIS

News Kid Chronic

Really? From Wisconsin to ISIS?? What the hell is wrong with this guy??? If you have the benefit of being born a white man, in America, and your life sucks, […]

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