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FSU Grad and US Soldier Surprises His GF at the Pike House

College Kid Chronic

Feel-good post of the day!

California Mass Murderer

Crazy As Hell!!! The California Mass Murderer’s YouTube Video is Absolutely Insane

California Kid Chronic

Meet Elliot Rodger, the California mass murderer, who was so upset over the state of his social life that he went on a ten stop murder spree. Including stabbing his roommates, shooting girls outside a sorority house, shooting a young man at a deli, and […]

Hot Air Balloon Slack Line

Hot Air Balloon Slack Line

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

Now this is awesome.

Diver Fends Off a Great White Shark - Print Killer

Diver Fends Off a Great White Shark

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

This diver has ice water in his veins, I would have been freaking out!

This Girl

Hopefully You Are Having a Better Friday Night Than This Girl

Fights Kid Chronic

“That bitch punched me like 40 times, god dammit, that sucks.”


Soldiers Show Off Their Best Dance Moves!

Videos Lois Lane

Video: Dancing soldiers boogie down Watch these soldiers get down and boogie!


“Shield” Actor Michael Jace Arrested for Shooting His Wife

Entertainment Lois Lane

Michael Jace, 51, has been formally arrested for shooting his wife with a gun. April Jace, 40, died from “multiple gunshot wounds.” No word on why Jace shot his wife. It appears, however, that the actor may have been suffering from financial strain. The actor […]

Behind the Lines in North Korea - Print Killer

Behind the Lines in North Korea

News Kid Chronic

Take a rare glimpse inside one of the weirdest countries on the planet.

Alex Aark vs Méron - Along With The Stars on Print Killer

Alex Aark vs Méron – Along With The Stars

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

Official Music Video.


Teen Kills It At Dance Contest At School With Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean

Videos Lois Lane

Watch this kid move flawlessly while dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”  


Kidnapped California Teen Found After Ten Years

News Lois Lane

Police in Santa Ana, California, have found a 25-year-old woman who had been missing since 2004. The mother reported that her-then boyfriend Isidro Garcia had taken her 15-year-old daughter and disappeared. Garcia and the girl drove to Compton, California, where he gave her a fake […]


Plus-Size Woman’s Photo Removed From Instagram

News Lois Lane

Meghan Tonjes’s Instagram photo was taken down after someone flagged the picture of Tonjes’s plus-size rear end. Tonjes’s received an email from Instagram that her picture had been taken down “for violating our Community Guidelines.” Tonje was upset because of there are plenty of pictures […]

Nintendo Gay Marriage

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Nintendo Gay Marriage

TV Kid Chronic

Equality in video games? Why not? No reason Mario  shouldn’t be able to marry Luigi!


Michael Jackson’s Hologram Wows Audience at the Billboard Music Awards

Entertainment Lois Lane

If you missed this year’s Billboard Music Awards, here is clip of the amazing Michael Jackson signing his new song “Slave to the Rhythm.” How do they do this is what I want to know?

jill hansen

Hawaiian Surfing Model Jill Hansen Is Charged With Attempted Murder

News Lois Lane

Surfer and model Jill Hansen is behind bars after allegedly hitting an elderly Hawaiian woman with her car. According to police, Hansen, 30, waited until the older woman was out her car before hitting her. A bystander in the parking garage saw the incident and […]


10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life on Earth

Videos Lois Lane

X-Factor Contestant Blows Audience Away With Rendition of Bette Midler’s “The Rose”

Videos Lois Lane

I love the judges’ face when he starts singing. Made the hairs on my arm stand up. Amazing performance!

truck driver

Truck Driver Spills His Load on the Highway, No One Is Hurt

Videos Lois Lane

Video: Truck drops load on highway My biggest fear come true, a huge truck spills their load on the highway.


Teacher Caught on Camera Grabbing Kindergartner Is Suspended

News Lois Lane

Ohio teacher is suspended after she was caught grabbing and shaking a six-year-old boy. Barb Williams was suspended after a surveillance video showed the teacher pick up Ian Nelson, 6, pushing him against the wall before grabbing his face and his shirt. In an interview […]

Brake Check Leads to Three Car Pile Up - Print Killer

Brake Check Leads to Three Car Pile Up

Automotive Kid Chronic

Never really thought of it before, but brake checking someone on the highway is a really bad idea.

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