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Sea Captain Laughs Histericaly While Plowing Through Huge Waves

Videos Lois Lane

The captain of this sea boat sounds a bit crazy as he laughs and tries to plow through ‘The Perfect Storm.’

Hot Air Balloon Crash - Print Killer

Hot Air Balloon Crash

Fail Kid Chronic

These guys make crashing look fun as hell!


Ever Wonder What Your Dog Does When You Leave?

Videos Lois Lane

One man decided to see what his pug does when leaves home. Too cute for words!

Video of ISIS Battle

New Video of ISIS Battle Released

Terrorism Kid Chronic

ISIS released a new video including battle footage and the body of another murdered American (body not shown in this video).

Santa Fail - Print Killer

Santa Fail

Fail Kid Chronic

Santa tries to rappel into the mall when something goes drastically wrong!


Weird Things Couples Do At Christmas

Uncategorized Lois Lane

Merry Christmas! Enjoy!


Sammy Davis, Jr.’s Ex-Girlfriend Latest Accuser To Come Forward in Bill Cosby Rape Scandal

News Lois Lane

The latest victim to come forward accusing Bill Cosby of rape is Sammy Davis Jr’s one-time girlfriend, who alleged that Cosby raped her in a Michigan hotel room when she […]

Domino Can Knock Over a Domino 1.5x Larger

GET WISE: A Domino Can Knock Over a Domino 1.5x Larger Than Itself

Get Wise Kid Chronic

Thirteen dominoes can amplify the initial push of the first domino 2 billion times.


Amazing Video of Monkey Reviving His Friend

Videos Lois Lane

A monkey in India gives CPR to his buddy after he fell in the train tracks. Amazing!

First Go-Pro Video

This Guys First Go-Pro Video is Baller as Fuck

Videos Kid Chronic

Hey what can you say, he can’t stop…


Your Wednesday Track- Hozier “Take Me To Church”

Music Lois Lane

Hozier- “Take Me To Church”


7th Heaven’s Star Stephen Collins Admits to Sexual Abuse

Entertainment Lois Lane

7th Heaven star Stephen Collins sits down with Katie Couric to talk about publicly acknowledging that he sexually abused three underage girls. The actor admits, “I have not had an […]


Sony Hack Continues — The Movie “The Interview” Premiere Has Been Canceled

Entertainment Lois Lane

“Guardians of Peace,” the group that is behind the Sony hacks, is warning everyone not to see the Seth Rogen/James Franco movie, ‘The Interview.’ The New York premiere of the […]

R3HAB & KSHMR - Karate on Print Killer

R3HAB & KSHMR – Karate

EDM Kid Chronic

Official Music Video.

bruce lee of video games

Stupid Game, I Kick You!

Video Games Kid Chronic

Who is this guy? The Bruce Lee of video games?


This Elephant is Smarter Than Most Humans

Animals Kid Chronic

Humans aren’t even smart enough to put things in the trash most of the time. Yet, even this Elephant can clean up after himself…

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