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The Unmanned Antares Rocket Exploded Today - Print Killer

The Unmanned Antares Rocket Exploded Today

NASA Kid Chronic

Here is the raw NASA feed from the explosion.


BADBADNOTGOOD – Kaleidoscope

EDM Kid Chronic

Kaytranada’s Flip.


ISIS Prisoners Interviewed, Reveal the Fear They Are Facing

News Lois Lane

CNN’s Ivan Watson speaks to ISIS fighters being held by Kurds in a northern Syrian prison.


HWLS – 004

EDM Kid Chronic

Featuring Noah Breakfast.

Nurse Nina Pham Cured of Ebola Virus - Print Killer

Nurse Nina Pham Cured of Ebola Virus

Health Kid Chronic

She is 100% cured and looking forward to returning to normal life in Texas.

Time-lapse Video of Brisbane

Amazing Time-lapse Video of Brisbane

Travel Kid Chronic

Take a one minute trip to Brisbane!

canadian shooter

New Video May Show the Canadian Shooter

News Kid Chronic

He got into a car with no plates and was accidentally caught on video by a dash cam.


Hilarious Video of Little Girls Dropping F-Bombs for Feminism

Videos Lois Lane

The Video: Little Girls Drop “F-Bombs for Feminism” in Bluntly Comedic Viral Video Educating Adults On Sexism.


Stunning Video Captures Rescue From Burning Fire

Videos Lois Lane

A woman recorded a man calmly walking into a house that was on fire to rescue an older man who was still inside.

Guy Tells President Obama - "Don't Touch My Girlfriend"

Guy Tells President Obama – “Don’t Touch My Girlfriend”

News Kid Chronic

This jokester couldn’t pass up the chance to break the President’s chops! He’s lucky the Secret Service didn’t tackle his ass!

The Best Videos of the Week! - Print Killer

The Best Videos of the Week!

Compilation Kid Chronic

Some people failed this past week. Others won. Both are in this highlight reel!

get wise time

GET WISE – The History and Future of Everything

Get Wise Kid Chronic

Watch this and make yourself smarter.

Florida State Vs. Notre Dame Hype Video - Print Killer

Florida State Vs. Notre Dame Hype Video

Florida State Kid Chronic

It’s the biggest game of the year. Shit, I’m freaking out. Lets go, Noles!!!

vine comp

The Best Vines of 2014!!!

Compilation Kid Chronic

The best Vine compilation of the year so far.

skateboard fail

The Best Fails of the Week!

Compilation Kid Chronic

Crash, wrecks, accidents, and tons more!

Koa Smith's 27 Second Skeleton Barrel - Print Killer

Koa Smith’s 27 Second Skeleton Barrel

H2O Kid Chronic

Sick first person footage of inside a monster wave!

Vevo CERTIFIED SuperFanFest Presented By Honda Stage - Arrivals

Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea’s Beef Explained by Perez Hilton

Entertainment Lois Lane

There has been serious beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea. Here is Perez Hilton to explain to you what has been going on and why Snoop Dogg is a jerk!

bald eagle

Fisherman Saves a Bald Eagle From Drowning

Animals Kid Chronic

Watch this video and restore your faith in humanity.


Jumbo Squids Attack Submarine

Videos Lois Lane

Greenpeace submarines were attacked by jumbo squids on an expedition in the Bering Sea.


Weird Lies All Couples Tell Each Other

Videos Lois Lane

What weird lies do you tell your significant other?


Kanagaroos Fight in the Street

Videos Lois Lane

Watch this awesome video of Kangaroos fighting in the street!

ODESZA - Always This Late on Print Killer

ODESZA – Always This Late

EDM Kid Chronic

New EDM!


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