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climate change

Understand Climate Change in Less Than Two Minutes

Nature Kid Chronic

A simple explanation of climate change, that even a Republican can understand.

atomic wedgie

Atomic Wedgie Wake Up

Funny Kid Chronic

Bungee cords? Very creative…


Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon

EDM Kid Chronic

Some Sunday night EDM for the Sunday funday crowd!


Cat Gets Chauffered By the Dog On A Scooter

Animals Lois Lane

I love it when the dog let’s go of the scooter!

aint that america

I Vote We Change the National Anthem to John Cougar Mellencamp’s Song Pink Houses

Music Kid Chronic

Who said the National Anthem has to suck? Lets update that bad boy to something we all like!

House Music

Calvin Harris & Alesso – Under Control ft. Hurts

EDM Kid Chronic

Official Video.

spoon for hire

Spoon for Hire!

Videos Kid Chronic

Be careful lady, spooning leads to forking!

marshmallow bazooka fail

Marshmallow Bazooka FAIL

Fail Kid Chronic

This video is so like a little slice of Americana circa 2013.

pope frank

Little Boy Embraces The Pope During His Speech And Refueses To Leave The Pope’s Side

News Lois Lane

A little boy interrupted Pope Francis while he was speaking during a rally in support of family life in St. Peter’s Square. The pope smiled at the boy as he continued his speech in front of a crowd of thousands.

justin bieber

Video of Justin Bieber With a Brazilian Prostitute

Entertainment Kid Chronic

A Brazilian escort took this video and posted it to the web, after she says, she slept with Justin Bieber. If you listen closely outside right now, you can hear a PR person in Hollywood screaming…

calvin harris

Calvin Harris & Alesso – Under Control ft. Hurts

EDM Kid Chronic

Official Video.

sander van doorn

Sander van Doorn – Neon

EDM Kid Chronic

Official Music Video

bear trap

Dumb Shit Rednecks Do…

Fail Kid Chronic

Bear Trap – 1 Human Arm – O

Beer Chug

Watch These Guys Try to Chug Yard Sticks and FAIL Miserably

Fail Kid Chronic

OMG this is soooooo gross!

dog wag

New Study Says Dogs Communicate Through Tail Wagging

News Kid Chronic

A new study into the wag of the dog, provides a little insight into our canine friends emotions.

Dune Buggy

Rocket Powered Dune Buggy Machine

Automotive Kid Chronic

I don’t even know what to call this thing except for awesome!

officer shot

Female Officer Gets Shot and Still Pursues the Offenders for Over 20 Miles

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Hell yeah that’s one tough lady!


Cartel – This City Never Sleeps Live

Music Kid Chronic

The best band no one has ever heard of. #Cartel

Pope Francis

Bill Maher Says Pope Francis is an Atheist

Religion Kid Chronic

Yes finally, a heaven for Atheists!

la palma

Air Moves Like Oceans in This Amazing Time Lapse Video

Videos Kid Chronic

The Skies of La Palma.

ohio state buckeyes marching band

The Ohio State Marching Band is on a Whole Other Level

Music Kid Chronic

Ohio State Marching Band – Hollywood Blockbusters Edition.

hit and run

This Driver is Nuts!

Automotive Kid Chronic

What did this guy have for breakfast, cocaine and vodka?


Who’s Awesome? Your Awesome!

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

Blame it on my ADD baby!

PAt Robertson

Pat Robertson on Gays and AIDS Everyone

Health Kid Chronic

Pat Robertson claims gay people wear special rings to spread HIV/AIDS to others by cutting their fingers.


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