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Hungry for Love

The Reel Idiots The Reel idiots

This is Fun Patrol and The Reel idiots first collaboration on a short film…Become a fan of “The Reel idiots” on Facebook. Follow us on twitter @theReelidiots and most definitely check out the website WWW.theReelidiots.com

The Reel idiots Rendition of Good Will Hunting

The Reel Idiots The Reel idiots

This is The Reel idiots rendition of a scene from Good Will Hunting….Become a fan of “The Reel idiots” on Facebook. Follow us on twitter @theReelidiots and most definitely check out the website WWW.theReelidiots.com

Bathroom Harmony

The Reel Idiots The Reel idiots

There’s always weird ass shit that goes on in a public bathroom. This is an example of that… Become a fan of “The Reel idiots” on Facebook. Follow us on twitter @theReelidiots and most definitely check out the website WWW.theReelidiots.com

Gettin’ High At The World Series

Sports Dr. Glock

Texas reporter Newy Scruggs knows about the funk. Give the man a hit!

San Francisco Giants

Only in San Francisco…Where a World Series Home Run Equals ONE FREE JOINT!

Sports treez

A San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary plans to give away a sweet, green “Freebie”. For every home run the Giants hit during the World Series, ReLeaf Herbal Center is offering Giants fans present at the pot shop one free joint. The ReLeaf Herbal Center Medical […]

Makeda Marley weed

Bob Marley’s Daughter Will Be Jammin’ On Probation For Seven Years For Growing Weed

Daily Criminal treez

  The youngest child of reggae legend Bob Marley will serve seven years of probation for growing weed in her Philly, PA home. The judge offered 29-year-old Makeda Jahnesta Marley a choice: a shorter prison term or a shitload of probation. She opted for the probation […]


Billionaire Soros Dontates ‘A Millie’ Supporting Legal Cali Weed

News treez

Billionaire businessman and philanthropist (as well as target of the idiots at FOX News) George Soros made a huge donation toward the efforts in passing Proposition 19 in California. The $1 million infusion in the final week before the election, will give more resources to […]


Kid Brings His Parents’ Weed To The D.A.R.E. Cops.

News The Chef

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) - Two parents are facing drug charges after their child took their drugs to school and told a school officer his parents were breaking the law. WBTV is not releasing the names of the parents or the name of the school to protect […]


Facebook Founders Donate to Marijuana Legalization

Featured Christopher Jordan

Sean Parker and Dustin Maskovitz, Mark Zuckerberg’s partners at Facebook, have donated a total of $170,000 to the pot legalization battle. Proposition 19 supporters are happy about the donation but are quick to mention that’s not even enough for a California statewide ad purchase. Instead […]


Daddy Busted for Dope in Diaper

Featured treez

So much for that short-term memory loss caused by the pot. A father in Waco, Texas dropped his kid off at daycare. Apparently he left weed hidden in his baby’s diaper, inside the baby’s diaper bag. Well, the daycare found the weed. Instead of just […]


Mike Tyson Regrets Not Smoking Weed with Tupac

Featured treez

Mike Tyson came clean (pun intended) about an interesting subject in a recent phone interview (no, not conducted by Treez). When Mike Tyson looks back on his friendship with rapper Tupac Shakur, he thinks about the rapper’s big heart, explosive anger — and the one […]


Wake & Bake to Seeing Hot Chicks Getting Baked!!

Wake Up With... treez

Every guy uses the number system to rank potential hookups, GF’s, or whatever. I always felt that if she was “420 friendly”, the PC term for “gets high”, it always kicked her up one point…possibly two if she could out smoke me…LOL Here is an assortment […]

Kid Cudi Clearly Smokes A lot of Weed

Music treez

Now he may not be of Kanye West status, but Kid Cudi is a pretty big, mainstream artist. So, it may be a little surprising (and then again maybe not) to see his Cudderisback video and all the weed in it. It is particularly funny […]


Canadian Marijuana Growers Use Wild Bears to Guard Pot

News The Chef

   Breitbart- Police said Wednesday they were astonished to find at least 14 wild black bears guarding an illegal marijuana growing operation after a recent raid on the property in westernmost Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Fred Mansveld said police believe two growers arrested in […]

You Smell That???

Music Audrey Waters

A little CHRONIC to fill your void while The Kid is out of South Florida…  Have a great weekend!!

Paris Caught With Pot…Again!

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Paris Hilton was detained by French authorities at an airport in Corsica after they found her in possession of a gram of marijuana. This is an all too familiar story for the starlet who was just busted at the World Cup with chronic a mere […]

Movie Scenes That are Better Than You – “Twinny Twin Twin” Scene in Friday

Entertainment treez

R.I.P. the comedy legend that was Bernie Mac. “Why don’t you just gimme a little bit for my cataracts?”………LOL

70 lbs. confiscated for going to the wrong address!! "Someone has some 'splainin to do!"

Return to Dealer: Seventy Pounds of Marijuana Mailed to the Wrong Address

News treez

The Orlando Sentinel reported that a package containing 70 lbs. of “Chronic” was shipped to the WRONG ADDRESS! The delivery was sent to a Winter Park, Florida medical supply company. Estimates are that the weed has a street value (I love that term) of $200,000. […]

A Brief History of Weed

Videos Christopher Jordan

Pulled Over With Marijuana: Know Your Rights

Entertainment J. Blondie

After coming home from the local Irish bar, after the Saint Patty’s Day bash, you and your designated driver end the night with a nice fatty!  You get blitzed, throw the “roach” out of the car and continue to drive home.  The DD runs through […]

We cut hair too!

A Little Off the Top and a Dime Bag Please.

Entertainment Dr. Glock

Oakland Park barber shop nailed for selling weed.


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