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Mitt Romney Meets A Medical Marijuana Patient

Politics Kid Chronic

Mitt gets cornered by a medical marijuana Muscular Dystrophy patient and runs for the hills rather than explain his stance on the issue.

medical marijuana

Governors Ask The US To Reclassify Marijuana

Politics Kid Chronic

Currently marijuana is classified by the federal government as a Schedule I controlled substance, the same category as heroin and L.S.D. Drugs with that classification, the government says, have a […]


The Reel Idiots The Reel idiots

Imagine a room with cats…..lots of them…The Cat Room. Music by Alex Khaskin (Dangerous Move), Neo Sounds. Please check out “The Reel idiots” on youtube and subscribe. Become a fan of “The Reel idiots” on Facebook and follow us on twitter @theReelidiots

insane clown posse mug shots

Does This Look Like The Face Of Three Insane Clown Posse Tourmates Busted For Weed?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Three rappers¬† who are on tour with the Insane Clown Posse got busted for felony possession of herb in Tampa Florida yesterday. Police caught the rappers on the tour bus […]


50% Of Americans Want Pot To Be Legal

News Kid Chronic

More Americans want pot to be legal than ever, as a new Gallup poll reports a staggering 50% of Americans are for the legalization of Snoop Dogs favorite drug. Of […]

obama hates pot, smoked pot

Obama Administration Shuts Down 16 Marijuana Dispensaries

News Kid Chronic

Federal prosecutors sent letters to 16 San Diego pot dispensaries telling them to shut down in 45 days or face federal charges. Does anyone else feel like this is Obama’s […]

negative affects of smoking marijuana

Negative Effects Of Smoking Marijuana #21

User Submissions Kid Chronic

Yup, that’s definitely a down side lol… Thanks to Chronicman420 for the submission.

Jerome Simpson

Does This Look Like The Face NFL Star Busted With 8.5 Pounds Of Sticky Green

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Cincinnati Bengals wide out Jerome Simpson is in hot water after police snagged a package out of the mail containing two pounds of fire chronic headed to his home. The […]

Hello Chronic Nation I Bring You The Oldest Pot Smoker In The World!

Health Kid Chronic

This guy is the shizzznit I hope I’m this cool at 98, this dude gives me hope for humanity for real! #smokeweedeveryday


Court Denies Mans Attempt To Change His Name To NJWeedman.com

Legal Kid Chronic

California courts shot down Edward Forchion Jr.’s request to change his name today. The court denied Forchion’s attempt to change his name to the oh-so-hip NJweedman.com because it “advocates illegal […]

bust (1)

Dude…No Way! Free Weed Found in the Streets of California!

California treez

It was the kind of thing all potheads dream about. It was the equivalent of hitting the “Marijuana lottery”. Every once in a while we stumble across some cash. A […]

Does This Look Like The Face Of A 21-Year-Old Mom Who Shotgunned Marijuana Smoke Into Her Baby’s Mouth?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Jessica Callaway was caught on cell phone camera abusing her infant child. The recording took places moments after authorities say Callaway shotgunned marijuana smoke into the baby’s mouth in an […]

Skull Belts & Mel Gibson for My Valentine

The Reel Idiots The Reel idiots

Do you like Olivia Newton John and BJ’s? If so this is The Reel idiots video for you!… Subscribe to our youtube page. Become a fan of “The Reel idiots” […]

Waka Flocka

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Rapper Busted For Weed…Again

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Waka Flocka was busted for weed in Georgia today. Just about one month after being busted for weed in New York. The rapper was pulled over in what was described […]

weed flag

Survey Says Americans Love Pot And Booze

Health Kid Chronic

Wahoooooo! Your god damn right we do. I wish you could see me running around my office with a Budweiser in my hand, a joint in my mouth, draped in […]

Miami City Commision

Lauderhill Pot Smoker Jeff Gibson Owns The Miami Beach City Commission

Featured Kid Chronic

Pot smokers took their case to the Miami Beach City Commission meeting to lobby members to decriminalize the drug to under a $100 fine for carrying 20 grams or less. […]

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