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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Weed-Selling Granny?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

This weed-selling granny is responsible for 40% of the pot sales in Oklahoma. When cops searched her home they found $275,000 in cash!

4PM Moment Of Zen

4pm Moment of Zen Patricia Jay

Enjoy your Moment Of Zen with a tour of the Long Beach Green Room.  

BEELiNE - "the worlds finest hemp wick"

4PM Moment Of Zen

4pm Moment of Zen Patricia Jay

BEELiNE – “the world’s finest hemp wick”

Fellow Chronic Nation

4 PM Moment Of Zen

4pm Moment of Zen Patricia Jay

– Get to know your fellow Chronic Nation – Because everyone is doing it –


At Least We Know Who’s Been Smoking My Pot…

Videos Kid Chronic

This video is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I can’t post it here for a multitude of reasons, one of which being that my advertisers will […]

suge knight mug shot vegas

Does This Look Like The Face Of Suge Knight Arrested For Weed?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Suge Knight, who is currently on probation for driving on a suspended license, was pulled over in Las Vegas yesterday. When police searched the black Bentley Suge was driving in […]

Rosanne Barr For President!

Roseanne Barr Is Running For President

Politics Kid Chronic

Rosanne Barr has officially announced that she will be making a run for the Green Party’s nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 general election. Her official […]

Snoop Gives Advice To Kris Humphries About Kim Kardashian

TV Kid Chronic

Can’t make a hoe a housewife!

smoke pot!

California Man Busted Smoking Weed On Fort Lauderdale Flight

California Kid Chronic

Oh those laid back Californians with their pot… A man faces drug charges after being arrested switching planes in Newark New Jersey. The man who had left on a flight […]

Mitt Romney Meets A Medical Marijuana Patient

Politics Kid Chronic

Mitt gets cornered by a medical marijuana Muscular Dystrophy patient and runs for the hills rather than explain his stance on the issue.

medical marijuana

Governors Ask The US To Reclassify Marijuana

Politics Kid Chronic

Currently marijuana is classified by the federal government as a Schedule I controlled substance, the same category as heroin and L.S.D. Drugs with that classification, the government says, have a […]


The Reel Idiots The Reel idiots

Imagine a room with cats…..lots of them…The Cat Room. Music by Alex Khaskin (Dangerous Move), Neo Sounds. Please check out “The Reel idiots” on youtube and subscribe. Become a fan of “The Reel idiots” on Facebook and follow us on twitter @theReelidiots

insane clown posse mug shots

Does This Look Like The Face Of Three Insane Clown Posse Tourmates Busted For Weed?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Three rappers  who are on tour with the Insane Clown Posse got busted for felony possession of herb in Tampa Florida yesterday. Police caught the rappers on the tour bus […]


50% Of Americans Want Pot To Be Legal

News Kid Chronic

More Americans want pot to be legal than ever, as a new Gallup poll reports a staggering 50% of Americans are for the legalization of Snoop Dogs favorite drug. Of […]

obama hates pot, smoked pot

Obama Administration Shuts Down 16 Marijuana Dispensaries

News Kid Chronic

Federal prosecutors sent letters to 16 San Diego pot dispensaries telling them to shut down in 45 days or face federal charges. Does anyone else feel like this is Obama’s […]

negative affects of smoking marijuana

Negative Effects Of Smoking Marijuana #21

User Submissions Kid Chronic

Yup, that’s definitely a down side lol… Thanks to Chronicman420 for the submission.

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