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Gaza Rocket Launch

Israel Under Rocket Attack from Gaza

News ShoMeLove

Israel Under Rocket Attack from Gaza. Sirens have sounded in Israel after a rocket launched from the Gaza strip into southern Israel, according to the Israel Defense Forces. No one […]

Face Smacks

What Did The 5 Fingers Say To The Face?

Funny ShoMeLove

SMACK!!! Sixty seconds of MOVIE Slaps…

Waitress Fights Back

Waitress Puts Pervert Down

Fights ShoMeLove

Chivalry is dead! Waitress Knocks Out Patron For Grabbing Her Assets.

Spiderman Fail

Spiderman Rescued After Fatal Fall

Funny ShoMeLove

Spiderman has always fascinated me with his acrobatic skills. However, at a Kids birthday party the web crawler Tangled Web not even he could unweave.

Curry scores 40 points in Victory

Rockets Looking Like “Curry” Chicken After Game 3 Blowout

Sports ShoMeLove

Rockets fall behind in Western Conference Finals 3-0, behind stellar performance from 2014-2015 NBA regular season MVP Steph Curry.

Kris Jenner breaks down

Kris Jenner Talks Bruce Jenner Sex Change

Celeb ShoMeLove

Kris Jenner breaks down as her husband transitions to a female.

Roommates Quarrel

This Week on When Roommates Quarrel

Fights ShoMeLove

“I want you out”! Ouch…

Pit Bull vs. Anaconda

Pit Bull vs. Anaconda (Warning Graphic)

Animals ShoMeLove

Pit Bull owner avenges his pets unfortunate death.

Kids Punished by Having Video Game Consoles Smashed Playstation and Xbox

The Destruction of Game Consoles Punishment

Video Games ApexGuardian

Dad forces his son to destroy his Xbox as punishment. Remember kids, this ultimate punishment has been spreading!

Cop Gives Up Arresting 14 Year Old Girl

Cops Give Up Trying To Arrest 14 Year Old

WTF ApexGuardian

When confronted with an upset crowd, these officers decide to just walk away? wtf?

Cell Phones Taking Over Peoples Lives

Cell Phones Taking Over Our Lives

Comedy ApexGuardian

Oh how true…

Canadian Man Confesses to Murder of Family On Facebook

Man Confesses To Murder On Facebook

News ApexGuardian

A Canadian man, Randy Janzen confesses to the murder of his family on a Facebook post. Police later discovering the bodies in his home.

Burger King Employee Dumps Oil Down a Storm Drain

Burger King Employee Dumps Oil Down Storm Drain

WTF ApexGuardian

A Burger King Employee was caught in Lake Worth, Florida pouring used oil into a storm drain.

Car Stops Middle of the Road in Russia Woman

Why Is It Always Russia?

WTF ApexGuardian

I don’t think even Russian cars are supposed to do that…

He Never Had A Chance

He Never Had A Chance…

Fights ShoMeLove

One swift kick to the face, and a few Mike Tyson punches ended this duel abruptly!  

George Zimmerman Shot at Road Rage Incident

George Zimmerman Is At It Again!

News ApexGuardian

In the past 3 or so years it seems George Zimmerman has had as much TV air time as the Kardashians. His latest? Getting shot at after allegedly waving a […]

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