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Wall Street Billionaires

Life Darth Turch

The crazy rich life of Wall Street Billionaires its out of control these guys annual salary is more than most people could ever dream of seeing even if they could work 10 life time! For more clips like this one check out www.printkiller.com

The Lottery Changed My Life!

Life Darth Turch

The Lottery Changed My Life! An epic tale of how the lottery did in fact change these lucky recipients lives! For more clips like this come to www.printkiller.com

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Couch Talk

Life Darth Turch

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Couch Talk you want to see this clip of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates conversing in this clip! Come to www.printkiller.com we know what you want!

CHAPPIE Trailer In Theaters 3/6/14

Movie Darth Turch

CHAPPIE Trailer In Theaters 3/6/14 go check it out in theaters this weekend and in the mean time check out www.printkiller.com


Pediatrician Accused of Murdering His Ex-Wife

News Lois Lane

John Wall’s is accused of staging his ex-wife’s suicide and murdering the mother of his four children. The medical examiner ruled that Uta von Schwedler’s injuries could have happened in a struggle. She was found dead in an overflowing bathtub in her Sugar House home, […]


Stupidest Debate On the Internet- Is The Dress White and Gold or Blue and Black

News Lois Lane

The dumbest debate on the Internet today and what has everyone talking about is the dress white and gold or blue and black! Really???!!!!


KFC Introduces Edible Coffee Cup

News Lois Lane

Now this is something I defenitly want to try. KFC has partnered up with Seattle’s Best Coffee and came up with “Scoff–ee,” an  edible coffee holder that is  essentially a cup-shaped cookie, lined with white chocolate. Yes please!


Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Has Medical Setback

Entertainment Lois Lane

  Sources say that when doctors tried to wean Bobbi Kristina of the drugs that were keeping her in a indused coma she began to have violent seizures.

Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

Sports Darth Turch

Bad Lip Reading of The NFL A MUST SEE! Absolutely Hilarious I love these kinds of clips for more clips like this and so many others also check out www.printkiller.com Click it and entertain yourself for hours on end with the variety of clips available!


Obama turns to BuzzFeed to sell Obamacare

News Lois Lane

  President Obama is featured in a BuzzFeed video to increase enrollment for the Affordable Care Act.


A Bullet Attachment That Could Save Lives?

News Lois Lane

  It looks like a toy attachment for a gun, but this new device is intended to give suspects a chance to live if shot.


Danica Patrick In Daytona Practice Crash

News Lois Lane

Danica Patrick’s primary car for the Daytona 500 was destroyed Wednesday after she crashed during practice along with Michael Annett and Jeb Burton in an incident triggered by Denny Hamlin


Man Flips the Bird and Gets What He Deserves…Istant Karma At Work!

Videos Lois Lane

After a minute of nonstop tailgating by a huge truck, the woman in this video, identified only as “Florida Driver,” is passed by the vehicle, whose driver flips her the bird and yells an unintelligible insult.


The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10 – TOP 5 WTF

TV Lois Lane

If you are not caught up yet, do not watch the Top 5 What the Fuck Moments!


Las Vegas Mother Dies In Road-Rage Incident

News Lois Lane

Tammy Meyers, a 44-year-old mother of four, returned home to get her 22-year old son so look for a suspect after a road range incident.


Meanwhile in Sweet Mother Russia…

Videos Kid Chronic

Well that’s one way to test a bullet proof helmet!

North Korea

Tour Shows Visitors a Different Side of North Korea

Travel Kid Chronic

This video makes North Korea look like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!


Obama’s BuzzFeed Video

Celeb Darth Turch

Obama’s BuzzFeed Video is HILARIOUS a must see! Obama is the star of this short film that is sure to crack you up! That selfie stick needs to go Obama! You’re not a 13 year old girl, you’re the leader of the free world!

fire fail

“You Might Want to Stand Back…”

Fail Kid Chronic

Dumb kid nearly BBQ’s himself.



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