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What Happens When You Skydive With a Bowling Ball?

Videos Lois Lane

Cool! But I would want to be as far away from the bowling ball when I land!


Diver Gets Assaulted Under Water

News Lois Lane

Rene Umberger was under 50 feet of water of Kona, Hawaii, when another diver swam over and tried to rip off her breathing apparatus. Rene was filming damage to coral reefs when she was assaulted. After she managed to slip her breathing device back on, […]


Judge Wants To Know Where is Casey Kasem?

News Lois Lane

A Los Angeles judge ordered an investigation on the whereabouts of the famous radio host Casey Kasem. The Judge was worried about Kasem’s well-being after another attorney for Kasem’s wife said he didn’t know where the former radio host was. Kasem, who suffers from Parkinson’s […]

insane pool jump

Insane Kid Jumps Off Roof Into Shallow Pool

Videos Kid Chronic

Balls of steel on this one…

killer clown scare prank

God, Clowns Are So Damn Freaky!

Pranks Kid Chronic

Killer clown scare prank.


Beyonce’s Sister Solange Attacks Jay Z and It’s All Caught on Tape

Entertainment Lois Lane

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. At the Met Gala, Solange in her peach gown, is seen entering an elevator at the Standard Hotel with the sister and brother-and-law. A few seconds pass and Solange approaches Jay Z and she starts to yell at […]

Tree falls on cop

So, A Tree Fell On Top of a Cop at a Traffic Stop…

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

Damn, what are the chances of this happening? The guy is lucky to be alive. You always think about cops getting shot on the job, but never a tree falling on them!

Guy Does Salvia and Falls Out of a Window

Guy Does Salvia and Falls Out of a Window

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

What the hell! This drug is crazy.

Military jet crash

Military Jet Goes Down, Disintegrates on Impact

News Kid Chronic

Luckily, the pilot was able to eject before impact.

tennis racquet guy

Check Out This Wack-A-Doo Squeeze His Whole Body Through a Tennis Racquet!

Videos Kid Chronic

Street performers fall under the category “weird but awesome”.


Can You Lend A Nigga A Pencil

News Kid Chronic

Nice try, white guy, but it’s not happening. No one is buying that excuse!

Winston crab animated gif

Jameis Winston Crab Leg Memes!

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

As an FSU alum, I am obviously disappointed in our star quarterback Jameis Winston. Shoplifting is unacceptable behavior. However, as a blogger, his crab-leg memes are pure gold! #Hilarious


Another Reminder Why You Should Not Post On Facebook Or Take Selfies While Driving!

News Lois Lane

Courtney Ann Sanford, 32, was killed on Thursday morning on Business Interstate 85 freeway in High Point, moments after she had updated her Facebook status. The post she updated minutes before the crash read, “The happy song makes me HAPPY.” Investigators also believe that Sanford […]

Two Hour Orgasm

Woman Has To Go To Hospital For Two-Hour Orgasm

Health Kid Chronic

Doctor’s like “I wish we could help you…I’m afraid to research this.” This is the worst doctor ever! Side Note: This guy is a hero! He straight turned this woman into a quacking duck!

Throw a Naked Girl Off a Roof

Check Out This Nut Bag Throw a Naked Girl Off a Roof!

NSFW Kid Chronic

Damn, this guy knows how to party!


Teen Stowaways in Jetliner’s Wheel and Flies to Hawaii

News Lois Lane

A Santa Clara, California, teen climbed into the plane’s wheel and hid for five hours in freezing temperatures. The teen was found wondering around a Maui airport with no identification. The FBI took him to a hospital and questioned him. Authorities were surprised at how […]

arm 2

Student Loses Arm Wrestling Contest to 70-year-old Teacher

Videos Lois Lane

A Utah State student loses an arm wrestling contest to his English teacher, who is 70 years old.

its not porn

HBO’s New Commercial is Off the Freaking Wall

TV Kid Chronic

HBO’s “It’s Not Porn Commercial.”

Guy Can Pee Over His Shoulder

This Guy Can Pee Over His Shoulder!

Wins Kid Chronic

Nice cockmanship, champ!


The Dangers Of Taking a Selfie

Videos Lois Lane

Here is why you have to be careful where you are when taking a selfie, look at this dumbass!

eye contact

Eye Contact, Eye Contact…

WTF Kid Chronic

Something is not quite right about this guy.


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