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Toilet Baby Searching For Her Birth Mother 27- Years Later

News The Brooklyn Bomber

Katheryn Deprill is searching for her birth mother after she was found in a Burger King bathroom 27 years ago. Talk about a crappy childhood.


Hot Woman Sues After Her Mugshot Becomes a Popular Online Meme

News Lois Lane

Meggan Simmons is suing InstantCheckmate.com, a background-check company, for using her image without her consent. She claims that her mugshot image caused her to feel “humiliated and embarrassed”, and that she has suffered “mental pain and anguish.” Her attorney, Matthew Crist, told the Today show, […]

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Impossible Super Mario Level

Video Games The Brooklyn Bomber

Is this some kind of sick joke?

Snowboarder Hits Tree Head On - Print Killer

Snowboarder Hits Tree Head-On

Fail Kid Chronic

Next stop: the hospital!

hood fight

Just Another Day in the Hood…

Fights Kid Chronic

Chairs and baseball bats…

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The Most Unbelievable News Story of 2014

News The Brooklyn Bomber

As they say in the new report, you can not make this stuff up. What is wrong with people?

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Southside Mistubishi Rap

Fail The Brooklyn Bomber

Southside Mitsubishi must be running out of ideas to get people to buy some cars.


Man Wakes Up in a Body Bag Right Before Embalming

News Kid Chronic

Oh man, this is like my worst fear come true.

Casino guy

Old Guy Loses it at a Casino

Nevada Kid Chronic

The casino is a great place to meet characters. This guy is no exception.


Grandma Throws Her Cocktail on the Bride

Fail Kid Chronic

Poor, old lady. This could happen to anyone. Did you see the bride’s face? Stone cold…


Arizona Passes Anti-Gay Bill

TV Kid Chronic

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook

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Italian Protestor Sets Himself On Fire

That's Gotta Hurt The Brooklyn Bomber

Carlo De Gaetano poured petrol over a blanket, set it on fire, and then stepped over the flames in a protest filmed by Corriere TV in Monza, near Milan.

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The Best Dance At A Wedding Ever

WTF The Brooklyn Bomber

I dare you to challenge her to a dance off! I double dog dare you!


Katy Perry and John Mayer Break Up

Entertainment Lois Lane

There is no engagement. There will be no Hollywood wedding. Katy Perry and John Mayer have broken up…again! Perry and Mayer have been on-and-off since the summer of 2012. Their relationship had become more steady since March of last year. The “Wide Awake” singer has […]

Stephan Colbert

Dutch Coach Goes Off on the United States

TV Kid Chronic

Stephan Colbert to our defense! The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

with one punch

Thug Kills Pedestrian With a Single Punch

Death Kid Chronic

After getting in an argument with a cyclist for riding on the sidewalk, a man was punched and killed by the cyclist’s friend. The whole incident was caught on CCTV.

Ted Nugent

Let’s Call it What it is: Ted Nugent is a Racist and a Sexist

Politics Kid Chronic

Check out these two videos of Ted Nugent. Is he out of his mind? The stuff that comes out of this guy’s mouth is so ridiculous that no one should ever take him seriously. Yet for some reason he is on CNN…


Man Has Largest Private Reef Aquariam In His Home

Videos Lois Lane

I want one! Also I am curious to know what his light and water bill are!

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Japan’s “Tear Sommelier”

Health The Brooklyn Bomber

Crying has a negative image in Japan, but now you can attend a crying seminar that one man says is good for your health. Let’s see what Japan has got for us this time.

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Semi Truck Smashes Into Traffic

That's Gotta Hurt The Brooklyn Bomber

One minute you’re sitting in traffic, the next minute you’re on the other side of the divider with your McDonald’s all over the car.

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