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Ok So School in South Africa is Pretty F*cking Weird…

Videos Kid Chronic

This is probably the best interview I have seen in at least a year. Well besides the one I did with Bill Maher of course!


Insane Hit and Run Then Car Chase

Automotive Kid Chronic

Whoa this is crazy. These two foreign blokes see a crazy driver, and then not only predict the accident, but follow and capture her after she tries to flea the scene.


The Best Pee Wee Football Run We Have Seen All Year

Sports Kid Chronic

This kid is no joke!

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 1.43.14 PM

Flying Inflatable Raft

Marine The Brooklyn Bomber

Why didnt I think of this


Ass Kicking Pit Stop

Fights Kid Chronic

Motorcyclist pulls over for a quick ass kicking pit stop!


The Newest Internet Fad TreadMeals!

Funny Kid Chronic

lol this is freaking ridiculous!


Miley Cyrus New Video “Wrecking Ball”

Entertainment Lois Lane



22-Year Old Man Makes YouTube Confession

News Lois Lane

  22-year old Ohio man confesses to killing a man while drinking and driving by posting his confession online. Matthew Cordle’s three-and-a-half minute video has been viewed by more than 1.2 million people. In the video Cordle goes on to tell about the day on […]


How Many Shrooms Did Eminem Eat Before this Interview?

Fail Kid Chronic

Too many purple pills Eminem???


I Didn’t Even Think This Was Possible…

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Chicago Woman’s Rapes Man At Gunpoint, Steals His iPhone & Kicks Him Out The Van Butt Naked!


Man Knowingly Infects 300 Women With HIV

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

David Lee Mangum is facing 15 years for knowingly infecting women with HIV.


“The Boys Took a Beating on That One”

Fail Kid Chronic

Skier takes a gate to the marbles.


Mouse Out Smarts Gun Toting Home Owner

Videos Kid Chronic

Don’t bring a gun to a mouse fight! – Watch More Funny VideosDon2019t Bring A Gun To A Mouse Fight


How Soldiers Train in South Korean Army

That's Gotta Hurt Lois Lane

The South Korean Soldiers train in the snow to get their bodies used to extreme weather conditions. I am cold just watching them brrr!     [www.msn.com]


The Best Meme’s on the Web Today

Meme Kid Chronic

The funniest meme’s on the web today!


When Trolling Goes Right

Fail Kid Chronic

Kids troll a thug on the side of the street and get the best result possible.

funny gif

The Best Gifs on the Web Today!

Gifs Kid Chronic

The best animated gifs on the web this week!


Giant Boulder Almost Crushes Car

Automotive Kid Chronic

Wow, this driver was within inches of being flattened like a human pancake.


Scientist Discover a “Megacanyon” Underneath Greenland’s Ice Caps

News Lois Lane

Glaciologist Jonathan Bamber who works for the U.S. Space agency NASA was studying the rising global temperatures in Greenland when they found what seemed to be a “megacanyon” far beneath the frozen surface of the world’s largest island.


John McAfee Releases Another Crazy Video

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

This guy is straight of his rocker…

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