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Mob Attacks Driver Who Hit Child In Turkey

Fights The Brooklyn Bomber

Some kid goes beast mode and jumps on top of the car!


Holy Shit Kangaroo Sleeper Hold!

Animals Kid Chronic

Damn! I didn’t even know they had those kind of moves.


Just Another Florida Perv Shopping at Target

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Police in Orange County Florida are looking for this man, who hid a phone on the bottom of his shopping cart. Then steered the buggy close enough to see up girls skirts. Check him out in action, in this video.

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Terrifying Coffee Shop Prank

Pranks Kid Chronic

If I saw this happen in real life I would freak the f*ck out!


The Flying Super Punch

Fights Kid Chronic

Oh man that looks like fun, I wanna flying super punch someone!


Welcome to the World We Live in…

Fail Kid Chronic

It’s one weird place!


Opening the Door, Your Doing it Wrong…

Fail Kid Chronic

WTF is this guy thinking?


Bouncer Body Slams Dude Outside of the Club

Fail Kid Chronic

Damn did he just break that guys neck?


Starbucks Drake Hands the Latest Internet Celebrity

Dating Kid Chronic

Check out the video this guy sent a girl he met at Starbucks.

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Crane Falls On To The Highway

Death The Brooklyn Bomber

Guy flies right out of his operating crane onto the highway.

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Man Hugging His Lion Friends

Animals The Brooklyn Bomber

I don’t know how some people get away with stuff like this.


Ping Pong Knife Trick

Videos Kid Chronic

All I can say about this video, is WTF is wrong with some people???

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 2.13.12 PM

Kid Runs Through Entire Football Teams Defense

Wins The Brooklyn Bomber

This kid is invincible!

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 2.06.03 PM

Disabled Hockey Brawl

Fights The Brooklyn Bomber

I didn’t even know there was a disabled hockey league.

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 12.07.02 PM

Cheetah Like Robot

Tech The Brooklyn Bomber

This robot is pretty cool and scary at the same time.


Guy Lights Himself on Fire in Front of the Capital

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

A man in Washington lit himself on fire while sitting in the grassy area by the monuments known ans the National Mall. People passing by who saw the flames, took their shirts off and attempted to save the man’s life. They later told the media […]


Kayaking Down a Drainage Ditch at 60 MPH

Marine Kid Chronic

This looks fun as hell!


Couple Caught Hooking Up

College Kid Chronic

College you gotta love it… – Watch More Funny VideosCouple Caught Hooking Up At Party


Naked Guy Picking Up Girls Prank

Dating Kid Chronic

Surprisingly this seems to work!


You’re Not Going to Believe This

Death Kid Chronic

Suicidal man jumps off a building and lands on another man killing him. Only thing is the suicidal man survives. WTF!!!!

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