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Two Headed Calf

Totally Weird Two Headed Calf Born in Florida

Animals Kid Chronic

Yup, you can’t unsee that, that videos def going to haunt me for a while lol.

What the Hell is This Lady Doing? - Print Killer

What the Hell is This Lady Doing?

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

That’s not how you wash the car lady! WTF is going on here, is she getting rid of the evidence???

Girl Pees Herself

Girl Pees Herself on Live TV

TV Kid Chronic

Oh jeez I actually feel bad for this poor girl. Why didn’t she go to the bathroom? WTF…


Amy Schumer Pranks Kanye and Kim On The Red Carpet

Entertainment Lois Lane

Amy Schumer decided to prank Kanye and Kim on the red carpet on their way to 100 Gala in New York City. Kim lauged but Kanye didn’t think it was funny. […]

Relationships Suck

Why Relationships Suck

Dating Kid Chronic

Because a woman will never miss an opportunity to let you down! Check out this poor bastard doing something nice for his girlfriend only to have here shit all over […]

Don't Beat Your Chest at a Gorilla

Here is Why You Don’t Beat Your Chest at a Gorilla

Animals Kid Chronic

Yeah, so apparently gorillas don’t like that…


First Female Quintuplets in U.S. born to Houston Couple

News Lois Lane

Texas Couple give birth to girl quintuplets! There has not been a set of all female quintuplets since 1969 and are the first set of girl quintuplets believed born in the […]


ESPN Reported Suspended After Being Caught On Camera Losing Her Temper To Parking Attendant

News Lois Lane

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was suspended after being caught on camera foul-mouthing a parking attendant after her car was towned while she had lunch.


8-Year-Old Amputee Steals The Dance Show

Videos Lois Lane

Alissa Seizmore may have lost her leg when a truck hit her, but she never stopped dreaming. Watch this amazing video of her!


Jodi Arias Sentenced To Life Without Parole

News Lois Lane

Jodi Arias was sentenced today to life with no possibility of parole for the murder of her on-off boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

police beat horse thief

California Cops Gang Beat Thief on Camera

News Kid Chronic

Cops know we are taping them, and this is the best behavior they can muster? WTF were they doing before we started taping them???

american tries to join isis

Dumb Shit From Wisconsin Tries to Join ISIS

News Kid Chronic

Really? From Wisconsin to ISIS?? What the hell is wrong with this guy??? If you have the benefit of being born a white man, in America, and your life sucks, […]



Videos Kid Chronic

Not even sure what I just watched.


Borat Explores Some American Hobbies

Funny Kid Chronic

OMG this guy is redic…

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