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Pet Lizard

Freaking Weirdo Has a Pet Lizard He Treats Like a Dog

Animals Kid Chronic

What the fuck are you petting that thing for dude, run for your life!


Moms Go Undercover To Catch Their Sons Harrasing Women

Videos Lois Lane

Undercover cameras catch several men whistling and harrasing women. What they don’t know is that the women they are harrasing are their own mothers.

Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders Has to Be One of the Funniest Guys on YouTube

Videos Kid Chronic

This guy is completely out of his mind, but I like it!

redneck bogan

Redneck Bogan vs Industrial Aircompressor

WTF Kid Chronic

Shit country folk do never ceases to amaze me…

Two Teams Run Away on a Crime Spree

Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde: Two Teens Run Away on a Crime Spree

News Kid Chronic

I’m sure this will end with the parents letting them stay a couple.


Miley Cyrus Posts More Naked Pictures On Instagram

Entertainment Lois Lane

Miley Cyrus does it again posting more naked pics of her boyish body, I almost thought I was looking at Justin Beber.

Potato Gun

Guy Shoots His Buddy in the Ass with a Potato Gun!

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

That’s going to leave a mark!

Bill Cosby Talking About Drugging Girls

Here is Bill Cosby Talking About Drugging Girls Back in 1991

TV Kid Chronic

Listen to Bill Cosby on Larry King Live, kind of disturbing given what we know now about his behavior.

Coke in the Truck Prank

Coke in the Truck Prank

Pranks Kid Chronic

This has to be the best prank you can pull on police officers without going to jail. Only don’t try this is your African American because they will probably shoot […]

maragrita machine

GET WISE: How to Turn a Garbage Disposal Into a Margarita Machine

Get Wise Kid Chronic

This guy is a redneck treasure!


Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Gets Botched Lip Injections

Entertainment Lois Lane

The “Teen Mom” star, who has since appeared as a porn star, has gotten herself the worst lip injections ever. Talk about botched surgery!

Douchbag Ties Up His Dog and Leaves Them

What Kind of Douchebag Ties Up His Dog and Leaves Him?

Pets Kid Chronic

I’d like to punch this guy squarely in the face, then give him a swirly ’til he says “I will never abandon my dog again” ten times.

play-doh extruder tool

Play-Doh is Recalling its Oddly Shaped Extruder Tool…

Product Kid Chronic

Some parents say the Play-Doh tool is so offensive it ruined Christmas, forcing Hasbro, the owner of Play-Doh, to change the tools out for a new Play-Doh tool in all […]

People of The Gas Station... - Print Killer

People of The Gas Station…

Videos Kid Chronic

What the hell kind of gas station is this!?


Sea Captain Laughs Histericaly While Plowing Through Huge Waves

Videos Lois Lane

The captain of this sea boat sounds a bit crazy as he laughs and tries to plow through ‘The Perfect Storm.’

Inmate Slips Right through the Jailhouse Door - Print Killer

Inmate Slips Right Through the Jailhouse Door

Videos Kid Chronic

Wow, who knew you can slip right in and out of jail as you please, just as long as your skinny!

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