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eye contact

Eye Contact, Eye Contact…

WTF Kid Chronic

Something is not quite right about this guy.

Swamp Donkey - Print Killer

Swamp Donkey

WTF Kid Chronic

Hippie chicks are always so classy…


WTF This Guy Just Found a Ball Sack in His Quiznos!

WTF Kid Chronic

Damn, I don’t think I’ll be eating at Quiznos for awhile.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 1.57.49 PM

Hillary Clinton Dodges A Shoe On Stage

WTF The Brooklyn Bomber

While Hillary was giving her speech in Vegas, a woman threw her heel at Hillary. She pulled “The Matrix” move.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 1.26.47 PM

Woman Throws Herself Down The Stairs

WTF The Brooklyn Bomber

Lady decides to throw herself down the stairs after drinking.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 12.43.14 PM

Man Takes A Chainsaw To The Neck and Lives

Fail The Brooklyn Bomber

This guy somehow managed to chainsaw himself in the neck. What’s even better is that he managed to survive.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 12.35.02 PM

7’5” Highschool Basketball Player

WTF The Brooklyn Bomber

Tacko Fall, the closest thing to a real avatar.


These Assholes Are Giving Pot Smokers A Bad Name

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic
Things Girls Lie About

Things Girls Lie About

Videos Kid Chronic

Jenna Marbles lets guys in, on girl’s little white lies.

Hipsters Love Coffee - Print Killer

Hipsters Love Coffee

Videos Kid Chronic

Can you make it taste like Christmas?

First Selfie Addict

World’s First Selfie Addict Takes Thousands a Day

Interviews Kid Chronic

Guy tries to kill himself after he can’t take the perfect selfie, proceeds to blame technology.

Beats by Dre + Daniel Tosh

Beats by Dre + Daniel Tosh: Hear What You Choose Commercial

TV Kid Chronic

I think this is one of the funniest skits Tosh has ever done. I’m not sure WTF is wrong with Tosh, but I’d like to smoke a joint with him and find out. How the hell does he think of this stuff?

Here is How They Have Fun in the Country...

Here is How They Have Fun in the Country…

Videos Kid Chronic

Cement-mixer amusement park ride!

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 12.51.27 PM

Bus Driver Slams Brakes, Passengers Fly

WTF The Brooklyn Bomber

This bus driver has had enough of his low wages and is revolting!


Update: Malaysian Flight MH370 Prime Minister Announces The Plane Is Lost and There Are No Survivors

News Lois Lane

Malaysia’s prime minister held a news conference today confirming that Flight 370 had crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean. The prime minister said, “last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean west of Perth, (Australia). This a remote location, far from any possible […]


Mudslide in Washington Leaves Eight People Dead and Many Still Missing

News Lois Lane

Oso, Washington experienced a massive landslide on Saturday that has left eight people dead. Authorities say that approximately eighteen people are still missing.  The mudslide destroyed as many as 30 homes and forced evacuations of nearby areas out of fear of flooding.  The mud was […]

So You Got Wasted...

So You Got Wasted…

lol Kid Chronic

The crowd loves him! #InstantClassic

Mr. Pickles Pilot - Print Killer

Mr. Pickles Pilot

WTF Kid Chronic

OMG this i freaking ridiculous, if its late at night and your drunk, just press play, you’ll love it.

Man Caught Robbing Adult Store - Print Killer

Man Caught Robbing Adult Store

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Lovers, the favorite adult store of criminals everywhere.


Jagger’s Longtime Girlfriend L’Wren Scott Commits Suicide

News Lois Lane

L’Wren Scott, 49, a noted fashion designer perhaps better known for being Mick Jagger’s companion for more than 13 years, was found dead in her Manhattan apartment from an apparent suicide. Her assistant found the designer hanging from a door knob with a scarf around […]

best street fight ever

Country Boy Whoops Up on Dude From New York

Fights Kid Chronic

I wasn’t going to publish this ’cause the guy from New York loses, but hey, you can’t win ‘em all, right!?


August T. Jones Left ‘Two and a Half Men’ Over Religious Beliefs

Entertainment Lois Lane

In an interview with the CBS affiliate in Houston, August T. Jones, a former star on ‘Two and a Half Men,’ opened up about the reasons behind his departure on one of the most popular shows on CBS. He explained that he felt the material […]

fsu student

FSU Police Dash Cam Shows Police Beating Up FSU Student

News Lois Lane

20-year-old FSU Student Kyle Knapp says that the FSU police used excessive force against him during a traffic stop on December 22, 2013. Knapp says the officers punched him, pulled him from his truck, and tasered him twice, as he asked the whole time, “Am […]

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 5.03.05 PM

Close Call Compilation

Compilation The Brooklyn Bomber

All these people have an angel watching over them.

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 4.12.08 PM

Real-Life Subway Surfers

WTF The Brooklyn Bomber

I really believe people in Russia generally do not give a crap about their lives.

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