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Knockout Compilation

Life Darth Turch

Watch as these people get royally knocked out!

One More Reason Why Benny the Bull is the Best Mascot in Sports

One More Reason Why Benny the Bull is the Best Mascot in Sports

Sports Kid Chronic

All time great photo bombing!

suge knight

Suge Knight Collapses in Court

Legal Kid Chronic

This mofo is faking for real, who you kidding Suge Knight? Not me!

Madonna Dress Like a God Damn Matador

Why Does Madonna Dress Like a God Damn Matador All The Time Now?

Fashion Kid Chronic

Check out Madonna dressed like a bedazzled bull fighter on Ellen.

Republican Senator Resigns

Republican Senator Jon Karl Resigns in Disgrace

News Kid Chronic

After spending $40k in tax payer money to make his fucking office look like Downtown Abby. The republican senator from Illinois, Jon Karl, has been forced out of office.

Man Goes on Naked Rampage

Riverside California Man Goes on Naked Rampage

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Guy strips down in a field then goes on a naked rampage smashing into a car, and then jumping on the hood of another!

Global greening

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Around the World

News Lois Lane

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day let’s see how famous landmarks celebrated this year!

Cat Owner Instant Karma - Print Killer

Cat Owner Instant Karma

Cats Kid Chronic

Don’t mess with your cat, they strike back!


Guy Shoots His Buddy With a Shotgun For Buying the Wrong Beer

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

New Orleans – Clarence Sturdivant, 64, turned a shotgun on his buddy, Walter Merrick, 66 after Merrick brought him the wrong beer. According to the police, Merrick brought Sturdivant a […]

Driver survives

Race Car Breaks In Half During Competition

Videos Lois Lane

A video captures a race car breaking in half during a competition. Lucky the driver survived.

Epic Saint PAtrick's Day Fail - Print Killer

Epic Saint Patrick’s Day Fail

Fail Kid Chronic

And that’s how you get a St. Patrick’s day concussion!

rockstar energy drink

Tree House Dweller Arrested for Selling Meth Energy Drinks

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Madison, West Virginia – You know what really gives an energy some kick? Why a splash of crystal myth and piss of course! At least that’s what Jasper County resident […]


Husband & Wife Love Story “Blind Devotion” Will Make You Cry

Videos Lois Lane

Ladies and Gents get ready to grab your tissues!¬†This short film is called Blind Devotion and is created by the Jubilee Project, a non-profit organization that aims to tell uplifting […]

Car crash

One Hour Car Crash Compilation!

Automotive Darth Turch

One Hour Car Crash Compilation! www.printkiller.com We know how to keep you on the web!

Federal law

Ghetto Street Fight Compilation!

Fights Darth Turch

Ghetto Street Fight Compilation! Brought to you from www.printkiller.com for your viewing pleasure!

Plane crash

Harrison Ford’s Plane Crashes

News Lois Lane

Actor Harrison Ford was injured Thursday when a vintage World War II training plane he was piloting crash landed on a California golf course. The actor sustained some cuts but […]

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