Gawkers Favorite TV Show Is The Antique Road Show!

The Antique Roadshow made a stop in Oklahoma today where it found the most expensive antique ever aired on the show. The only reason I know this is because I read it on one of my favorite websites this morning called Gawker. Why Gawker would cover the boring ass antique roadshow I have no idea. I guess New York City is so expensive that Gawker writers can afford to go out. So they have to stay home and watch shitty TV shows all weekend!

Either way, the item was a set of cups carved from rhinoceros horns, dating back to the the 17th century. Appraisers for the show valued to cups at a shocking $1.5 million. Yes, I’m talking about real dollars not Monopoly money. So naturally the guy who brought them in was absolutely thrilled. What kind of antique obsessed loser would buy $1.5 million dollar rhinoceros cups you ask? The same kind that watches the Antique Roadshow I presume! [Gawker]

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