Chad Love Lieberman – Art Thief ?!?!?

I just want to say that, I have to apologize for not knowing that Chad LOVE Lieberman was an art thief. I mean how could one know this? I had seen the artwork in his home. Chad had never claimed to me that all of the art on his site was his. That being said, if it is indeed true that he is stealing art and selling it as his, it is going to be pretty easy to sue him and possibly even worse repercussions are waiting for Chad.

What I would like to know, is how did this become known now? These posts about Chad have been up for some time now, and no comments were ever made about him stealing before. Can someone enlighten me on how this all came about? I am sincerely interested in knowing this. My phone calls and emails to Chad have obviously gone unanswered. He seems to have taken down everything that would lead to him. I do know he was in New York City, the last time I had communication with him.

To all the artists he ripped off, my best goes out to you in doing what you need to do to make your situation right. Whatever that may entail.

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  1. Chrissy says:

    I was told this would show me which art he took I would like to see what is taken so I can make sure I am not in there.

  2. Aeri says:

    michaelperezgallery . com Another site he is selling art from. I sincerely hope he gets the pants sued off him!

  3. K says:

    The main reason this probably wasn’t known is because to most the artists, the sites he was selling them on were unknown.
    Most the artists I know are usually to busy to pay attention to every new art site that pops up in order to make sure their art isn’t on it.

    You can still view the art4life.com site by using the IP address instead of the url.
    To browse the site, you just have to switch out the start of the url for the ip like such:
    would be this instead:

    This is a working list of all the stolen art and originals in a side by side slide. The list is still growing so it’s being updated constantly. So far we have been able to prove that 80 pieces of art were stolen.

  4. Li says:

    The reason it blew up is because somebody recognized something, informed thhe artist, who made a post about it. Now the deviant art community is checking this guy out and seeing their art, or favorite artists work, posted on the site. Then the sh*t hit the fan.

    It would have been easy for him to claim credit on many pieces…considering there are THOUSANDS of art pieces uploaded to deviantart daily, it might have gone under the radar for a while. However, it was only a matter of time before he was caught.

  5. Li says:

    http : //s691.photobucket . com/albums/vv277/Kafai/art4love/ -No spaces.

    She made a huge list of screen capture images from the site.

  6. Cassandra says:

    Thank you for acknowledging this. I had a feeling you were a well meaning dude.

  7. Jaime Jasso says:

    I would honestly sue him but I don’t know how, how could we know if in all this time he actually sold anything? and if he did it wasn’t cheap so it is a total fraud ! this guy should be on the news everywhere as a F’ing thief !

  8. Real Artist says:

    This link should explain everything.

    This is a list of artists with links for proof that he stole from.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bad, bad journalism on your part, treez. Please do your research next time BEFORE you promote art theft.

  10. Trolololol says:

    “I mean how could one know this?” …

    I don’t know, perhaps reading and consulting the fucking internet would be wise before worshiping a fucking thief.

    Because there are people on this world who just don’t have a damn shame left.

  11. Another reason this did not come to light sooner is because he changed he name of every piece of art and never credited the artist. It would be very hard to come across your images on this site doing a conventional google search and no one has the time to do a search through tineye for every single single work or art they have uploaded.

    The count of artist with confirmed stolen works is up to 101 so far with many of them having 2 or 3 pieces that have been stolen. The list keeps growing.


  12. Cintia says:

    I found my artwork being sold for hundreds of dollars in his webpage 4 days ago. Just by using the new google feature in the image search engine, then the word was spread quickly through the internet. That’s all.

  13. Thank you for the support. A lot of us were ripped. Spreading the word may help to stop this guy.

  14. Here you can see which work stolen from me http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e236/Medusa_eyes/STOLEN3.jpg
    This is just a piece over the thousand he ripped from other artists and me. He was so disgusting to mark MY work on his site on 2006. I created it over 2009 and the correct date is registered in my DA http://medusa-thedollmaker.deviantart.com/gallery/23787085?offset=0#/d2f2zgv (date is a thing we cannot change because this is just a gallery. He can edit the date in his web because he just have to edit the canvas info.)
    We have to fight against the art theft.

  15. Cintia says:

    It’s nice to see that he’s been found out, but now he should be judged for stealing and selling withouth permission another’s artists work!

    Some of the art he was selling were alredy in comics, role playing books… etc. It’s amazing how he had no shame, he cropped the images that had watermarks and then sold them.

    I hope now he gives all the money he had earned with stolen art to their original artists.

  16. Ginnza says:

    And here’s a list of all the art that was stolen in DA with the original and the one he was selling on the web.
    And it’s still being updated with more and more people :)


  17. Dark Ashelin says:

    My bet is that someone visited the site and noticed a painting of a famous artist he knew on Deviantart, then sent him a note. The artist made a journal, which was read by many people, including other famous artists there, who on their turn made journals as well. Word spread and now everyone knows about it.

  18. Jason says:

    I see he has deleted most of his pages and is now hiding like the little bitch he is. I desperately hope I have the opportunity to run into him on the street.

    In the meantime, if you happen to come run into him, say cowering in a corner somewhere, tell him to leave art to the people who actually have talent.

  19. Capn-gary says:

    I’ve got another six pieces of stolen art, along with the artist’s originals, that were taken from Deviant Art.

    Have a look: http://capn-gary.deviantart.com/gallery/32063343

    The word started spreading on Deviant Art, and reached a crescendo two nights ago. art4love.com went from getting 12,000 hits a month (according to their own tracking site) to getting 14,000 hits in one day, most of them by outraged Deviant Artists.

    One can hope he ends up broke and in jail.


  20. vitaly s says:

    He made a mistake stealing from immensely popular deviantart based artists like myself.

    My images are recognized by millions of viewers around the world and it was only a matter of time when Chad was caught by my fans.

  21. Anonymous says:

    It became known when some artists cam across the site and noticed ‘Hey! That’s MY artwork!’ and then word started to spread like wild fire. Those of us in the art community condemn theft like no others.

  22. huang tso says:

    Sarah Joncas (artist) has found her prints on his site being sold for way more than she even sells them. She posted about it on Facebook and it is spreading like wildfire.

  23. I think it is deplorable and the kick in the pants was that certificate sent with art, I wish I knew who he sold art to so they can friggen string him up as well!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I hope that dick loses all his ill gotten money in the multiple lawsuits that await him! With the speed this is getting out and the photos of his ugly mug over the internet he’ll never sell another stolen print again! I feel sorry for both the artists he ripped off & the people suckered into buying it.

  25. Conzz says:

    Jail him! Let’s see him pull that douchey face whilst getting ass-reamed.

  26. Anonymous says:

    So treez, I heard about this Young Entrepreneurs Society and MarkYourSpot.com. Are they legit?

  27. GFC says:

    It’s easier the bastard ripped off ARTist on one of the most popular ART websites with the most tight nit community

    A nice place called deviantART that don’t take this shit

    Add in hes has stollen and copied Manga and FanART

    And lastly the bastard has started plagiarizing peoples stories and other writings going as far as to steal from already published and owned works.

    I hope the bastard gets everything thats coming to him and much more!!!

  28. TTF says:

    How the hell could you not know? You had to of noticed the websites, all the ART, and surely his wads of ill earned cash from scamming buyers into paying his outrageous prices for stolen ART

    Just join and check out deviantART.com you’ll find out soon enough.

    The bastard even had the gull to steal ART From a few dA Employees.

    If he has an account there I hope they bring down the ban hammer on him big time!! And trace his IP’s and such

  29. God of Calculus says:

    If the art is originally done by artist renowned online then only fans of the site or of the artist specifcally would notice that the works were stolen. Deviantart and its artists share this predicament.

    Also, the artists upon discovering their work was stolen, firs thought “who the fudge is Chad Lieberman?” and “Wh is my art being jacked?”.

    Never heard of the guy until now.

  30. Kyna says:

    His real name isn’t even Chad. His real name is Craig Pravda.

  31. Peter Eng says:

    ” I desperately hope I have the opportunity to run into (Chad Love) on the street.”

    Jason, for your sake, I hope you don’t – you don’t need to be arrested for assault and battery.

    However, if you do run into him, please remember not to damage his testicles. They’re insured, and if you damage them, he might end up collecting.

  32. Jon says:

    The way I learned about this, and then spread my love for Chad… was by Alex Garner who’s known as a comic artist. He had done a piece for Marvel of the character Psylocke that was used quite frequently since the time he made it for promotional pieces, ads and on a comic cover itself for X Men http://alexgarner.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=60#/d1rd1kw
    (I would show the stolen art, but as you can imagine, getting a url to work for his crap is impossible now)

    Someone noticed this piece on Chad’s site and brought it to Alex’s attention whereupon the journal entry went up and we all scattered to learn what we could. 4 hours later the site went down and a mirror site was available and I found more artists that I knew of from DeviantART and I notified them with links to said artwork that was theirs. Being sold for a grand on the mirror site. Others found their own art and now, many are finding it impossible to get into any url or ip# for a site with said artwork. He’s even taken down tons of information from his facebook pages and privatized what was once public information. He took down his phone # (Which I don’t know why, it’s not like it was anything other than a toll free# to a switchboard I’m sure) and took down a ‘business’ address which he put back up later on.

    Chad has now, for those of us in the know, been categorized as a Rob Granito clone. And no, that’s not a compliment.

    Although I can understand taking someone for face value. In this day and age one should do more background checking on people.

  33. […] Word is spreading fast that Chad Lieberman steals from deviantArt and FurAffinity. Another site that may be related to him, michaelperez.com, has come up, but the proverbial jury is still out on this one. Another name has come up as well, “Craig Pravda”. Some have said it is Chad Lieberman’s real name, or it could be an associate. What is plain as day either way, his Facebook lists known stolen art site markyourspot.com as one of his websites. […]

  34. treez says:

    I understand the anger, please keep in mind people, that Chad wore a few different hats. So seeing his art on his walls made perfect sense to me.

    I stand corrected that I did not double check that the work was stolen from another artist, but in all fairness, one would not comb through deviantart.com and start comparing to see if he stole the images.

    I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been ripped off by Chad. He has made me look bad and discredited me as well.

    In addition to spouting venom on here (and I am glad this has become a forum for those to communicate regarding Chad), you guys need to band together and pursue what you can through legal measures. There has to be something that can be done. I mean, this is people’s livelihoods he messed with. You create the art out of love, but god damn, it would be nice to sell it as well!

  35. Eyal benstein says:

    Im sorry i did some research art4love was sold to a chinese company in 2006 so none of this makes sense

  36. Lexie says:

    To my knowledge, the one who originally found the site was http://undinecg.deviantart.com/
    she found using that new google feature where you drag and drop an image in the image search and it shows you where all it’s been posted. She found the site and noticed that not only was her art stolen but a few other deviants’ art had been stolen. She reported it to them who must have reported it to their watchers and it went form there. Her journal can be found here :http://undinecg.deviantart.com/journal/43296212/#comments

  37. tsheva says:

    This dude, CHAD, is a con artist and a fraud which carries jail time. Did he think that no one would discover him? Well we have and now the whole internet is after his ass.

    So good luck hiding CHAD. Good luck with that you tool.

    Every media outlet he has given an interview with needs to be contacted and told of this fool’s illegal activity so that they can’t be fooled into believing another word he says.

    This person belongs in jail.

    With the other criminals of the world who defraud and steal from other people without their knowledge.

    This whole thing is just ridiculous. I’m just glad he stole Alex Garner’s, WHO WORKS FOR DC COMICS, image is all I have to say.

  38. Kate says:

    Way to go treez. You are stepping up and taking this awesomely. Thank you for writing a follow-up journal.

  39. Brittnay says:

    heh, all I can say, is he will regret the day he messed with any of the artists on Deviant Art. I I read from a journal that some people where working on something to sue him for it all.

  40. sTiViA says:

    Oh he WILL get sued !!!
    Did he really do that for around 11 years?? AARGH this is disturbing !!
    And you can use Tineye.com to find the original.

  41. Jp says:

    Eyal you are correct art4love doesnt exist Nd has existed for almost 5 years. They represented over 1200 artist at one time and went off line years ago. So u are attacking something that isnt real. Wow thats a new form of art. Make up art. How do i know thos because i was one of the artist and i signed a contract with them and gave digital rights too them to market

  42. Brenna says:

    I’m not mad at you at all for once supporting this man; you did not know what was going on, so there is no need to be mad at you.

    Deviant Art is filled to the brim with unknown artists. Stealing their art is easy, but they get caught eventually. The same thing applies here. Someone checked his site, saw art they recognized from deviant art, informed the artist, and the artist informed the community.

    My only hopes now are that the artists group together and try to get compensation from a man who benefited from others hard work and talent.

    Your post with the pictures is helpful in a way that it’s proof. It’s him posing with art that isn’t his. So, no one should be mad, they should be thankful. Now you know, he was more than meets the eye.

  43. Insane Kangaroo says:

    I found his parent’s address. Only his mother Vivien lives, his father died back in 99′.


    His father is dead, mentions Vivien and Craig.

    I’ve confirmed the phone number, an answering machine answers with the name Vivien.

    Gives URL and address

    Links person named “Chad Love” to Craig Pravada:


    See the photo? SAME GUY.

    His real name is Craig Pravda.

    His mom’s address is
    1 Meadow Lane
    New City, NY 10956
    (845) 634-0007

  44. GS says:

    “I mean how could one know this?”

    It seems that Chad is a pretty decent liar. But no matter what an art thief claims the art will go against them.

    You can look at things to tell if someone is an art thief. First off, do they have a lot of work that is really high in quality? Now there are a lot of artists that really produce a lot of art, but their art usually shows a lot of progress in skill and style.

    Style- I mention above that artists all have a certain style and that it evolves over time. You can usually see this though the progression of their work though common themes, color palettes or subject matter. Some artist will never get rid of a certain trait in their art, such as drawing the feet bigger than usual or elongating the arms and legs of an animal.

    Artist will also stick to theme they really like a lot, sometimes it’s an obsession with gas-masks. Or maybe they always draw animals. Artists can break away from their style but, it if something dramatic like going from drawing a something like Mike Mignola (Hellboy) style to say… using the art styles of dragon-ball. These are very different and to have such a sudden change of style with very little similarities between them is not common among artists.

    Materials- does the artist use a lot different materials(digital, acrylic paint, oils, water color, sculpting, stone carving, vector, etc.) there are some artists that can excel in a lot of different art types, but again this isn’t common.

    these traits can be found in artist so not all of them can be dubbed as an art thief without proof, but id this start looking suspicious then take a look around DA or Google, you might find something.

    And if you have contact with the artist, you can always ask them to see works in progress, ask to see their studio, ask them how they get their ideas, ask about certain pieces to see if they have a normal reaction or are trying to come up with lies. When it comes to details lies start contradicting themselves and fall apart.

    Anyway, your article might have praised him before, but it might have helped spared the information little bit, and those pictures are some pretty good evidence against Chad anyway.

    • treez says:

      This all makes perfect sense. Please keep in mind I was not on a witch hunt looking for an art thief. I did a “piece” on someone, who at the time was a friend of mine. You are playing Monday Morning Quarterback out of anger, and I get it.

  45. Sladefan says:

    Hey Everyone!

    Treez seems like a decent guy who got scammed by someone who he thought was a friend. Lets give him a break, he isn’t profiting by Chad’s work, he was just letting people know about awesome art work that Chad claimed was his own and that he wasn’t aware wasn’t.

    This isn’t the Washington Post and this isn’t Watergate, this is someone who thought he was writing something nice about someone and got caught up in it when the truth came out. You have EVERY right to be mad at Chad, but you should give Treez a break on this. Clearly his article is what helped you find out about this, for everyone who is complaining he should have known this wasn’t Chad’s work, I put it to you why didn’t you notice sooner either?!

    Stop picking on Treez and focus on the guy who’s the guilty party in this, CHAD

    Sladefan (DeviantArt member)

  46. Ginnza says:

    We know you were doing your job, treez, we’re glad that you posted your new article :)

  47. Hoshi says:

    I totally agree with GS, but I don’t blame you treez, it’s just astonishing to think that normal people who don’t come in contact with art often overlook something so obvious.

    I’ve just read how many books and even copies of an artbook this ass*ole sold, and yet no one noticed the millions of styles that the pictures were made in?! Come on, it’s ridiculous! It’s like you can’t tell a Picasso from a Leonardo, or just assume that an artist can achieve both art forms in a lifetime!

    Due to this I partly blame all those people who actually bought Chad’s art and didn’t notice there was a problem with it.

  48. Fafloune says:

    Amen to what Sladefan said.

  49. Kalo says:

    I can’t blame you, the messenger at all. I don’t know how long “art4love” was operating, but it was only a matter of time before this happened. This guy was an idiot. Trust me, he ripped off very highly recognizable pieces from popular deviant art members that nearly anyone who’s been part of deviant art long enough would be able to pick out. Although much of the deviantart community is easily dismissed as hapless teenagers, most of the artists Chad stole from are published professionals. Deviantart has its own subculture that should not be taken lightly once it’s pissed off.

  50. nobletree says:

    What GS said about an artist and his/her work is exactly was I was going to write myself. An artist would have to be suffering from dissociative identity disorder to be able to paint all those different styles on their own.

    I understand treez is also a victim here in that he fell for the ruse. Hopefully he has learned now to move with his eyes open and to be more conscientious in his work.

  51. It’s my understanding that 80 pieces of art have been confirmed stolen from dA so far. It’s also my understanding that he sold these starting at just over 100 dollars. I was just informed that theft over 100 dollars is a felony. I would like to take this time to congratulate Chad Love Lieberman on his 80 felonies.

  52. Bobbie says:

    I was one of the first artists to be notified of the art theft by one of my very astute watchers. At first I thought it was just your average, run-of-the-mill scam, ya know, some sleezy little git in a back corner of the internet selling prints for 20 bucks a pop. Happens all the time.

    I suspected other artworks might be stolen so I did some research with Tineye. I spent two hours trying to contact other infringed artists on DA before I began to realize the scope and magnitude of the theft.

    I wrote a journal about it, other people began writing journals, it exploded all over the net. That is my understanding of how it began.

  53. OMGW says:

    People are trying to get this featured on the Colbert Report:


  54. JMS says:

    To anyone who is saying that art4love has been sold to the Chinese: I call bulls*it.

    The technical info still points to this Chadlove moron.

    I’m not posting it here because I don’t post personal information, but trust me when I tell you it’s pretty damn easy to find the connection.

    Anyone who claims it’s been sold to the Chinese is a liar and just doesn’t understand how this whole ‘internet’ thing works.

  55. OMGW says:

    @Eyal benstein: Chad, give it up. You aren’t actually intelligent enough to fool any of us.

  56. Ali Ries says:

    Well my artwork was stolen, and I know a lot of the artist’s who had their art stolen. I hope he gets into a ton of trouble over it.

  57. Kudo says:

    You could, you know, post his home address that you visited. That would help a lot of folks track him down.

  58. Hey! It’s the guy who can’t resist giving his two cents. :) Hi, I am an amateur artist, (semi)professional critic (I’s published just only in my own publication, which isn’t released to more than like ten people due to lack of money and interest), amateur acoustician (someone who studies sound as a science and an art), etc. Enough about me… Mr.Love-Lieberman is a thief, two or three artists I know through dA have reported their art stolen by him, as well as many, many, more talking about others who’ve had their art stolen. For once, I’m thankful I’m not that good yet. Plus I have heard he has also targeted two other art sites, and he sounds like the kind of person to buy a piece of art for 10$ and sell it for 300$ (Which while not illegal, is very rude and improper, and on of the main reasons many artists never accrue a profit from their work. ) I doubt he himself makes any art, but if he does, I would like to see it, I’m not particularly judgmental and despite my feelings toward Mr. Love-Lieberman’s actions I still wish to make his acquaintance some day and view any art he actually made. But I really hate it when someone gets rich and famous off someone else’s work (i.e. Shakespeare, the company that makes wire hangers (the inventor never in his life received payment for his invention :( ), Bill Gates, Viacom and many network television stations.)

  59. Gina says:

    He stole from an artist friend of mine. The piece he titled “Tracey Mother of Tea” is actually a piece from Meats Meier.

  60. Gina says:

    Oh yeah, and apparently some magazine did an article on his work and one of the “real artists” called the magazine cause she recognized it as her own.

    Not sure if it was print or online mag tho.


  61. jack says:

    Where are the lawyers willing to put together a class action lawsuit? Come forth… :)

  62. Amoryllis says:

    They’re up to 160 artists and counting.

  63. Trin Calway says:

    Hey – don’t know if you guys are aware of the Internet Wayback machine. You can view sites as they were in the past. http://www.art4love.com is archived from 2000-2009. Then not at all. Which is really weird. Also the last archive in 2009 shows the site redirecting to a sex toys Web site. Not sure what any of that means, but maybe it will help. It’s really strange that the site hasn’t been indexed recently …

  64. Lana says:

    Kudos to the author for his apology. As for Chad…what a douche.

  65. Briana says:

    I found out from alexiuss on deviantart, who had a bunch of her art stolen and who put up this:

    I’m outraged somebody would claim they deserve money, earned (or stolen) by taking other people’s work. I can’t believe he hasn’t been busted! I hope he gets fined for every cent and then locked up. He’s a scammer by putting his own price on other people’s things. If those artists want to sell what they put so much effort and talent into, they put their own price, and they deserve EVERY penny! If they don’t want to sell it, it’s free for everyone, cause it’s for them to decide! For him to think they don’t own their art anymore and that he’s a “businessman” is outright lying and disrespectful to every artist in history.

  66. Liz says:

    At last check, I think it’s up to 180 artists, and one of my friends just got added to the list (just not officially yet) so it may be much higher.

  67. Brittany says:

    This scumbag and low-life piece of filth is going down. He had/has no right to sell off the work of other artists and make profit off of every single piece he has heartlessly taken without consent. Karma will hit him hard and I hope he suffers. I’m amazed he’s been able to get away with this for so long. Everyone who supports him is clearly blind and a idiotic fool.

  68. custodes says:

    Has anyone tried calling the phone# on art4love.com (cached from google): 1-877-226-LUV4

  69. DA Artist says:

    @ Eyal Benstein;

    Hi Chad! Using the same IP again I see. Sorry bro but your feeble attempts at defending yourself with schizophrenic alter egos on the same computer didn’t work the first time and won’t work again.

    You posted next to the stolen art works and implied they were your works, along with the works up on Art4Love. See you in court.

  70. Ashley says:

    I’m one of the artists whose work was being illegally sold on Lieberman’s site.

    I had heard about the massive art theft a few days ago, but I didn’t think to look for own work until Anathematixs sent me a note saying that my art was included in the massive art theft. I ended up finding out that 5 of my digital paintings were being sold. Here’s one: http://vixen21.deviantart.com/art/Chad-Lieberman-Art-Theft-254120274

    I don’t know how the information started to spread, but he stole from a lot of artists–He was bound to be called out sooner or later.

  71. sade says:

    Everybody remember to keep posting at the colbertnation.com thread about this issue. Colbert airs tomorrow night.


  72. Katie says:

    It’s the power of the internet. Once the wrong person stumbles upon something, it can domino effect. I myself am still surprised. He’s apparently been doing this for years. Who knows how many artists he’s ripped off. It’s currently at nearly 200.

  73. tomas says:

    I already found three of my works at his site. Good he has testicles insurance, he might use it pretty soon, cause he enranged so many people by this… plus the clients must be really dumb if they believed it was handpainted originals, obviously half of the works have photos in it.

  74. red says:

    Chad Love was apparently also stealing from photographers at another site, Art4LoveImages.com:


    Chad claims to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from this one.

  75. Shadoboxxer says:

    Ugh another one… well I’m just glad that we have the net around to find all these people making money off the true artists who work their asses off to sell stuff. I wonder if he follows under the guidelines of a Psychopath.

    This pisses me off that people can do this.

  76. Kharlo says:

    This guy is the THE definition of a douchenozzle.

  77. red says:

    Craig Pravda’s ex has implicated both Craig Pravda and Chad Love Lieberman in the art theft: http://redbeancookie.wordpress.com/2011/08/25/chad-love-lieberman-and-craig-pravda-in-it-together-craigs-ex-speaks-out/

  78. Kate says:

    What Chad did was despicable but he knew that the artists have no real case because most do not copyright their art so there is no real case. It sucks but that is the reality

  79. Fred says:

    Chad Love Liberman’s cell 917 363 6400.
    Address –244 East 86th street suit 66 NY NY 10028

  80. He stole from me. Anyone who bought the work should come forward to help the artists show how low this guy really is. That includes you the writer of this article which has admitted to having some of the artwork. Come help the artists and let them be used as solid proof.

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