Flavored Booze Time At Harbordale Spirits!

Vodka, which was once something that tasted like nothing, now tastes like everything….Literally! Head to Harbordale Liquors, take a stroll down the aisles, and you’ll see what I mean.

Now tastes are seemingly being programmed for everyone to like. In other words, the American horn of plenty has gotten more plenty, and now you can do shots out of it. Some of the new flavors on deck are  “Cake“, “Bubble“,”Dude“, and “Loopy“, which is my personal favorite!

Three Olives Vodka was one of the first to launch flavors , and possibly began this flavor craze.
Vodka makers are in an arms race, adapting new flavors to keep up with their competitors, who are adapting in response to those adaptations.

First, the country of Sweden is home to Absolut Vodka, where the latest fruit craze to invade this staple vodka is Absolut Mango. The aroma of fresh mangos fills the room and tasters can escape to a tropical paradise before they even take a sip. The flavor is rich, almost juicy, and seems very natural without added sugars. Start out right and serve it with ice.

Smirnoff jumped on the fruit flavor train, adding one variety after another for a total of 10. Along with Pinnacle, who now has more flavors than you can even count. My favorite from Pinnacle is definitely the Whipped Vodka. You can make so many delicious drinks with it, and it isn’t too sweet. It’s just perfect!

Following the success of Three Olives, Absolut, Smirnoff, and Pinnacle, other brands like Van Gogh and even Captain Morgan debuted their very own versions.

This phenomenal success is easy to understand. With vodka being one of the least expensive spirits to produce, brands can launch as many flavors as they can think of with minimal risk. This huge range of unique aromas attracts women and young men, as well as party lovers and those who thought that vodka was tasteless and boring. Flavored vodkas are also well-loved by bartenders, as they are a real creativity booster.

The place to go to get almost any flavor at the best price is town is the South Florida Chronicle’s favorite one-stop shop, Harbordale Liquors, right off 17th St in Fort Lauderdale.

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