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SuperSets 101

Weights+Circuit Training+Drop sets=BURNING AND BUILDING

“Conventional weight training is done using “straight sets.” A straight set consists of a series of nonstop repetitions, usually somewhere between 6 and 12, followed by a rest interval of one to three minutes. A superset is an advanced training technique where you perform two exercises in a row with virtually no rest in between exercises. Supersets are an excellent technique for muscular hypertrophy, especially if you are short on time. Not all types of supersets are ideal for building maximal strength, however. Let me explain why…

When you perform two exercises in a row with no rest in between, this will reduce the amount of weight you can handle on the second exercise in each superset pair. Your strength will also decrease from fatigue with each subsequent superset. Because supersets don’t allow you to use maximal weights, they are not always well-suited to building strength. However, supersets are always a great body building or hypertrophy technique.

You don’t see power lifters doing supersets as often as the bodybuilders use them. In fact, strength athletes usually do the opposite; they take longer rest intervals (sometimes as long as 3-5 minutes) between sets so they can recuperate as much as possible before the next set. After a between-set recovery period of at least 3 minutes, you can attack the next set with maximum strength. If you are still fatigued from the previous set and you start another set too soon, you won’t be able to lift as much weight.” – Tom Venuto’s




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