Jameis Winston’s Sexual Assault Investigation – What Really Happened


OK so here is what we know, and what every other news site in the world has already reported.

1. A girl in an off-campus apartment at Florida State University called the Campus Police Department last December 7th and reported a sexual assault.

2. The girl then identified Jameis Winston, FSU’s current star quarterback, as her attacker 30 days after the initial report was filed. At the time of the accusation, Winston was a red-shirt freshman and not yet a star.

3. Tim Jansen, a top Tallahassee defense attorney and ex-federal prosecutor, was hired to defend Winston.

4. Campus Police refereed the case to the Tallahassee Police department, because the alleged incident took place at the previously mentioned “off-campus” apartment.

5. Jansen provided police with two signed affidavits from two witnesses on the scene at the time of the alleged sexual assault. The affidavits, he says, completely exonerate Winston.

6. 11 months later, as FSU is headed for a National Championship Game and Winston the prestigious Heisman Trophy, the case suddenly pops up in the media, and is then turned over to the State Attorney’s Office by the Tallahassee Police Department.

7. State Attorney William Megs pics up the investigation and begins interviewing witnesses.

8. State Attorney Megs makes plans to meet with and interview the alleged victim.

9. State Attorney Megs says he should be able to wrap up the investigation in as little as two weeks.

10. Tallahassee Police release a heavily redacted police report on the incident that does not mention Winston’s name and describes the assailant as 5’9 to 5’11.

These are the few facts that we know for certain at this time.

For those with a short memory, FSU recently sat two other quarterbacks that got into trouble, Wyatt Sexton and Adrian McPherson.



jameis winston

New evidence in the criminal accusations that Jameis Winston, FSU’s star quarterback, sexually assaulted a female student was leaked to the media. The leaked evidence was DNA evidence that links Winston beyond a reasonable doubt to the alleged victim. The DNA evidence was collected from the girl’s underwear by authorities after she reported the sexual assault. After the evidence was leaked to the media, Winston’s attorney Tim Jansen had this to say:

“We have professionally tried to maintain the dignity of an investigation,” Jansen said. “However, either the Tallahassee Police Department or Mr. Meggs’ office has decided they’re going to improperly leak evidence to the media. We are saddened to learn that someone has decided to leak evidence to the public before Mr. Meggs has had time to make a decision. The improperly leaked report, if true, has zero impact on Mr. Winston’s defense, and Mr. Winston maintains his innocence.”

Which means Winston was 100% sexually involved with the girl on the night in question. His defense is that it was consensual, which is corroborated by two sworn witness affidavits that Jansen says completely exonerate Winston. We are not sure who the two statements are from, but it seems from the alleged victim’s statement that one of them is most likely Winston’s roommate and the other is still an unknown. According to the Tallahassee Democrat, a witness, most likely Winston’s roommate, was also swabbed for DNA.

“We have turned over our affidavits, and we’re confident in the witnesses who were there,” Jansen said.


The Victim and Her Family

To add to the current media firestorm, the girl and her family released a statement to the Tampa Bay Tribune through their attorney, Patricia Carroll. Though its contents seem to contradict its release, the family basically says, they had put this all behind them and did not want any media attention. Then they go on to accuse the Tallahassee Police Department of a cover up, essentially feeding the media blaze a tanker full of gasoline.

Here is the letter the victim and her family sent to the Tampa Bay Times.

Jameis Winston Sexual Assault Victims statement Jameis Winston Sexual Assault Victims statementTallahassee police jameis winston

Tallahassee Police Department

The letter makes a lot of accusations that the police were trying to discourage the alleged victim from pursuing the case against Winston, by warning her that she would be raked over the coals if she pressed charges on an FSU player. Which to me is 100% accurate. The family may not like to hear that kind of answer from police, but their job is to tell the truth. Everyone knows if you accuse a celebrity of rape, or any crime really, people will always question your motives, and vet you thoroughly to make sure you are telling the truth, and not just trying to cash in on another person’s fame via a lawsuit.

When a police officer is confronted with an alleged victim who reports that someone took advantage of her while she was drunk, two hours after it happened not immediately like the family’s letter suggests, and does not know who the perpetrator was until a month after that, then the police not only have a right, but a duty to the justice system, to make sure the alleged victim is aware of the consequences of his/her accusation. This letter attempts to paint the officers as trying to cover up the case, when actually they were just doing their job and properly investigating it. Seems more like posturing for a future civil suit against TPD and FSU, than it is legitimate concern for the alleged rape victim’s justice or well-being.

It is also clear from all the reports and paperwork that the family friend of the alleged victim, and personal injury attorney Patricia Carroll, was only brought in a month after the incident, and only after the alleged victim fingered Winston, an FSU football player, as the attacker. She was not brought on directly after the incident. Furthermore, once involved with the case, Carroll had extensive contact with the police, talking to investigators on numerous occasions. Tallahassee Police claim that the investigation became inactive in February 2013, when Carroll indicated she did not want to move forward at that time. Police have also said that at this time the alleged victim stopped responding to them, and only came back into the picture after being notified by police of the media requests concerning the case.

Tallahassee Police say the first media request was not from TMZ. It was actually from Matt Baker, a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times, who sent a request to TPD using the actual case number for the December incident on November 8th. Which would suggest that it was given to him by either the alleged victim or her attorney, after Winston’s recent success on the field. This I feel is a very fair assumption considering the request had the case number that is only given to the victims of a sexual assault not the public, and because it was from the same newspaper the victim and her family had used to release their statement. A day after that request, TMZ sent in a request for “cases involving Winston.” Which suggests they were tipped off by a second-hand source.

Following the media request, the Tallahassee Police sent the inactive case to State Attorney Meggs’ office to review. Also during this time, Carroll requested the alleged victim’s name not be released, citing Florida’s Rape Shield Law. The alleged victim then leaves school and returns home to Tampa to avoid the upcoming media attention. Which is also very odd timing if you ask me. You’re telling me that the alleged victim stayed in the same school as her attacker for almost a year? A school where her attacker was a celebrity? And she never once stood up and said, “hey, that guy raped me?” What did she do at school every day, hope she wouldn’t run into him? What about going out to parties? What about football games? Are we to believe she was at FSU for the undefeated season and never went to a single game? And if she did go to a football game, then she was comfortable going to cheer for a team whose leader raped her? Something is wrong with that story.

There are a lot of inconsistencies with the claims in this letter to say the least. Beginning with the fact that the letter was written in the format of a lawsuit and was penned with the assistance of a personal injury attorney. The whole thing seems insincere and disingenuous. It does not seem to want to protect the victim as the authors claim, especially since it was the first public document to actually acknowledge it was a rape and not just a sexual assault. It was also loaded with legal posturing like trying to discredited one of the affidavits from witnesses by insinuating that Winston’s roommate was a witness for them, who had been coerced by Tim Jansen Winston’s lawyer. It also tries to explain Carroll’s late arrival on the case, and tries to claim they did not intentionally slip the story to the media, even though the case number used by their local reporter suggests that they did.

It seems more likely that Carroll was interested in the case only after she heard a FSU player was involved, then when it looked like it was going nowhere (personal injury attorneys work on contingency, and only get paid if you win a lawsuit) she moved on. That is until Winston hit the big time, then she leaked the story to the Tampa Bay Times and was instantly back on the money trail with fresh accusations against TPD and FSU to boost her case. All after being completely silent in the media and the courts for almost an entire year. During which time she alleges the Tallahassee Police were stonewalling an investigation into the rape of her client. Seems to me that would be when a rape victim’s attorney would be most active, not dormant and unheard from.

The one thing Carroll has not stated in her many claims, is the one thing we are all waiting to hear. Which is how is it possible for the victim to be sober like the letter claims, and to not know who she had sex with? I don’t know what Universe they are living in, but in the one I live in, those two facts can not exist together.


Here is State Attorney David Meggs interview about the case.



Meggs and his staff interviewed the alleged victim in the case today.


Winston’s Sexual Assault Investigation Timeline


Who is Jameis Winston’s Accuser?

Jameis Winston’s accuser has been outed all over the internet.

According to massive amounts of tweets, board posts, and Facebook comments the accuser is an active member of Delta Zeta and had returned to normal life on campus after the incident. Including going to sorority socials and date nights, as well as attending football games.

The girl has since deleted her Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts, and has left school to go home to Tampa Bay. The deleted accounts still have residue all over the web due to sites that mirror other social networks. Also a lot of people at the school had taken screen shots of her accounts before she deleted them. The accounts like everything else can be read both ways, for instance on the day of the rape she posted all tear faces in a tweet. Then there is another tweet where she is supposedly pictured with a baseball player possibly Winston that is hash tagged “#CleatChaser,” a hash tag used by girls who chase baseball players. There is also a ton of mis-information loaded into these chat rooms so sift through it with that in mind.


Jameis Winston Accuser Links (These are links to other sites we can not confirm their accuracy or credibility, use your own common sense and deduce what you may).

1. On this page TMZ proudly displays the victim’s name in their comments. [Link]

2. Here is a link to a board that has her name, her tweets, Instagram pics etc. [Link]

3. Here is a link to a board that claims the alleged victims attorney is her mother’s sister, a personal injury attorney named Patricia Carroll, who leaked the story to the Tampa Bay Times and TMZ. If this is true the family’s letter that they did not leak any information to the media, and do not want media attention is a total and complete lie. [Link]

4. Here is a board that has Jameis Winston’s current Girlfriend’s Twitter feed and shows how people are even attacking her now. [Link]

5. Here is a link to a board that outs the accuser’s family’s home address. [Link]

6. Here is a board that tells you how to find the accuser on Carroll’s Facebook page. [Link]

7. Here is a link to the accusers tweet to #FSUCleatChasers a twitter account that is dedicated to baseball groupies. [Link]

8. Here is a link to a Twitter user who posted a pic he says is Winston and the alleged victim together. [Link]

9. Here is a link to a Twitter user who claims he has a pic of the alleged victim twerking in a bikini. [Link]

10. Here is a website that outs the alleged accuser and has a picture of her dressed to go to the Miami Game. [Link]

11. More pics and links of the alleged accuser and a social network mirror of some of her tweets, including commenting on the Oregon football team loss. [Link]


Tim Jansen Winston’s attorney is critical of the leaks in the Winston case, saying the bits and pieces being leaked, do not tell an accurate story of the events. He also vows to find the leaks source, saying they have damaged his client case. Jansen is the attorney for the FSU football team and widely regarded as the best lawyer in Tallahassee.


Saturday Nov. 23 – The alleged victims attorney Patricia Carroll released a second statement today. The statement is riddled with inconsistencies and seems more like a desperate attempt to continue to try this case in the media, than to respect the integrity of State Attorney Meggs investigation into the year old sexual assault claim. The statement was released late Friday night, right before FSU’s Saturday early game against Idaho. The second statement does not make any new claims against Winston, but does use the opportunity to call Winston a rapist, verbally attack his lawyer Tim Jansen, and re-accuse the Tallahassee Police Department and the City of Tallahassee of an extensive cover up.

The statement was a direct response to Jansen’s statement to the press in the video above concerning the DNA evidence leak in the case. The hasty response by Carroll reeked of desperation, was riddled with inconsistencies, and looked like she sent more it out of anger at Jansen’s statement, than concern for her client. At this point I think it is safe to say attorney Carroll, and the family’s many inconsistencies are starting to damage their case and sway public opinion overwhelmingly in Winston’s favor.


Here is the second statement released by the family that was obviously penned by their lawyer Patricia Carroll.

Alleged Victims Second Statement in Jameis Winston's Sexual Assault Case Alleged Victims Second Statement in Jameis Winston's Sexual Assault Case

Patricia Carroll

Here are two of the major inconsistencies in the second statement released to the media from the alleged victims camp.

1. “Jansen stated that he was not surprised by the DNA results because the encounter was consensual. However, Jansen allowed the media frenzy to go on for a week as to the accuracy of Winston’s identity, thereby perpetuating this matter and keeping his client in the spotlight for an extra week, unnecessarily.”

This first paragraph is literally nothing but hot air.

How is Jansen, an attorney, supposed to be able to control the media frenzy around a sexual assault charge involving the nation’s top college quarterback? Furthermore it is common practice for defense attorney not to comment on ongoing investigations or proceedings, because of the defendants right to remain silent. It is apparent by the video that Jansen had no plans on commenting at all until the investigation was complete, but was forced to because of the media leak. The last sentence about keeping his client in the spotlight for an extra week, does not even make sense. Winston has been in the spotlight since the second game of the season, this case does not change that. The people who were left hanging for the week in the spotlight was actually the alleged victim and Carroll, who do not have access to the witness statements and apparently foolishly thought the DNA evidence proved their case. At this point there is only one person on the planet who can bring the additional negative media attention on Winston to an end, that person is State Attorney Meggs.

2. “Jansen stated that the DNA leak damaged his client’s reputation. Why would a consensual encounter damage his client’s reputation? However, a rape would certainly damage his clients reputation.

The “consent defense” is too little too late and is clearly reactive damage control by Jansen after learning the DNA matched his client.

Jansen’s focus on the leak of the DNA results is self-serving and misplaced. What is significant is that the DNA matched the victim to law enforcement back in January 2013.”

This statement is also riddled with inaccuracies, it makes you wonder does attorney Carroll realize the whole world is reading these statements?

As everyone with a brain in their head knows, the DNA leak hurts Winston’s credibility because when it was leaked, it was leaked as if it was a smoking gun. The source of the leak ignorantly assumed that Winston’s defense would be that he did not have sex with the girl, so the DNA match would then be a case killer for Winston’s attorney. But as we all know assumptions make an ass out of you every time, and this time would be no different. Attorney Carroll must have been floored when Jansen took to the media on Thursday (video above) to tell them the DNA evidence actually matched their version of events, as well as the witnesses statements who were there on the night in question. It is desperation and anger from finding out this news, that I believe fueled the penning of this hasty second letter to the media by the family and Carroll. A letter I’m sure, both of them would gladly take back if they could.

As an attorney in a civil matter, not the criminal investigation, Carroll would not be privy to the signed affidavits by the witnesses, and thus was probably not happily surprised to find out the DNA evidence was completely inconsequential in the case. Making the case a he said, she said, with two witness corroborating what he said, not to what she said. One of which is rumored to be the accuser’s roommate, who turned on her own friend, and supported Winston’s version of events. This miscalculation about Winston’s defense by Carroll, combined with being outed for the media leaks, may be the nail in the coffin for her accusations against Winston.

Attorney Carroll also claims in the statement that Jansen’s defense is “too little, too late” but as everyone who has been following the case knows, the witnesses statements have been on the record for over an entire year! Carroll in her statement completely ignores this fact, and the fact that Jansen and Winston’s defense has been the same since day one. Carroll claims Jansen made this defense up overnight in response to the test results, which consequently they volunteered to willingly. So I guess her argument is that after the results came in, Jansen thought up this defense overnight, and had Christmas elves sneak into the State Attorney’s Office through the hypothetical chimney, and change the statements already on record? Back in reality, it is actually Carroll’s and the accusers legal posturing that is too little, too late. Especially when their claims do not match the witness statements who were there on the night in question.

Also Carroll’s claim that Jansen’s complaint about leaked evidence was self-serving is ridiculous. In any case where evidence is illegally leaked, both lawyers should be upset about it, because it incorrectly shapes public opinions, that later affects trials. It is very easy through leaking only certain information, to paint a very self-serving picture of events to the media. That’s why it is illegal! When Carroll says his accusations are misplaced, I believe she is referring to Jansen saying it may have been Megg’s office who leaked the information. Carroll would know it is not Megg’s office who leaked the DNA tests, because it seems that every media leak leads directly back to her own office! We already know that Carroll leaked the story originally to the Tampa Bay Times, from a radio interview the writer did after breaking the story. Since she obviously thought the DNA was a smoking gun, I for one would not be surprised to find out, that she is in fact the one who leaked the test results to the media.

The second statement then goes on to accuse the police and basically everyone in Tallahassee even City Manager Anita Favors of covering up the crime. Even though they the victim and attorney did not say a peep about the incident for a year, only going to the media after Jameis was headed for a National Championship and Heisman Trophy.

At this point I think Carroll is operating in dangerous legal waters and may have just opened herself and client up to possible reverse litigation from Winston, FSU, the City of Tallahassee, and the Tallahassee Police Department.

This is the second statement in as many days from a family and a victim that said nothing for an entire year while Winston was a red shirt freshman and sitting the bench. Now we can’t shut them up, they leak the story to the press, then release multiple statements with huge accusations, and now they may have illegally leaked the DNA test results to the media. The fact that the family and attorney released a statement to the media saying they did not want media attention, and were not the source of the leak. When it has been proven that they were the source of the original leak, makes them completely un-credible in my opinion.

Patricia Carroll seems like the children who have taken over the principles office, but then don’t know what to do with it. She started this media attention when she leaked the story to the Tampa Bay Times, but now that it has turned on her, she is penning desperate letters to the media to try to save her civil case and her families reputation. In the letters she is sure to mention all the potential people she can sue like FSU, TPD, and the City of Tallahassee, but fails to provide any information on the night in question. Including how her client did not know who she had sex with for over a month.

It seems like Carroll is desperately reaching for straws, after finding out in Jansen’s interview that the DNA test was inconsequential, since everyone involved in the case is saying the sex was consensual.

Meanwhile at FSU, school officials, Jansen, and Winston seem composed, confident, and unwavering in their story and defense of the star QB.


Here is the list of the inconsistencies with Carroll and the alleged victims accusations.

patricia carroll

1. Carroll leaked the original story to the Tampa Bay Times. Then released a statement from the family saying that they were not the source of the leak and did not want media attention.

2. Carroll also may have been the DNA test leak, since the story that went with it supported her version of events, and since we know prior to the leak her office was desperately trying to get a hold of the test results.

3. Carroll has not acknowledged that she is in fact the alleged victims aunt and has a clear conflict of interest.

4. Carroll in all her statements has not explained at all what happened that night. Other than to just drop the word rape she has provided zero back story, facts, or evidence.

5. Carroll has completely avoided answering the question we all want answered, which is how the alleged victim did not know whom she had sex with for over a month?

6. Carroll has provided zero witnesses that support her claim, while Winston and the defense have produced two eye witnesses that support their side of the story.

7. In her most recent statement Carroll has ignored the fact that the statements from witness have been on file for almost a year, instead she falsely claims that they were made up after the DNA match was confirmed, as a reactionary measure from Winston’s attorney Tim Jansen.

8. Carroll’s claim that the Police who warned the alleged victim about the media attention, was an attempt to try to cover up the case, has been proven completely wrong. Especially considering that the family is under the microscope right now, their personal information has been spread all over the web in association with the case. See the links above.

9. Carroll noted Florida’s Rape Shield Law in an attempt to protect her client from exposure but failed to mention it violates the first amendment and has been shot down by the courts on multiple occasions.

10. The alleged victim was at school, going to classes, hanging out on campus, going to date nights, going to socials, and most importantly going to football games. She only left campus, a day before the story was leaked to the media by her attorney Patricia Carroll.

Until Carroll and her camp explain the events of that evening, produce their own witnesses, and admit to the leaks. They should not be treated as credible by the media.



More updates to come…





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