Top Five – Most Overrated Games of All Time

This new article is going to cause a lot of dissent, because nobody really likes hearing that their favorite games in the world are “overrated” or flawed. So take this article for what it is: what I personally feel are the five most overrated games of all time. The games do not necessarily have to be bad, just overrated. What counts as overrated? Either games that sold more than I think they should have, or games that got obscenely high reviews I felt they didn’t deserve, or a combination of both. Keep in mind that these are all opinion based, so you’re welcome to strongly agree or disagree, or even agree to disagree altogether.

5. Metroid Prime:

Okay, I know this is not a popular sentiment, and I know I’m already going to be roasted alive for the jabs I’m going to make in the rest of this article. But I always felt that Metroid Prime was painfully, and I do mean painfully, overrated. The game rips the controller scheme almost verbatim from Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark, which would have been fine except that Halo had already implemented a much superior controller scheme. I don’t completely blame Retro for this blunder, because the blame falls to the fact that the Gamecube controller lacks a proper second analog stick. Yet, it would have been nice if Retro had at least given us the option. But no.What’s worse is how slow the game is, and how painfully lacking her movements are. Samus moves like a tank with broken wheels trying to cross a pit of quicksand. This would be alright if it wasn’t for the fact that the game is full of unnecessary backtracking. Don’t get me wrong, all Metroids have backtracking (even the much more linear Other M does), but what made that bearable in other Metroids was the speed at which Samus could move across the world map. This also hinders the enjoyability of the environments, which although beautifully made, eventually start to wear thin the third time you pass through them at the speed at which molasses goes uphill during January…with crutches (if you get the reference, you are now my new best friend!)!

Alright, alright, I’m being a little unfair: the game can move quickly/be finished quickly if you do sequence breaks, but seeing as how that was not an intended effect, I don’t think it should count.

Story wise, the game is lacking as well. I understand that Metroid isn’t primarily (i c wut u did thar!) about the story, but there is no reason that it can’t include a good one. The idea that a good story and the gameplay of Metroid are at odds is not true, even with Other M doing its best to prove otherwise. I understand they wanted to go for in-game story telling in Prime, but truth be told, the game just doesn’t do it right. Scanning and reading is not exactly fun, especially when you’re being forced to do it in order to get 100% in the game. Just because a game tells stories without using cutscenes, it doesn’t mean they can’t be interesting and exciting moments. The audio diaries in Bioshock are an example of how it’s done well (mostly).

Metroid Prime is not only a semi-decent game with some serious flaws, but it lacks in comparison to the third game in the series: Corruption. Corruption (which is absolutely spectacular) goes out of its way to fix almost every single complaint I ever had against the original Metroid Prime, and which fell on the deaf ears of my Metroid-loving friends. Even Retro recognized the first game was kind of botched and that the series needed a proper re-haul.

My boyfriend and I had a discussion about this. He is a huge Metroid Fan: he’s beaten Super Metroid so many times that can he do it in a few hours, tops. He knows all the sequence breaks and all the secrets. He loved Metroid Prime when it came out, but hadn’t touched it in years. He asked me why I dislike the game so much and I proceeded to explain it to him in detail. He replied to my allegations with complete puzzlement. Wanting to prove me wrong, he promised to beat the game while I watched (I got very, very far in it but never actually beat it; couldn’t stomach it anymore). He set the Gamecube up, started playing, and three hours later he simply stopped. It was unplayable to him after all the years that had passed. He looked at me and told me that he had never noticed how flawed the game was, but now that I had mentioned all my gripes, he could see them clearly. The first words out of his mouth as he started replaying the game were: “why the hell does she move like a tank?” So at least, I’m not alone in my thoughts.

Superior Alternative(s): Metroid: Other M (Oh, yes! I just went there!) and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

4. Sonic Adventure:

This game was received with near universal acclaim, and to this day I don’t understand why. People like to think that Sonic has slowly been deteriorating as a 3D gaming series, but the truth is that the problems of 3D Sonic stem from the hedgehog’s very first foray into the 3D realm. Sonic Adventure is quite possibly one of the worst platformers ever made, with terrible pacing, a bad camera system, and just ridiculous design choices that made absolutely no sense. The Sonic levels themselves weren’t too awful, although at times you would fall into a random pit because the game was so fast it didn’t allow you time to make your jumps properly. But see, I can forgive that because that’s been a general problem of the Sonic series since its inception: speeding the game up made precision platforming nearly impossible, and sometimes it even feels like Sonic games play themselves, but the point is that even with these gripes, the 2D games were fun. Sonic Adventure completely misses that concept, instead opting for giving you the fun bits involving Sonic and then snatching them away from you so you can play as Sonic’s less interesting friends, where you get to enjoy such ingenious moments as fishing with Big the Cat and then presumably watch him consume what little is left of your pride as a video gamer. The biggest problem with Sonic Adventure is that it doesn’t know what kind of game it wants to be. It’s an amalgamation of Sonic and Mario and Banjo-Kazooie, but the worst parts of each. There is no reason this game should have ever scored so highly or sold so ridiculously well.

Superior Alternative(s): Sonic Colors if you really want a good 3D Sonic game. If you don’t care about the blue hedgehog, then just about any other 3D platformer is infinitely better.

3. Half-Life 2:

Okay, maybe I just don’t get the Half-Life craze because I never played the original, but I don’t understand why this game gets so much love. The game controls were fine, but it was all pretty standard and nothing radical, and the world bores me to tears. I understand it’s supposed to be a dystopian setting and it’s supposed to be barren and gritty, but the lack of enemies and dead environments rendered the game boring as absolute hell. I don’t mind if a shooter takes things slowly, but it’s only worth it if I get a great world to explore, like Rapture in Bioshock (factually the greatest single-player FPS ever made). The world of Half-Life 2 is not really that interesting, the story is painfully slow to get rolling, and the pace is often broken up by “puzzles” that are about as fun as smashing your testicles between two bricks. Look, VALVe, I get it! Your physics engine is amazingly well made! I don’t need to be forced to stop every twenty minutes or so to put a cinder block on a makeshift see-saw just to go up a platform because you want to show it off. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little: the puzzles differ, but they’re all painfully mundane anyway. Either way, it’s called pacing, and as much as I love you for your Portals, and your Left 4 Deads, and your Team Fortresses, your pacing in Half-Life 2 is absolutely atrocious. Don’t even get me started on those awful vehicle sections. Honestly, why? Halo did vehicles in 2001 and did them really, really well. If you were to copy anything from the Halo series, this should have been it. Vehicle missions were painful in this game: a pulsing morass of long stretches of nothing with bad controls.

And yes, the gravity gun is cool, and blah, blah, blah…but it’s not enough to redeem the game. Frankly, I found the gravity gun to be a fun addition to the game, but not a crucial one. Sure, you could throw saw blades and watch as enemies were cut in half, and that was very satisfying and cool in its own right, but you could have just as easily gotten rid of them with a couple of well placed bullets. It’s like that really badass spell in JRPGs that cause all this flash and destruction, but that is not necessary when you can kill enemies with another spell that last about twenty seconds less to cast. The gravity gun is also nowhere near as cool as the portal gun: that is an ingenious “weapon” with a brilliant implementation of physics into core gameplay mechanics. Remove the gravity gun from Half-Life 2 and the game is still perfectly playable (mostly). Remove the portal gun from Portal and you pretty much don’t have a game to play anymore.

With all of that said, I can’t help but laugh a little when rabid HL2 fans complain that Master Chief in Halo lacks personality (which is entirely true) and then in the next sentence praise Gordon Freeman, who seems to me as much of a blank as Bella Swan from Twilight.

Superior Alternative(s): Bioshock and Bioshock 2.

2. Grand Theft Auto III:

It doesn’t get the number one spot because it at least took risks to change the series and bring it forth to 3D. But truth be told, the game only sold on violence alone. There is absolutely nothing Grand Theft Auto III does that wasn’t already done before and done much better, and the gameplay elements are wonky at best. The world is also poor, full of cookie-cutter NPCs and laughably bad/lazy design choices. There is no excuse for this game to carry such high scores or to have sold so well. In a perfect world, this game would have gotten the solid sevens and eights it truly deserved.

Superior Alternative(s): Shenmue and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

1. Grand Theft Auto IV:

This game is easily the most overrated title in video game history. It scored well above the 9.5’s, with some reviewers even giving it perfect 10’s, and to this day I cannot begin to fathom the reason why. While I think Grand Theft Auto as a series is overrated in general, I feel that GTA IV is the most overrated of the bunch. At least III changed the series, and Vice City and San Andreas added their own mix of flavors with different settings and tweaked gameplay mechanics. Grand Theft Auto IV adds absolutely nothing to the formula, even going as far as taking the series back to the same place that III took place in (sort of). It’s so mind-boggling that this game sold so well and got so much high praise when it didn’t even fix the sh!t shooting system the series is notorious for. It’s also mind-boggling that this game cost a whopping $100 million to create and yet the characters still animate like they’re all related to the f****n’ Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. I swear that Rockstar blew at least half of that budget on hookers and coke, because there is no other explanation for this.

This game just kind of sits there and bathes in the stagnant waters of its predecessors and then has the nerve to still ride the wave of undeserved attention the series has gotten over the years.

Superior Alternative(s): Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go under protective custody. I know a lot of rabid fanboys are just itching to stab me in the eye after reading this list.

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  1. Laura Bossom says:

    You have shaken my faith in mankind. Everyone knows me as a mild Christian. I do not believe in hate and I try to be non-judgmental. However after having read the entirety of this article I have come the closest I have ever come before to feeling genuine hate towards another human being. Your choices and viewpoints make me sick. I would erase this article if I were you and reconsider posing this before more people read this because it could mean the end of your website. I find it really difficult right now to hold back some of the expletives I want to throw your way, but suffice to say that I think you’re a sick, ignorant individual who haven’t a clue of what they’re doing. You must be a sad, lonely person.

  2. Kharlo says:

    This reply reminds of this clip:


  3. Foxy McLoud says:

    When you said Bioshock was the best FPS ever you just lost all credability.

  4. Kharlo says:

    Actually, the “factual” comment about Bioshock was meant as a joke (it’s in stark contrast with the beginning part of the article where I clearly state it’s all opinion based). Do I think it’s the best ever? Not sure. I haven’t played every FPS ever made. Is it my favorite single player FPS? Yes. There’s a key difference.

  5. jon snow says:

    So basically you take all the best games and find reasons to hate on them…

    You admitted you never played the original Half life and then bag on the sequel, idiot

  6. Hez says:

    This is basically just a hate mail for good games, the writer is obviously a “drama queen” because all he did was stir Sh** and he knows hes gonna get some flames and I think hes looking forward to enjoying all of our rants against him…
    tho to be honest I wouldnt use this place as a serious website for gaming enthusiasts… just trying to get more clics and more clics

    in the end… just another TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  7. Kharlo says:

    I’d hardly call it “hate mail for good games” when it’s clearly stated at the beginning of the article that “overrated” does NOT equate to “bad.”

    And actually, if you look below this comment section, you’ll see plenty of great articles for gaming enthusiasts. A lot which have as many hits as this one and have nothing to do with this same subject.

  8. zach says:

    lmao I totally agree with number 1. GTA4 SUCKED MONKEY BALLS! It did nothing for the series except sell a bunch of copies. And I’m sad to admit I still have mine. But I never play it anymore.

  9. John says:

    Shes a girl you idiots.

  10. Kharlo says:

    I’m actually a guy. :p

  11. Mike says:

    I agree with every one except Metroid Prime. I just beat the game again two days ago, 100 percent. Of course, I’ve 100 percented all the Metroid titles except Other M (which is complete shit, sorry) several times. Other M only got 100% out of me once. It’s far inferior to Retro’s work.

    I agree that Half-life 2 is extremely overrated, but guess what? So is BioShock. Both pale in gameplay options and atmosphere to games like Deus Ex and System Shock, yet those barren, linear games get all of the love. By no means are either of them bad, it’s just shame that neither lived up to their full potential (especially BioShock).

    Otherwise, pretty okay list. You’re welcome to your opinion.

  12. JP says:

    Don’t feed the trolls! I credit this guy on praising Bioshock though.

  13. malik says:

    wow i thought that this would rip on titles like FF7 and ocarina and the other old school games that people seem to rag on cuz they are so old now but no this was actually really good. sonic adventure sucked… and im glad someone finally said it. at least with the second they gave you robots with guns and the chao garden to keep it interesting (which is did in my opinion)

  14. Ryhanon says:

    Good job. I agree on all counts. *ESPECIALLY* Half-Life 2. I understand the love for the original Half-Life, but there had been a hell of a lot of advancements in FPS games between HL1 and HL2 and Valve largely ignored them all. Good call on the vehicle sections. People were so excited over the vehicles in HL2 when they were nothing but glorified tram-ways to your next destination. There was almost nothing at all interesting about those segments. The entire game was an exercise in tedium.

    One more series I’d nominate for the list is the Metal Gear Solid series. I think the games were decent enough, but they are so overrated it’s sickening. Nobody, not even the most rabid of fanboys, can explain the damn storyline in those games. Nothing but a convoluted mess of a narrative filled with 40+ minute long cutscenes jammed in between 5-10 minute long segments of actual gameplay.

  15. i208khonsu says:

    Obvious troll is obvious.

    When you list the alternative games as games that are either sequels, are later renditions of the game using the same engine, or games that came almost a decade after the game in question; everybody knows you’re in it just for the lulz.

    Go back to gamefaqs plz, kthxbi

  16. Kharlo says:

    Actually, the reason I list those games that are sequels or built on the same engine is because I think they’re better and more enjoyable. Again, saying something is “overrated” doesn’t make it bad. You have to understand the obvious here: I think HL 2 is overrated, but I know that without the Source Engine there wouldn’t be a Portal, or a Left 4 Dead 2, or countless of other games. I am talking about the core gameplay issues, not the achievements. HL 2 is on the list not because it didn’t do anything for gaming, but because portions of it are just legitimately obtuse and poorly implemented.

    As for how I choose the games I choose for alternatives: I tend to stick to games of the same generation, which doesn’t apply very well of HL 2 since the game is kind of caught in between two separate generations of hardware. But even with that in mind, I did add certain current games for people who haven’t actually had the chance to play them.

  17. Nic Smith says:

    Well you’re certainly entitled to your opinion but the article has a certain “flamebait-y” feel to it. I get it though, some times you just really don’t get why something which so many people love is so shit. Well at least that’s my thinking about what you’re thinking. Now to the reasons why (imho of course) at least some of those games are better than you think.

    Half life 2 is a brilliant game and it’s not about the gravity gun. It’s about the sense of scale, the lonelyness of a world where humans exist only in captivity or small resistance cells, and it’s the fact that you can feed yourself so easily into the hero role because he never does anything to ruin the illusion that you are him. Alyx Vance was the first ai-controlled “buddy” who didn’t annoy you, but was actually useful and felt alive when she reacted to whatever the current situation was. Oh and the gravity gun was great for saving ammo on the higher difficulties, in other words alot more useful than a jrpg-spell taking 20 seconds to pull off. Frankly I don’t really see the comparison. The puzzles were fine mostly, and though I can remember almost groaning the first time I had to make a seesawbridgethingy they were always either easy or interesting. The vehicle controls may have been abit shit, and maybe the story took some time to get going but for me it all worked. I don’t know if you’ve played it to completion or not, but even considering your feeling about this game I’d still recommend you complete it and play eps. 1&2 for the simple fact that as the plot unfolds it’s a genuinely compelling story.

    GTA III was a brilliant game when it came out and nothing compared to it. I see you suggested Shenmue and Morrowind as alternatives and that suggests to me that GTA isn’t your kind of game. When it came out it was magical. A world that reacted to the things you did and the best (open world) vehicle physics since Driver. The only game that did anything remotely close qualitywise was Mafia, and it didn’t have the good driving physics, the hours of radio entertainment, the satirized criminals or the lethal cop chases. Even though Vice city, San Andreas and other ps2-era followups had more features and bigger settings I still feel that GTA III is one of the strongest entries. Sure it was violent but then again it’s supposed to be an open world game for adults about a criminal. Most of the people who payed attention to the violence angle were either kids who desperately wanted to play it or nongamers who didn’t really know what it was about.

    You can probably tell that I’m a fan so I won’t ramble on too much about GTA IV. I think it’s a brilliant game and it did many new things though most of them wheren’t gameplay innovations. It had a great cast of characters, great (almost too realistic) driving physics, not to mention graphics, npc-physics and a multitude of tiny features that made Liberty city feel like a real place. It also had a deep and great multiplayer component that I still occasionally play. That being said I will agree that it may have been slightly overhyped. The story slowed down at times, the mission structure could be frustating and many of the missions were abit same-y. Despite this I still feel it’s definately a 9 if not a 10.

    I haven’t played Metroid Prime or Sonic Adventure so I won’t comment on them but I have to ask something. I may be wrong but your oppinions on several of these games gives me the impression that you played them some time after they first came out, is that so? By all means correct me if I’m wrong but it may explain why some of them seem outdated compared to later gaming innovations.

    So there you have it, my rebuttal. I hope you take the time to reply.

  18. Kharlo says:

    Thank so much for you reply, Nic! I shall reply to it as soon as I get a chance: but I appreciate that you read the article and took the time to actually reply with a cohesive, well thought-out argument. Heck, it’s not even an argument, as a proper rebuttal, since you make it clear that you understand that sometimes we don’t find things special as others do!

  19. Matt says:

    i stopped reading as soon you said

    “maybe I just don’t get the Half-Life craze because I never played the original”


  20. Kharlo says:


    I have actually heard that Episode 1 & 2 are a lot more fast paced and interesting, I just need to push myself to play them because I have a bad taste left in my mouth from HL 2. I will also give you the bit about Alyx. She’s fantastic. The puzzles were just terrible though. They weren’t really puzzles, they were just flow breaking moments where VALVe just desperately tried to prove to me that the physics engine worked. It was a very: “HEY MOM! LOOK AT ME MOM! I CAN RIDE MY BIKE WITH NO HANDLEBARS!” kind of situation. I get it, VALVe! Stop trying to PROVE to me that your physics engine is amazing (it IS!).

    I feel like Shenmue and Morrowind offered worlds that were more detailed and even MORE reactive to the things you did as a gamer. The thing is that GTA didn’t invent “open world” and it had been done on PC for AGES! Go back to The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall and you’ll see exactly what I mean. The violence wasn’t the most important part, but you have to admit it was a big selling point and it DID do things for the gaming industry, but I found that to be annoying as a reason to own and play the game.

    As for games I played after they came out: only Half-Life 2, and only about two years later. I played every one of these games within months of their release, especially with Prime which I bought my Gamecube with. I certainly hope I didn’t give a wrong impression there. Apologies for that if I did!

  21. Mario says:

    Im not a big fan of GTA IV, but is RDR is shit, the worst game i ‘ve ever played, so boring

  22. Travis says:

    I agree with most of these. FF7 didn’t get good until about 15 hours in. Half Life 2 is boring, just like the article said. GTA4 wasn’t very good either. I liked 3, but won’t argue its place on this list.

  23. Anonymous says:

    finaly someone on the this planet(beside my best friend)know & understand what a good game is & agree with u in everything u write except about bio shok,u r a star i love u man.

  24. Jamie says:

    GTA IV, San Andres and Red Dead Redemption are all joint #1 for most over-rated – why you may ask well maybe I just don’t like this genre but it is just so boring.

    Go to someones house, have a chat, then go to a nearby town have another chat and carry out a task which takes no real skill. Well done you have done a mission, 0.02% of the game is complete, now spend the multiple hours repeating your previous actions…. 2 days later – well done you have completed 10% of the game by doing exactly what you done prior to this… keep going and don’t worry about learning new techniques, tactics etc as the game does not promote good play – if u die try again

    REPETITIVE SHIT best games of all time are FFVII and Zelda Ocarina of time

    Both games promote tactical play and really challenge you in different ways throughout

  25. telos says:

    Metroid overrated? wtf , metroid prime is simply the best in the metroid prime series. it keeps the spirit of the original nes game perfectly well , the control is awesome, and for god sake who need a history in metroid?

    go write war articles or whatever.

  26. Kharlo says:

    LOL! I shall “go write war articles or whatever” as a side job. Thanks for that!

  27. Nic Smith says:

    Well, I guess it is in some ways a matter of what expectations you have. I had read some comments about the physics puzzles in HL2 before I played it and was pleasantly surprised when I found that they weren’t as much of a feature as I’d feared. I also think Valve deserve to be cut some slack for flaunting the physics engine since when it first came out it was a feature worth showing off. I played it from the “Orange box” collection but I can remember pc-playing friends gushing over the physics years earlier. As a feature it may not have aged well, and sadly maybe that does ruin it for some.

    As for GTA and the “open world” thing there’s a reason I didn’t really use it as an argument for it’s quality. Sure it was an open world, but that and “sandbox” were just buzzwords used by the media to describe and promote it. So many games have done this before, arguably Zelda was one of the first console based open world games. R* just had the first one with great driving, free flowing traffic and interchangeable cars. The violence controversy may have soured you upon the game, but that’s really just hype giving you a bad taste in your mouth if you ask me. None of my friends who came over to just see it or play it had at the time heard about the violence thing. It was just this really insane game that you could mess around in without actually doing anything and it was entertaining for those not playing to just watch. I don’t want to be boring by repeating myself but really it was about the driving. I’m not a racing game enthusiast, but there’s something about driving in a game where there’s traffic, pedestrians and police that’s a million times more thrilling than your forzas, turismos and shifts.

    I have played several of the spinoff/ripoffs/homages that followed gta’s recipe and none of them have managed the same balance between cartoony/ fun physics and realism. Driver may be the only exception and that franchise has been kinda shit for a while, I’m really hoping the new San Francisco can bring the series back to it’s former glory.

    Ahemm… So yeah, now I’ve crossed into fanboy territory by going slightly overboard with the GTA talk, but I can’t help it. In my mind it’s a great classic in gaming history and well deserving of any praise. I’m almost tempted to put up some of my old chases recorded in cinematic cam on youtube just to show you how incredibly dynamic and thrilling the gameplay could be. But I won’t, so you’ll just have to imagine it. :)

  28. Dylan says:


    I love Metroid Prime, but I haven’t played it in a couple years so I’ll have to check it out. Metroid Prime 3 was too sparse and easy for my tastes.

    Sonic Adventure is an interesting pick. I didn’t think that it was still highly regarded in 2011.

    No Halo, eh? I’m surprised. Quite the bland, derivative series, that one (although ODST had its moments).

    Valve has always been a company I respect, even when I don’t always enjoy their products. Half-Life 2 was solid, if a smidge overrated.

    GTA III? Really? Perhaps there were other more open-world games like Shenmue, but Shenmue was clunky as hell. GTA III basically took a bunch of really great ideas and mixed them together in a delicious bag (except for those car shooting bits). GTA III was game-changing, and that’s coming from a non-fan.

  29. jonnyrofl says:

    I don’t think your analysis on Sonic Adventure could be any more wrong. That game was absolutely awesome, it’s probably why you’re the only person I’ve heard talk about it in this way.

    Agree with the other picks though. GTA is immensely overrated.

    Also, having Sephiroth in the header is way too disrespectful to one of the best RPG’s of all time.

  30. Anonymous says:

    faggot crybaby whiny bitch

  31. Kharlo says:

    Alright, replying!


    Grand Theft Auto III was actually pretty clunky too, and yes, as much of a Shenmue fan as I am agree that it was clunky and only gets worse with the years. I can recognize that. The reason I put Shenmue as an alternative is because it does something GTA III failed to do: it creates a richly detailed world with wonderful atmosphere. GTA III does have merit though: it allowed the gaming industry to expand further thanks to its phenomenal sales and it allowed for expansion of “Mature” rated games.

    Metroid Prime is pretty easy as well. I actually found that the game was not nearly as difficult as everyone claimed it to be. Ridley, for example, was actually pretty weak. In fact, I’d argue that Gandrayda was harder than all the boss fights in Prime combined. Mind you, I TOO found Prime 3 to be easy, just not as easy as the original. The only really difficult Prime game is Echoes.

    No mention of Halo, though it came close. ESPECIALLY Halo 2, which I feel is absolutely atrocious in every sense of the word. But to be fair, if I added every game that I thought was overrated this list would be eternally long. I had to pare it down to the ones I found MOST overrated. I think most people generally agree that Halo is a pretty overrated series, but I don’t most people agree on the Half-Life 2 portion, for example. My goal was to name games that were not usually seen as “overrated” because doing things like Halo was too easy.

    Sonic Adventure is only so-so regarded now, but back then it was considered amazing, even the face of far superior 3D Platformers like Banjo-Kazooie and Mario 64.

  32. Kharlo says:


    First off, I don’t consider you a “fanboy” at all. Fanboys are not rational. Your arguments are calm and well made. So kudos to you on that! You’re simply a very, very good fan! <3

    As far as the puzzles go in HL 2: they’re not that pervasive, but the game already suffers from severe pacing issues and it’s kind of difficult to forgive the “puzzles” when the pacing is already eating away at my soul, ha, ha!

    Fair points on GTA though!

  33. Torg says:

    When the troll writes the article…

  34. Hurp dorp says:

    Did you even play GTAIV? It doesn’t play anything like it’s predecessors, it’s storyline is entirely different, the whole tone of the game is a wild deviation from the last three games in the series. I’m not even a big GTA fan, but denying these facts is absurd.

  35. Kharlo says:

    Gameplay =/= storyline and tone. GTA IV plays pretty much the same as the past three games before it (keyword being “plays”).

  36. Nick says:

    How is bioshock ‘factually’ the best single player fps of all time? Deus Ex is. Clueless mofo

  37. Happy Dandelion says:


  38. Kostas says:

    Man i saw the picture of the article having Sephiroth from FFVII and i went like “OH NO YOU DIDNT” but then i was happy that it wasnt here,cause i would have to bash you really bad.
    One objection i have is that you compare games from different generations.
    HL2 was released in 2004 and Bioshock was released in 2007 but i dont think that many ppl feel that HL2 was an awesome game to put it on the overrated list.

  39. Eagles83 says:

    The only one that I disagree with is Metroid because it was unique putting Metroid in first person and everyone thought it would fail but ended up being one of the best series on the Gamecube. I couldn’t agree more on Half-life 2 and GTA4. Whoever thought that it would be cool to get a call from your cousin every five minutes to go out on a man date should be kicked in the balls. I was always told by the PC snobs that Half-life 2 was the best FPS ever made when it was released and that Halo couldn’t hold a candle to it. I rushed out to pick it up and wow was I disappointed. Vehicle sections that lasted 20 minutes too long, gimmicky physics integration, and one cool gun does not a classic make.

  40. Fey says:

    I don’t see an issue with these, none of them hold up as astounding games in the present day.

    The only one here I contest, and only moderately, is Half Life 2, which I do agree on current day scale is vastly overrated. Reason being is you need to remember that Half Life was a ground shattering revelation ‘for its time’.
    The way you made your point sounds a little like this:
    “Final Fantasy 1 was terribly overrated and did very little of unique or lasting value. Every other game has done it all better with more innovation.”
    But I imagine you get that though and I’m just needlessly looking for a bad light on the post somewhere.

    I’ll give you Sonic Adventure fair and square, just leave my Sonic Adventure 2 Battle out of it!
    Only Sonic game I’ve actually loved, I was a cartoon fan not a Sega fan. =<

  41. Galen says:

    Thank you for puting Half Life 2 on the list, I really tried to like that game but it was just not good enough.

  42. Istanbull says:

    This is just seeking attention: “hey, look at me, i’m making a sh!tty top 5 list”.

    You just took one of the 5 best games and branded them as overrated. Its like thinking The Godfather, Shawshank Redemption or Pulp Fiction are overrated.

    Also, Metroid Prime 3 superior to MP1? WTF?

    L.A Noire alternative to GTA 4? DId you even play L.A Noire?

    Bioshock 2 alternative to HL2?

    How old are you? 15?

  43. Jamie says:

    People rated Sonic Adventure?

  44. dd says:

    go fuck yourself

  45. Toddius says:

    You sir, are an idiot. GTA III was unlike anything we had seen before, and to suggest an RPG is a better alternative shows what little you know about games in general.

    GTA IV is another great game. It was a fairly early release for this generation and once again raised the bar of what can be achieved in a game.

    And don’t you think HL2 has such a keen following for a reason? This game was released on PC in 2004, and still looks good today. The story/gameplay/physics and overall quality of the game are top notch.

  46. Ken says:

    I agree with your choices especially HL2 and GTA4, really boring games

  47. jorge says:

    …..Ahem, You forgot to put Mass Effect in there…both of em.

  48. Tantrum says:

    Great article and pretty spot on GTA is total garbage, every single one! You could have added “Left 4 Dead” to the list. It had a huge metacritic user score but is totally one dimensional. Half Life 2 is over-rated but not as over-rated as shooting zombies.

  49. Anonymous says:

    you’re stupid. really,really fucking stupid.

  50. bimz says:

    you’re lucky I’m not a GTA fan! nice move on using FF7 as thumbnail, I was about to comment “of course theres gotta be FF7 in this list /s” then, “OH” lol. only point I don’t agree with is HL2 which I think is the most perfectly paced FPS I’ve ever played. but hey, you played it, explains why you don’t enjoy it, so what the hell, I’m sure I’ll also have difficulty explaining my own list of overrated games(Crysis, FFXIII, MGS4) to alot of ppl.

  51. Steve says:

    Wow, what a bunch of precious little pricks. How dare anyone have an opinion that differs from yours.

    Get off the internet, spoilt shits.

  52. George says:

    *sees half life 2*
    Ok.. I like that game but I agree how some could think its overrated..
    *sees superior alternative… Bioshock*

    Bioshock should be on this list its a shit game a shallow shadow compared to what it was inspired by System Shock 2. Bioshock fans, go play System Shock 2 you’ll see how shit the game bioshock was once you do..

  53. Dirk says:

    THIS ARTICLE MAKES NO SENSE. Maybe it’s not written the way the author intended or something. I see the point the author is trying to make now, but comparing APPLES to ORANGES is pointless. EXAMPLE: Half Life 2 with superior alternatives being Bioshock 1 & 2. The first Bioshock didn’t come out until 3 1/2 years AFTER Half Life 2. Of course Bioshock is going to be better alternative at release. Then there is the comparison with GTAs and RDR. Only an idiot would make no connection that the same developer made all the games mentioned Do you think they wouldn’t use past experience to make a superior product? Now if you want to compare Saint’s Row to a GTA product I think that would be a valid comparison.

  54. Gerry says:

    I would agree that Metroid prime is overrated.

  55. Wish says:

    I understand this is your opinion but there is no way GTA 3 is overrated. GTA3 changed everything, It was the top selling game on PS2, and it was one of the first successful criminal videogames of all time. Plus the jump from GTA2 to GTA3 was amazing. GTA4 yea your right but GTA3. I bet saints row wouldnt be around if GTA3 wasnt created

  56. Wish says:

    sry for double post but just noticed your “Superior Alternatives” It just seems your after rockstar and their marketing strategy.

  57. Dirk says:

    With my previous post I’m not sure I was clear. It is unfair to compare games that in some cases came out 5+ years before the superior alternatives. By definition more recently released games are going to better. Not saying I agree with the author on all of his/her choices, but that it is unfair to make the comparison. It is certainly valid to say I prefer this game over another even if that games is a few years old. At the time though they may have in fact been correct to receive all the hype and enjoy the sales they got. What else at the time was there to compete against. Certainly non of the author’s choices.

  58. Kabuki Man says:

    I agree with GTAIV, but GTA3 was REVOLUTIONARY at the time. I can actually still remember the first time i jacked a car.

  59. Nada Nuff says:

    Shenmue is better than GTA3? Wow, thanx for the laugh.

  60. Grim says:

    Insulting old games that started something with the latest games that actually copied most if not all the ‘overated’ features in the old games. Very clever. Really, it’s like comparing the first wheel with a Lamborgini. Where would Red Dead Redemption, La Noire or Bioshock would be without these overated games. In Half Life2, physics was practically proven to be a part of the gameplay instead of merely making the game world feel immersive. Through HL2, Valve introduced Steam. Well, we all know what happened after that. Not sure about the other games in the list but HL2 have done a lot more. Those games matter because they did somethig that others haven’t thought of before. The superior alternatives this article have presented are clones of those “overated” games.

  61. Kateruhe says:

    oh really nice games review, i like games

  62. anonymous says:

    all you bitches stop whining! i actually think this is a good list especially the HL2 part. i mean, the game bored me to death. so kharlo, thanks for this article. i enjoyed reading it and enjoyed reading some fanboys(girls) bitch out lol. they are so lame. acting like a bunch of pussies.

  63. Herb says:

    You know, It’s nice to see someone else who isn’t impressed by GTA 3. Almost everyone i know loves this game, and when i tried it, I just didn’t get it. To me it seemed like a game catered to 15 year old boys who think street violence, stealing cars and running over hookers is funny. If the game was more serious and less jeuvenile it might have been good.

  64. Kharlo says:

    It’s surprising how many people actually agree on GTA IV and Half-Life 2. I kind of felt like I was alone in finding those two games banal and boring, and terribly overrated. Fascinating.

    Also, keep in mind that saying a game is overrated does NOT in ANY WAY mean that I don’t think the games were influental. I ADORE Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal and without Half-Life 2 they wouldn’t really exists. I don’t HATE these games, I just think they’re fundamentally flawed and most people seem to think otherwise. I dare you to ask a Half-Life fan what the flaws in HL2 are. Most of them will simply answer: “none.”

  65. Konn says:

    i agree with gta 4, it is quite boring

  66. Will says:

    I disagree with all of those and Im sure 99% of gamers with a brain do to. Why isnt Black Ops at number 1?

  67. GameHero says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you on this list!

  68. Kharlo says:

    As far as CoD is concerned: I don’t play the games. I can’t make an honest judgment on them.

  69. Rafael says:

    Mass Effect 2, pure crap.

  70. Kharlo says:

    Another reply…

    “You sir, are an idiot. GTA III was unlike anything we had seen before, and to suggest an RPG is a better alternative shows what little you know about games in general.”

    Actually, calling Morrowind just an RPG means you sort of missed my point. Different genres, true, but the main claim to fame for both Morrowind and GTA III was the freedom of their sandbox style of gameplay. In reality, Morrowind does it a million times better because it provides REAL freedom. There is absolutely NOTHING you can’t do in Morrowind; believe me, I played the game for well over 200 hours. Grand Theft Auto III only gives the ILLUSION of freedom.

    “GTA IV is another great game. It was a fairly early release for this generation and once again raised the bar of what can be achieved in a game.”

    In what way…graphics? IIRC, Uncharted released first and it looks worlds better. Detailed environments? Shenmue did it nearly ten years earlier. Gameplay? It’s the same clunky design as before, even while developers like Capcom had managed to perfect the over-the-shoulder shooting four years prior to release. GTA IV doesn’t set ANY standards whatsoever.

  71. D... says:

    You need attention and this is the only way you can get it

  72. Kharlo says:

    Well thank you for obliging then! :]

  73. Zé Carlos says:

    Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”
    Boring as hell. And it sucks because it’s black and white. Completely over-rated because I don’t like it and it is boring.

    Superior alternative: “Transformers 3″

    “Citizen Kane”
    What’s with this all black and white crap? Didn’t this guys knew how to make movies? We see things and everything and all in color! Duh! It’s stupid!! And this one is over-rated because I say so!

    Superior alternative: “Avatar”

    “2001: A Space Odyssey”
    Now this is the definition of over-rated because it is boring! I fell asleep about four times! And no one explains me that final scene!! It doesn’t make sense!!!!

    Superior alternative: “Grey’s Anatomy”


    OK.. see what I did here? You just made the same with some of the most pure awesome milestones in video games history by comparing them to some which might be considered “better” indeed, but essentially with games that are not really significant beyond the plastic cover.

    Maybe the title should be: “The games that I think are over-rated because I don’t understand what makes people like them..”

    Either way, nice effort and cool writing.

  74. ariel dekalo says:

    totaly agree!

  75. Wish says:

    @ Will GTA and sonic were extremely overhyped. Never played HL, and Im not a Wii person so Im only going on wht you guys say. COD:BO…if you think thats overrated, you would best put the whole COD series in here. Its the same thing over and over, just a lil new feature just so the costumer buys it.. MW3 will have coop survive mode. Wow. Look how much they are promoting that.

    @ herb…if you really think GTA3 should be more serious and less juvenile, then you must not like COD either. COD is nothing but juvenile. Point is, the game was amazing around its time. Gameplay we fun, storyline was fun, replay value is high. And you made it as serious as you wanted. You want to run over hooker then have fun, if you want take it more seriously you could. I would still be playing GTA3 if my sister didnt leave it in my PS3 when I had to trade it in for the slim. lol stupid bitch

  76. Wish says:

    and is this just a PS/PC list. Wheres Xbox? Wheres Halo. That bitch needs to die along with mario. Its always halo this and halo that. I swear, If they come out with a halo baseball, or Halo Sports Im gonna kill somebody

  77. […] ICO Collection: ICO Trophy ListTop Five – Most Overrated Games of All Time10 Skyrim features we’re terrifyingly excited aboutI don’t think you realize how crazy november […]

  78. Tateboetie says:

    Hl2, really, I am wondering if u even played it?

  79. totoanhilation says:

    why isn’t COD number one on this list…..

  80. Kharlo says:

    Ze Carlos: Thanks for the reply. But I don’t think the comparisons are apt. I made points related to the gameplay elements I found problematic. It would be less of what you said and more along the lines of:

    “Citizen Kane has a poorly written story and bad character development.”

    Again, keep in mind that overrated does not mean that it wasn’t influential or that I don’t think it was influential. I know the impact of games like HL 2 and GTA III. That’s somewhat beside the point.

  81. zach says:

    you should put mass effect on this list. I think that game is highly overrated. I just don’t see what’s special about it.

  82. Jakey Bee says:

    This is SOOOOOOOO true. Half Life is boring shit compared to Bioshock–and System Shock 2 sucked by comparison as well. It’s too bad you didn’t include Ocarina of Time on here.

  83. RichMe1ster says:

    When trying to write a argumentative article, do not say,

    ” While I think Grand Theft Auto as a series is overrated in general,”

    This completely compromises your top 2 games based on you already admitting negative bias towards the Intellectual Property in general. The goal is to persuade the masses without showing any bias within the article and then you would have achieved influence. If you had done that it would be less flaming and more “Thats a great point” and in that moment you would have accomplished writing a compelling case, and essentially gain loyal subjects to take over the world muahahahha. (ahem) I’m getting ahead of myself but again watch out next time you write one of these. Less flame more facts. Don’t be a politician, be a great writer.

  84. Smarter Than You says:

    Lets see here:

    You seem to lack brain cells. I’m all for anyone having their own opinion, but it seems rather retarded to say that bioshock 1/2 are alternatives to Half life 2. They are way newer, and likely wouldn’t be what they are without Half Life 2. Same goes for GTA 4. You can’t shit on it and say 2 newer rockstar games are better. Some assholes don’t understand progress.

  85. mikeyboyo says:

    Half life 2 should not be on this and anyone who says all cods should be on this are insane and halo 2 it just comes down to a small minority of people who hate on successful games although the person that wrote this article isnt doing that he has his opinion honestly i wouldnt of had any GTA on there even though 4 wasnt the best it still doesnt deserve to be in there aswell as GTA 3 and HL2. mass effect games are seriously overrated combat system is just terrible

  86. MG says:

    I wonder why Psychonauts didn’t make the list? All it was was just another collect-a-thon spree.

  87. stupid article says:

    Obviously, this article is stupid as it sounds.

    And the writer even put the word “of all time”. How about Pacman, Tetris or Mario? They are all overrated if you’ll use the basis of judgment of this dude.

    So far, I believe the only reason why he created this article is to drive traffic to this useless website.

  88. keno94 says:

    sonic adventure 1 suck but sonic adventure 2 is the best

  89. Jon Q says:

    I have to say that I do agree that it’s not a very good idea to suggest newer bigger and better games as better alternatives because of course they are. They build upon their predecessors. I don’t think sonic adventure 1 was overrated but in fact part 2 was overrated and I know because I’m one of the people obsessed with it lol. I’m indifferent on the other games listed but I strongly believe final fantasy 7 belongs on slots 1 and 2 of this list. That game although revolutionary at the time, was horseshit.

    And the last thing is why the nerd rage hostility guys? Even if this article was a way to get more views, it’s not a bad thing it’s actually brilliant. By writing such an article he gets sky high views (thanks to the same people screaming at him) and in turn more attention to his other work. It’s marketing bitches don’t hate.

  90. Jikla says:

    Where’s Halo on this list? It must be the most overrated game ever.

  91. Walter says:

    Big ups for understanding and properly using ‘dystopian'; otherwise a decent list but a great flame starter…

  92. Gary says:

    I played Half Life and was bored rigid by it, everything feels like a chore and its basically no fun. Its all so very dull, especially the vehicle sections (where Gordon is apparently telekinectically controlling said vehicle). The puzzles don’t feel like a natural part of the game, and the gravity gun is not essential at any point in the game.

    I disagree about Metroid Prime, I bloody love that game. It oozes atmosphere from every pixel. In contrast to the painfully linear FPS’s, MP is refreshingly non-linear, you explore and grow as a player. Is it slow? Yes, Samus moves somewhat slowly, and it can get repetitive, all the backtracking, though I prefer that to Chaptered inearity.
    Oh, and one thing I must point out; in Metroid Prime the jumping feels natural and not clunky (Halo, Half-Life 2), its the only FP game with fun platforming.
    Other M’s “story” was such a tedious pile of sexist drivel that it negates the argument against Metroid Prime.
    Personally, I found the logs a better form of story-telling than endless cutscenes.

    GTA III lacks the detailed environs, character, and atmosphere of Shenmue (and Shenmue 2 especially wipes the floor with it in terms of detail), and suffers from being a somewhat aimless game, with wonky controls. Also, Ren from Shenmue 2 is cooler than all the GTA characters put together.
    GTA’s appeal is largely based on its violence, in contrast to games like Shenmue, Assasins Creed, and LA Noire which IMHO are far more rewarding.
    GTA Chinatown Wars on DS is actually a better game than GTAIV, once you look past the eye candy.

    Sonic Adventure I enjoyed, but, boy is it a clunky game. Big the Cat (to quote AVGN, “What were they thinking?!”) and the pointless friends just spoil the fun (though Gamma and Knuckles are fun). The real problem with the game is that it tries to do too much; I’d have preferred they left out the RPG sections and focused on the meat of the game.

  93. Kharlo says:

    Thanks for the reply! Very well thought out! I never thought of the atmospheric feel of Metroid Prime, and I’m sorry that I neglected to mention it. It definitely nailed atmosphere really, really well.

    P.S. LOL@ “Telekinetically” controlling the vehicles. It irked me to no ends that VALVe didn’t bother to do basic hand animations for most of the game.

  94. John says:

    Funny, because I’ve always considered Bioshock to be the most overrated game of all time. I guess we all have our own opinions.

  95. Herb says:

    Thank you. Couldn’t agree more. I like it when someone isn’t afraid of voicing their disappointment in games that were way over hyped. It shows that you and I and few others that I have met can not be sucked into hype and can say WTF do people see in this crap!!

  96. Herb says:

    I’d also like to add Red Dead Redemption, ocarina of time, and CoD games. Way overrated.

  97. Johnny says:

    Bioshock – “FACTUALLY the greatest single player FPS ever made,” that statement completely invalidates this entire post. Bioshock is also a severely overrated game, and to claim that anything is “factually” the best game is downright stupid.

  98. Noblaum says:

    People like Gordon Freeman because he is completely non-existant except for his name and partial background. His “character” is the player, he doesn’t talk at all like in other games, allowing the player to comprehend what is going on without the character’s presumably biased opinion. If that’s not good enough, play Freeman’s Mind in the background of Half-Life 1. There’s your personality.

  99. Noblaum says:

    Also, the only reason Half-Life seems unoriginal is that a bunch of games copied it. There have been at least five gravity gun clones so far.

  100. Noblaum says:

    Also, Call of Duty and Halo should definitely be on here. The first games of each were great, now they just sell to the people who think that everything they spew out is a masterpiece. Unfortunately, that seems to be the majority.

  101. Moesly89 says:

    Maybe you would like better playing tetris. It’s boring as hell and nobody actually likes or plays it. Should be your kind of game… How can anybody bash on gta 3…. That’s just sad

  102. Hayted it lol says:

    Gotta agree with GTA IV. Looked like a fish, swimmed like a fish, steered like a cow.

  103. Dexter says:


    Metroid Prime, over-rated. You probably didn’t even finish the whole game. Metroid Prime is a masterpiece start to finish, and at its time brought something different to the first person genre: first-person adventure. The game wasn’t about SHOOTING. It was about exploring and immersing yourself in the world while gathering the pieces necessary to defeat the main antagonist of the series, Metroid Prime. If you knew how to properly play the game, like morphing into a morph ball to travel faster or using double-jump to navigate through terrain faster, maybe you would’ve had a better experience.

    How can you say Half-Life 2 is unoriginal? It’s probably one of the greatest games of all-time. When it was released it used 3D physics in a way that no other developer had ever done before. The graphics and facial animations were top-notch, and the game was so immersive you could get lost in the small details. The vehicle portions of the game were well-made and served to guide the story, not just to provide change of pacing. Halo: Combat Evolved only has essentially one two types of enemy: the Covenant and the Flood. Hell, CALL OF DUTY has essentially one type of enemy.

    How can you compare GTA III to Elder Scrolls: Morrowind? That’s like comparing Super Mario Sunshine to Ninja Gaiden.

    I’ll give it to you, maybe GTA IV and Sonic Adventure, but seriously. Metroid Prime and Half-Life 2? How desperate are you for views? How the hell is Call of Duty not on this list? Call of Duty fucking SUCKED after Call of Duty 4. Halo: Combat Evolved was mind blowing, and every Halo after it is literally a rehash that continues the story! Halo: Reach was the only breath of fresh-air the series ever received.


  104. Tom says:

    I completely agree with metroid prime being overrated. Infact I would personally put it as #1. I don’t agree with half-life 2, it deserves a 10/10

  105. Brian R says:

    I’m not going to flame you. I hate HL2. The game was poor to good (depending on where). I only played it last year and it came out in 2004. I was absolutely underwhelmed after expecting “The greatest FPS of all time!” The graphics would have been fine in 04 when it came out (I think that Halo 2 graphics still look good though dated; they don’t feel old!) The gunplay is just boring and combat is a chore. The puzzles ruin whatever flow you could get into. You’d get a fun segment through, fight a bit and do something cool, and then stop for 15 min to do a pointless puzzle. It would have been forgivable if not for two things. Firstly, the combat was horrible. Doom (1993, as old as me) has better combat that was fun and intense. Secondly, everything took far too long. For all its faults, it when on too long in every single aspect. God, just end already. And don’t even get em started on leading the resistance for the final 7 hours. Dear God no!
    Good alternatives: Bioshock, FEAR 1, FEAR 2, Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2, Quake 4, Metro 2033, Halo 2, Halo 3, Dark Forces 1, Doom 3.

    I love Metroid Prime. Admittedly, It was the first FPS I played by myself as a child through to the end so it’s nostalgic for me. Samus is slow, but the combat is solid, the worlds are fascinating, and the reading is fun.

    Sonic Adventure is nostalgic for me too. The Sonic stages were good, as were Tails’s. Everyone else was bad. The horrible lip-synch, voice acting, and dialogue. still puts me in hysterics. The sequel was much better. What can I say, I was 9 years old.

    I don’t like the GTA series- at all. End of story.

  106. CodenameD says:

    The author is pretty much biased against some games he CANT play for all the wrong reasons. How could Metroid prime and GTA III be overrated. GTA III was a evolutionary step forward I’m pretty darn sure. And it’s gameplay was smoother than Shenmue. Although I like Shenmue’s settings and story better.

    Halo and Angry Birds should be in this list. I completely agree with GTA IV and HL2. Those two did nothing to deserve atrocious ratings like they got.

  107. OR says:

    I’ll agree with GTA-the entire series is overrated! But HL2, seriously?

    Infinity Blade is the most overrated game of all time for me…

  108. Brian says:

    This list is Soooo biased you just don’t like gta and sonic. There not overrated because you don’t think there good. You should have never made this list it just show how big of a biased fucking terd nugget asshole licking cunt thrusting piece of ape shit

  109. Anonymous says:

    Final Fantasy VII is incredible overrated too.

  110. hghgh says:

    I love how you suggest Bioshock 2 over Half life 2. Bioshock 2 shouldn’t have even been made in the 1st place. I like the 1st Bioshock but I’d say Bioshock is waaay more overrated than half life. Half life 2 made a lot of improvements on the 1st game where as Bioshock 2 went backwards.

    The guy above saying FF7 is overrated. I think its a great game but I love jrpgs and grinding etc. Alot of hype that goes on about FF7 are from people that haven’t even made it passed the 1st disc and pretend to like it because they’ve seen the movie, which wasn’t even that great and because their friends like it and they want to fit in. Half of the people that “love FF7″ aren’t even jrpg players, and half of those people aren’t even gamers so their opinions have much less credibility.

    Despite the few annoying characters, FFIX is a game that deserves much more praise than 7. It was alot of fun and felt a lot less serious than the other games.

    If any FF game should be called overrated, it should be FFX. That game is practically unplayable due to the horrendous main character(even in the jap version he is still THAT bad)

    Let’s face it, Final Fantasy games are finished and it’s about time.

    Do you really think you are going to hurt the authors feelings by calling him a “biased fucking terd nugget asshole licking cunt thrusting piece of ape shit” ???

    Those type comments only show your age and we all know that 12 year old kids are not capable of executing a well voiced opinion in the internet.

    Good luck in life Tidus.

  111. Trollingham says:

    I don’t see why RDR is considered overrated. Maybe its cuz im a big western fan and was blown away by damn near everything in the game. The story was a realistic, and compelling story that had well written and well thought out characters that seemed to be too real which in my book is always a plus. My only real complaint is that annoying shit known as Jack Marston

  112. Runya says:

    Absolutely agree with everything exept for HL2. Realy good top.

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