*Custom XBOX & PS3 Controllers* …RAPID FIRE!!! …Auto Aim!!! …Unique Designs!!!






Big Shot Modz set out to create a gaming experience that their customers couldn’t get anywhere else.

Other modded controllers on the market are hand-painted or hydro dipped… lacking in intricate and colorful designs. Through their unique, efficient, and patented customization process, they guarantee that your PlayStation (PS), xBox, or Rapid Fire controllers reflects who you are as a gamer and as an individual.

All of their products start with genuine controller parts straight from the original product manufacturer. Their teams of highly skilled and trained technicians then construct each controller within the specifications of the original customer order. The final product is a unique experience in its own right.

They are currently the only company able to produce cost- effective, fully digital prints that are scratch-and-fade resistant and apply it to the PS3, xBox 360 controller, with their patented technique that will not peal up due to sweat or rubbing. The modz designs that they create are limited only by the mind.



*Custom XBOX & PS3 Controllers* …RAPID FIRE!!! …Auto Aim!!! …Unique Designs!!!



Big Shot Modz & “Attack Of The Show”

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Big Shot Modz
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With all this power, you may think it is highly complex and confusing to use, right? Wrong! If you know Big Shot Modz, then you will know they are the best at what they do, and they weren’t going to let their products fall into the hard-to-use category. That is why they made their unique ‘quick-select’ feature, which means no more than a handful of button presses are required to get into any mode available!

Simply put, it is a point and fact the fastest rapid fire in the world for all supported games, namely all of the Call of Duty series


  • The unique class menu system lets you know which class you are in and which mod is active based on the color or the LEDs
  • This is a complete sleeper mod meaning it is 100% stealth. Friends will not know you have a mod. 100% undetectable.
  • No additional buttons to worry about. The mod works completely with the buttons that the controller already has on it
  • All of the mods are completely adjustable. This means you can adjust your favorite exclusive mod to your liking
  • Each of the classes and sub classes can be assigned a different rapid fire speed and completely different mods that can also be adjusted individually
  • Up to 23 exclusive mod modes


Elite Aim Mod Kit -$25

(COD games Only) –
Automatically lock on to your target in campaign,
zombie arcade, and multi-player online modes.
Zoom in and take a shot instantly with one button press.
Fire both dual-wield weapons with one button press.

8 MODES: basic akimbo, easy akimbo w/rapidfire,
easy akimbo w/o rapidfire, online auto aim w/o rapidfire,
online auto aim w/rapidfire, quick scope MW3/Black Ops,
quick scope w/rapidfire, and zombie auto aim

Pro Mod Kit – $80

Include all of our multi class action mod add-on mod packs
on your Xbox 360 modded controller for a fraction of the price.

All of the above modification options are available to you from
Big Shot Modz all on one controller! Additional Add-Ons are also
available which you can choose when you are customizing your
controller on any page.

23 MODES: Includes ALL of our exclusive add-on mod packs! (BEST VALUE)

Rapid Fire Mod – Included

Rapid fire is when you press the RT trigger to fire
your weapon and the chip rapidly fires the trigger
simulating you pressing the RT trigger over and
over very fast.

Rapid Fire add to Cart

Jitter Mod – $15

(Auto Burst) – All semi automatic weapons become fully automatic
when using the Jitter mod pack.

3 MODES: standard jitter, aim disabled with rapidfire,
aim disabled without rapidfire

Jitter Mod Add to cart

Fast Reload Mod – $15

(COD games only) –
Reloads your weapon within a second, giving you the time
to fire back at your opponent before getting killed.

1 MODE: adjustable fast reload; available on every class;
up to 6 fast reloads at a time; from 1-255 delays

Fast Reload Add to Cart

Active Reload Mod – $15

Allows you to reload on point without missing the reload line.

1 MODE: active reload for lancer, piston, shot gun, sniper/long shot,
sawed-off shotgun, retro lancer, and hammerburst

Active Reload Add To Cart

Drop Shot Mod – $15

(COD games only) –
One click of the button, your player drops
to the floor and rapid fires against the opponent.
The opponent has no time to react compared to
your record speed which we modify for your
convenience to do the drop shot.

4 MODES: drop shot with aim disabled without rapidfire,
with aim disabled with rapidfire, tactical drop shot with
aim disabled without rapidfire, tactical dropshot
with aim disabled with rapidfire

DropShot Mod Add to Cart

Auto Burst Mod – $15

Turns any single fire weapon into a burst weapon.

4 MODES: 2-round, 3-round, 4-round, and 5-round burst

Auto Burst Mod Add to Cart

Quick Scope Mod -$15

Sniper and hold your breath without having to hold
down the breath button.

2 MODES: standard sniper breath and 2-round
burst sniper breath

Quick Scope Add To Cart


Multiple Button Layouts Included


Switch between 10 different button layouts for your controller
anytime you want and your multi-class action
add-on mod packs will work EVERYTIME!

Multiple Button Layout Add To Cart


Get Some

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All Rights Reserved 2012-
Big Shot Modz Inc.

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    how do i add (ELITE AIM MOD KIT -$25) to my controller?

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