Five Sonic Games That Must Be Made For 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS came and it conquered the gaming industry, at least to a certain extent. However, people didn’t get to see much of their favorite character, Sonic. While there was a lot of Mario games, Sonic got only one game initially and another one recently in the London Olympics 2012. For every Sonic lover, there are many Sonic games that would be brilliant on 3DS. Following are some games which you and other Sonic lovers would love to have on 3DS
Sonic R – Sonic R is a racing game, essentially like Mario Kart but a lot better because it has certain little quirks that make is fun to play. This was released a long time back but still continues to be a favorite of Sonic lovers all over the world. Basically, there are 5 characters that race with each other and collect rings. There are multiple speed levels and different abilities for every character. Also, there is an emblem that will give you things like rings, power boosters, water shields, lightning shields et al.

Sonic Rivals – There is a sequel to this awesome game and Sonic fans can’t wait to have it on 3DS. The game characters race against each other across 6 zones totaling 17 stages. Every zone has 3 acts each, the final act of which is the boss battle. There are 5 characters namely Metal Sonic, Silver the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog. There is also a challenge mode in which there are small challenges such as hitting your opponent player for a specific number of times and others.

The sequel, Sonic Rivals 2 was same as its predecessor but had 3 new characters namely Espio the Chameleon, Rouge the Bat and Miles “Tails” Prower. This amazing game needs a next edition on 3DS.

Sonic Kart – Sonic Kart is a breath of fresh air to people who love racing type Sonic games. Mario Kart was a spin-off and got really popular but the Sonic fans can never forget this game. While Mario Kart found a place in 3DS, Sonic Kart fans still continue to hope against hope that this brilliant game gets a 3DS version too. If reading this has got you as excited about the sonic games as I’ve got thrilled while writing about it, you can catch up with the entire sonic games series at Sonic Games 365.
There were other awesome versions of Sonic but hoping a 3DS version of them when the above 3 haven’t found a way in would be too optimistic. As a Sonic fan, you can only wish that you get to play these games again on your Nintendo 3DS and relive the golden days.

Written By: Brenda Little posted by Kid Chronic

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