Angry Dad Sink Prank A*shole..! This Guy Gets Father Of The Year Award..

Haha,… “What happened?” – F*CK YOU..! Priceless quote.. This dad seems like a real nice guy, eh? Like the kind of dad you want teaching you how to tie a knot on a fish-hook, or take you bowling in front of people. The kind of guy that gets that #1 dad coffee mug. Pfft.. He reminds me of Billy Bob Thorton in theat Scene from Tombstone.. Just straight throwing insults left and right.. Can you say turrets???  I also love his choice of shirts..

Cue Billy Bob getting bitch slapped….

2 Responses to “Angry Dad Sink Prank A*shole..! This Guy Gets Father Of The Year Award..”

  1. Kid Chronic says:

    100 to 1 this guy is a Republican…just sayin!

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