Somebody Get These Kids A Skate Park Already… The Chef Is Not Happy.

Younger generation still need a skate park

The youths of Fulton County have started a Facebook Page to raise awareness that they need a skate park and they need it bad. So bad, in fact, that the group is called Skatepark in Gloversville (or in Johnstown whatever works) .  The name lacks originality, but was enough to get our attention.  Whatever works.  Hmmm. Sounds a little bit redundant, no?  I hope you said no.  Because those two words prove just how desperate we are as grown ups, to have something for the youth to do around here. Sure, we have great schools, libraries, and clubs. We have Karate, we have the great outdoors.  But do we have, Rad? Do we have foundational? Do we have an answer, yet? Are we doing eveything we can to keep our kids happy and motivated? Hey, whatever works now sounds like a great idea!

In the past there have been numerous failed attempts at a skate park. The obvious being the large fenced in black top area behind The Caboose. It felt like someone put the pavement down, fenced it in and said, “There you go kid, now shut up.”  The place was lousy. Kids had to bring whatever they could find to use as obstacles. They all failed. Someone even brought down a rusty old half pipe, but it just chipped up and eventually rotted away. Not to mention there were no transitions, no steps, no rails to grind. It was boring. It was pointless. It was unsafe.  That’s why it is no longer.

A real skate park looks like the one pictured here. It is professionally constructed. It does have to be managed. I can see it having hours of operation, lights, first aid, running water, and management which could come in the form of volunteering. When I think of the possibilities I think of the old pool across from Dubois Apartments.  It already has the framework. Just needs a serious concrete makeover. For the 6 months it would be open, I bet it would pay for itself in a year. Not only in dollars, but the learning experiences gained would be downright fascinating. It gives children a chance to get along with other kids and shows them how to accept others for who they are.

Imagine one of our own youths going to The X Games. Imagine how happy your child would be if he had something to look forward to on Saturday afternoon besides riding his skateboard down the sidewalk , only to hang around 20 other boys and girls who all felt like there’s nothing to do. This is the reality people. I saw it first hand. I experienced it. Sure, you can get into the best colleges through our rich and plentiful academe, but do we have the tools to be individuals?

Adam Liss, 15, Syracuse

Who’s your favorite Athlete? “Garrett Reynolds. He has the widest range of tricks.”

Jordan Buck, 18, Gloversville

What is your best trick? “G-Turn to a Fakie Hop. I can almost land the last part.”

Austin “Frog” Cameron, 15, Mayfield

Your favorite subject in school? “Lunch.”

Justin Allen, 16, Gloversville

Tell me about your boards hardware. “I’m ridin Tensor mag trucks with 65mm Neff Wheels. I go hard.”

Thomas Naumann,14, Gloversville

Where do you want to skate next? “I really want to go to Santa Monica, the birthplace of Skateboarding.”

8 Responses to “Somebody Get These Kids A Skate Park Already… The Chef Is Not Happy.”

  1. Kelly says:

    I am really proud of these guys for organizing and being consistent but respectful in asking for what they need. And you are right- it is a need. The elementary school parking lot isn’t any more fun or safe than I imagine the old skate park was. The majority of adults in the area view the kids as annoying for being in the road or area parking lots with their skateboards (and bikes) They need someplace to go!!!

  2. Tonya Ellis says:

    At one point when I was younger the city tried a skate park over by bus garage and it got misused and when skaters wanted to use they were told they couldn’t cause there was no insurance and yes I do agree kids now a days need more safe things to do look around what is there in Gloversville for kids to do not much no rec center (there used to be on Cayadutta st but that got taken away also) I mean I a mother of four kids know kids can cause trouble but if we give them nothing to do with there time that’s what happens

  3. Justin Young says:

    Thanks for taking some interest in our skater park idea. As long as others see it like you do we might get a park.

  4. Jordan Buck says:

    yeah, so uhh..thankss for coming down today bro, we all really appreciate it, we can use all the help we neeeed

    -Gloversville’s finest

  5. Connor Premo says:

    im sick of seeing vacant lots or abandoned factories when we could do so much better. How about we knock down a unused factory and built a outside skatepark. it would probably keep kids entertained and keep us away from negative influences.

  6. Adam Liss says:

    it’s what we need like all we do is get in trouble for biking some where we’re not supposed to be and if there was a skate park we would be in trouble all of the time it would get kids off the streets and it would create jobs.

  7. Karen Smith says:

    Bravo ….Encore for taking an Interest In Our Youth. I know that this article has made my son and his friend Very Happy.
    For Years we have tried to get someone to listen. My son Adam has been a member of the Onondaga Skate Park….he also goes to the Pink Chicken in Northville, along with many trips to The Shealter in Albany…..All these kids want to do is Ride & Skate…..All these boys are Really Good Kids…..very athletic, don’t smoke, drink or vandalize, although they are still looked at as bad kids…..The Gloversville and Johnstown Police Departments have nothing better to do than chase these kids out of everywhere they try to ride……when there are many many more things they need to take care of like,……Drug House that have plagued our city’s……..
    Again, a Skate and Bike Park…..Keeps Theses Kids OUT OF TROUBLE….and maybe ……away from becomming addicted to stuff because they have NOTHING TO DO!!!!!!!!!
    I know if I had the money…..I’d Get It Done……Not to Mention…..there is alot of money made by these independent Sake and Bike Parks………Thanks Again for Getting Their WORD OUT……Much Appreciated!!!!!!!!!

  8. Daniel Batease says:

    I really think we need a skate park. I’m really getting sick of riding at blvd school and we have to grind on a bench. If the police keep chasing us away from places we are all just going to give up and become lazy bums. And i agree with Conner we have so many abandoned buildings in the area and they are just laying around serving no purpose in the community. Also I hear that the city was actually given money to build one but we still haven’t gotten one. If we had a chose to put it somewhere I would put it were they are supposed to be building a housing development in northern gloversville.

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